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ragz.designz#3|C|Monaya.Arhi.BALH.AngadKripa pg133 (Page 11)

ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RoKafan4eva

hi ragzz..dis is gunjan..
my first ever post in ur shop...
but truely yaar ur creations are beyond words..
awesome work!!!!
luved d first update,hadn't ever set my eyes on anything prettier..
u've done wonders in ur creations...
Hey gunjan..thanks so much for commeting here hon, it really means a lot Embarrassed and im so happy you liked my update <3
Originally posted by -DarkFantasy-

Congrats Ragzzz On Ur 3rd Shop Big smile Hug
Just love ur creations yaar Day Dreaming Loved MoNaya & ArJuhi One Day Dreaming Blushing
Keep Making & Rocking Sweetie Hug
thanks sweety Hug
Originally posted by ght_sajan

hey rags congratulations for your third shop...i personally love your work so much so that i am left inspired to try my hand at siggy making...keep rocking .
Thanks sonu Hug omgg really? wow thats an honour..you should definitely try it Embarrassed im sure u'll excel at it Embarrassed
Originally posted by -Aastha_Mohit-

awsomee creations dear..

congo on ur new gallerryyy..!!!!

keep making such beautiful creations..

nd hope u reach century of ur creations galleerryy...
thank you so much aastha Hug

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sofia-

DE ONES ARE GR8T!!!!!!!!
thanks sofi :)
Originally posted by charmee_sammy

Congo for new thread to d gallery ragzHug
Awesome updt... Loved monaya iconsEmbarrassed loved ian nina sigg n icon its really beautiful...
thank you soo much charmz Hug
Originally posted by .Lone_Persona.

Hey Ragz Hug
Many congrats for making it to 3rd one. May you have many more galleries like this :) I've always loved your work. It's simply beautiful. I'm huge fan of your colouring. I absolute love it how you make the colouring look so natural. You're amazing, hun!!
Wish you the best for this gallery :)
x x
thanks so much hon Hug  it means the world to me Embarrassed im glad you like my colouring Embarrassed
Originally posted by --Aditi--

gorgeous sigss ragzz as usual
n congo on ur 3rd shop!!Clap
thanks aditi Hug
Originally posted by fend

hey ragzHug amazing creationsClap
n congo for ur new galleryParty
loved each n every siggies awesomeEmbarrassed
keep making moreThumbs Up
n thanks for the pm
thanks dear Embarrassed
.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
Posts: 5813

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
wow this is put together very well

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

Congrats on your 3rd shop Ragziii!!!Hug

Hope you will open many many moreee..
always loved your creations.. Keeep rocking with the beautiful wrkkk!!
also update is FABULOUSSS.. loved the MoNaya sggy SO mchh!!
Loved the way how you used the pics..!! too good!!
about the colouring I don't have to say HOW mch I loved it!
nd Jhanvi supr. sggy is MARELLOUSSS.. mygoshhhSilly
You should def. make some arjuHi freebiesss...
anywyzz.. waiting for the next updateee..Big smile
thank you so much avni Hug means a lot :)
Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

WTH! Stern Smile I didn't even edit my post on your last shop! Ermm well lemme just to it here Embarrassed ROFL u bet!! i know u dint :@ but its ok Hug muaahh

