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Maaneet OS: A Feast Of Love Epi Updt pg 11/12

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Hello my dearies!
This is one of my newest creations on my favorite jodi Maaneet Embarrassed... the idea occured to me yesterday and i couldnt stop myself from penning it down. hope u guys like it! Smile

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you! Wink 

Dont forget to Hit the like button and comment!

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"Ma'am he should be here in a few minutes," Adi said looking nervously at the clock before glancing at her. Just then a faint clicking noise of shoes was echoing in the hallway and everyone in the conference room knew to whom it belonged to, the tycoon himself, Maan Singh Khurana, MD Khurana Constructions.
Maan Singh Khurana, the single man behind the huge Khurana Empire. Although his Daadaji had set the foundation, Maan brought it to new heights at a very young age of 25, naming him the youngest businessman of the year officially and hottest businessman unofficially. He was a man who lived under strict principles and would not tolerate even an ounce of misconduct be it from his own family.
"I am extremely sorry ladies and gentlemen to have you all waiting for me," Maan said walking into the conference room. He wore a plain dark maroon shirt with matching tie and black dress vest and black formal pant. He completed the look with a silver Burberry watch. People in the conference room stood up to greet him before the presentation for the new residential complex began. He gave curt nod before settling down in his chair that was placed near the end of the long table.
A woman in her early twenties got up from her chair and headed towards the screen. She was clad in petite form fitting gray skirt that wrapped her long sexy legs along with plain white shirt tucked neatly. Her figure-hugging blazer accentuated her curves in the correct places finishing her smoldering look. She wore a neat bun suppressing her curls while her hazel eyes streaked with emerald shades were adorned with kajal. Her face emanated a special glow sans the heavy make-up. She reached for her laptop and her laser pointer before gesturing to Adhi to dim the lights.
"A very good morning to one and all present here," her sweet voice rang in the quiet room melodiously. "To those of who don't know me, I am Geet, and I am here to present you with the details of this project along with budget and what we are expecting from Khurana Constructions," Geet said confidently. "As we are collaborating with the," she continued while everyone including Maan listened intently to her. She went on to give current projections, statistics, market trends, each time pausing and smiling to see if her message was reaching across. Everyone was dazed at her grasp on the subject and her simple yet heavy words that got her point through. "So gentlemen I hope I have made my point," she finished with a huge smile enhancing her cute little dimples.
"Adhi, switch on the lights," she whispered to Adhi who was busy gaping at her with his hands on his chin. Maan saw him flabbergasted and cleared his throat to gain his attention. Adhi's hand slipped causing him to fumble on the table while Maan glared at him for his conduct. Geet suppressed her smile at Adhi's antics and went to take her seat.
"Sss sorry ma'am?" Adhi stuttered while pushing his glasses back with his index finger.
"Adhi, lights on kar," Maan hissed.
Adhi ran to switch on the lights fearing the wrath of his boss, Maan Singh Khurana. Maan got up from his chair to wrap up the meeting.
"Thanks, one and all, especially Ms Geet for graciously accepting to collaborate with us," he said looking briefly at Geet, who simply smiled at him, "I shall guarantee you will not be disappointed in our quality of work. I am pleased with the presentation and would like finalize this deal," he said authoritatively.
"Of course Mr. Khurana, my secretary here shall be more than happy to compile the necessary papers etc needed to seal the contract," she said while her secretary got up with certain files in her hands.
"Then I think the meeting will end here, thank you," he finished crossing his arms on his chest. Everyone in the conference room got up and headed towards the door before greeting Geet for her wonderful presentation. She humbly replied to every single person filing out of the room. And finally she was left with only one person in the room, Maan. She turned to face him with a huge smile and her eyes were twinkling. Maan gave her a curt nod before heading towards the door when he heard her call him.
"Arre rukhiye toh sahi Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, aap ne toh kuch bhi kaha nahi?" she asked.
Maan stopped in his tracks and turned to face her with puzzling eyes. "I'm sorry Ms Geet, I thought my appreciation during the presentation was good enough," he said looking skeptically.
"But Mr. Khurana I thought you would personally thank me. Afterall we have given you such a big deal," she said referring to her company's contract with Khurana Constructions for a major residential complex construction.
