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Charu'sCreative World-*C* Updt Pg105 Rishta.com, EBI, IPK 2, etc (Page 25)

Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RougeDreams-

Charu babe<3333333 it's hot!!!!
Really!!! Tongue Thanx sooo much Tashu dear!!! Hug

Originally posted by Chiinnu

wow @!!!!!
love it !!!!
keep them coming...
Thanx a ton Chinnu!!! Hug  that one is my fav too!! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Fantasies

lovely work... me using suraj thapar sigWink
thanx sweety!!!! Embarrassed wowww!!! really using that sig!! thanx so much!!! Hug  Maharaj dhananad prasann honge devi Priye!!! Wink Tirkit dhaa!!! LOL

Edited by Charu21 - 08 July 2011 at 10:52pm

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nabi.ARti

Finally Charu after such a long time. I know yaar!!!! D'oh LOL mere toh char baal bhi white ho gaye!!!!! Ermm  ROFL
Missed u so much..Hug  me too!!!!! Big smile HugHugHugHug

Coming to the update: Yeahhh aa jao!!!! Tongue
Wow i just love this new banner..Approve Heyy thanxxx!!!! Smile if u want something like that naa, do let me know... Embarrassed
All the requests came out so so well...Clap Clap really!!! mogambi khush hui!!!! LOL
I simply love mine..Heart Thanx u my avi star!!!! Big smile
The two diff colors mind blowing..Thumbs Up hehee!! thanx once again!!! Tongue

The freebies:
An Abhiya from u its  been ages now.. Love it..Clap  i knowww!!! longgg time naa!!! Shocked is baar 6 baal white ho gaye!!! lol!!! ROFL thanx re!!!! 

Wait wait wat do i see SK..Shocked  Omg im dead..Silly Blushing  
He's looking yummy..Blushing Day Dreaming
Love it to core..Clap Clap me too dead!!! hayeee his style is just out of this world yar!!! every single move he makes is just hawttt!!! Blushing

Amazing siggies on CGM also..Clap Thanx re!!! those are really close to my heart!! specially my little kidoo Rushi... Approve
Wow the Bebo one looks so beautiful..Thumbs Up Thanx once again!!! Big smile

Birthday siggies terrific..Clap Clap aahaa!!!! kya karein!! bday boys are terrific as well!!!! Wink

Awesome Avis &Icons yaar..Clap Clap Thanx sooo much!!!! Embarrassed

Radzy's surprise: omg animated one.. Radzy i envy u..Tongue Wink heheehee!!! i made it like ages before!!! Goshhh!! Confused it was sooo damn difficult to keep that as a secret!!! LOL thanx sweetz!! Tongue areyy no worries!!! aapka number bhi ayega baba!!! Wink

Charu these banners are terrific...Clap Clap heheee!!!! Hug
And we all know who's the best..Wink lol!!! ahaa!!!! Wink thanx yaar!!!!! LOL Wink

Fabulous update my siggy..Star Clap Thumbs Up thanx a ton my avi Star
Waiting for more...Approve ahaa!! sabar!!!! ROFL

PS: How r u feeling now? me much better now yaar!!! HugHugHug

Love yaa sooo  much!!!   HugHugHug

Edited by Charu21 - 08 July 2011 at 11:04pm

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..fari..

eee     ooo aaa ouccchhh - Iodex laga!!!!!! ROFLROFLROFL
this time not saying to net lolLOL mujhe laga hi tha!!! Wink LOL yeah E97 ke liye nahi Charu21 ke liye tha!!!! ROFLROFL
after ages charu updated thats why sayinggg LOL i knowww!!! after longgg naa!!! plz give me my stick beta!!!! Wink LOL
welcome back thanxxx!!!! Big smile
miissshhheeddd u so much me too three four!!!! LOL
hows u feeling now much better!!!! Embarrassed u have that effect on us!!! Tongue

lol this one is res because i have not seen all siggies,avis,icon and banners 
will un reserve it soonnn
nabz dont throw stones at me i m coming to unres ur postLOL lol!! hailaaa!!! D'oh mene bhi abhi thoda unres karna baaki hai!!! just now got one stone from Nabz!!!!  ROFLROFL

