Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF-Coz things CHANGE! Note Pg 100

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Yo people :)
Guess, Who's here ?
Yes its Awantika ;)
Rather say Awii or Sumii =]

Err, ii've got gud news !
Good News  My mom's fine n em on 3 months vac :D:D
So ii will be updatin my both ff's on alternate days. And And to add up em startin a brand NEW rite here ;)
And its Called "Coz Things CHANGE !"

I wrote it on next blog.
But then em changing the plot. First few chappy shall be same but em changing the further track from my original one Smile
My original one is based on Disney Show. But this one is based on Arjuhi. The basic few chappys remain similar but after first few its totally different. Big smile

Okay Okay, sum ov you may love it :D
And ii will appreciate it.
And some ov you may not prefer it , init ?
Nvm, Criticism is aceepted as well !

*Goss, ii speak much. So Zippin it up !
Here it GOES ! *Phew :P


Arohi sharma is overweight. Ever since her dad died, she's been in a deep depression. Not only that, but she is bullied by Arjun Punj and his crew. This summer, she takes a vow to 'break through' her depression and lose weight.



I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock beeping noisily. With a tired groan, I rolled over in my bed and put my pillow over my head. I didn't want to leave my comfortable bed. I waited a few more minutes until I sighed and pulled myself out of bed. I padded down the stairs and surveyed the empty house. I let out a long sigh. My mom was at work... as always. Big surprise there! With slow, laborious steps, I completed my usual morning routine and got ready to go to the hell hole that I called "school".

Once out the door, I waddled down the sidewalk as quickly as possible trying to avoid him and his friends. I shuddered. I couldn't even think of him without shuddering. How pathetic is that? After a few moments of looking over my shoulder and crossing my fingers for no run ins or mishaps with him or his friends, I relaxed. Woohoo! I'm successfully out the door and on my way to school without any problems! Good job, Aru! Phase one: complete! What? I had the right to relax!

I bet you're wondering why I would have the need to look over my shoulder in fear. Or worse, thinking that it's completely dorky for a sixteen year old girl to have "phases" that need completing on a regular, boring school day. But you see, I'm not a "normal" sixteen year old. Normal. I'm not even remotely close to that word. I'm the fat one. The unwanted one. The nobody. I'm Arohi Sharma.

I took the time I had alone to ponder my miserable, pathetic life. I had, besides my mom, no one. No one to call a friend or even an acquaintance. I am a no one. And no, I'm not one of those melodramatic teenagers that whine and mope about their "boring, miserable, horrible" life. This is the real deal for me.

And as for them, that's better left unsaid until I encounter them. Which is inevitable. For me at least.

Oh look! Here we are! Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Delhi High school. Or, more bluntly put, my hell hole! How's that for an introduction? Okay, here we go again. I hope that I would at least last the first four periods without running into them and getting picked on. But who was I kidding? I have bad luck. Nothing good ever happens to me. Nothing since... my dad... Never mind that. I can't spend time thinking about that. With one last glance at the building, I trudged up the steps and entered the school. I better start praying.

Surprisingly, the day has been good... so far. Of course I had the usual laughs and mockery from other students, but I haven't encountered my real problem: them. Oh no. Not even close.

Oh look! The bell rang. Fourth period is now officially over! Which means one thing: lunch time. I started walking towards the cafeteria right away. Because, well, come on! It's lunch time! I'm starving! Not to mention the fact that the lines will continue growing if I take my sweet 'ole time getting here. The lunch line was pretty empty. So I happily made my way to the lunch line and surveyed the many lunch choices. Oooh! Deli sandwiches!

I suddenly heard obnoxious laughter behind me and I cringed. I knew that sound. It was them. There goes my simple bliss. I told you nothing good ever happens to me. Or should I say, lucky?

I weighed my options. I could just stand here and hope they don't see me... or I could just jump out of line now to avoid this mess. I think I'm leaning towards the latter. Ugh! But the line is going to be so long by then! Decisions, decisions...