"Of course, Ms Geet, hume maaf keejiyega. The presentation was wonderful presentation. I was very impressed with the succinct and pristine way it was presented. Well done!" he said smiling genuinely.
"Oh! Thank you so very much Mr. Khurana," Geet said batting her eyelashes, "by the way, humne suna hai ki aaj aapka janam din hai."
"Haan bilkul aap ne sahi suna," he said.
"Wish you a very happy birthday Mr. Khurana," she said extending her hand.
"Thanks a lot," he said shaking his hand in return. Geet let her hands linger for a while before Maan made the effort to let go of his hand. Reluctantly Geet withdrew her hand, looking a little disappointed.
"Mr. Khurana how about dinner at my place tonight?" she said seductively. "Aapke birthday ke khatir mein and also for sealing this deal," she added quickly hoping he would comply.
"Thanks for the offer Ms Geet, but unfortunately I would have to take a rain check of the offer," he said sounding disappointed.
"Oh that's indeed a shame Mr. Khurana. May I be allowed to ask the reason?" she said with a tinge sorrow.
"Today evening, I am booked for not only it's my birthday but my marriage anniversary too. Therefore, whole evening is dedicated to my beloved wife," he said with his lips curling into a smile at the very thought of his wife.
"Ugh! Aaj hi celebration honi chahiye thi kya," she muttered under her breath angrily. Maan heard her mumbling something incorrigible and questioned if she had something to say. "Bilkul nahi, main toh bas keh rahi thi ki that's very good. Hope you have a wonderful time," she said faking a smile while cursing the so-called Mrs. Khurana for spoiling her plans. 
"Well then Ms Geet, I shall see you soon," Maan said and strode straight to his cabin leaving the angry Geet fuming at his wife for crashing all her plans. She picked up her things and was going out when she heard Adhi calling her.
"Ma'am thanks once again for coming. I hope you have a very good day ahead," Adhi said laughing nervously.
"Good day, my foot!" she cursed under her breath and left Khurana Constructions.


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Maan finished up with the remaining meetings and wrapped up his day at the office and headed home early. Every year this day held a special place in his heart. More than his birthday, his marriage anniversary was what mattered most to him. Mahalakshmi, had graciously accepted to marry him and give him the gift of life on his birthday when he proposed to her. They had been married for the past five years and had been in love for the past nine years. He had fallen in love at first sight during his second year in college with this innocent little angel who had come asking for direction to the first year class. Although it took a lot of effort from his side to make her fall in love with him, his efforts finally paid off during his graduation day when she finally admitted having feelings for him. His joy knew no bounds when she came running to him right after his graduation afraid he may leave her. He promised to be with her till the end of his life and even to accompany her in the next birth too if there was one. She had cutely smiled with tears of joy at his unbounded love for her and promised to lead a life with him through thick and thin.

After he graduated from bachelors, he pursued MBA in order to take over his family business, Khurana Empire and mainly heading Khurana Constructions. He wished to marry Maha as soon as he finished his MBA but she had told him to wait until she finished with her studies. He respected her wishes and allowed her to complete her studies before asking her parents for her hand in marriage. Seeking their blessings to go ahead with the marriage, he patiently waited for his birthday that was a week after her graduation to ask for the gift of life from her. A gift that would make him the happiest man on earth, the gift of her becoming Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. She was just happy to oblige to his wish and readily agreed to marry him but on a condition that they get married on his birthday. Although he was initially very reluctant, he finally agreed at her constant insistence. Afterall, she had agreed to share her life with him, and the least he could do was accent to her wish.
Maan was blessed with two beautiful four-year-old children. They were fraternal twins, a girl and a boy, namely Arvind Singh Khurana and Radhika Singh Khurana. They along with his beloved Maha and Daadima made up his lovely little world and he couldn't imagine a life without them. Their love for each other grew each year and they never failed to surprise each other even after five years of marriage. His car pulled up in front of Khurana mansion and he rushed in to be greeted by his lovely little tots. Seeing him walk in they came dashing to him squealing while Maan knelt down to hug them back.
"Hi princess," Maan said giving a small peck on her soft petal like cheeks.
"Happy birthday pappa," Radhika managed to blurt out before hugging Maan and giving him a kiss.
