Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Coz things CHANGE! Note Pg 100 (Page 45)

shane1 Goldie

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Hi Awantika,

I'm new on the forum . I love your ff, i will be very happy if you could add me to your buddy list . i think you guys are doing a wonderful job in this forum keeping the KMH fans happy. Thanks for all your input. you have great visions and you write really well. Clap

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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awi, where r u? can u pls update CTC - jaldi update kar naa -
..anshita.. IF-Dazzler

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awi m waiting fr d update...jaldi kar na...
malose Goldie

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awi when are you gonna update ?? =(
-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Heyyy Guys :)

You all are expecting a update from me, but em so sorry i am disappointing you all :O
I was supposed to be updating yesterday, but as i went for shopping, party and stuffs i couldn't update.
Now that em back, i will complete my incomplete work.
Its just morning here. And i woke up right now.
So as soon as i get fresh, i will complete my update and post it :)

Actually i made this note coz all of you are waiting For My update !

Sorry Again Folks.

I guess the part will be up by your night :)


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-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shane1

Hi Awantika,

I'm new on the forum . I love your ff, i will be very happy if you could add me to your buddy list . i think you guys are doing a wonderful job in this forum keeping the KMH fans happy. Thanks for all your input. you have great visions and you write really well. Clap

Aw. Welcome to the forum hun :)
Oh sure. Why not ?
Thanx. Thanx alottt !! :) : )

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks awi for the note - will be waiting for it -
-Awantika- IF-Dazzler

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Heya Pepz.Smile Sorry For the late update :O
But you guys know na exams and stuffs >'<
But thanx to all of you for da wonderful support and wishing me luck Big smileAnyway here's the part for today ! Thanks For co-operating guys. Here's the complete part.    

Please let me kno bout' your views :)


Continued from last part


They four headed towards the parking lot. Romit took Shefali towards his car. Being a Senior they had huge benefits of showing off.

Arjun had a Ferrari imported from abroad. Everyone would woo at it on the first sight but Arjun got a million volt shock when Arohi didn't even look at it properly.
She straight opened the back door, loaded her stuffs and sat on the passenger the seat without a word. It took few mins for arjun to recover from the past events but he couldn't waste his time so he immediately took the driver seat and started riding. Arohi seemed too busy with her iphone. She didn't seem to notice who was stealing few glances at her. Few ? Not Really ! A LOT ! 

After 10 mins of ride arohi didn't utter a single word. And it was probably killing Arjun. He couldn't take it anymore so battered out "Arohi, you know I am sorry right ! Please For once understand !"

Arohi gave a sarcastic smile, rolled her iphone and answered him, "Well I was ready for a confrontation with you Man. Okay, now let me speak up. Yes, let me be frank. I am not that shy, afraid coward anymore. I speak everything I feel. And I don't keep anything a secret that people should know. Yes, unlike you I have enough guts to give a shit about the world and stand for what I need to.

She was interrupted by Arjun "Arohii

"Shut up arjun. I said let me speak without a single word !"

"You know I was used to the bullying stuff. Back then for me all of you were same. All the bullies who had no feeling that may be even I had sum emotions running through me. It gave me pain. A lot of pain. But then, the summer for some unknown reason you made me feel as if you were a friend now. I started considering you my friend. Yes, I did. But at the end of the day you were the coolest boy in the college who was popular for bullying the nerd - Arohi Sharma. And nothing gave me more pain than that. Trust me, I wouldn't feel so shattered and betrayed if you weren't so good to me at the breaks. It hurted enough when you didn't utter a single word.Why would you right ? After all your fame and popularity was such a big deal. And why am I bothering saying these stuffs. Like you care ? It was my mistake that I had this crush on you coz of those beautiful memories of summer. Its not your fault that I was just another random shit you were experimenting your charm on !"

"Arohi, why do you think I don't care !"

"Psshh...Let me correct, You didn't care ! And now even if you do, I don't ! Yes, I don't give a shit about' you anymore. You really had that effect on me, but NOT ANYMORE ! And now that I gotta spend one whole month at your place, we are strangers. Strangers who have no concern with each other. I hate your sight now. It disgusts me. I don't care about the way you feel. I don't care anymore. And, if you think I am one of those girl who will show you attitude and make you regret things. No, I wont do that. I have better things to do in life. Why should I make someone regret thigns when they're not even important ? Yes, I will not even bother about you. Your family is giving me shelter and that's it. Except that fact I have nothing to do with you."

Arjun felt a lump in his throat. He didn't have the strength to reply. It was like someone stabbed him right in his heart. Was his head a less mush that Arohi puzzled him more. Yes, he was already crowded with lots of confusions. "Why did he feel like he lost a part of him when she left ? Why did he miss her smile ? Why did he always remember those few memories with her at summer ? Why for the past one year he felt so lost ? Why he kept missing her ? Why did he regret bullying her coz of that reason ? And now when she was back why his heart was overwhelmed ? Why did her words hurt him ? Why ???

