Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Coz things CHANGE! Note Pg 100 (Page 38)

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Hey Guys Smile

Okay. Here is the INCOMPLETE Update of The next part. As i said i will update today, i am gonna do that. But currently i am doing just small part as i am outside for a combine study with a teacher. and i have my Mobile only with me. And i'd written a small part of this update in my cell and em updating that. I shall update the remaining part once i get back home as i've written remaining part in my lappy Smile
Till then isise kaam chalana Tongue

Okay Guys i've updated the complete Part.
Location : Delhi High

The hallway of Delhi high was filled with the usual laughter and noise and the crowd. Among them was a bunch of popular b'ball players .Who could it be ? Of Course The Hunks Of Delhi high  - Arjun Punj, Sanchit Aluwahlia, Romit Singhania, Rajveer Singh.

They were doing their usual conversation when Sanchit turned towards arjun and asked "Dude ! It been one long years since Assy left and we've quit bullying man ! Or rather say you don't support our bullying fun. Why on the earth should we stop doing all that just coz Assy Left ?"

Arjun made a nervous face and replied "We had a reason to start bullying her. And  its your fault guys that you got so much involved in it and enjoyed it so much that hurted her enough. And there's no point of hurting any other person just for your entertainment."

Rajveer cut them short "Arjun, since when did you start caring about Assy getting hurt ?"

Arjun rolled his eyes and said "I never liked the thought of bullying her.  Its not about caring nd not !"

Romit who was listening to them interrupted "what so ever guys. Shut up. And hey remember today is the day that Volunteer students are supposed to come, right ?"

SAnchit nodded a Yes and said with dreamy eyes "I heard that the girls are quiet a hot chick."

Arjun spoke up "Guys, c'mon she is here just for a month all right. And she is just sort of exchange volunteer. And I am so glad that the exchange offer takes the despo Gauri away !"

All of them burst into a laughter. Even though gauri used to hang out with them none of the guys liked her. She was more of a despo rather than a hot girl.

Romit commented "May be the hero Arjun punj find something in this girl."

Arjun rolled his eyes and Rajveer spoke up "Arjun, c'mon man you haven't dated since the past one year. You used to be a Casanova man ! And dating is a different thing , You don't even FLIRT."

Arjun screamed out "Shut up guys n cut the crap. This is my life and let me live it !"

Everyone sensed the tension and preferred staying quiet. But it was a fact. Arjun had deliberately changed a lot in year. He hadn't flirted with a girl or bullied anyone. He would play basketball and rome around wid his buddies but his eyes rather seemed lost.  Evy one noticed the change in him but no one guessed the reason. Evy one considered it as a change with time coz no one knew the real reason.

They were moving towards the class when they heard the speaker announce "All the students..Gather down to the hall."
Everyone headed towards the audi and so did the Gang.

On their way Romit said "I guess its about the hotties man !"

"Hope so!" Said Sanchit with dreamy eyes.

Rajveer and Arjun punched them slightly and headed towards the audi. They took their usual seats at the last seat and waited for the audi to get filled.
Slowly the hall was packed with students and lots of noise. The noise would never end if the Dean and team of teachers wouldn't enter the stage.

As soon as the students saw the teachers evy one dead dread silent. After the few mins of discussion among the teachers the Dean announced "Hello Students. As We All know About the Nationwide exchange programme. Two students each ' one a perfect all rounder and the next specific talent at a certain a field is sent to a different state for interaction and knowledge exchange between schools.

So As we all know Gauri Sehgal, the captain of drama club & cheerleading along with Kritika Kamra [LoL'Couldn't find a name :P] The gem of delhi high have left for Calcutta yesterday. Similarly we have students from Calcutta too. And from the best school of Calcutta. St Xaviers Academy. And we have the best students from there. We expect you to behave in your best and give them a wonderful environment.

And I am sure you all are eager to know who they are, isn't it ?

The whole auditorium screamed in unison "YESS!"

The dean chuckled at that and continued with his speech "Okay. First of all a warm welcome to the president of drama team & Dance team. St.Xaviers. The beautiful Shefali Gupta."

A dark toned girl with black jeans and halter with matching heels. She entered the stage with a big smile spread on her face. As she waved her hands to the students the boys couldn't help but stare. The whole hall except Arjun wasn't looking at her. Romit was the one who didn't even blink his eyes.

The staring session was cut by the Dean's Voice "And the other one is quiet a All Rounder. She is the best b'ball player, Member Of Drama Club, Captain of Science Club And The Head Girl Of School. The best in everything. And I wonder why didn't we get to see that talent when we had her. [The Students seemed confused at that ] Ah yeah you heard it right , The Star Of st.Xaviers was A part Of Delhi high. But she wasn't such a great personality here. May be the environment and time changed things. Okay, I guess enough of suspence for now. Its none other than AROHI SHARMA !"

As a girl with perfect slim figure dressed beautifully in cotton sleeveless dress which covered her knees.  Her Curls covered her shoulders and she looked gorgeous. Seeing her the whole audi was gone into a silent and All the jaws were dropped. The Gang had their jaws dropped till their knees. They felt as if they'd got a terrible heart attack. It couln't be Her. Or Could it ? The Assy Aro was actually the perfect all rounder & A Hot Gorgeous Lady ? How Could it be ?
Arohi had a playful smile on her face and had her eyes stuck to a guy amongst them. Yes, it was Arjun. Arjun Punj. The Arjun who didn't blink even once after seeing her her. He Had her eyes glued on her. There was a different glow in his eyes. The Eyes that didn't have that glow in it since a year. The Eyes that didn't speak. The Eyes That Didn't Smile.

