Rang Badalti Odhani


Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

RBO WU May 20th 2011 : ~*~ Maa Ka Din ~*~

-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Aaah ... Finallly Friday ... My Turn for Written Updates ... Bear with Me People ... LMAOOO !!!!

Get Ready Shanak / Yasharan Deewanis ... EPISODE was ROCKING !!!!!!!!!

Episode begins with Shaan sitting at the window with his laptop  wondering  whether  Aaj Kal ke Log are all VELA ... as he receives Mothers Day Cards/Forwards well ahead of the actual day ... Checks the date on the laptop realises that Mothers Day to Aaaj Hain  ...
Khanak is arranging her pretty set of new dresses on the bed ..

*KT looks H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E !!!! ... droool ...swooon...thud ... dead *

Shaan: What should I do ... I dint even Greet Mom ... (Paces across the room and Stops    Khanak)... Arey leave all this Khanak ... and Listen to Me...
Khanak: Kya Huaaa...
Shaan: Today is Mothers Day ...And I don't know what should I do .. Tell me..
Khanak: What? What is it today?
Shaan: Aaaj Maa ka Din hai .. Maa ka Din..
Khanak: Maa ka Din ... There is something like this tooo ... So U mean to say there is Adaa ka Din .. Aunt ka Din ... Uncle ka Din ...
Shaan: Arey Khanak ... We have assigned  a day for everyone ...Now tell me...what should i do? 
* KT is trying Hard to Control is Laughter *
Khanak: Tell me One thing ..  Hota Kya Hain ... Iss Maa ke Din ke Din ... ??
Shaan: On this day...all the kids make their Mom's feel special ... They express how much Moms mean to them ...
Khanak : Why Just a Single Day for expressing Love ?
 *Point toh Valid hain*
Shaan: The thing is, in this overbusy Citylife, we need to have such days to express our love for our near and dear ones ...
* Me thinks - Really Now ? Liar Liar... What about 365 days of Romancing Her Khullam Khullaa *
Khanak: Okay .. What Have you Thought of ?
Shaan: Ummm Nothing much ... But yes .. First of all I will update my status 'Happy Mothers Day' ... Then I will send a SMS to Mom ... Followed By E-Greetings that say I Love You Mom ... 
*Budhthal ... Typical Guy !*
Khanak (wondering) : You will take so many efforts ????
* And I almost expected Shaan to get serious and another Emotional Scene...Pheww .. Thank God !*
Khanak: Instead..Why don't you personally go and say it out to her????  Apni Biwi se toh Din mein Sau Baar kehte ho ... (100 times you say it out to your wife)  ... Say it to your Mom Once ... U don't have to do anything flashy .. Just Give her a heartfelt Hug ...
* Hello...Just 100? I have lost count of the Number of Romance scenes in the Show ... LMAOOO *
Shaan: Really ? This is simple ... You know what .. this is what i like about you .. Your every Plan is Simple .. This House Needs your simplicity (Cups her Face)
 * Ahem Ahem ... That explains why someone Hates Sleazy ... LMAOOO*
Khanak: Bass Kijiyee...Aaj Patni ka din Nahi hain ... Meri Tareef karna Band Kijiyee (Today is not Wifey Day ... So Stop Praising me..)
Shaan: (Touches her Nose *Sigh..Ahem*)  Right ... Tumhari Tareef toh Main Kabhi bhi Kar Sakta hoon ... Princesss  ... Khanak Pushes him out of the room...
* And i Look Wide Eyed at them... Did he like actually say Princess? That too in a extraLow Husky Voice?? DID he STARE Naughtily at her LIPS ???? Improvisation..Ya Rite !!! *

Scene Changes to Akshay and Shaan descending the Khandelwal Stairs ...
Shaan: Bhaaiyyaa.. Where you going ??
Akki : You forgot ?? Today is Mothers Day...
Shaan: I know that ... But where to with this Rose ?
Akki: Why you asking such stupid questions ? Obviously Mom ke Paas Jaa raha hooon ... Like Every Year... Will go to Moms Room... Give her this Beautiful Rose and Then she will be surprised 'OMG... You got this Rose for me?' ..AnD I will reply 'This special Phoool for my Special Mom' ..And after that Mothers Day over and Office Shuru... (Khanak joins them and takes the rose)...
Khanak: You two can never do anything right DIL SE!!!! You guys are doing it just coz its to be done... Like a Ritual ... No Heartfelt emotions ... Hence I am not gonna allow you to do something like this ... Just go and Give a Hug !!!!
*And I ROFL seeing Shaan *cough* KT *cough* Reaction ... He hugs Khanak*
Khanak: Mujhe Nahi ... Go and give a Hug to Mom ... Toh Jaaiiyeee
(Akshay and Shaan leave *KT's arm is as usual trying to do its JOB ... LMAOOO *)