As I was trying to make my choice, I heard a voice, his voice to be exact. The worst one of them all, The Arjun Punj. Let me explain more. Arjun Punj. How do I describe Arjun Punj... Hmmm... Well he. Is. A. Jackass. I'm not saying that to be mean. He really is. He's the basketball captain, which in this school, automatically means that he's "God". He rules the school. Or you could just call him a big, fat bully. Because that's what he is essentially. Plus, not to mention the fact that he has an ever growing fan club of teenage girls. I mean, yeah, I guess he's cute. But he's an ass. Yes, I'm very biased. Let me take a few moments to describe his looks, because evidently, all I've been doing is describing his horrible character. He's about 5' 9"or so. With a shaggy mop of black chestnut hair and impossibly deep brown cerulean eyes. Oh. And he's very muscular. Complete with a set of six packs. Not that I've looked or anything. Those are just things you notice. Or hear about I guess. The whole school revolves around Arjun's life so you're bound to hear everything about him. O.K. Back to the subject.

"Well, well, well, what's Assy Aro getting today?"

Assy Aro. My nickname. I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that. Be strong, Aru. Be strong.

" Whatever you get though, make sure you leave enough for the rest of the school!" He cruelly joked.

You're fine Aru. You're fine. Just go on and get your lunch. What? I'm trying to reassure myself here! But it's not... exactly... working. I stepped up to the line and didn't think twice once I saw the red plastic tray. I grabbed one and started piling food on there. Cupcakes, sandwiches, a burger, hotdogs, jello, soda, slushies, chili cheese fries... It was merely habit. My mouth watered at the sight of the food.

" Woah, woah, woah Sharma! What did I say? You need to leave enough food for everyone." The rest of the jocks laughed. Stupid Arjun. I hate him.

I froze and took my hand off the cookie I was about to put on my tray. I swallowed loudly and went up to the cashier ready to pay for my lunch. I already know I have a problem. He doesn't have to point it out. Just as I was about to leave, after hearing all those horrible comments that I chose not to respond to (because that's how big of a person I am) a foot, Arjun punj's to be exact, tripped me. All I saw was the white tiled floor rush up to my face. I fell down and hit the floor.

"KABOOM!" shouted the basketball team once I hit the floor. Jerks. I hate you all.

Well, it only gets worse. Food went flying everywhere. Chili cheese fries were all over my clothes and hair, the soda had exploded from the hard impact of the floor and sprayed me and some innocent bystanders as well. I was a mess. The whole school was laughing. Okay, well not the whole school, but everyone in the cafeteria. The Juniors.

'Be strong, Aru, Be strong.' I chanted in my head. 'Don't cry.'

I got on my knees and pushed off the floor with my hands. But I slipped on a puddle of soda and I went crashing down again. The fat on my arms and legs jiggled. Why, of all days, did I decide to wear shorts? Oh yeah, because my mom forgot to wash my other jeans. Thanks mom! Insert sarcasm here.

Well, that only made the rest of the school lose control and roar with endless laughter. I couldn't take this anymore so I ran as fast as I could from the cafeteria and up to my safe haven, the rooftop garden. It's my place. Well, technically still the schools but no one knows it exists. I found it one day when I was looking in at the Science club. It's up on the roof and there are bunches of plants and flowers. It's very beautiful. It's a place where I can think. Or in this case, have a good cry.

Hot tears spilled from my eyes, as much as I tried to stop them. I gave a shudder and stopped trying to stop my tears. I cried and cried. Why couldn't they just leave me alone? I did nothing wrong. All I did was transfer to East High during the middle of the year. How is it my fault that my mom's company decided to transfer her again ( for the fourth time) which caused us to move to a new town, a new house, and a new school (for the fourth time) again? Oh wait! I know the answer! Just because I'm overweight. Just because I'm different than the pencil thin cheerleaders makes me an instant, easy target for the rest of the school. Most importantly, the jocks. My bullies. Arjun Punj isn't the only one making my life miserable. Sanchit Aluwahlia, Romit Singhania, Rajveer Singh and countless others seemed to want to go out of their way to personally humiliate me.

I hugged my chunky legs to my chest. I wanted to go back to Mumbai where I at least had a friend, even if she wasn't the greatest. I have never really fit in. At my last schoolpeople made fun of me, but not physically abused me like here. At Delhi High, I'm a complete outsider. It's almost the end of the year and no one has stepped forward and wanted to be my friend and it hurts me, deep inside.

Why? Why me? After heaving out my last sigh, I laid down on my back and shuddered. I was surprised when I saw that the sun was setting. I must have been up here crying for hours, but when you're miserable, you don't notice anything. I focused my chubby face on the setting sun. And I did what I do all the time when I'm lonely. I talked to my dad. Even though his star wasn't out, I still felt the need to talk to him.

