Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Coz things CHANGE! Note Pg 100 (Page 27)

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Hey Awi (if u dont mind me calling that :) )
the index says part 5 is on pg 26 but I dont find it... have u updated?? if yes...tell me the pg number, if no update soon :)

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Originally posted by deeshu

sweet update...
luv to see that thigs sort out between arjuhi...
i think Arohi return soon and come back with a gorgeous physic...who could attract any one... rather than a fatty doll...

Thanx so much deeshu dear Smile
Well, you'll find out soon. Pretty soon Wink
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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by justprati arun turning into a emotional swt
btw is arohi realy moving out...
m happy dat she's losing weight congratz aru
ur ff is going gr8888888888888888... i wish i cud get daily updates...ugh!!!!!!!!!! i know i sud stop being ur writing is jst so awesome yrrr... m totaly addicted
thnx 4 d update n next chap :)

Hehe, Yesh :)
Erm, Uh , yeah ii guess Shocked
Yesh, loosing weight Big smile
Aww, thanxx sooo muchhh Embarrassed
Hehe, ii wish i cud update daily Tongue
Aw, no prob Big smile
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Originally posted by christmas

honestly. there is something about this story. that just sticks. the writing. the narrating. the characters. just something.

update soon! please

Aww. Em obliged Big smile
Thanxx so freaking much Big smileBig smile
Really means a lot Big smile

Yeah, em updatin todayy Embarrassed
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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Here's the update Smile

Edited by -Awantika- - 17 June 2011 at 4:32am
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 Heya Pepz Smile

Okay em back wid Part 5 !
This one aint something revealing or stuffs about what happens next. Its Arjun's feelings. As evyone was asking about da sudden change in Arjun;s behaviour, i wrote dis part Big smile



Arjun's POV [Flashback in ITALICS ]

One Week. She's left. And it doesn't feel the same without her. I couldn't even make it to her. I needed to clear out things. But Damn, she's gone now. For some strange reason, I don't like this fact. All this years I tortured her. I wish I'd know the pain she's gone through earlier. I wish I'd eavesdrop her self-conversation earlier, a lot earlier. I wish I'd read her song-book with her dad, ermm  her late dad's note earlier. But, damn it had to be this way.

And she did come three days back, to get her transfer certificate !

It was 2 days the school had re opened. Evything was just as evyone remembered it before the summer. Loud, full of chaos, pandemonium and laughter. Unlike normal people who were usually talking to their friends and retelling their summer events, But She. SHE stood  there against the wall, May be hoping to God that nobody would notice that she was there. Her face was visible that she sighed in relief when she heard the bell rang.

Suddenly she got conscious about the loud laughter and footsteps heading her way. And she of course knew , It was US. And I mean ALL of US.

My heart accelerated as she realized who it was and stuck her head in her locker, pretending that she was looking for something and hoping that we would pass me her, thinking she was someone else.

" I know! And I told him that too, but he wouldn't listen!" Said  the sound of Sanchit Aluwahlia's voice.

Everyone burst out laughing at this, like it was the funniest thing in the world.

" So what did you do this summer, Arjun?" he asked me.

"Oh you know, basketball camp, beach, nothing big. What about-"

But i had been cut off by Romit.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is, guys? It's Assy!

She froze, her head still in her locker.

"Oh my gosh, did she try to lose weight." sneered Gauri. After that, she burst into laughter. Her other robots did the same thing.

I watched a hand pull of her shoulder back out of the locker and she looked into the eyes of  Gauri.

"Hmm. Long time, no see, Assy!" Her nails dug into Arohi's arm. Arohi looked into gauri's eyes like This was strangely familiar.

She pulled gauri's shoulder back and shoved her hand off her arm. She tried not going to let them do it again. But They had advanced on her and eventually her back hit the locker. She was cornered. She looked at me wid those soft eyes. I was standing off to the side, looking nervous and glancing down the hall. When see looked at me, damn I hated myself that moment. What would I do ? I was like stuck. It was one of those toughest times I had to go through/

"Ooohh! New skirt Assy?" laughed Rajveer. He tugged at her skirt and she slapped his hand away. By now, her breathing was coming out in fast breaths.