"Thank you sweetheart," he said admiring his princess. She looked, talked, even smiled exactly like him. His Daadima always pointed how even at this early age how she managed to control with just one angry stare, exactly like Maan. He was secretly very proud that she had taken over him in her behavior but managed to shrug it off casually in front of everyone saying she was in fact Maan Singh Khurana's daughter.
Next, it was Arvind who hugged Maan while wishing, "Wish a very very happy birthday pappa," he said as verbose as possible. He had of course taken over his mamma. He had the same pout when annoyed or angry, the ziddi and stubborn nature, and the ability to talk even after running a mile. He always wondered how both his dear son and wife managed to bring the whole house down just by talking away non-stop.
Maan lifted both of them on each hand and walked towards their nursery when Daadima came behind. "Wish a very happy birthday Maan bete, aur a very happy anniversary too!" she said lovingly.
"Thanks Daadima," he said turning to look at her smiling at him.
"Aaj plan kya hai Maan?" she asked.
"Pata nahi Daadima it's her day today. Har saal she makes plans," he said wondering what surprise was waiting for him this year.
"Voh toh sahi hai. Anyway hope you have a wonderful evening ahead, aur haan the nanny is in the nursery so you can leave the kids there," she instructed.
"Ji Daadima," he said walking over to the nursery. On the way he enquired the children what they did since morning. Radhika briefed him about the day's events before Arvind took over and began his soliloquy right from brushing his teeth to what he was doing a few minutes ago until his father arrived. Maan simply smiled and listened to him patiently until they reached their nursery. He played with them for while before retiring to his room to freshen up.
Maan knew it was too early to expect his Maha home for she would be busy running errands. He removed his tie and vest standing near the dressing table. He turned to head to the bathroom when he noticed a small note placed carefully under white and red rose on the edge of the table. He smiled, for he very well knew who would have placed it there. He hurriedly picked up to find it neatly written:
Dear Hubby bee!
Wish you a very happy birthday! Hope the Almighty blesses you and grants your every wish.
Har saal ki tarah this year also there is a surprise for you! Please get ready by 7PM tonight. The driver shall take you to the place and don't worry no amount of pestering him about the destination would work. Cannot wait to see you!
Your love of your life,
Beside the signature a dark shade of lipstick mark was present. Maan lovingly placed his lips on the mark that was touched by his wife a few hours ago. He inhaled her scent through the paper and mouthed I love you as though the paper was her.
The clock chimed indicating the time as 6PM. Maan hurried to take a quick shower and get ready by the allotted time. He came out of the shower and found a neatly ironed pair of black formal pants along with a pure white shirt placed on the bed. He knew she loved him in white and thus had chosen his clothes. He was pleased to oblige to her and readied himself with the set of clothes placed in front of him. He checked the time and seeing it had almost neared 7, he rushed to the nursery to kiss his sweethearts good-bye and asking them to eat and sleep tight. They wished their pappa a very happy birthday for the last time before kissing him good-bye.
Maan went to meet his Daadima to bid her good night, as he would return late. She asked him to enjoy the rest of the day. He walked out of the mansion and found the driver waiting readily for him. He slid into his seat in the back and nodded for an approval at Suresh, his driver, to start.   


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The drive to the destination took almost an hour and Maan was getting impatient to know where he was going. But his malkin had given strict orders as to not ask, thus he was impatiently tapping his feet and looking out the window to get an idea of where he was going. They finally arrived at a deserted area and from what Maan could feel it was somewhere near the beach.

The light sea breeze hit Maan making him aware of the salty water air. He smiled at his wife's selection. She always loved a calm and serene beach setting and in her words a perfect date was by the seashore. The driver soon left him asking him to follow the signs. A large sign in neat cursive read, "Welcome Mr. Khurana!" with an arrow pointing to proceed further down the lane spread with red carpet and lit with beautifully decorated solar lamps. He trotted down the path while his eyes continuously searched for his lovely wife. He reached the end of the carpet and his eyes fell on a magnificent tent decorated with red and white curtains and candles. In the center, there was a round table set with semi-white tablecloth and only a single chair. Dinner was neatly arranged around the table along with a small vase with two white orchids and one red rose. He looked in awe at the decorum and couldn't help falling in love all over again with his wife. He looked around to find a trace of her and found a petite figure near the corner of tent facing away from him.