"Hey Dad. It's me again. I miss you so much. I think about you everyday. And it's hard being here without you. It's hard. I'm not going to lie. Things have been... terrible for me. And I need some advice. I need help dad. I-I wish that I belonged... someplace. Sometimes I wanna be someplace where nothing can hurt me and nothing can go wrong... A place where no one can hurt you, but I can't find it, dad. I need help. I need a friend..." And embarrassingly enough, my voice cracked . I heard a shuffling sound by the door and I whipped around to see who was eavesdropping. But all I saw was a mop of shaggy black hair and the end of a Delhi High letterman jacket before it flicked away. Great. Someone saw Assy talking to herself. I wonder how many minutes it'll take to get around to the whole school.

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! The last day. The last day of school. What a relief! I've been waiting the whole year for this day to come and it's here! After this, no more bullying, laughing, or abuse. I'm free to be my own person. To be the real Aru. Well, until the next year at least. I'm free to sing and dance and just read and relax. Summer. It has always brought a promise in the wind. A promise of a new year. For the first time in a long while, I smiled into the mirror. Nothing on this day could bring me down. Nothing.

As I walked through the doors at Delhi High, I ignored the snickers and glares. I let them roll off my back. I was better than that! I held my head up high.

"Who does that fat nerd think she is?" I heard someone call out. Well "Good Morning" to you too.

'Be strong Aru, Be strong. Just walk away.'

When I saw them walk down the hall, I averted my eyes. I felt brave today, but not that brave. I mean, I don't want to get killed! I scrunched down hoping that they wouldn't notice me. But of course, nothing goes easy with me.

"Hey Assy Aro!" Sanchit called towards me.

Sanchit. How do I describe him? For starters, he's Arjun's best friend. Or best idiot. Either one works. I guess it's his "signature look" or whatever he calls it.

"Isn't it time for your minute snack?" I cringed but kept on walking.

Well, some stupid person, obviously thinking that they were better than me, (which is probably true) shoved me across the hall and being heavy, I lost my balance and barreled into none other than Arjun Punj. Oh. My. God. I'm going to get the humiliation of my lifetime.


I heard him lose his breath when I slammed into him which ended up with his back smashed against the wall. My breath hitched when his arms instinctively wrapped around my waist trying to balance me and himself. Okay, I know that I hate him, but no guy has ever put his arms around my waist. I locked eyes into his deep cerulean eyes for a moment. Holy... have you ever noticed how brown his eyes are? They're like, never ending pools of brown. I kept staring into his eyes like an idiot. And for a second, I thought I saw confusion written in them. But it was quickly squashed when he shuffled me to the side, with his hands still in place, and called out:

"Watch where you're going Assy! Your fat almost swallowed me alive!" Geez, and I thought we were actually having a moment there. At least he didn't push me. Maybe it was going to be an okay day after all...

It was the end of fourth period and lunchtime! Today was a pretty good day for me. Sure, I got the usual dirty looks and snickers but I wasn't shoved or physically abused... well, except for this morning. But that doesn't count since it was before school anyways. I waddled my way down the hall and towards my locker. The halls were empty because everyone was at , duh! Just the way I liked it. No one to bully or harass me! Joy!

I hummed a happy tune while I was transferring my books into my bag when I suddenly felt sharp nails dig into my shoulder. I was slammed against my locker and looked up wearily at my attacker. Gauri sachdev... head cheerleader and head bitch of the school. I cringed and instantly became nervous and afraid.

Give me few moments to describe... Gauri Sachdev. Well, other than being the usual bitch that she is, she's one of those platinum blonde cheerleaders with the big boobs and tiny skirts that guys seem to go for. I don't know why, though. They look so fake. But I don't think they realize that.

"Well hey, Assy Aro! How's it going?" she replied in a fake sugar sweet voice.

This is where blondie decided to dig her long, manicured fingernails in my shoulder again. Oh, the pain.

"Answer me!" she yelled. Sheesh. You don't have to be so rude.

"W-w-what do you want?" I trembled. I hate the fact that I trembled but what was I supposed to do? She scares me to death!

" Y-y-your fat flabby face to die! You fat bitch!"

The cheerleaders howled with laughter. Somehow, I fail to see the amusement of this situation.

The horrible nails dug deeper and deeper into my shoulder. I whimpered in pain.

"What a baby! That doesn't even hurt! But this should!"

