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ragz.designz#3|C|Monaya.Arhi.BALH.AngadKripa pg133

ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:02pm | IP Logged

banner credit:: -Aish129- smiley i love you for this Hug
is this an amazing feeling or what ... i have reached the THIRD ShockedBig smileLOL
i think most of you know me by now..i am a pastry cook in one of the largest chain of hotels in Canada,The Delta group of hotels, apart from baking my second passion rather my hobby is siggy making, I started making sigs when i was a KaSu fan, but of course i did not know the ABC of siggy making at that time and i became more regular when i became an MJHT fan, of course my work was not even recognized then, but then came a time where my work was appreciated by you all, and that feeling is truly overwhelming. :) 
my favourite couples and on who my most of the updates will be ; also i love them and admire them so much
apart from these pairs the people who i idolise individually
SukirtiKandpal, IanSomerhalder, SanayaIrani, AmritaRao, VivaanBhatena, SRK
I don't like/follow/appreciate some actors, dont wanna name anyone..but that doesn't mean i wont make your request on them ; i dont like to be biased , its not fair :) of course that would mean..only requests on them and NO freebies :)
and now my heartfelt thanks to the people i love and admire the most on IF :)
Yams, Pari, Aish, Shru i LOVE you four the most , and thanks for being my guides, my supporters and my true friends for life Hug smiley you better not daantofy me for thanking you ROFL
All my lovely friends on IF, i am nothing without you guys..Sharmi, Neetz, Nishi, Jens(jenny1000) , Ishu, Nehu, Sneha, Sanii, BJ, Ashu(ayesha_80), Rida, aashi,sano...i love you guys so so so much Hug
and thanks to each and everyone of you who always comment regulary in my shop updates, i love you all and a bigger thanks for always believing in me and requesting from me :) it truly means a lot guys
and thes are some of the people who i truly get inspired from when i have to make sigs :) love their talent.

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angelicsweetFari.Kashiana little faithStarMGunjan.Komal.GullBeetkasuuuuBeautifulDream.-HJ--kirulicious---Divzfan--dmgmjht4ever.moonstruck.MagicLantern-DarkFantasy-Mysterygirl_meAbhayVakil_1992DulceAmorContradiction01-Aastha_Mohit-SweetAddiction.theaisha26javeyAnjiliciousSiddhi_jaanlover-Pooja-sofiaaax.madhoshiyaan.-Jyotika-Madhura..-Drishti---Doyel--XSilentWishesXaishhh.saraaa...Enchanteur...ayesha..Jane....-Jia-..relentless..PINK.aashizincharmee_sammyZumSrK.AS..-Fatima-serendipity.JennyPennyBepannaah.sanober.

ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Please provide me with only HQ or EHQ pics, no low quality please.
Maximum only two line text, no poems LOL
no more than 6-7 pics for a siggy
Feel free to use any of my creations , except the ones that say For... etc.
-Do NOT cut/crop or MODIFY any of my creations and by that i mean, do not make my sigs smaller or bigger and please upload with your own server, it takes a LOT of time to make each sig, i would really appreciate if you would follow this.
Do NOT claim my creations as your own Tongue
My copyright is RAGZ.DESIGNZ
Please don't PM me asking about requests , Hope you understand :)
Do use your requests for atleast 2 days
I'm open to suggestions
When you reserve a spot, please specify its for a request, plz and thank you
|C| is for closed and |O| is for open
NO PERSONAL requests plz
only 1 request per person
i make only non-animated siggies/icons
Link to my 1st shop
Link to my 2nd shop
Index of all my updates:
 update - page 1 - MoNaya.IanNina.ArjunArohi
update - page 24 - SaJan.DE/Nian.Sanaya.AnYa.Suggestion.Bollywood
update - page 35 - Sanaya.ArnavKhushi
update - page 47 - IanSukirti.KaSh.requests
update - page 58 - SaJan.Iannina.Abhiya.KaSh.VivaanSukirti.suggestions.requests
update - page 71 - SaJan.SaRun/ArHi.Sanz.Suku.BreakingDawn.Sneha'sbanner

