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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

Abhay- Maithli : Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Abhay- Maithli : Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani


Maithli : You will always love me, right? Nobody can separate us and you will always be mine?

Abhay ( smiles and kisses her forehead )- I will always love you and am yours , Maithli. Forever and beyond. Always.

There sat a smile of contentment and reassurance on her face and she put her head back on his chest.


THAT. That is the Abahyendra Maithli remembered . That is the love she remembered.  That is the promise she remembered. Time changed. She died. Abhayendra died. They both turned into vampires. Abhayendra became Abhay in the care of good vampires . Maithli turned into an evil biatch from a kind-hearted princess  because she was turned by an evil vampire who fed her lies and hatred. While Abhayendra became even more human as a vampire , burning in her memory and  guilt , keeping her alive, Maithli turned darker and darker in her creator's shadow , hating Abhayendra for not saving her and gunning for sadistic powers. The beautiful love story had  tragic ending '..but they both were alive, still. As a living dead , yes, but they were alive. Good Abhay. Bad Maithli.

For 200 years, she let him burn, suffer , writhe in a love that Abhay made truly timeless. Not even once the thought came to her mind that she should let Abhay know that she is around and its not impoisble for them to be together. How could she? She was a cold vampire now who only connected to her creator and none else. Unlike Abhay , her heart had actually stopped feeling any emotion. She was her creator's Frankenstein.

Fed over lies seeped into her , she hated Abhayendra all these centuries but the hatred was not cold . It was deep and passionate. So, we saw when Piya tried to tell Maithli that Abhay had never stopped loving her. The hatred that she felt for Abhay was the only 'FEELING' that you could see in her.  The moment Maithli laid her eyes on Piya, you could see that it was not a queen vamp sniggering because she was to get some powers in the name of dinner ' it was an old lover spitting venom at the young guileless girl who had DARED to love Abhay. She was disgusted at the sight of her good, pure, kind-hearted doppelganger who had healed Abhay's bleeding heart and taken her place. How could Abhay do that? How could he fall in love with someone else? How dare he?

As the possibility and time of being able to see and meet Abhay came closer , the subconscious fixation with Abhayendra , the deep rooted passionate and ridiculously selfish love that she harboured for him came gushing to the surface. Yes, she was with Sid  as his evil vampy ally but she could not kill that Maithli in her who had died for her love. The only difference being that  the innocence and purity of her love for him was raising its ugly head as a  dark , obsessive pathological fixation. Everytime she looked at Piya, she only realized that she had never really hated Abhay. She was still fixated to him. The thought of this human-being with Abahy was driving her insane. No, there was no way Abhay could be with another woman. It doesn't matter how much I hurt him, cheated him , tortured him, he was supposed to love ME ME ME ME ME!  That was his promise and he cannot break it , or rather he will not break it.

And Abhay?  200 years of wait , longing and suffering . For what? To see this day?  Yesterday , when he had come to know that Sid and Metz were planning to kill Piya, his only concern had been Piya and saving her life. At that time, he didn't realize or even think what he will go through the moment he sets his eyes on Maithli after centuries.  Talking about punishing Metz is one thing but seeing her in front of him alive and evil is another.

He saw her. Saw her after an entire lifetime and all his anger and savior mission faded away. Instead of getting angry and biting her neck off , he felt this surge of mixed emotions-  a bittersweet lurch in his heart , a depression , a grieving shock at what his beloved had become.  I don't think one can really put it into words that what Abhay FELT when he saw Maithli. A woman he had loved , lost , worshipped and waited for across lifetimes. Piya is Abhay's soulmate . And Maithli , an entire epoch of his life. Then, how could he not feel. He did.

It makes you feel weirdly all soppy inside when you see that Abhay accuses Maithli of nothing. Nothing at all.  He rages and rants at Siddharth for making a Frankenstein out of Maithli . He blames Siddharth for  snatching away Maithli from Maithli. He screams at Sid and foreshadows the future by saying that Sid was scared and is scared that no matter how much water passes under the bridge , she will always love Abhay. And that did it for Sid. He lost all control because he knew that he has not been able to change anything in these 200 years.

Abhay killed Siddharth by staking him ' his own brother and he didn't even shed a tear. But Maithli? His hands refused to rise to hurt her. To me, the last scene between Abhayendra and Maithli stays the most powerful scene of not only the episode but of all AMetz scenes till date.

Maithli, furious at the death of her ally and moreover Piya escaping  from her clutches in addition to her disgust for Abhay's love for Piya, confronts him. All the simmering boiling water of jealousy and betrayal  came out in crashing waves. Siddharth, Vampire power, Doppelganger bloodline , Werewolves, T, Dobriyaal sisters - WHOOSH! All were forgotten. It was just between a heartbroken shattered man and a venomous , accusing , hurt and vengeful vixen.