Scene Changes to Madhavi talking to Sunil on da phone in her room ...
Madhavi: Sunil ... I am mad with anger... My anger has crossed limits ... Subah se , Dono Ne Shaqal bhi nahi dikhaayeee abhi tak ... Dil karta hain Ki Unkaa Gala DaabaaDooo (Feels like Strangulating them) ... Main Maa...Ab Kaali Maa ban chuki hooon
* LMAOOO ..Dialogues team ... Are you guys Alrite?? *
(Akki and Shaan enter her room and walk away seeing her angry mood... Khanak pushes them back inside...)
Akki & Shaan: Happy Mothers Day..Mom..
Madz: Finally ... Finally you two remembered... Must have seen on TV ?
Shaan: No No .. Not at all...
Madz: Then Friends ?
Akki: No No ... Not at all ...
Shaan: We  knew it yesterday too...
Akki: He Dint Know .. I knew... (Shaan pokes Akki's  shoulder)
Madz: Whatever. Where is My Gift then ?
Shaan & Akki: There is ...There is a Gift ... This year we wil gift you something special ...
Madz: Really Now !
(Shaan and Akki speak about her love and affection ... the childhood memories ... scene ... Remind her of their Annual function when she had wasted precious time at the beauty parlour thus reaching late at the function .. Shaan reminds her of Akki's 10th birthday and her friends ...The Amazing  Cake that she had baked ... how they gave it away to Chopsi ... * MUST WATCH Hilarious ...* )
Madz: Are you two my sons or enemies ... Did you guys have to say all this today ????? Today you gotta make me feel special ... So if i don't get a gift today ... then No Talking till Next Mothers Day ... (Madz walk away ... Shaan and Akki confused)

Scene changes to Shaan, Khanak and Akki sitting near the first floor railings inside the house... ... Khanak in sitting crosslegged in between them .. Shaan and Akki sit with feet dangling ...
Shaan: Necklace? ... Diamond Ring ...
Akki: Nahi Yaar ... Perfume ??
Shaan: Naah...Sareee?
Akki: Nahi ... Gaadi (Car) ?
Shaan: Thoda Jyaadaa Ho raha hai (LMAOOO)
Akki: Yaar...This year her gift has to be special .. Ekdum Dhamakedaar ... Both Say it together 'Naani'
Khanak: Naani ?  Kiski Naani ?
Akki: Harilal ki Naaani ...Humari Naani Khanak ...
*LMAOOO ...Harilal ki Naani bhi hain ???? ROFL*
Khanak: But I have heard that your Naani is Danger Woman ...
Akki : But i cant think of anything else better than this to pacify Mom ..
Shaan: Are you sure Bhaiiyaa ...Sutli Bomb ko Boojane ke liye Atom Bomb Ko laanaa ??? (To diffuse a Sutli Bomb..is an Atom Bomb needed ?)Anyway ... Khanak Get ready to have a Dhamakedaaar Time of yor Lifee...

Scene Changes to Khanak in Shanak Bedrooom talking to her Bai on the phone ...
Khanak: Bai...Can you hear me ?  Bai ?
Shaan (lying on the sofa...holding her elbow): What Happened ?
Khanak: There is no Tower there rite so cant hear her ... Moves away near the bed ... Baai...I miss you a lot ... Here Everyone is celebrating Mothers Day ... So I thought I will greet you tooo ... Pleasse  do call me when you get time ... Or atleast send an SMS...using the Mobil *Awww... Hugs ..all this while KT is loooking  on Lovinglyyy * cough**
Shantanu...Bai ko SMS karna nahi aataa ... Can you please teach her ...