Formerly known, as Geeta Mahalakshmi Pendyala looked absolutely stunning in her designer maroon saree with her hair loosely braided and adorned with jasmine flowers. Coming from a rich and well to do Telugu Brahmin family settled in Mumbai, she was a pampered child since birth. Although her father's name was well known among the elite, she was always a very down to earth and simple person. She was fondly known as Maha among her family and friends but for him, she was always Geetulu.
The first time Maan saw her was during his college second year, when she came asking for directions to her class. She was clad in peach anarkali with her thick long curly hair braided neatly and finishing the look with fresh jasmine flowers. Her innocent and nave beauty blew Maan away, that he had forgotten to breathe. He had fallen head over heels for her that very instant and vowed to make her his forever. Initially Geet was reluctant by his advances but secretly admired him. A lot of effort in the form of pipe climbing, learning the most difficult language, Telugu, frequently trying to impress her father by visiting various temples and performing services, helped him gain close access to her. But all these antics had not managed to impress her and voice her liking for him, she simply laughed at his work pitying his efforts. Yet Maan was determined to prove his love for her. Finally, when he declared he would be leaving the country for higher studies, she broke down spilling her feelings for him.
Maan remembered the day when she let him know her feelings, causing him to dance in ecstasy. It was raining heavily on his graduation day when Maan with the group of his friends were sitting near the huge banyan tree reminiscing about their lovely college days. He was particularly sad that his Geet had not mentioned anything about their future when he had visited her the previous day in her hostel. He had lost his final hope and sat half-heartedly listening to his friends chatter away about their past, present, and future. He simply nodded and smiled not fully hearing what they were talking about for his thoughts were with her. In the midst of the heavy rain, he faintly heard the sound of her payals and instantly jerked his head up to see a faint figure walking towards him. His friends noticed her coming and got up to give them some privacy.
Geet came and stood in front of him with her hair-dripping wet due to the torrential rain. She stood silently in front of him staring blankly at Maan. He could make out her kajal was smudged; probably due to the rain he concluded.
"Aap kal ja rahe ho?" she asked with a tinge of sorrow.
Maan's heart skipped a beat when he heard her sweet and melodious voice. He intently looked at her before answering, "Haan, kal London jar raha hoon, MBA ke liye."
"Mari, um, mari yenthuku ra nannu ishtapaddav (Then why did you fall in love with me?)," she whispered with her head bent low. Maan couldn't hear due to the heavy rain pour and bent a little towards her, "Huh? Tumne kuch kaha?" he asked.
"Na na na nahi," she stammered failing to find the right words. Maan noticed her nervousness and wrongly concluding she was uncomfortable with his presence, he bid her a final good-bye and turned to leave, avoiding the stabbing pain in his heart. Just as he was about to walk away when he felt someone catching his hands, preventing him from leaving. He turned to see her eyes welled up with tears inspite of the heavy rain that was washing away her beautiful face.
"Tussi mat jao," she said bleakly. Maan's joy knew no bounds when he heard those three words. It was as if the world had stopped rotating for him. His expression changed from shock, to surprise to, finally pure joy. He wanted to hug her tightly promising never to leave her, but he was unsure if he was dreaming.
"Kya? Maine suna nahi," he said uncertain of her declaration.
"Tussi mat jao," she repeated looking down shyly. He was ecstatic to hear her finally confess her feelings for him. But he wanted to tease her a little before he declared he wouldn't leave her.
"Accha ji?" he mocked crossing his arms on his chest, "mat jaon? Par kyun?"
Geet looked at him with her eyes wide, she had just declared her feelings for him, and here he was asking for a reason. "Voh kyunki," she said hesitantly.
"Cheppu (Tell me) meri Geetulu," he said lovingly looking at her. Seeing her quietly stand with her head bent low, he probed her further teasing her and making her blush endlessly.
Unable to take his continuous teasing, Geet broke the ice, "Yendukante nenu ninnu premistunnanu ra gunduga! (Because I love you!)" she screamed and hurried turn to leave preventing herself from dying in embarrassment.