As she said those words, I felt a fist punch my chunky stomach hard. I cried out in pain. I mean, I know she doesn't look like much, but she can punch hard.. I sunk to the floor as I rolled over onto my stomach. I had tears in my eyes from the pain. The stupid cheerleaders kicked my stomach, legs, face, and head with their pointy high heels. I just lay there, motionless. Sometimes it's just easier not to respond. To Wait for the pain to end, try to find my happy place. The place where I was with my dad. Just me and my dad. I could see rather than feel the cheerleaders beating me... for now. And I knew there would be pain later. A lot of it. I replayed memories of just me and my dad hanging out. When suddenly, I heard more footsteps coming down the hall.

Don't tell me that there's more cheerleaders heading this way, because I don't know if I can take anymore. And would you imagine my surprise when I saw Arjun Singhania walking down and smirking at Gauri. Well, it's not much of a surprise. He's always around a pair of skanks.

" Hey Gauri! What's u- What are you doing?" his usually cocky voice was softer today.

"Oh, you know the usual, just beating up Assy for you! Only for you Arjun." Her voice turned into a seductive whisper. Oh please! As if she could be seductive! She's not even that pretty! She's... fake.

But it seemed that Arjun wasn't concerned about that. He was too busy staring into the circle of cheerleaders. The center. Me. And I would be lying if I said his brown eyes didn't unnerve me.

"Um... that's fine. Let's go somewhere else. Come on."

He cocked his head to the side, wanting them to follow. And these actions surprised me, big time. Usually he would be the one egging the cheerleaders on. I looked into his eyes again. I was even more surprised that they were staring straight at me this time. Straight at me. I mean, it's Arjun Punj staring, not glaring at Assy. They seemed to hold even more confusion than earlier this morning.

"Oh, it will only take a second!" Gauri said with a chipper voice.

"N-no, it's fine! Let's go. I'm hungry." He said as he tried to steer her out.

"That will be fine once- I- teach- this- nerd- a lesson!" she said in between kicks.

"Seriously Gauri! Let's go now! I'm hungry!" Stacey was taken aback at his sharp words spoken towards her. Usually he used his sexy seductive voice with her.

"Fine... geez. Hold on!" She waved the other girls over.

"Come on Girls!"

Each girl gave me a passing kick as they walked by.

Meanwhile, I was utterly confused. I had no idea why Arjun Punj  would pass up watching me get beat up by the Queen Bitch. As I struggled to get up, I saw Arjun look over his shoulder at me. His eyes seemed like they were seeing right through me. But this time when he was looking at me, it wasn't disgust or mockery. It was more of a blank, empty look. Weird.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... SUMMER! I am so happy. The last bell of the year has rung! At last this horrific year from hell was over! Gone! Done for good! Junior year is in the past now! Nothing can ruin the rest of my day. I walked jauntily down the steps and out of Delhi High's front doors. I looked up at the school. Hopefully this would be the last moments that I saw this school. Most likely, at least. My mom transferred so many times in the past seven years that it was most probable that I would be living in another state for the next year.

As I walked home, all I was thinking about was what I would be doing this summer. I was planning on reading, soaking up sunshine, singing, dancing, and going swimming. Ahhh, what bliss.

" Mom! I'm home! AND IT'S SUMMER! THANK GOD!"

"Oh! Oh, that would just be wonderful! Thank you for inviting us! Thank you! Ok! I'll see you then! Bye-bye!" Who was she talking to?

"What was that you were saying, mijita?"

" IT'S SUMMER!" I shouted again. "I am SO happy! I'm ready to get out of this stupid town!"

My mother stared at me with what I knew to be a sympathetic smile.

"Mi amor, it wasn't that bad! You had friends!"

" Yeah, sure..." I scoffed

My mom was constantly working. So, I didn't really get a chance to talk to my mom about the horrific things that I had to endure at school. She knew that I was picked on but not fully to the extent that I was getting physically abused. It bothered me immensely. It seemed like all my mom had time for was her work. Whenever I tried to talk to her about it, she always made an excuse that she was tired or that she had to make dinner. She was never around much. So I was lonely most of the time.

" I've got something that will cheer you up! We're going to an end of the year barbeque!" my mom said cheerily

"Whose?" I was suspicious as I grabbed an apple from the fridge. Wait... it couldn't be them... could it?

"They live right next door! You know them! The Punj's!"