RAGZIEE! Hug congratss on your #3 shop Hug I am sooo happy for you Hug hope you have many many wayyy many more! Firsly, I'm LOVING your first page Day Dreaming how you wrote your story, and you have organised it aswel esp the colour combo, grey&pink I LOVED it, therefore on your congo ROFLROFL GOSHH that banner really is something man, AISHHH .. It's beautiful Day Dreaming and I love how it has ALL your favs in it Ragi! PLUS, the update Day Dreaming yeah im only organised here..u shud actually see my folder what a mess it is ROFL awwwieee thank you so much sanii ..i love you Hug
^^ Lemme express my feelings about MY siggy CoolROFL
OMFGGG!!! This was ACTUALLY a surprise Ragsss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this siggy to bits<3<3 I loved EVERYTHING about it! Firstly, this is one of my favs interviews of theirs<3 and ver special also, second of all I LOVED the colouring and how you have placed the pics, third of all I love it how there's no text its just plain and gorgeous! I can't take my eyes of this Day Dreaming EEE! I am going crazyyy Silly this is beyond beautiful man, freakin amazingg, my surprise blew me awayy Ragi, I totally LOVED it! It's darn beautiful man, I don't have words to desrcibe it, thaank youuu! HugHugHug
I love you Ragiii Heart
awwwhhh my sweetheart..i love you too Hug im so glad you liked it jaan..i knew your reaction waise pehle se hi ROFLEmbarrassed you are always welcome Hug love you soo much
Okay, now talking about the update!
MS ones toh are Stern SmileBlushingDay DreamingSillyHeart words are too less to describe my feelings man! I LOVE the icons and the new colouring you have on em, I am using one of the icons thou It's HARD to choose which one should I use! &+ the siggy toh is making me melt, I love that blur in the text, that is sooo rockin'
Ian-Nina ones are, well I have to say the first siggy, that siggy of em is one of your BESTS siggies on em and I love the black border on the second one also the text Embarrassed icons are awesome, I loved the second one the most<3
Jhanvi's surprise siggy is beautiful, I loved the blue&white one the font it soo goes with the colouring on the siggy!
Congratss once again Ragiii Hug beautiful work, keep it up!
glad you liked the update as well...see so much monaya in it *proud face* my update are just incomplete without them Embarrassed and ian nina..they are my obsession now Stern Smile
Love ya Heart
Originally posted by DulceAmor

1st of all, congrats on your new shop Ragz!!! Party   Hope you open thousands more. Love your sigs and every update of yours is always a treat. This one on pg 1 is another awesome update! The MoNaya icons and sig are so lovely!!! The style of the sig is superb! Sets it off perfectly! Loved the Nian icons and sigs too - they are rocking! Your choice of text on the 2nd sig is brilliant! The sig you made as a surprise for Jhanvi is beautiful!!! Great colouring on it. Fantastic work hun!!!
thanks so much hon Hug your kind words always make my day Hug i am glad you liked everything , means the world to me Embarrassed
Originally posted by -iPayal-

Congo shongo on the 3rd shop Ragzz! i cant believe its your 3rd, its like you just started making stuff, lolz :P Dancing
I hope you have many many more shops in the future, and amaze us all with your fabulous creations! ^_^
the banner looks fabb Aish :)
the update is incredible! i really like the Monaya ones, those pics are so shweet, and the coloring on the 2nd IanNina one is ssoo good! great job Ragz :D
thank you so much love Hug means a lot coming from you  Embarrassed 
Originally posted by KaShBaarish..xx

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S  Party \

Thanks to youu .. I finally have a reason to party RagzieeEmbarrassed Im soo happy you've finally made a 3rd shop .. may youu have many MANY more as deserved Wink Because youu know you rockk at this stuff jaan Cool And im sooo sorry I didn't get to comment on your update on your last shop Ermm Uggh .. well blame my exams LOL   aww thanks so much Sara..arey dont worry about commenting on my previous one..its all good Hug LOL love you so much Hug
Beautiful update to start off with Day Dreaming 
Of course MoNaya is a must and darn you keep doing it everytime .. making me fall in love with MoNaya through your sigs .. Aww I lovee the Ian/Nina stuff <3 They are soo perfect for each otherr aren't they Wink Thanks for the icons aswel aww that is so cute of you LOL ya they are just perfection together Blushing thank you so much for liking my work on them hon
I lovee ArjUhi soo muchh aha .. and that sig makes them enchanting .. text was lovely
aww thank you Hug
Love itt all jaanu and tumne toh bola that you will take reqs in your new shop .. but you're closed Disapprove  ya im closed for now..will update one day again LOL and then i will open my shopEmbarrassed