Maan stood silently gaping at her open declaration of her love. He never expected her to openly tell her love, that too in front of his friends, whom he knew would be secretly hiding behind the bushes to eavesdrop on his love life. Maan lunged forward and caught her hands just in time before she fled and spun her towards him. She fell hard on his chest and instantly froze at his contact. Their bodies perspired heat despite the cold rain that was falling on their bodies. Maan hugged her close to his body not allowing an inch of wind between them. She hugged him back tightly fearing he may disappear any moment. It seemed like ages they were standing in the rain battering against their bodies. He slowly released her from the hug and looked down at her. She smiled cutely at him and slowly inched closer to his face and pecked on his lips, letting her lips linger there for a while. Maan was taken aback by her sudden boldness but it didn't take him long to seal his lips for a hot searing kiss letting his tongue play the game. She eagerly responded back giving him more access. They finally broke away from the kiss panting for breath and Maan looked at her shy away from him. He caught her chin and lifted her head and kissed her forehead. He leaned towards her ears and whispered huskily, "I love you too Geetulu."


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Thinking back at the day still sent shivers down Maan's spine. It was an unforgettable day for the both of them, they had sealed their fate together and the rest was history. On the day of their marriage she finally became his Geeta Maan Khurana yet she always remained the innocent, beautiful, yet bold at times Geetulu for him.

Maan went behind her and engulfed her in his arms and kissed her nape. Geet slid her one arm on his and the other on his cheeks.
"Happy anniversary Mrs. Geeta Maan Khurana," he whispered hoarsely in her ear.
Geet smiled and turned around to face him. Being the children of two, she still managed to maintain her petite and feather light figure. Thanks to his action filled gym sessions that always brought a blush on her cheeks. She cupped his face and placed light peck on his lips and whispered, "Happy birthday Maan," fanning her cool breathe near his lips.
Geet nudged him to proceed to the dinner table but Maan tugged her back. "Kyun Ms Geet aaj subah toh aap bahut gusse me the," he joked referring to her bickering after the conference.
"Ahem Mr. Khurana it seems you were so engrossed about your wife today morning that you failed to even notice me," she said playing along.
"Voh kya haina Ms Geet, I just cannot stop thinking about her; her sexy legs," Geet covered his mouth buy he removed it and continued, "her petite hips, her luscious lips," again she covered his mouth, "arre suno toh, her," before he could continue Geet having no option sealed her mouth with his preventing him to describe her further. Maan welcomed her soft kiss and slowly responded back deepening his kiss into a demanding and aggressive kiss. He traveled down further and placed wet kisses on her jaw line, then down her nape when he heard her moan his name. His name on her lips further turned him on making him explore further down before coming back to claim her honey drunk lips. She molded herself perfectly to his already hardening body allowing giving him better access. They were running out of breath yet neither of them wanted to let go.
Finally, Geet broke the kiss breathing hungrily for air. "Bas keejiye, aap do bacche ka baap hai," she said her face turning crimson red. Maan's breath was still heavy from all the kissing yet his eyes glinted with mischief.
"Magar phir bhi I cannot keep my hands away from you," he said tightening his grip her waist.
"Badmash!" she said smacking his hand. "Chalo chalo chalo, naaku aakalestundhi (I'm hungry)," she said holding her stomach.
"Mujhe bhi," he said biting her earlobe. Geet looked alarmed at his fierceness, and before he could take any further move, she pulled him into the tent to have their dinner. But Maan pulled her back and slid a shiny chain on her neck pushing away her braid. He was hooking it when she took a closer look at it. It was beautiful platinum chain with a beautifully carved diamond studded initial 'M'. She was surprised by his gift and looked at him to give him a flying kiss.
Maan managed to close the delicate chain and replaced his hands with his lips placing a wet kiss on her neck. She shivered at his touch and shied to hide in his chest and placed a kiss on his heart, "It's beautiful Maan," she said.
"Just like you jaan," he said tucking a strand of loose hair and smiling at her.
Geet opened small clutch and pulled out a platinum band and slid it into his slender ring finger. Maan peered at his fingers to see the band, which had the inscription, 'Geet ka Maan' in cursive. He was overwhelmed by her simple yet beautiful claim and kissed her on her forehead. "Geet ka Maan, yeh sach kabi badal nahi sakta," he whispered. She tip toed and kissed his cheeks at his claim. 