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a little faithFari.KashiankasuuuuBeautifulDream.-HJ-dmgmjht4everMagicLantern-DarkFantasy-HealMeForeverBeet-kirulicious---Divzfan--DulceAmorContradiction01-Aastha_Mohit-Mysterygirl_meAbhayVakil_1992AnjiliciousSweetAddiction.theaisha26javeySiddhi_sofiaaax.-Drishti---Doyel--fend..Enchanteur..madhoshiyaan.Madhura..saraaa.aishhh.-Jyotika-XSilentWishesXaashizinrelentless..Jane..charmee_sammy.ayesha...-Jia-...PINK.AS..-Fatima-ZumSrK.JennyPennyserendipity.Bepannaah.sanober.

.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2008
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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
awww Ragi Ragi my RagiiiHugHug I had absolutely no idea about this...and I  seriously apologizes for not being up to date...those were the days when we used to prepare for ur new shop together and those excitements and all..damn I miss it coz of my finals:(( anyways, 3rd shop...OMGGG are u kidding me?:OOO didn't we open ur first shop just now??:OO 3rd one alreadyyy...awesome!! well, this is what u get for being one of the best siggy makers of IFBig smileHug my bhaiHeart 

what to say about ur siggies...I have said like 47474943473943 million words already lol...u know how much I love ur style, coloring, blending and all! ur SG/MS ones are always SUPER magical to me! u r getting better and better with every siggy u make! love everything about it!! I dont know, m seeing one siggy in someone's dabba...hotties something...and I just LOVEEE that one! 

hahaha seeing my name there is nothing new...its my right..coz its my shop as well:D...ur everything is mine and my everything is urs Hug but seeing that makes me blush for sure! love u so much!! the inspiration one cracked me up though...but still thank u haha..mwahhh love u so much!!! keep rocking and make 100000 galleries like this...one thing that will never change is ur PARI...she will be always with uHug

chal enough 

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
now my turn LOL Embarrassed

ok firstly itnaaa bada sorry im editing like after you've already updated three times but you know why, again sorry :(( i'll edit the other ones tonight too Embarrassed

and OMGGG #3 already oh my GOD i can't even believe it even though i've already like spammed here more than doing what normal people usually do in shops Stern Smile BUT i am not later than someone called JIA who still hasn't edited Ermm 

congratulations ragiii (btw you have NO idea how much i love writing pariii/jhanviii/ragiii) ROFL
im so so so so so happy for you and it feels like one of my own achievements LOL Embarrassed

and your front page makes OURRR banner look 10 times better Big smile I even took a screencap thing before showing you it. ask yams what i mean, yes im insaneee ROFL
i read your list of favourites and i was OMFG that's long :| and then i realised no wonder there were so many pics for the banner, and THEN i realised it wasn't that long LOL 

and ragi i will not daantofy you for thanking me Smile i myself have said sorry so many times that you are let off for that ;)) but i had to say sorry Ouch you know i feel so blessed to have ny name everywhereee, lovee youuu! and inspiration ka.. remind me i will show you something one day.. you will laugh and so will i LOL Hug 

and the update.. it's short but good because i don't have any strength to write anymore :S i love love lovee the MS sig, the colouring is so prettyyy <3 one of your best ;) haha i see you're getting into the blur thing as well ;))
the ian-nina one is AMAZING.. the blending and colouring especially Embarrassed and i loved the way you used that texture on the second <33 jhanvi ka i already know how much she loved it, and that speaks for itself, it's beautiful Embarrassed

LOVEE YOUUU! and congratulations once again.. i sound a little umm Ermm i don't know i feel formal ishhh is that just me LOL i don't know what to write anymore Smile
i have another two spots to edit let me go do those ROFL

