Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

*||Happy Birthday Samia||* PH Bday VM Pg 2!

shareen IF-Rockerz

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^ no copying or getting overly inspired Smile

Scene 1

Shareen: Sofi!!! I have a very bad news!!!! Do u know that the world is coming to an end today? OMG WE ARE GOING TO DIE HT!! Shocked  Shocked Cry

Sofia: You think I'm going to believe you if you tell us the raptures suppose to take place today? ROFL Today? Dream on HT!
Shareen: We dont really have a choice! Cry  Have a look at this:

Sofia: Fine! I'll just glance through it once. That does not mean that I believe you though. And would mind keeping this a secret from Sam? Stern Smile It's her special day today. I wouldn't want to worry her unlike you intent to. Stern Smile

At that moment the desk started to shake. I glanced at my bottle of coke on the computer table and it was rattling.

Sofia: Is the earth moving HT? Shocked

Shareen: me call Sam HT!!! *rushes to the phone*

*tring tring* Sam picks up the phone...

Shareen: Sammm!!!!!!...

Samia: I was just about to call u guys Sharu!!..*in a frantic tone* Did u just feel something?

Shareen:  Sam we're all going to die..nobody believes me! The world is going to end today!!!!!!

The shaking started again a little harder this time. It wasn't like we imagined an earthquake to be. It was more like a swaying, rattling feeling. Like a sumo wrestler was jumping up and down on the hardwood floor and pushing against the walls.Then it became stronger. The rattling grew louder. Sofi looked over at me with an open mouth, half smiling, half scared. It was hard to read her expression. It's a face she never made before. And the last thing I know, I whispered "Oh my god." And silence and darkness engulfed us.


Sam has nearly drowned, and her leg hits something

Sam: Oww mera pau!..Where am i and what on earth is that?.. *looks at the object with eyes wide open*

Sam: It's a lamp? A LAMP??..Should i rub it? Confused *rubs*

Genie: Hello?
[sees Sam]

Sam: A Gennie!! Shocked i mustve hit my heard real hard! Wacko

Genie: Kid! Snap out of it!
I can't help you unless you make a wish. You have to say, "Genie, I want you to save my life," got it? Okay!
[shakes Sam]!

[Sam's head droops]

Genie: I'll take that as a yes.
[he changes into a submarine and pulls Sam out of the sea]

Sam: Finally!..*gulps in some fresh air* Okay now my three wishes! Big smile
Genie: Does my ears deceive me? "Three?" You are down by one, lady!

Sam: Ah, no, I never actually wished to get out of the water. Huh. You did that on your own.

[the Genie's mouth drops]

Genie: Oh. Well I feel sheepish.
[turns into a sheep]
Genie: All right, you baaad girl. But no more freebies. Stern Smile

Genie: What would you wish of me? The ever impressive... the long-contained... the often imitated, but never..duplicated... duplicated... duplicated... duplicated... Genie of the lamp! HAKUNA MATATA!
Genie: I'm free. I'm free. Quick. Quick, wish for something outrageous. Say, "I-I want the Nile." Wish for the Nile. Try that.

Sam: HC..I want to meet HC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big smile Big smile Big smile

Genie: HC?...Just that? LOL The great Hakuna matata can do it in a jiffy!!...

*Grabs Sam and they fly off*

Scene 3

Sam meets HC

HC: So you are Samia..Sam! Oh how pretty you look.
I heard you're a very very very big fan of mine? Is that true?

Sam: H..C...C...C...??????? SillyAre you for real? Shocked

HC puts forward his hand for her to pinch and believe for herself

Sam: OMG harshad!...I cant believe that u r infront of me!..It has been my biggest dream to meet u some day!...I Love love love you!!!!..and and i just dont know what to say!..

 HC: Sure sam! You're such a nice girl..

And they Hug..

Wait a second..HC! What if they're in some kind of trouble..the world was suppose to end..what..if..they're..OMG no!