They entered the tent and Maan saw the single chair present and commented, "Ab badmash kaun hai?" he said looking at the chair and cocking his eyebrows at her.
"Of course, it's you," she whispered near his ears. "Remember last year, you never let me even get near my chair and insisted that you sit on your lap the whole time. So I thought why to waste another chair when you would hover over me," she teased.
"Because I like my woman on top," he said in his sultry voice.
"Chi po ra (Ugh, go)" she blushed while lightly pushing his cheek away.
Maan went and sat comfortably on the chair, pulling Geet along with him. Soft melodious hits were playing in the background. Geet had mixed a few old and new Telugu melodies as well as Hindi melodies to create an ambient atmosphere. She sat sideways on his lap and served his favorite traditional tamarind rice. Although Maan had grown up eating mostly continental food, he readily switched to a select set of South Indian dishes that was particularly prepared by his beloved wife. Among the few, he preferred traditional tamarind rice, gutti vankai (Bagara Baigan, stuffed eggplant), and avaalu pulusu (stew). Geet fed him with her own hands that freely allowed him to explore her bare waist. Geet tried warning him to keep his hands to himself but his touch was melting her and making her knees weak therefore she moaned and gasped in place of warnings adding to his antics. Both of them finally managed to somehow eating in the midst of Maan's mischief.
Geet had prepared ras malai and jangiri for dessert. She filled the plate with some jangiri and held it for Maan so he would feed her, as it was her favorite sweet. He broke the circular sweet in half and brought it near her mouth but before she could take a bite, he quickly withdrew his hands and placed it in his mouth. Geet started widely at Maan and feigned anger for not feeding her. Without second thought she grabbed him by his collar, pulled him near and smacked her lips on him, forcing him to open his mouth and allowing her to steal her sweet from his mouth. Scooping the sweet from him, she flashed a victorious smile while chewing away the sweet. Maan simply obliged to be of service to his wife and teased, "Accha ji, meri Geetulu toh sherni ban gayi." His voice made her realize her bold act and she bit her tongue and hid in his chest. He chuckled enveloped her in a huge hug.
Later, Geet fed him some ras malai and Maan purposefully let the milk run amuck from the corner of his mouth. Geet rushed to wipe it off with her fingers but he held her arms prisoner. She tried to wiggle her arms off his tight grip, but Maan persisted holding.
"Maan chodiye na, dekhiye you have milk running over from the corner of your mouth," she said desperately trying to wiggle her arms out.
"Toh saaf karo na," he said sounding genuine.
"Maan my hands are tied," she said lifting her arms to show her hands entangled with his.
"Mujhe pata hai sweetheart," he smirked. "To wipe it off, you don't need your hands," he said eyeing her lips and jerked her to come forward. She nodded in negative while slowly inching towards him. He continued to nod in the positive asking her to come closer while she continued to deny yet subtly came close to his lips. She sensually licked off the dripping milk sending chills through his spine. He moaned in pleasure and aggressively invaded her mouth sucking her sweet breath away. Geet wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and combed through his hair while continuing to explore his mouth.
They broke out of another never-ending kiss when a new song started from the player. It was his favorite song that beautifully voiced his opinion about his love, Geet. And today he wanted to share that special moment again with her. He extended his hands asking, "Mrs. Geeta Maan Khurana, may I please have the pleasure of this dance," his eyes filled with love and admiration for her.
"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Khurana," she said clasping his hands tightly. They moved away from the table and stood facing each other. Maan slipped his hands into her bare waist and pulled her closer to him. Geet tangled her hand with his palm while the other secured itself tightly around his neck. They slowly swayed to the melodious music and Geet placed her head on his chest and sighed contently.
He lip-synched the song that he had almost memorized after repeated listening. Geet grinned at his attempt to lip-synch the song to near perfection and wondered how he even managed to master her language in a matter of months in the name of love. Afterall, Maan Singh Khurana could do anything she thought kissing his cheeks. Encouraged by her kisses, in the midst of the song, Maan twirled her lightly before hugging her back to him. She smiled at his act and was pleased to return to his embrace. They danced silently, enjoying each other's company, for a while and the songs continued to change.  
After some time, "Chalein?" he asked.