--Edited-- Thanx!! i believe in non violence!!! khali pili stones throw karne parte!!!  ROFLROFL

first of all a huge welcome back Fir se!!! Shocked ab aur kitna aau??? Tongue
missshhheeeddd u so much me too!!!!  Embarrassed
hugs to u to u too!! Big smile

@radzzz radz m not gonna ur post bigger than meEvil Smile
no larai at charu shop as no danga fasadLOL hahaaa!! thanx for this settlement haan!!!! LOL warna mujhe naya rule banana parta!!!! Wink

@nabzzz hmmm good girl pehlay hi small post send ki
no muqabla with u *phewww* i love nabzy!!!! Tongue

now charu ur turn Ermm ROFL

first of all
congrats on 3rd update
such a great update and lovelyHeart Thanx sooo much!!! Hug

the requests
nabi wali wax juxt awexome really loved thatHeart
rati pandey looking gorgeous
and doble effects are too goodHeart
really luved it Heart Heart Heart  ahaa... thanx re!!! Hug i loved working on her request!!! Embarrassed

hhhmm radz my twini KaSh xiggie ahaa!!! kyaa scenes deti hai Radz as her requests!!!! Wink LOL bachi bigad gayi!!!! LOL
yaar u r great siggie maker Thanx sooo much!!! *blushing* Embarrassed
great Heart Heart
again double effect VHeart Heart again thanxxx!!!! Big smile

ahem ahem charuuu chup kar!!!! LOL
turn for SUM one u made it really awwwHeart Thanxxx!!! Hug

now turn for Freebies - kaha turn karun?? left or right?? lol!!!! LOL

my xweet hearttt
itx realllyyy awexummm 
haila me drooling over it Thanx sooo much yaar!!! after ages i made a siggy on AbhIya!!!! Big smile
going to faitt Heart Heart areyyy paani dalo koi!!!! Embarrassed

Sid - the vampireee  "My" hero!!!! Embarrassed BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
aww u really define style
gorgeoux xiggie thanx a ton!!!! Big smile
and itx ur signature too lovelyy Heart yeahhh!!!! i wish i could keep that permanently!!! BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
ap k fav mere favHeart ahaa... thanxxx!!!! Embarrassed

nxt CGM
xiggies are juxt awww thanxxx!!! Smile
but dunno know about it yeahh i know dear.. Embarrassed

Kareena kapoor 
i personally dont like her me too!! ROFL
but in ur xiggie she looking too beautiful 
lovely siggie thanx sweetheart!!!! Hug

now birthday one
vivi's birthdayy aaawww
day dreaminggg'
too good yaar
my chandu chandu lol...Heart  Heart
missed his b'day so sad 
but xiggie drroling over that thanx yaar!! areyy me too made only siggy!!! AT par koi bhi celebration nahi kiya tha!!!! LOL aapke bina sab sun saan hai waha!!! Embarrassed

suraj ji is also great thanx yaar!!! Big smile
again dunno know him yeahh dear i know.. he is also an important part of CGM only!!! negative character but amazingly played!!! Embarrassed 

CGM avis
greattt Thanxxx!!! Approve


CGM are lovely 
Abhiya icon are jxt Heart Heart Heart Heart
me droolinggg droooling
lol pagal kar de gi kia?
drooling Thanx again my sweetheart!!! Big smile

oye Jiya no way
icon theek hy ye wala busLOL hahaa!! areyy for me too yar!!! JiYa!! no way!!! lol!! just thought to make one icon sooo... LOL

rajat tokas great abeyyy!! woh rajat nahi!!! siddhant Karnick hai!! Embarrassed

yaar tere liye se bhi siggie bana na Ohhh!! sure haan!! i'll sure make those!! Big smile

ahem ahem ahem 
the Surpriseee
hhhmmm i m jealoused...lol
itx juxt beyond awexome
really loved it Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
itxxx greattt
sab se achi siggie plus avi Heart Heart
lovelyy hehee!! thanx yaar!! Embarrassed areyyy u might get one for urself too!! u never know!!! Tongue

yaar mukti bandhan wala cute hy yaar thank u ji!!! Tongue

i saw this serial interesting tha but phir main chali gayii
but its good
and your banner also great   areyy me too saw the show initially but then coz of examz couldn't watch it n then Kabir's (Day Dreaming) character was ruined for me so stopped watching that!!! LOL saw few of ending episodes only!! 