The huge Claps Broke the chain of thoughts between them. And the dean helped too with his announcement "Okay students, They are The Stars whom we are going to have for one month. I expect a great support from ya all. And Shefali & Arohi , Welcome to Delhi high girls. Hope you have a nice time here. I assure you that you shall have no less facilities. And hope you learn the best ! And you don't need to worry. We have a perfect volunteering home for you both where you'll get to learn a lot of things and feel like home. Okay so you may all disperse now."

The Girls Nodded with a smile. The students started living with a shocked expression and whispers among themselves. Arjun couldn't take his eyes off Arohi. But a sudden nudge from Romit brought him back to the earth and was about to leave when the Dean called him "Arjun Punj & Romit Singhania, Stay back please."

Arjun had an automatic smile curved in his lips. He didn't know the damn reason himself But he was excited and he knew that. On the same side Romit was in a shock Seeing Arohi and had a small rush towards Shefali. They moved towards The Stage where the only people remaining were The Dean, Arohi And Shefali.

As Arjun got closer to the stage the more he zoomed in Arohi. Whereas Arohi seemed busy talking to the Dean.
By the time the boys reached there they managed to hear Arohi mumbling to Shefali rolling her eyes "God damn, I prefer the dorm rather than that so called home where I nearly died."

The Dean called out the boys "Romit & Arjun. I guess your parents've not told you init ?

The Guys made a confused expression while the Dean laughed on his own. Seeing the shocked look on the students The Dean spoke up "Actually as you know. There's a tradition of Exchange Students Staying Over At A Volunteer Parents home. And this time its your parents. And it was supposed to be a secret and em glad your parents have kept it off well. So Romit Singhania , You Gotta take care of Shefali Gupta. She is gonna be your guest for one month. Take good care of her. And Arjun Punj, You Will be Taking Care Of the heart of Xaviers. Ms. Arohi Sharma And Yes take in note, a single harm to her and The Whole st. Xaviers will be at her service."

All of them nodded at that. Arjun had a smile on his lips With his eys on Arohi whereas Arohi had anger.rage.sadness everything at her eyes. Arjun couldn't read what it all meant but he knew "She was not the same !"

The Dean left saying "Romit & Singhania, show them around. And as you all know Today is a welcome programme for the girls, After showing them around take them to your place and bring them to the hall on time."

After The Dean Left the hall was left in silence. Arohi made the move first "I guess I know every part of this school. After all who wouldn't know when all you had to is run around searching for corners to hide yourself Init Guys ?"

As she rolled her Eyes Romit lowered his gaze while Arjun looked at the floor as if he was looking for a thing.

 Shefali towards the Guys "So...Romit Singhania & Arjun Punj right? Heard a Lot Of You Both. Specially You Arjun Punj. Great Friend You Both've Been. Isn't it Arjun ?"

Arjun said nervously "You know Arohi I've been Sorry !"

Arohi rolled her eyes "Who Cares eh? I have better things to care about. When you are a great student in school, not only popular for b'ball and Flirty nature you've better things to deal about."

Shefali interrupted "Arohi can show me around the skwl. I don't think I'd need any help from heartless creatures. Yes, thanx to The Damn Dean we gotta stay over your place. Could you tell us the route to your home. We shall take taxis!"

Romit was stammering "Arohi..we're sorry !"

Arohi gave a sarcastic smile "Woahh...Look Whose Speaking ? Romit Singhania has a change of mind seeing the ASSY ARO Turn into A Gorgeous girl eh ? Em sure as heck you wouldn't bother to care about my feelings even till this morning. So Just Stop Acting A Crap. I don't give A Shit."

Arjun who had his eyes stuck to the floor interrupted "Shefali & Arohi, since Dean has given us the responsibilities we shall take care of it. Romit will take you home Shefali. Arohi come with Me."



Sorry For the Errors. I wrote it all in a hurry so couldn't bring out a better one. And yesh Once my exams get over after 1.4 weeks i am gonna come up wid a LOONG & Nicely written parts. Em so messd up with exams that i can't use my brain properly to write. Dead

Thats it.

Please COMMENT !
When ii get back to see this thread after exam Your Comments Can Actually encourage meWink
Criticism & Feedback Are Highly Appreciated Embarrassed

Wiith Love 
Awantika Smile

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i'm desperate...awi! update asap :D:D
i cant wait for aru!! :D

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continue soon
waiting for arjun when he sees arohi
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update soon plz...were are aiting desperately...arohi is going to give arjun and the guys a hear attack soon...would love to read their reactions when they see gorgeous arohi instead of assyWink
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I am guessing Aru is representing that school and now she's gorgeous like kritz plz update soon
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i guess and wish it is aru from Xaviers - i hope she is the new changed hot aru -
awantika, great to know that you are updating during such small intervals too - good - pls complete the chapter - cant wait for the same
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great update awi - don't feel bad - you did a very good job - nice update - oh aru is looking gorgeous now - i guessed it right - cant wait for the next update - but i will have to wait for 1.4 weeks more - never mind -

all the best for your exams - do well and come back and update fast
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Kritika kamra,koi nam nehi mila tujhe jo bechari ko use Btw,i luv aru's changing behavious. Its too bold yaar. M luvng it. I thnk arjun is really feelng sorry for her,i want dm to feel luv soon.
I must say it wl gr8 2 read abt when they wl staty undr one roof. Gr8 work swthrt.

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