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FF: Parulians meet parul <3 ( last part on page 10 (Page 3)

tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sihame

Lovedd ittt
thanks siham... there is much more to come ... keep reading... Wink

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SaHir-

thanks zaina for this great idea Hug & zee excellent job Hug
i luv all the conversations of the friends Heart i luv the whole chapter Heart
most favorite lines
Krithika: whats wrong sarah?? sarah secretly told to krithika whats the problem... LOL krithika dear now all friends know our secrets LOL
sanjida: sarah sweety i think you don't know the whole plane.Wink
seems something is cooking LOL zee be prepared LOL i am ready sarah...Wink just waiting for it...
zee forget to wear shoes LOL 
krithika..deeps...maira..lisa...siham...suku..prema...zee ..zaina
so sooo sweet all of you  Heart

there will be no silent if we all crazy Parulians are there


thank you for you love yaar... there is much more to come enjoy reading it...Smile

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krithikas

WOW, First of all ,I want to hug you both of you my friends,Zeena and Zaina.HugHugHug

What a Fantastic PostClapThumbs Up and a Wonderful idea to include all Parulians in an FF update.ClapThumbs Up

Wonderfully written Z &Z ,ClapClapNice thought of we Parulians going to meet our dear Parul.Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Wish we could really go like this to meet our sweetheart PARUL.Big smileEmbarrassed aww... really it will be one of the unforgettable moment in my life...

Excited to see our Parul PartyPartyParty,So please continue soon.StarClap

usually i used to give you hugs...Smile but this time you want to give me a hug... how sweet it's...Embarrassed  thanks dear...

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SukuluvsParul

Zee tu muje ek task master bana dala LOL teek hai teekhai koyi gal nahi puttar ji. WAsie hats of to you and zai for such a lovely ff so full of life and jokes. Thanks yaar. I just hope we can all meet together like this. I love you all so much... muaaah

hehehe... i didn't tell lie... usually you behave like that with me ji..Wink haa this was zai's idea... it's not bad naa???  yes dear... this  FF is Full of jokes ...Smile. coz we need to have some fun naa...LOL thank you for ur loving comment sukanya... just wait and watch what's happing next...Wink

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by manoo.18

Awesome update my dear Zeena & Zaina...Thumbs UpClapThumbs Up

Just loved every line & every bit of this beautiful update...HeartHeartHeart

Very well written Zeena... Hat's off to you my dear friend...HugThumbs UpHug

Yes, i am very exited to meet my Parul in this update...LOLLOL

Now i am dreaming about my Parul...Day DreamingHeartDay Dreaming

And  for making this lovely update...HugHugHug

But my part is too short... Only 2 or 3 lines...CryUnhappyCry no worry's jaani... you will get much chance...Smile

It's not fair... Everybody knows that how much i love my Parul...HeartHeartHeart
 for your next part...Thumbs Up

ops... first tell me did i wrote you name correctly????  i will update the next part tomorrow... you can see you are talking much in it..Wink
thank you very much for you loving comment my dear... keep reading...Smile

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:13am | IP Logged
hi friends... sorry i am bit late today... 
Part- 2

sanjida: she is going to stay in a guest house.. so we can meet her in the guest house... the speciality is parul going to be in that guest house with some of business friends...

maira: really??? wow...Big smile

sanjida: yes my dear... but there is a problem...Confused

Zaina: what kind of problem we have to face?????

Deepa: ok i will tell you all... we don't have permission to meet parul...Ouch

Sukanya: oh... no how can it happen...

Deepa: yes in deed it's so sad... but don't worry...we will meet her..

Siham: but how???Ouch

Deepa: siham... night parul will go to the gust house... so we can enter the gust hous at night...

Prema: you means... we are going to enter the gust house like a thief...???? this time prema asked deepa very serious... 

Deepa: yes you got it premaLOL

Siham: what???? whats wrong with you...??

Zaina: yaar... do you think we can do it????

Deepa: siham don't worry dear... there is know other way to meet parul... zaina yes we can do it...

Sarah: yaar i just wish i won't end it with taking all of us to police station...LOL.

zee: it's ok yaar just only for parul naa... don't worry we can do it...Smile

sanjida: yes zee lets do it... what do you say siham???

Siham: di if i can meet parul... then police station is not a big meter for me...Wink

Krithika: i think siham is right...Smile

Deepa: all is set what about you both sukanya and maira...??

Maira: tell me that iat what time we are going to meet my parulBig smile????

Deepa: awww... my dear... so you too agree... but why sukanya is silents... sukanya????

Maira: i think she don't know any thing about our planeLOL Big smile 

Sarah: why my dear?????

Maira: hehehehe... she is sleeping...LOL Tongue Tongue

sanjida: what .??? oh no poor sukuLOL...tell me some one didn't she sleep last night????

Krithika: no not at allWink...whole night she was talking about Parul...

Siham: so didn't you sleep lats night krithikaSmile????

Krithika: i slept but not for long timeWink... i was just listing to sukaya's story's...

Sarah: oh.. then you might be sleepy too my dear...