HC: You need to calm down Sam! They're your friends and they trust you..They trust you because they know you're going to always be by their side.

Sam: You're right..I need to help them. Ginnie! Yes my second wish!

HC: By the way Sam? Many many happy returns of the day! I think you forgot you turned 19 today!Happy birthday Sam!

Sam: Thank you HC!..I cant tell u how much this means to me!..

Sam goes and hugs him one last time...

Scene 4

Genie:  Whaaat??? No way Sam!! I can't bring people back from the dead... it's not a pretty picture,
[Shakes Sam]

Genie: and I don't like doing it!

Sam: Please Genie!...Please u have to do it for me!..Pls pls?

Genie: Stop that!..I hate people pleading like that!..Wait let me check your records 1st!...And see how u've lead ur life so far..Any good deeds?

Genie gets Sam's record from the heavens and starts reading it...

Genie: Hmm ur records say that
you are a wonderful person.. You listen to everyone..Understand their problems...Do not take what people say too far...Have respect for all even if they show no respect of any kind to others.Against repulsive thoughts..A 'peace maker'...You friends say that u've been a blessing to them..Have always been there for them and never expected anything in return..

And i see that u r very talented as well...U can work wonders with graphics..Sigs VMs!..Wow! Shocked Shocked..Ok i'll grant your wish!! Big smile Let me tell u a secret!..I m only going to do it  coz i wanna learn about all about sig making,Vm making n grapic designing from u! Cool..The other points r least relevant to me!

Sam: I love you genie!...And sure!..I'll give u all my textures,brushes,Sony Vegas,PS  n everything away LOL!..Just bring my friends back!!! Cry

Genie: That sounds like a great deal! Big smile Okay!...

Sam gives a kiss on genies cheeks!


Scene 5


" Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Samia..Happy birthday to u! Big smile "

Sam opens her eyes and sees Shareen, Sofia and Liana standing before her singing with a birthday cake in their hand!..

Sam: .You guys are here with me which means you were never...dead? Shocked OMG what a relief!

She runs to her friends and hugs them tight!

Liana: OMG..Why would we be dead Sam?if that's what you want then we can gladly sacrifice our lives for you! I just think you need a good nights're imagining stuff. Right now we're having a partaay!

Genie's standing right behind liana and winks at Sam Wink

Shareen: All right guys let the party begin!  Party

Sofi and Sam: Hell yeah! Big smile

And the Party begins as Sam quitely whispers to herself.."thank you genie" Embarrassed

Disclaimer: All the characters were fictitious other than our names ROFL No harm intended LOL

Time To Check This out!

^ Credit: Saba n misbah! Hug Thanks a bunch guys! Big smile

Surprise VM!!..U rock biggg timeee Aisha! Hug (aishix) and we love you!..Thanks a lot!!..

Hope u enjoy watching it Sam Big smile

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shareen IF-Rockerz

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How? When? Where? well my story with sammy goes some time back and i still remember our first mulakath. i ws drooling over harshad at his FC and there ws dis person named sweetkandy using a harshiti avi of JJWS performance. i praised da avi and asked who made it and to which our genius replied saying she did it Embarrassed

after that we bumped into each other quite a lot in kis desh creations gallery, TL creations gallery and of course harshiti/premeer FC. i fell in love with her vms on utube but didn't know it ws da same girl who made avis & siggies on IF. im so glad to meet such a creative and talented girl who also happens to be a gem of a person Day Dreamingi luv u heaps mwaaah... Hug Hug Hug

It's been three years since we met and we have only become better friends as each day passes by. Sometimes, I talk to you more than my own sister. There is not a day that passes by without talking to you and even if I don't, it seems so weird.
You are the one person that knows everything that is happening in my life every single day...whether something good or bad. But, you always support me with whatever it is and you can cheer me up no matter what Big smile I can't wait to meet you and I hope that our friendship goes on forever.
Love you loads
Big smile