" Oh my god, look at her hair!" yelled Simmy, like she was describing something disgusting. They tugged at her hair and pulled her headband off and threw it to the side. She covered her face with her eyes and tried as best as she could to shove their hands away.

"Guys, come on. Let's go. Seriously." I kept glancing around nervously. I wasn't joining in, but I wasn't exactly jumping to her defense either. I was just letting it all happen.

"Naw. I'm not done talking to our friend Assy here." teased Romit..

He put an arm roughly around her shoulders and dragged her to his side. He pressed his arm tight around her shoulders so that her neck hurt. She pushed against his body and tried to get away. Finally, he shoved her against another guy and from there she went from guy to guy, girl to girl while she desperately tried to get away. Every time she tried, someone caught hery arm and started the awful game once again until they shoved her in front of Me with so much force that she knocked into my body and landed on the floor. Roars of laughter filled the hall as she willed herself not to cry. She looked up at me and may be she saw my eyes look at her with an expression of sorrow and helplessness. She stood up shakily and trembled.

"Aw man, this is gonna be good! What's Arjun gonna do?" they laughed

When they didn't see Me do anything, they became confused.

"Come on, man! Do something! Push her over here, kick her, do something!"

i continued to look at them. She took this brief distraction to escape. She started running down the hall away from them. She didn't stop until n unless someone caught the back of my sweater and slammed her against the wall.

" Leave me alone!" Her words rang out loud and clear.

There was a brief silence when everybody stared at her when they burst into laughter.

"Leave me alone!" mocked the cheerleaders.

When one of them made a move to take her sweater, she hissed violently, "Don't touch me!"

But this brought on another round of laughter which was only interrupted when i said

" Guys, seriously. Let's go. This is stupid."

With more jeers and pokes, she was about to give in when a loud voice rang throughout the crowd.

"What is going on here? You kids are not supposed to be in the hall! Get out! If I catch you in here again, you're all getting detention!" Mrs. Shehgal shouted. Evidently, she missed out on the fact that Arohi was cornered against the wall. With loud groans and 'aww man's' all of us dispersed and made our way down the hall. But not before shoving her at least one more time. She stomped across to her locker and grabbed her bag from off the floor and went into the account office probably to get the certificate work done.

It was 15 mins from that incident. But I was here, at the parking lot, inside my car, leaving my classes. I cudnt stop banging my hand unless I saw her getting out wid an weird face.

I cud say she groaned inside her head when she saw me getting out of my car. As I looked at her nervously she rolled her eyes as if she didn't start running soon she was going to start screaming like a maniac. She ignored my look, started running. I ran next to her. She had a shocked look wid a clearly visible question " What did he care about what happened today?"

She remained composed on the outside and continued ignoring me.

i cleared my throat and said, "Look, about today-" i began. But she cut me off before i could continue.

"Forget about it. It doesn't matter." But the tone in her voice made it clear to me that it did matter. At least to her. And that she wasn't going to forget about it.

"I didn't- It's just that- I would have said something if-"

" It's not like I expected you to defend me just because you almost drowned me this summer." She snapped. She lengthened her stride and sped up. But i did the same and i wasn't breaking a sweat.

"It's not like that! Would you- would you stop! I'm trying to tell you something but you're distracting me with your running!"

"Oh IM sorry!" She said sarcastically, "I didn't know YOU wanted to talk to me! My mistake!" She made a move to keep running but i grabbed her arm and pulled her back so she was facing me. She made a move to sidestep me and keep running but almost as if i was reading her mind, i said,

"I'll only pull you back again."

With a huff, she crossed her arms and looked up at me defiantly.