Krithika: no sarah i am fine...Smile

Maira: we better wake up here if not she will miss the bets part of our journey...

prema: ha... weak up her...zee give me that water bottle please... zee pass the bottle to maira open the bottle lead and just turn around unfortunately she knocked on siham and water spilled on siham...AngryLOL

Siham: oh... my god...my dreas... siham screamed.. all was shocked and watching what will be siham's reaction...Ouch

Maira: ops...Dead i am really sorry siham... i didn't means to do it...

Siham: it's ok dear... see was fine... and he reply made all sootingEmbarrassed ...

Prema: thank good... i though siham will fire LOLat maira...

Siham: why should i do such a thing... she is my friendHug... after all it's by mistake... so i am fine...

Prema: maira i think you should bring another water bottle...LOL

Maira: ya i think soo...Smile

Siham: no need yaar... after all i am here naa...

siham went closer to sukanya... and  squeeze her dress on suku.....sukanya wake up quickly...Big smile

Sanjida :so suku... finish dreaming...Smile

Sukanya:patha neahi how i slept...Sleepy

Prema: yaar whole night you havn't sleep and didn't leave Krithika to sleep...so thats why you are slept now... poor krithika... still she didn't get a chance to sleep...

sukanya: sorry yaar...

Krithika: dear... Prema is joking don't think much about it ...

Sukanya: sach meai??? how sweet you are... wesi tell me what is the plane???

All: oh... No... not again...Big smile.

Sukanya: come on i will promise i want sleep again... please can any one tell me...

Sarah: ok friends i will tell sukanya about our plane...

Zee: thank good... thanks sarah... Prema you better give your seat to sarah and sit here...

Pream: ya sure zee...

all use to talk about different topic...maira and zaina was talking about India because the country was new to them...siham to join them...Smile

prema: girls... why don't we sing song?????

Deepa: yes thats good idea... we can have some fun..Big smile

Zai: ha but which kind of songs????

Krithika: got it... Chale jaise hawaayein

 sanan sanan Ude jaise parinde gagan gagan... all join krithika...Clap Big smile

Zee: Zaina why don't you come for the dance flow???

Zai: yaar do you thing we can dance for this song???

Zee: yes why not...Dancing Dancing zaina start dancing siham join her then it was sukanya... all enjoyed it a lot...

jaayein titliyaan jaise chaman chaman

yunhi ghoomoon main bhi magan magan 

hey hey..!! hey hey..!!  wos...

hey hey..!! oho aahaa aaa...

main diwaani dil ki raani, kabse anjaani

sab kehti hoon who karti hoon. jo hai thhaani

Chale jaise hawaayein sanan sanan 

Ude jaise parinde gagan gagan... 

sarah:next song is..Big smile. Awara 
bhanwre, jo haule haule gaye
Phoolon ke tan pe, hawayen sar
sarayen  all join sarah...
Awara bhanwre, jo haule haule gaye
Sanjida: wow sarah it's a beautiful song... all join sarah...
Phoolon ke tan pe, hawayen sar sarayen
Awara bhanwre, jo haule
haule gaye
Phoolon ke tan pe, hawayen sar sarayen
Koyal ki
koohoo koohoo, papihe ki peehuu peehuu
Jungle mein chinghar ki
chayen jayen
Nadiyan mein laheren ayen
Balkhayen chalkiSmile
Bheege hoton se who gun gunaaye
Gaataa hai sahil, gata
hai beheta paani
Gata hai ye dil, sun Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa
Awara bhanwre, jo haule haule gaye Phoolon
ke tan pe,
hawayen sar sarayen

in few hours go sanjida who open her mouth..

Sanjida: girls i am hungry ... what about you all???Disapprove

Maira: same here dii,,,Disapprove

Perma: ya we should have our lunch now...

Siham: but not in the bus...if not maira will fined me to spill some thing

again...ROFL. siham's thous words maid all laugh...

Maira: agree with siham... so tell me where we going to stop the bus??

Sarah: friends can you see that lake Smile????... so what about a lunch in lakeside???

Prema: awww... sarah not bad... girls... lest stop the bus near the lake..

Maira:yes... i can have some picture for my picture collection...CoolBig smile

Sanjida: yes ofcourse my dear... why not...Day Dreaming

everyone get ready to get down from the bus ... at last they get down from
the bus it was a beautiful places... they spent some time admiring

the beauty of the nature and they start to have there lunch...zaina and

sanjida serve every one... 

zaina: here this is you lunch siham.. Smile

Siham: thank you di.. Bt what is this gravy?

Zaina: hehehe... You are asking me? I don't know my dear. But i know one thing this
gravy is very tasty.
Siham: really? She dip her finger and
lick it... Hmm.. Yamiy..Thumbs Up

all was enjoy there lunch... siham worked away from every one...

Zee: siham where are you going???

Siahm: zee can you see that rock i am going to have my lunch there... 

Zee: ok dear... but careful..

Siham: ok... she smiled at zee and turn...

to be continue...Smile

keep reading friends...Big smile

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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dear friends...Smile there is some more fun on they way...  i will continue the next part tomorrow...Wink. hope you all enjoy this part...Smile

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Wonderfullife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Awesome update Z & Z.ClapClap

Loved the travelling Heart,it was fun and full enjoyment.DancingDancing

I just loved my part so much. Big smileEmbarrassed

WOW Lunch near a lake side.Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Continue this excited journey yaar.Thumbs UpBig smile

Thank you for this wonderful FF Zeena and Zaina.HugHug

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