Abhay has the wooden stake in his hand but his hand just doesn't move to drive it through Maithli's heart . Tears not only well up but flow down his cheeks as he is not able to deal with what Maithli has become  and where destiny has brought him. Maithli, on a jealous and possessive rampage slaps him, grabs him, accuses him , abuses him when he says that she is not the one he loves ' she is not his sweet innocent princess. Maithli bellows at him to kill her then.  You cannot love me? Then, kill me!  But you realize that Abhay cannot do it, Infact, forget this vampire no man with a heart that has loved someone with this depth can do it. Abhay ,at his emotional weakest , tears rolling down his tired vulnerable face , tells her that he is sorry. But he can give her neither ' no death, and no love.

This is when a devastated and almost psychotic Maithli springs into real action. She catches hold of him and screams at him. She tells him that she and him are meant to be because he promised. He promised her that he will always love her  and that is not going to change because of Piya.  I cannot kill Piya because you love her. I cannot kill you because I love you. You cannot kill me because you once loved me! Great. I have a solution. If I cannot have you , I can enslave you. Enslave you until you forget Piya and she forgets you. One day, Abhay , Piya's mortal body will turn to ashes and she will be gone. And then, I will be back. We will be together forever. Till then, sleep a cold sleep as I stamp you with my wait and longing.

And as Abhay stood in her grabbing arms, she pressed a slab of ice to his heart , freezing his blood and freezing him in time ( never mind where the ice slab came from, maybe madam Metz learnt some witchy boo boo magic in these 200 years to pass her time, haha)''Betrayed and stabbed in the back by Maithli, Abhay , his body beginning to freeze , pleaded with her  to let him go. Go to Piya one last time.

Maithli stepped away, walked away into shadows, promising him that she will be back to reclaim him one day . He was hers and nothing is going to change that. You want Piya to live? She will live and one day she will die. That day , once again, it will be you and me. They both go in opposite directions, with a dangerous promise between them ' forced upon Abhay by Maithli.

So, as this story reaches a high point, Abhay goes into a deep sleep of slavery under Maithli , Piya gets ready to enter a life where there is neither Abhay , nor his memory and Maithli? She bows out to look at the clock and wait for time to tick ' waiting for that one moment when Abhay will open his eyes , open his arms to her and tell her that he loves her.

Ironic, isn't it? Abhay waited his whole life for Maithli to come back and what did he get? Betrayal, back-stabbing , heartbreak and  her slavery. Now, Maithli is waiting for Abhay to come back to her , no matter how long it takes. What will she get, hmm?

P.S ' From day 1, there were always three people in this love story . Abhay, Piya and Maithli. Siddharth was the connecting thread who brought all three of them together once again. Maithli refuses to go. Even when she was not there , she was always between Abhay and Piya . Today , when she is there ,she has snatched Abhay away from Piya. Tomorrow, when Abhay wakes up and meets Piya again, she will be back. To reclaim Abhay.

Maybe, Abhay should have staked Maithli when he had the chance to. She would have been released from this life of sin and damnation that she did not choose. And Abhay-Piya would have been released from Maithli's stubborn obsession with Abhay that has long killed the love she had for him. Abhay's innocent princess is no more'.

Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone.Hug 

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IndigoBlues IF-Rockerz

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Poco...excellent analysis as usual...Clap but one thing troubles me..don't they always show 'blood runs thicker than water' in serials. LOL..then why is it that Abhay didn't feel as much remorse of sid as he was while hesitating to kill metz...Confused is it because abhay has known sid is evil for a longer time than knowing metz is evil? LOL was perfect...seriously..your analysis..and even the epi was like Shocked sounds silly..but it holds true for me. LOL

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Crazy.Beautiful IF-Stunnerz

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responding to your blog after a longtime. wow!!Your post really touched me today.

Abhayendra Maithali

Your are right. Abhay was reassurance of love for her was adequate enough for her. It was clear no matter how much she had tried to despise Abhay, she just could not. Her love for him could not let her do that. Her plan was to use ,and throw away sid. Sid might have filled her head with hatred, and disgust., he could not still the love Metz's had for Abhay. But, from now her love is turned in to obsession. No doubt , that she will back reclaim her lost love back. And, Abhay will spit at her, and I am sure there is a slap for her coming on the Abhay. Abhay has moved on from today . Piya is his future , and Maithali was his past. Abhay will never be able to kill Maithali. It's a common sense. When you love somebody to that extent ,no matter how hard you try it take guts to kill that person. You can't. That's the reality. my ex betrayed, and cheated on me. But , still today I can't stop loving him, and I still do care for him another way.

Maithali And Sid
For Sid, he was confident that Maithali was going to stick through thick, and thin after he met her demands. And, for metz he was just use, and throw.

Piya, and Abhay

It's clear they are destined to be together, and soul mates. 


I don't how Abhay could not feel a little bit mercy for his brother. True his evil, but afterall it was his flesh, and blood. For me no matter what my brother has done, or says to me. I can't stop loving him.  I just can't . I am just surprised that he did not spare a small tear for this brother. I guess the hatred has taken over. Abhay tear was for Metz for what she has become.