"What Arjun?" She asked sharply. "Bullying me wasn't enough today? Here to tell me something else?" She jabbed at me.

" I wasn't bullying you! I even told them to stop! You heard me!"

"No, all I heard was you saying a few WEAK words that made no difference in the incident and continue watching from the sidelines! That was NOT defending! You let it happen! It's just as bad!"

"No it isn't! You don't understand! You- You don't know how people see me at that school!" i yelled with frustration in my voice.

"Oh I get it now. It's all about your "image." Can't be seen defending a nerd, can you?"

I guess she noticed my eyes darkened and she watched me as they flashed dangerously. She stepped back, afraid as if i was going to harm her.

Something in her face gave away the fact that she was afraid of me and the step back just made it worse.

"What? You think I'm going to hurt you?" i said mockingly

"Well, it wouldn't be a first, would it?" She snapped.

"Look Arjun, I'm not asking for you to defend me. I'm not even expecting it. I can take care of myself! And I don't need you to apologize for your behavior or much less, your friends! I'm fine on my own! I always have been!"

"Oh yeah! I could see that! Because cowering away in fright is the first act of bravery and independence!" i jeered.

" I don't need your help!"

" I never said I was going to help you!"

" Then why are you talking to me?" She asked, half exasperated and half yelling.

" Here! It's your headband! You left it on the ground. I was just trying to be a nice and give it back to you!" i thrust it in her hand.

"I don't need you to be nice!" She shot back.

" Hey! Calm down! Don't take your anger out on me! It's not my fault you got your ass kicked!"

" I never said it was! And I did NOT get my ass kicked!"

I snorted in disbelief. "Sure you didn't! Why can't you just be a normal person and say 'thank you?'"

She scoffed. " Thank you? For what? Just because you did one random act of kindness doesn't mean you're a good person! You're the same! You dumb jocks are all the same! You do one nice thing and expect everyone to bow down at your feet like your some kind of giving god!"

My brown eyes darkened another shade. "You don't know anything, Aarohi." i muttered dangerously

"I know enough, Arjun! And anyway why do you need to care ? I just came here to get my cetificates. And now, I am leaving. Leaving Far Away. And, you don't need to do this kind behavior, or ruin your image for me. This will be the last time you'll ever see me. So, just cut it off n let it GO !" And with scream of frustration and anger, she stomped back to the road.

And she Left. Like she said She Left Far Away.. I still remember the way she left. I didn't even get to say a GOOD-BYE! Okay, she's gone. But why do I feel so helpless ? Just coz I know about the pain she's gotten through , why did I feel a sudden sting towards her ?Why did I feel bad hearing da conversation between her mom and her ? Why did I feel bad when I came to know her mom was so cold hearted towards her ? Why do I keep remembering about the few encounters wid her ? I used to bully her, Hate her, right ? Ahh, not really. Damn, the bullying stuff was a part of the... Arghh, but she'd neva understand. Why does her shy smiles keep flashing onto my mind ? I never hated her, Did I ? I had a reason to bully. Even though I did it all bad wid her, Even though she was known as this fat nerd, she still had those breath taking smile right ? She still had those sparkling eyes wid immense pain right ? I always had a smile over my face when I saw this girl right ?

But, Now its All WRONG !

Uh, Yeah. But maybe now nothing's gonna make this right again. She's Gone NOW ! But, she doesn't know she's taken a part of me with her.


Okay. This is it Smile

Lemme Kno Bout' Your Opinions 'Kay ? Embarrassed
Appreciation & Criticism Both Accepted Big smile
Next update's gonna be rather longer and Revealing One Wink

Take Care Smile

Awantika Smile

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-sia- Goldie

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aww...thank u so much for the update...gonna read it right away :) :)
-sia- Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2011 at 5:19am | IP Logged
hey...this part was also great!! So finally Arjun did see all the +ve things n Aru...her!! Arjun's quite changing!!
Thanks hun for the update n PM :) Cont soon :)

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