I dropped the apple I was eating as my heart pounded. Holy shitaki mushrooms! Of course I knew that Naina Punj and my mom had become good friends, but not enough to invite us over to a party! My head pounded at the thought of seeing Arjun when I didn't have to. What was I going to do?

" And they're inviting a lot of the kids from Delhi High too! So you'll get to see your friends!" Yeah, all the bullies from Delhi High. Maybe I could just pretend I was sick. Like, the... the flu! No, a cold. A headache!

Aru ? Aru! Are you listening to me?"


I was snapped back into reality when I saw my mom with her arms crossed and looking at me with an amused expression.

"I swear, you are just like your dad was! Always spacing ou- um.. I mean so you'll have to get ready soon. It starts at 5:00!"

I froze. She said was. I hated that past tense verb. Because then it made it seem like he wasn't there anymore. Like he was just unimportant. Our conversation always got awkward when either of us mentioned dad. And I hated it.

"Um... actually mom, I'm feeling kinda sick. My, uh, head hurts and I don't think it's a good idea for me to be at a crazy party like that."

"Nonsense! It'll be fun! Let your last day of school go off with a bang! Don't you wanna have a chance to say goodbye to your friends before you never see them again?"

"No really, mom. I think I'm kinda getting a headache now and.. it- it's just not a good idea!"

My mom seemed to sense the lie. You know when they just seem to have that "spidey sense" when they know you're lying. Or would it be "mommy sense?" Wow. I am such a dork.

" You'll be fine. Just run on up. I laid your best clothes on your bed."

I sighed as there was no point in arguing. Once my mom set her mind to something, there was nothing I could do. I trudged up the stairs I looked at the clothes on my bed. It was a white sun dress that would have looked beautiful... if someone else was wearing it. It would look absolutely ridiculous on my enormous body. I mean, come on! Only girls who had an hour glass figure could look good in this! I slipped the dress on anyways and brushed my curly, black locks. That was about the only thing that I liked about myself. My hair. I loved my curls. I knew where I got them from my dad. I smiled into the mirror. My teeth were perfectly white and straight. Years of braces had done the job. Well, years of looking like an idiot. Anyways, I decided that I looked nice... enough. I decided to put on a little bit of lip gloss to appeal to my outfit.

"Aru! It's time to go!" My mom shouted.

I slipped on my white flats and headed out the door. There was only one thing that could sum up this night: disaster. And I wasn't far from right.


Ok! That's it! Did I do good? REVIEW!

Comment Please ?


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Okay If You Want The Pm lemme know. And you'll find your name Rite here ;)

1. vrshn
2. Karnika4ever
3. KMHfan4ever
4. channi_star
5. taanu4eva
6. shritti
7. vibhaparkar
8. meepha
9. kmh2angel
12. soni4eva
13. arta
14. arpana4karanika
15. ..anshita..
16. MsFuzzybear69
17. Anupa28
18. idunno
19. sp666
20. Ruky07
21. sweet_angel27
22. Shilpa.Arjuhiii
23. angelina285
24. sezo
25. brainychild92
26. justprati
27. -Nahi-
28. karan.kritzkmh
29. cherry227
30. ...Nistha...
31. Shining.Shadow
32. shane1


-Part 1 - page 1 
-Part 2 - page 13
-Part 3 - page 19
-Part 4 - page 23
-Part 5 - page 28
-Part 6 - Page 39
-Part 7 - Page 47
-Part 8 - Page 57
-Part 9 - Page 66
-Part 10 - Page 76
-Part 11 - Page 89

Hugs n Love <3

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add me to your pm list!! reminded me a lot of HSM!!
why did you hve to make arohi over weight yar?? Disapprove
tell me one thing... when will she get out her shell??will she lose weight over the summer?
 can't wait for next chappy! Smile

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Plz make my arohi thin n beautiful. I wantd 2 slap dat gauri seriously. I knw hws it feel when evry1 tease abt sm1 body structure. Plz update soon.

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kritz4ever IF-Rockerz

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add me to ur list its different frm others i feel its intresting

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silverleaves Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Pm please!

very different and interesting start!
Please make arohi lose weight over the summer!

Look forward to your next update,which I hope is very very soon!

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channi_star Goldie

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nicee!! sumfin diffrnt!!  :)
add me 2 ur pm list!! 
Anupa28 Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 5:14am | IP Logged
lovely lovely true to some ppl lives..there is nothing wrong to be fat but fat ppl do get bullied a lot...i cried to see her pain...hope she looses her wt and give a punch back to Gauri...

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