He was too frustrated whereas Arohi acted all so calm. She was busy observing the sight outside the window. That tortured him like hell !

He nodded his head in frustration and thought, May be he should get all fresh at the party tonight !

They reached Arjun's place after 10 mins awkward silent ride.  As soon as arjun stopped the car Arohi hopped out as if she was freed from the prison. She unloaded her bags and carried them with lots of difficulties. Arjun offered help. She replied "No Thanks, I can do things on my own." But he didn't listen a word from her and carried her bags.

"You can let me carry your bags at least for the sake of formality of Me being the member of host family !"

As he walked away with the bag , Arohi was kind of a bit confused but she couldn't bother much. She took the remaining stuffs and headed towards the door. By the time she reached the door Mrs. Punj opened the door. As she saw Arohi she stared her for some mins like she was an alien.

"Hello Aunty !"

"Oh my gosh. Arohi is it you ??"

"Uh, I guess I am !"

And the next second Naina Punj grabbed Arohi in her arms. She hugged Arohi like she found her lost twin. It took few mins for Arohi to recover and hug her back. After they broke the hug Naina immediately asked "How's Amrit ? Damn, I missed her so much. And why did you guys disappear all of a sudden ?"

At the mention of her mother's name Arohi's face turned pale, which didn't go unnoticed by Arjun. To avoid more questions he interrupted "Mom, Are you planning to keep us outside forever ?"

"Oops..Sorry! Come on in. Actually ii got too over excited knowing Arohi is the exchange student !"

They entered the house and Arohi noticed that it was all same as it used to be. It was still very beautiful. Naina showed her around. Arjun took her things to her room whereas Naina and Arohi got seated on the hall.

"So how's Amrit been Arohi ?"

"Uh, um she's fine." Naina didn't notice the discomfort in Arohi's voice, but Arjun who was back by now noticed it.

"And so where did you guys go ?"

"Uh, actually mom's transfer was so all of  a sudden that we didn't get time to inform. We had to go Calcutta."

"And you guys didn't even contact us ?"

" Mom got a lot busy. And she barely has time " Said Arohi lowering her gaze.

"But at least you could have contacted us Arohi, no atleast Arjun. He was your friend. You know he missed you so much !"

Arohi looked towards Arjun. He looked her softly whereas she glared at him. He looked away as he wanted to avoid the glares.

"Ah. Sorry. I didn't have the contact no. of my friend !"

"Mom, she must be tired. I guess she needs to freshen up and rest . There's a party tonight as well, so I guess she should take rest !" Said arjun cutting off the conversation.

"Oh, I am sorry. I should have realized that. Arohi, arjun will take you to your room. Freshen up ! And if you need anything . Don't hesitate !

Arohi nodded and followed Arjun behind. 
They climbed the stairs and passed by arjun's room. Right next to arjun's room was a room where Arohi was supposed to stay. As he opened the room Arohi got lost in the beauty of that room. It was beautifully designed with the shades of purple and pink. All the furniturres and stuffs were set accordingly. Everything was perfectly designed.

"Woww. Beautiful ! As far as I know there's not a single girl in this house' this room ?"

"You like it,right. That's important. Get freshen up and call me if you need anything." Saying that Arjun walked out closing the door behind him.

Arohi closely monitored everything. Then she settled her things to the cupboard. She chose her pajamas and entered the bathroom. She took shower and decided to take rest. She had many questions running through her mind.

"Why God Why? Why of all the people his family had to be the host family ? Damn, why am I born this unlucky ? When I finally felt thing are getting better its not ? Why should I always go through this roller coaster kind of rush ? Dear God, you know right seeing him kills me.It gives me flashbacks of the pain, never ending pain. Why was he so good to me that summer ? Why did he make me feel so damn warm, if he never meant it ? It was my bad after all, he was one of my bullies anyway. He loved bullying me, hurting me, insulting me and tearing me apart. So why would he care anyway ?And now when my wound is turning into a scar why on the earth are you making those wounds fresh? 

She dozed off ignoring her thoughts and trying to escape the pain in her heart.

"Arohi, Arohi'Get Up !"

She tried to open her eyes. She didn't realize when she fell asleep.  And now when she opened her eyes she instantly jumped off from the bed.

"What the hell ? What are you doing here ?" Asked Arohi literally screaming at Arjun.

 "What am I doing ? Waking you up !" He now stood up and his arms crossed across his chest. 

" I can wake up on my own !" 

"Ya ya, someone who can't wake up even after constant bugging for 10 mins cane wake up on her own ?" 

" What you are here since 10 mins ?"

"No, 15 mins now !"

 "What the heck ? Get the hell out !!!"

 "Wait, I wouldn't interrupt your beauty sleep if we're not supposed to go to the party organized for you at 7 p.m. And its 6:35 p.m"

 "What the freak ? And you're telling me now ?"

 "Oh hello, its you who was so busy sleeping and screaming. Did you let me speak ??"

 "Shut the hell up. Now don't waste my time. I need to get ready !"