now request turn
my request is jxt take care of yourself Heart hehee!! sooo sweet!! kya request haii!!! Big smile

@radz i pray u get well soon
luv ya 
take careHeart Heart ahaa!! itne ache friends pray kare toh get well soon toh hona hi haii!! Embarrassed

hhhmmm charruuu nice and lovely update with a huge dhmaka luved it Heart Heart Heart 
after long timeee
lol wanna a siggie of ur paintersss 
jinhon ne itni dairrr tum ko hum se door rakha Tongue hahaaa!! can't stop laughing now!! u r too much Fari!!!! ROFLROFLROFLROFL bas TaNu ki sig bana lu fir painters ki hi bari hai!! lol!!! LOL aapki ichcha sar ankho par!!!! Tongue LOL

lol waitingg for next dhmaka

i added bongiyaaannn juxt to make my post bigger than radzzz
so bardaasht karoooLOL lol!! tum dono bhi naa!!!! ROFL 

P.S yaar itnay hearts phainkay k meri heart beat kaam ho gai hy
dhhhaaakkk                                               dddhhhaaakkk    
       dddhhhaaakkk        dddhhhaaakkk         dddhhhaaakkk
daikho mera heart kitna slow chal raha hyOuch
hehehee!!! i know!! aapka dil hamare paas hai!!!! Embarrassed thanx sweety!!! Big smile

Baki kaa i ll edit later!! lol!!!! LOL Thanx haan!!!! Big smile
------ Edited -----------

*phewww* finally i'm done wid my reply!!! Ermm LOL

Edited by Charu21 - 12 July 2011 at 3:21am

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
I'll reply u guys later haan!! thanx a ton for ur lovely comments... means a lot... 
love yaa all!!! Hug

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-Swetha- IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 January 2010
Posts: 50229

Posted: 11 July 2011 at 8:04am | IP Logged
welcome back CharuEmbarrassed... oops Rucha dearEmbarrassedHug
awesome update by u dearClap
i loved all of themEmbarrassed... ur siggies, avi's and freebie's of all the things that u madeDay Dreaming

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 12 July 2011 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by BhartiKhushi909

yaar wat an awesome upd 
it took my heart away 
seriously i love CGM sigz , avis n icons so much n yes abhiya icons were lovely ...n banners that kismat one, its awesome
heyy yaa Khushi Hug thanx sooo much sweety!!! Big smile wid each passing day i m falling in love wid CGM more n more so couldn't resist to make something on that.. Embarrassed 
thanx again dearoo... means a lot... love yaa... Hug

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 12 July 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Honeybee-

Heyyy CharuHug
Hope u r fine now. Finally the update. Im happy for ur 3rd update.
Heyy Honey!! Embarrassed yeahh me doing absolutely fine now dear!! thanx.. Big smile
I loved all CGM siggys & avis. Guess what I voted for this particular banner on Kismat forum which later on was shifted to DT forum. I m happy that I voted before it was moved. Sorry I m writing in gujarati here so non-gujarati please bear with me.LOL
hehee!! yeahh me too loved CGM stuff most!! this update will remain close to my heart coz of CGM creations.. i'm madly in love wid actors' superb performances!! Day Dreaming 
woahh!! i know yaar!!! u voted for my entry only!! thanx!!! Big smile ahaa it's perfect yaar!!! go ahead in gujarati!!! Tongue i in fact loved that!!!! Embarrassed