Meeting with samia and being such a gr8 friends is all bcos of kis desh and harshiti,we met in kdmhmd forum and both were crazy about premeer and later we had a gang called "Luchhi Gang"ROFL we all use to chat on FB and phrool over premeer and harshiti those days were most memorable days of my life but now we dont get that much time to talk and i know we both missed those old days alot but im happy and thankful to allah that i have friend like samiaEmbarrassed

Sam!Hug How long has it been? Not even a month I suppose? LOL Honestly speaking it doesn't matter how long we've known eachother..the thing that matters the most to me is that you've been an amazing friend to me since the day we began interacting!

 Having a few good friends is like a blessing and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found that blessing in you! I'd seen you posting your creations in the gallery and I was literally in awe of them Sam! And your VM's..the less I talk about them the better!Big smile

So technically we started talking after you PM'ed me about your VM!..But we actually met through Sharu and you remember what I had told you? She'd done something good yet again!LOL And oye half of our question game still left..when do we plan to continue? Soon I hope LOL It's been great knowning you so far sam! Our friendship hasn't fully fledged but I can undoubtedly say we're going to totally hit it off! I look forward to enjoying our friendship for many more of your birthdays!

Loads of love Sam!

My Journey wid you Sumu! Hug  It has been a wonderful three years of knowing you!..Three years can u believe it? Shocked
Our first encounter,all the memories that we've created over the past three years,everything is  still so fresh in my mind!...It was one fine morning in March when i first got a pm from u?..Remember?..We were SO SO SO formal! LOL It was about Liana's bday..We'd been talking been planning about it for a while and hardly talked about anything else other than that!..And after 3-4 days once the thread was done we had almost lost touch...

Now when i think of it..It seems so unbelievable!..Us losing touch? Shocked LOL Yeah...Then it was after two months or so that we reconnected through fb!...As liana mentioned there was this luchi gang LOL LOL I didnt really get to b around too much but we had surely connected there! Big smile and can i just say that the rest is history? ROFL

Talking to each other was a daily routine...Had to vent our every day's frustration out thru messages! LOL 1200-1300 words Sumu!..Longest message writing competitions! LOL Everything was epic!...I found my soul sister in you!...And feel so blessed!...And yes i know that i was the one to have not replied to the last longessst message!...Coz it was way too huge! Shocked U beat me to that! Stern Smile And u havent forgiven me for that till date!...ROFL

We have seen each other grow has a person...Mentally..Emotionally..And in physical appearance too i guess? ROFL

You had recently started making creations then and so had i...And u'd been a constant support!..Always boosting my confidence level up and forcing me to make sigs mostly on HC! EmbarrassedI would have never come this far had it not been for u and liana!...Hug People say that true friends bring out the best in you!..It's SO true in my case!.. Big smile

Our convos over the last few days! ROFL ROFL  We can be termed as the rofl queens of ym...We hardly use any other emo other than that!..Well i want to but u hardly give me a chance for anything else other than dis-ROFL The amount of crap we can talk about for ours is unbelievable!..LOL There have been so many instances where after a whole 2-3 hrs of convo we'd me like..What were we talking abt all the while? Confused ROFL

SO SO SO many memories Sumu!...And the best thing is that even though the situations n things around us has changed so much over the years, WE HAVE NOT..Our friendship has just got stronger!...Even though we had different favorites after some time...Different likes and dislikes we didnt let it affect us...It was amazing how u'd keep aside ur dislike for a certain actor coz of me n wont mind me speaking abt her wid u! Hug 

U r a beautiful friend...A wonderful sister and much more than i could have asked for!...I dont know what i'm wirting here!..Or even if it's making any sense or not! LOL But there's just too many things that i wanna say not exactly sure how! ROFL