"Bas todi kuch der keliye shore ke paas jayein?" she asked eagerly for she was always fond of a quiet night by the shore. He rolled up his pants to prevent the sand from entering and removed his shoes and put them on the side. He willingly carried her to the shore and set her down by the waves before settling beside her. She hugged her legs close to her body so that the water touched her feet before retreating back. Once he sat beside her in a similar way, she nestled closer to him and crooned her face near his neck. He slid his hands around her waist and pulling her closer to him. They sat in silence, listening to the periodic sound of waves washing their feet.
Few minutes later, Maan looked down at Geet to find her eyes filled with tears. He knotted his eyebrows,, turned her towards him, and gently wiped away her tears, "Kya hua jaan, ro kyun rahi ho?" he asked with concern. She shook her head in negative and gave a dazzling smile, enhancing her dimples.
"I love you, Maan," she said her eyes twinkling in joy.
"I love you too jaan," he said cupping her face.
"Thanks for everything Maan, I just cannot imagine a life without you. Every single day I have thanked the Almighty for providing two very beautiful kids and such a perfect husband. I hope this stays like this forever and I am sure with you beside me, this shall stay forever," she said getting a little emotional.
"I promise you jaan, I shall always keep you happy no matter what," he said hugging her tightly in a warm embrace. "Magar haan, agar tum sach mein thank you kehna chahti ho toh, you know what to do," he said hinting at his desire, his eyes dancing in mischief.
"Uske liye mujhe ek sexy kiss chahiye," she said winking. Maan knew what her sexy kiss meant. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead lovingly, letting his lips linger there for a while intoxicating his senses with her aroma. She smiled at his instant acceptance to abide to her command. He got up and brushed away the remnants of sand from his pant and gave a hand for Geet to get up. She got up with his help and turned to walk back when Maan pulled her back, "Jaan don't forget abhi bhi raat baaki hai, those kisses were just warm up," he winked wickedly. Geet knew it was going to be a long night so wanted to play along before she surrendered to him.
"Ek minute Maan," she said bending down and drawing a circle around his feet.
"Kya kar rahi ho Geet," he asked puzzled.
"Maan, you cannot cross this circle, samjhi aap?" she said flashing a huge grin and started walking towards the tent. Maan seemed to be unperturbed by her declaration and simply waited a few minutes until the waves washed away the line. Geet turned to see the disappearance of the line and Maan cocked his eyebrows up and down, asking now what?
Geet bit her tongue and ran away before Maan could catch her. Maan caught up with her in seconds and lifted her from behind. She screamed from the sudden contact and begged for him to leave her only to be twirled harder. After swinging her around for sometime, he gently placed her on the ground and turned her so that she could face him. He gave her a quick kiss on her lips and entwined his fingers with hers before heading back to the tent so that they could wrap up and head home.
Their driver was patiently waiting for them and once they arrived he quietly drove them back to the mansion. They reached the mansion quicker than the ride to the beach as there was no traffic on the way back. As soon as they reached the mansion they headed towards their children's bedroom to see them safely tucked. They kissed their darling children and went towards their bedroom. By the time they reached their room Maan had pulled away hairclips and loosening the long curly hair. Once they reached their bedroom he closed and latched the door before urgently kissing her all over her face and traveling down, pulling the saree pallu with him, exposing her creamy white flesh. And before she knew it both were on the bed with just the silky duvet covering them, their legs entwined. He whispered her name, brushing his lip on her eyelids, and once more claiming her sweet tasting lips. He swept her with him into ecstasy while she closed her eyes and reveled the pleasure. Moments passed before he slumped next to her panting and a single drop of sweat fell on her face. She wiped it away from his forehead and tugged closer to him, letting him envelope her with him. She opened her eyes to see him warmly hugging her with his eyes closed and a content smile on his face.
 "Maan aapko ek aur khush kabri deni chahti hoon," she said combing his hair. He simply listened with his eyes closed. "Main pregnant hoon."

alright dearies this is the last part. i was really nervous writing the romantic parts as i am not good at it. hopefully i conveyed what i had to properly if not please look over my mistakes Ouch
hope u enjoyed it as much as i did writing it Wink i may write an epilogue depending on ur comments Embarrassed so comment away sweeties LOL


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