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--sanchita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Today's episode made me so emotional. In the last scene was felt like crying seeing abhay's pain. He waited these 200 years for Maithili. Remember in his false bday party how he ran behind piya thinking her as Maithili. He always wanted Maithili to return. Now Maithili returned but not the one whom he loved. The last scne when Maithili froze him was the best scene. Monday there will be last abhiya moment before leap and that will be too emotional. Now it's piya's test how will she remember abhay and free him.

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Dark-Hues IF-Sizzlerz

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Well a Very Miraculous episode of todays ..
Abhay weepin' stopped my Heartbeat , his One Tear was like a sea full Of Water ..
Never knew Mets would be so Vile and Stubborn about her love ,Come what may , she want her love back whether anyone have to die in that .. isn't this love is so brutal ? and sellfish ?
The Way she put Ice On Abhay and the way Abhay got Hurt wasss Ahhh .. seriously i wish Abhay would have never met a Gal Like Metz .. Love could be so nasty so is Metz ?
Abhays eyes full of shoCked , with tears , he was in pain .. And Metz was happy to see him like this , just 'cos she loved a Human Piya ? She's really a Evil Vampire , as Sid has made her like that .. Love means to keep a pace with your lover in any situation which Piya has done today .. She's inCredible .. But now , i just want Abhay to return back ASAP , Beneath the forest , With closed eyes with excruciatin' heart .. Whoaa ! this is so gloomy ..
Today i'm shattered to see Abhay's sobbin' .. happiness isn't written in his fate , One happiness is there beside a sad time is waitin' for him ?
Just want his dark depressed nights to be fade away , and back to his love life ..
As ,Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.

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NIDIZ IF-Sizzlerz

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I felt really bad at the sight of AMetz..True Abhay's Maithili is no more..??
Pocakinz you have said everything ,nothing remained unsaid..for me to add in..well just one think about the VS..Is it only me n the fictional Vampires or The horrible sound from VS device did made you all have a headache...When Sid Bite the Slayer I was kinda happy..thank God ..But he came in again n pressed the device button..Angry Oouch my poor little brain had to bear all that..!!LOL  
  Now about the PiaAbhayMetz the Bermuda Triangle..!!
Ooh well..Metz btw AP was there from the day one..?
But the one Abhay viewed today was not his Metz..certainly his brother had turned her evil not only with his Blood but his thoughts as well..*Sigh*
that Metz believed in him..!!
There r ppl always there to brainwash you.but it depends on your own personality whether to believe them or not..
strange..?? Pia is just a mere doppleganger who fell in for the same man..but she posses Maithili's qualities also.. Metz n Pia can both be easly brain washed by anyone..!! 
 I just feel seeing Pia that she's the reborn Metz..But one glance of Metz n her thoughts today makes me go n puke over the grave wherein Abhay cried since centuries..!!Emotions I tell you..Ooh thats so Human..!!
Metz whenever will come to know n believe in the Truth about Abhayndra's love for her will sure sort give his love were he belongs with thats Pia..!!
I belive then we 'll have Abhayandra's Mathili back..!!
As I once said..If Metz really loves Abhay she'll give him to Pia..!!
Today when she said to unharm Pia only bcozz Abhay loves her..made me proud ..n I said this is the Maithili i know ,Abhay loves..But at the same time,when she touched the Ice..??[wondering how can an Ice piece make a Vampire fozen as they r already very cold..?n where did it came from..??] Gosh the Bitch returns..n yes she is obsessed with Abhay ..Mine mine mine..!!
True love is not taking / claiming but giving away ..!!
And when Metz will understand this she'll give Abhay safe handed to Pia..!! Atleast I wish for that..!! Enough said as for now..awaiting reply..!!     

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As always Poco U are truly a wise observer and an expert at analysing. Abhay's mets is back in some form. She chose not to kill Pia because she is Abhay's love it counts for something right? Even if she did encase her love in ice. Love is never straight forward. Metz is right one day Pia will die but doesn't necessary mean for good there are ways of becoming immortal what would she do if Pia was a vampy? Anyway i am steering off course as i always do. Its is a love triangle already complicated to an extent there is no resolve just a sea of confusion, hurt, betrayal for all three. Abhay's betrayal for erasing Pia's only prized posession her memories of Abhay and her love for him against her will. Abhay at the hands of Maithali and Maithali at the hands of Abhay.
But whatever it maybe Metz will be back and so will ABHIYA with a bang.
The last part had me in floods of tears. I am an emotional wreck by the sheer depth all these charactors have been portrayed. I am emotionally out of whack anyway. I cry at everythingLOLEmbarrassed
PS-So many peeps are commenting on Abhay sparing no tears for his brother in his defense he is in shock mode/Attack mode/Saviour mode. He doesn't have time to reflect or grieve. As soon as he killed his bro it was time for Metz face off and by then it was too late. Metz stopped her attack hence Abhay had time to think while with Sid he had no luxury of doing this. Unfortunately i didn't have time to grive for Sid till the episode was over as it was action packed so it is forgivable.

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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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whoa!poco awsomeClap

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