I LOVE YOU SUMU!...I'll never forget all the SSSCs!...I cherish them for life!...Barring a few where i have had naughty pranks played on me by u! ShockedROFL Those r hilarious but u know i wont admit to have enjoyed them Stern SmileROFL And such a nautanki u are!...Matlab i'll stop here b4 i give details away! LOL and yes!!..Since it's ur bday today be a good girl n promise not to address me as a 'certain' someone Stern Smile '...Reason?..well known to u! Stern Smile Or i'm going to leak ur secrets out hereROFL..Blackmail Cool LOL

I've hardly been able to talk to u since the last 3-4 days..And the reason..Basically coz i didnt want u to guess any further about the surprise than u already had! Ermm LOL And thank you so much for not checking our profiles or my scrapbook for a while!..U made life so much easier for me ROFL Now u can go ahead n read n stalk all that u want! LOL Hug

Love u my SSF!..Always stay the way u Hug U dont really have a choice! LOL

Before i conclude here's  ur fav emo!!.. 


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shareen IF-Rockerz

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Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sammy!!Hug
God Bless You
Have a rocking day!!
Dimple Embarrassed


sammy, i wish u all da very best for a faaabulous b day honey bunch!!!! 
haaappy birthday sweetheart Party Party

keep smiling, keep blooming smiles on our faces with ur gorgeous creations!!!

i luv u heaps mwaaah... Hug Hug Hug

here's little gift for u from my side... hope u like it...


Happy b'day Samia God bless you thanks for all Premeer VMS and pictures. Love u

||*$*|| A very Happy birthday to u samiaHug

Hope your day turns out to be as awesome as you are and May all your dreams and wishes come true

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day?Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday ||*$*||

And Many many happy returns of the day Party

astar54s.gif - 2.0 K

I hope you enjoy your birthday, 
All the pleasures it has in store, 
And because I appreciate you, 
I hope you have many more!



HEy Sammy Baby..Wink;)..wishing you a bery bery happy birthday!!so phinally ure 19..yeayyy!!!hope to see you soon here in're taking alot of time to come her,please do it soon..Smile...wishing you all the best for your college and studies...keep rocking!!


Hey Shona Hug happy birthday!!!Party
wishing u a very happy birthday
On your birthday,May allah bless u,may ur all dreams come true.
I wish you a year with loads of fun,
excitement and beautiful memories.
Have a wonderful bday!!

wishes k bad kuch meetha hojaye



It's your special day and I am here to say many many happy returns of the day. Party May your day be filled with surprises, laughter, and lots of gifts. Don't forget to make loads of wishes when blowing those candles on your cake.Wink May all your dreams and wishes come true. May this day be as special as you are'.Happy Birthday Samia, or should I say sumera'hehe. Embarrassed

Enjoy your birthday, have fun, and once again, a many many happy returns of the the day. '.love you loads. HugHugHug

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

After the comes the cake!!!

Enjoy...and save some for me too...Tongue

Next time for your gifts...guess whats in each box...hehe

Once again...just want to say...

Lots of love


Happy Birthday Samia  Party


You're a fab siggie maker, awesome vm maker, and helpful person.
Enjoyed your creations as fan and had fun being a friend. Hug 
It's lovely to remember and celebrate birthday of a phroolicious PH phan Tongue 
Have a rocking birthday and a fab time on your party.
Wish you all the best for the year ahead!













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asyasahil928 IF-Sizzlerz

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Happy Birthday Sammy...have a great one Hug

P.S. great job with the post shareen Smile

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shareen IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Afreen!. Big smile
There was a blooper in scene two which has just been corrected!!

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harshiti8 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 12:57am | IP Logged
happy birthday samiaParty
have a great one
may u have many moreSmile

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-Abigail- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 1:15am | IP Logged

Wish you all the best for everything and May all your wishes get fulfilled
May God Bless you with love and care

Have a Great day

@Shareen: great work with the first pageSmile

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Tasneem-17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
PartyPartyPartyHappy Birthday SamiaPartyPartyParty

Hoping that this day you get ur wishes fullfilled and it turns out to be the most memorable birthday ever


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