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2009
Posts: 44084

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:06pm | IP Logged

Party Ragiii Hug Hug

Gosh unbelievable man! You've finally reached your 3rd shop Big smile. Just imagine we both never even thought that we would be on this website, and would be making something like siggys one day. Honestly there's nothing better than making sigs. It is truly the best hobby ever. It passes one's time so well LOL.
All thanks to Pari and Aish for being so considerate to us always, for teaching us the basics of siggy making. They are both our true angels in disguise Embarrassed Embarrassed.
The banner looks out of this world Day Dreaming. Aish is the best creator ever. Seriously sis, it looks marvellous, the colouring, blending...just everything is beyond perfection here Day Dreaming. This gal's just too good Hug We love you Aish Hug
Coming to the update. OMG everything looks beyond AWESOME. In love with the NiAn ones. Gosh i think this has got to be your BEST update on them. You know what makes those sigs and icons stand out. Ian Nina and the colouring...Day Dreaming FABULOUSS! Embarrassed
MoNaya ones are as stunning as always. Do i even need to tell you how beautiful your work is on them and i already toldd you that the first MS siggy is so stylish and awesome! :D
Awww the siggy for Jhanvi i beyond cutee. I bet she'd lovee it!
eee! cant wait for your next update. Mwaahz! Love you so much sis..Update jaldiii! Hug

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PurpleRainAbhayVakil_1992aishhh..MohitzPari.viniva sharmaragzz.Bepannaah.

..-Jia-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Embarrassed Res <33

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:12pm | IP Logged


a small update for everyone to see ..ive been making sigs nonstop for the last one week Stern Smile im not gonna update for a while now LOL 
my most fav pics..so tried something ..hope you all like it Embarrassed
Surprise Sig
this ones for Jhanvi [desigirl05] i love you Hug and hope you like my surprise Embarrassed

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StarMGunjan.xAlishaxPurpleRainmonakhan.-HJ-kasuuuuBeautifulDream.theaneesha1992BeetIndigoBluesHealMeForever-DarkFantasy--kirulicious---Divzfan--dmgmjht4ever.moonstruck.DulceAmorContradiction01-Aastha_Mohit-Mysterygirl_meAbhayVakil_1992Monu-SunNaaDangelzAnjilicious-iPayal-theaishaMoNayaHolicPrag-Drishti---Doyel---tehreem-sofiaaax.Julybaby22viniva sharmaMadhura..aa123.80SobtiObsessionFarzu-madhoshiyaan.aishhh.fend..Enchanteur..XSilentWishesXsaraaa..Jane..charmee_sammyaashizinrelentless...-Jia-..AS..-Fatima-ZumSrK.serendipity.JennyPennyBepannaah.sanober.

AbhayVakil_1992 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 February 2006
Posts: 7308

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
so sorry I took so long to edit this
But here I am with my comment:)
First off I have to say Im so honoured to be mentioned in your inspirations list<3 And I just have to tell you that you are one of my inspirations too for siggy making:) Just LOVE your work<3
Also about the mentioning about the friends<3 Love you<3 I dont know where Id be with you guys either<3 Love you<3
Congratulations on your third shop hun<3<3 Hope you open many many many more:)
Just beautiful work..and you know how big of a fan I am of your creations<3
Just LOVE them<3
I remember I requested a Toby and Spencer (PLL) sig from you..
I think that was the first time I saw your shop..and creations..And I just couldnt stop staring at them..your creations are just beautiful<3
No words to describe how much I love the creations<3
Good luck with this shop:) And for sure Im going to keep up with your every update:)
As per the update on this page..just LOVE this sig:

The pics are so cute<3LOVE the style..colouring..layout..everything is just FLAWLESS<3
Keep rocking hun:)
Love you<3

Edited by AbhayVakil_1992 - 26 May 2011 at 3:31pm

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