 "Finnneee !" he nodded in disbelief and slammed the door behind him.

 It was 7:05 already. Arjun was waiting for her at the car since 20 mins after getting ready himself. He looked hot and handsome as ever. He wore a black denim jeans, white shirt  and a denim jacket. He had his spikes on. And his eyes looked chocolaty as ever. His six pack abs were clearly visible through his fitted t-shirt.

He was pressing the horn over and over again until Arohi finally showed up.  And once he had his eyes on her he couldn't take it off her. She looked terribly gorgeous in a one shouldered-knee length dress. The black coloured low neck dress fitted Arohi perfectly and her each and every curve looked perfect. She wore a diamond chain and ear-rings matching to it. She had her heels on and minimal make up !

 "Earth to Arjun !!"

 "Uh ' huh !"

"What are you staring at ?? Me ?

 "No, actually I waiting for you since ages and was wondering what took you so long ?"

 " Psshh'Why are you pressing the horn like that huh ? Darn, its freaking annoying man !!"

 " What would I do then ? Wait at the door with garlands for you ?"

 "That seems cool but'Phfft'You are making us late !"

 "What ? Me ? You took an hour to come outside and start the discussion with me and I am doing late ?"

 "Oh please, it wasn't an hour. And I didn't start the discussion.Now cut the crap and get going !"

 "Arghh'Will the princess do the favor to get inside ?" 

"Yeah whatever !" she said getting inside the car.

The ride was a silence. An awkward one. After the filthy few discussions, Arohi was feeling kinda odd, as she'd thought she'd never speak to him except for few formal words. She thought "That will never happen again !"
On the other hand Arjun loved it. At least they were having few talks, even though it didn't make sense to any other person. Continuing with the silence They reached the party club. Arohi literally ran from the car like she'd done previously at the day time. Arjun was left all confused. As he got out he realized Arohi'd already enter the club.

 Arjun entered the club and he had all the girls looking at him. But the least he cared. His eyes looked for her. And there she was, the centre of attraction. She had all the guys looking at her. She was laughing over something with Shefali.  "Damn she looks beautiful when she laughs" he thought .As he was looking around he saw Romit, Rajveer and Sanchit coming to his direction :

 RA ' God, I can't believe it was Assy. Must say she is extremely hot.

 Sa ' Arjun, so how did it all go ? You didn't get yourself beaten like Romit did ?? hahaha

 Ro ' Oh shut up Sanchit !

 Ar ' I don't know Guys. She is not the same one. And I don't think anyone would behave with us if we had done so much with that person.

 Ra ' But damn, we had a reason !

 Ar ' Ha, seeing a hot girl you guys remember the reason eh ? And what about the time when the reason was no more valid and I told you all it was wrong ? You guys probably abused me of backstabbing ya all ?

 Ro ' Arjun, we know we were wrong. But At least you were right. And may be if we clear it to Arohi you may have a chance. We will apologize.

 Ar ' Like she cares. And you don't need to get your mind changed just seeing a hot view. Don't say words when you don't mean them. Cut it off guys. And Arjun Punj doesn't need any chance. He can get them on his own.  And don't you dare to tell her about the reason !

 The conversation was interrupted by a voice. All the lights went off and the speaker announced "Hello ladies and gentleman. Welcome to today's party.As we know we are all here welcome Shefali Gupta and Arohi Sharma to Delhi High. Cheers to that !So let the party begin Guys . And since it has to be special we have something special for you all !"

 The whole club cheered out loud. Everyone got excited.

 "Excited Right ? Obviously you all gotta be. Okay So Today we will play a series of games. And the game winners will be awarded the title of the Homecoming King & Queen ! So lets start the first game. And the first game includes Paper Dance. Well, we are all familiar with the concept of paper dance aren't we ? So, i wont do the favor of repeating the rules/ But but this time, we will decide the couples. Oh yes Guys. We have 14 cue cards. 7 for guys and girls each with numbers from 1-7 written in it.And the couple with same number will hit the floor.  And Guys You're lucky to participate if the spotlight falls on you. Yes, if the spotlight is on you, choose a cue card and wait for your partner !"

The speaker walked away and all of them cheered loud. And then The spotlight started to fall on random people and they chose cue cards in random order.

 As much as Arjun tried to deny he was forced to participate. It was no different with Arohi . No matter what they'd say destiny had its own plans !



Okay this is It Guys :)

I know must of you are waiting for the Dance & stuffs but "INTEZAAR V HAI ZAROORI ! AND Suspense v hona chaiye na  ? :P:P

But this time i will update soon. Real soon :P

But i have a condition, i sure need lodsah comments ;)

Tell me bout' your opinion pepz if you want me to clear the suspense 

Feedback & Criticism accepted 

And hit the like button Pweasee ??


P.s - Sorry For making ya all wait so long. Actually i came back late and got busy in stuffs. >.<

P.p.s - sorry for the errors. Actually i was kind-of in a rush. So couldn't edit it and posted the rough sketch :O

With Love
Awantika :)

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