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged

edited my comment yaar  

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ravjot-

HawwwShocked ROFL you actually wrote :OOO

Seems like just yesterday [as soon as I typed this, I started hearing Kelly Clarkson's voice in my headStern SmileROFL] posted your 2nd shop and you're already on your 3rd oneStern Smile I am shocked, stunned, surprised, flabbergastedStern Smile I dunno what to say except congratzHug Now that I think about it, I'm not that surprisedLOL I mean, you're a heck of a siggy maker so I guess I should re-phrase and say why did it take you so long to get here?LOL And I'm not just saying that. You are super talentedBig smile There's a reason why I've bugged you with 389137828378 surprise siggiesROFL  ya i have the same feeling too Hug it just feels like i opened just yesterday..seriously man i went fast ..and that is quite shocking ROFL i dont know why it took me so long, may be i wasnt interested in siggy making that time as much as i am now LOL rofl i enjoyed making those surprise sigs for ya Wink Hug

Anyhow, I have a bunch of notes and a big fat textbook staring at me so I should get back to studying... took a break to see your update and it was worth itCool lolz your are funny ROFL Hug
Originally posted by Julybaby22

congooo on your 3rd shop Ragzzz < 3
hope you have many moree Wink

your MoNaya creations are always so beautiful :) . the I&N ones are gorgeous aswell.. love the coloring! the KK one is lovely :)
thanks so much Mandzz Hug

Originally posted by -Farzana-

OMG I dont know why I havent commented in your shop before :OO  Im so stupid LOL ...aww its perfectly okay Hug no you are not..come on Hug

Congratulationss Ragin...i on your third shop love! Hug Thanks so much hon Hug Embarrassed
Your sigs are just all amazing! I lovee your style so much!
This update looks beautiful :) Is it weird I enjoy Monaya offscreen more than onscreen? LOL LOL I have watched some of their interviews and they are SO damn adorable =) I mean SaJan were cute in MJHT but Monaya is just amazing offscreen. Their just an adorable pair. Hehe I love this sig -  http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/9386/monaya01.png aww thanks so much girl Hug ya ima hardcore sajan fan but a bigger monaya  fan..ya you are right..i love MoNaya offscreen way beyond words Embarrassed i am so glad you liked it Embarrassed
http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/7278/newin1.png - BEAUTIFUL. Oh I love Nian. Embarrassed Your coloring is stunning here!  Are these new pics??? I dont think Ive seen them before :( All in all, fab update hon!!! Mwahs ..yess i know you love Nian and so do i Embarrassed they are just aamazing together! yeah they are new pics Wink thanks once again Farzana Hug means so much dear :)
Originally posted by -Sameena-

reserveddd <3 Embarrassed ROFL
ahhh Ragz Di! Hug congrats on ur 3rd galleryy! so happy for you.. Embarrassed hope you open many many many MOREEE. <3 and no i'm not being formal. Stern Smile ROFL
i loved ur update; [always do though ;))] EmbarrassedLOL esp the monaya sigg. it's so cuteee!
and btw, your banner is looking awesome Big smile
update sooonn, love youuu..x Hug
thodi si formal abhi bhi hai ROFL but its ok ROFL  thanks sam ...love ya Hug
ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by taman07

congratulation for the new shop yara , i hope u make many more shops yaar 
  res for the update yaar 


 CONGRATULATION HugHugHug   i hope u make many more shops yaar , your work is amazing yaar. 
your banner look amazing yaar , aish did really nice job yaar, wow i just notice  that we have  like same couples yara except navya , i have not watch the show yet yaar.  really nice first page yaar. all the monaya sig and icons are  soo good yaar . 

 ^ this one is prefect one yaar , i love this one yar 

good job yaar and keep up the awesome work yaar 

one more thing please come open soon yaar 

ayesha Hug
thank you SO much dear Hug means a lot :)
notfadedaway IF-Addictz

Joined: 11 May 2006
Posts: 55218

Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
Congrats Ragz on #3 Hug
I love your work! it reminds me of yamini/aish work :) LOL. my favs has to be ian.nina ones (: I love your blending! and the placement of your pics is veryy diff! (:
Sugg: you know prem&mukti? :s make some of them please! :)
& if you ever need me to spam your gall, let me know :) me and aish are pro at spamming :P haha.
Update sooonn.

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