I visited the Kismat forum sometimes coz hun ae show joti hati not regularly but sometimes. Ane u know banner contest na thread ma gayi ane ankhon bandh karine vicharyu k je number hun vote karu ae taro j hoy. And im so so so so happy k ae banner taru hatu..
heyy yaar hu pan e show regularly joti hati sharu maa pan examz ne lidhe pachhi thoda divas mate na joyo... Embarrassed ahaa!!! intuition haan!! heyy pan i hope ke tane banner kharekhar gamyu ane etla mate vote karyo nahi ke maru banner hatun etle!!!  Embarrassed lol!! just kidding... 
Mane dukh chhe k tane prize na malyu but what I think is badha ma taru banner aakha show ne represent kare chhe. Thats what I feel. Anyways it was the best & it will remain the best. Aem show is not telecasted any more to let it be. 
heehee!!! thanx yaar!! mane pan maru banner sahu thi vadhare gamyu hatu pan kai nahi... as u said have show toh khatm pan thai gayo chhe toh jawa do!!! LOL
2 vastu par thi mane aem thayu k aa taru j banner hase. First was the font style & another the way u presented. Khabar nai kem pan font jotani sathe j I felt it was urs. Ane once before voting I closed my eyes what my heart says & thats it.
wahhh!!! that was bang on haan!!!! thanx a ton!!! Embarrassed
MB nu banner pan fine chhe. I do watch that show sometimes when I get time. thanx dear!! yeahh currently hun CGM n MB ja jou chhu.. PKYEK not that regularly... LOL
Siddhant Karnick na siggy are also nice. thanx re!! ohh i miss him a lot!!! Embarrassed
Even loved all of ur icons. PKYEK na juna pics--looks great. ahaa!! thanx yaar!! for me nava PKYEK ka ma have kai nathi bachy so juna divso yaad kari lidha! lolzz!!! LOL
Bau boli lidhu chhe biju kai yaad aavse to kaisLOL 
actually mane shant rehvani vadhare aadat chhe so this is too much for meLOL but it was for u atle I had to say. ahaaa!!! i know yaar!! tu shant nature ni chhe!! i m sooo happy ke mari mate te atliii lambi comment kari.. means a lot... Hug
I hope u dont have any problem with my language usage here. If so please inform me I will edit.Big smile areyy nahi yaar!! kai problem nathi!! i loved it... Embarrassed
Love you,
love yaa too!! thanx sooo much Honey... *hugs* Hug

Edited by Charu21 - 12 July 2011 at 4:01am

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Charu21 IF-Sizzlerz

24 Forum Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 13 October 2010
Posts: 11587

Posted: 12 July 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neeme

Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Superb! Tongue...Just SUPERB Charu ...Love IttBig smile
Hehee!!! LOL Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Thanx sooo much Neeme sweety!!! Big smile

Originally posted by ...PARiNA...

beautiful work charu ..
 Love all CGM and Bebo one 
hmm.. Kismat , it was good show 
Thanx sooo much Pari Hug means a lot... Embarrassed yup.. Kismat was a good show, low profile but performance wise it was excellent...
Thanx dear... Big smile

Originally posted by --sunshine--

Charu where are u dese days and awesome update CGM stuff was real awesome and the icons were superb 

@Sid siggy was highlight if the update loved it

Kash last animated siggy was real awesome

Awesome creations and loved them

Heyy yaa Sanju!! areyyy me was stuck wid something last days yaar so wasn't that active!!! LOL 
Thanx sooo much dear... i know yaar Sid!! hayeee!!! missing him sooo much!!! Embarrassed
Thanx so much for ur lovely comments dearoo!! means a lot.. Hug

Originally posted by -Swetha-

welcome back CharuEmbarrassed... oops Rucha dearEmbarrassedHug
awesome update by u dearClap
i loved all of themEmbarrassed... ur siggies, avi's and freebie's of all the things that u madeDay Dreaming
Heyy yaa Swetha!!! Hug thanx sooo much sweety!!! love yaa... Hug Embarrassed

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