Shaan explains how to write an eshemesh to Khanak's bai *Awww*
*thankfully my mum doesn't see this, she would have rejected all proposals for me hoping for a Shaan for me too*
Shaan ends the call by asking her to send the first SMS to Khanak :D
*taps Shaan on shoulders*
*Umm..hello but I don't think she would really have contacts, you know?*
*YM blushes due to the STARE*
Khanak tells him she really misses her bai'and Shaan assures her by holding her tightly close *dreamy* they will soon go to Dhulwadi to meet them 
*Episodic theme mein Dhulwadi toh jet plane se bhi nahi aa jaa sakte!!!!*
He gets a call from Akki and announces the entry of someone while telling khanak to go and see Madz.. He says the THE BING BANG is here

Scene Changes And here comes the Naniii!! *I miss mine now* :( ...She even has a bgscore for her, BTW
ROFL... And she is inspecting the house for dust n all
*She seems more like MIL*

Khanak comes and scares Nani
ROFL by touching her feetROFL
Nani asks who is she?
Khanak introduces herself as "Jee main Shantanu ki patni hoon, Khanak.."  Yahan tak theek tha, sadly she adds an "Ammaji!" to it
Nani tells her Ammaji hogi tu! LMAOOO!!! And warns her to call Nani
*universal nani* LMAOOO!
Khanak apologises to The Nani :P
Nani warns her that just cuz she is Shaan's wifey doesn't mean she is on top of her head :P
Even asks her how come Madz hasn't taught her any sanskar?
*Dude?!!? Do you not know Madz and Sanskar are not to be mentioned in the same sentence???*
And now Khanak does the ultimate mistake! Haha!
She says "Lekin Naniji, BUZURGO ke pair choona toh acche sanskar hote hai!" Nani is horrified out of her wits! LMAOOO!!
She gets all worked up and wants to call Madz to ask if she has called her for making her feel her oldie? And calls Madz old!!
*fits of laughter*

Scene Changes where ShaKki *LMAOOO!* go to Madz room with Shaan doing a "Mooommmyyy"
*OMG!! This was one point I could have entered the TV set to pull his cheeks~!! HE was so damn cuteee!!*

Madz shooes them away! She is angry that even after she openly asked them for a gift they didn't get her one!!!
Shaan even replied that she had everything!! *Dude, itna kya harishchandra banna?!*
Madz is exasperated that they arent even ashamed *LMAOOO!*
She says she wont talk to them'ShaKki move towards the door chiding her that does she really not want to see her special gift that has come all the from Pune?
And Tadaaa!!! They present Nani!!
Madz is super duper happy on seeing her Mommyyy!!

Scene Changes to Madz and Naani talkin ...while having juice...
Madz: Pallavi doesn't even speak to you .. And still you ... Mom ... Do you hate me so much ??? (Naani gets teary eyed) .. What happened Mom?
Naani: Pallavi is far away in America ... I cant even talk to her daily ... But you ... If i have to vent .. I can do that to you ... But With Pallavi (Naani Starts crying...) ... 
*Okay ... Dont we have Cellphones and Mobile Networks ? 3G is here too...*
Madz: But you always taunt me ... Never a word of love or care !
Naani: I taunt you or point out flaws coz i don't want others to point fingers at you ...I want to make you a perfect woman ...
Madz: You could have said it Pyaarse too ... Instead of Taunting ...
Naani: I cant do all this Natak of Love ... This is how I am .. This is how I express...
(Madz tries to coax her into staying overnite ... Naani refuses)

Scene Changes to Shanak In Bedrooom ... Khanak is at the dressing table...Shaan is lying on the bed ... Khanak's Phone Beeps ...
Shaan:  Raat ke waqt Patni Pati ke Saath ... Uska Phone Bajta hai ... Kya yeh Khatre ki Ghanti hain (Late night and your phone beeps ... Is it Danger? ... Khanak is all teary eyed) ... Arre Khanak .. i was just kidding ...
Khanak: I know that ... Its a SMS from Bai ... She knows now ... She dint even know how to hold the phone ...  Thanku
 *Awww ... BTW Isnt it ThankYou ??... Woman...  Your Bai also knows how to SMS ... THANK YOU bolo Thank You .. Not Thanku ...*
Shaan: Welcome ... I love you..
Khanak: I love you too  
* Shanak Background music plays and I Dream and Droool ... She places her head on his arm ... KT smiles  deeply and I blusshhh*

PHEWWW .. Finally Donee. ...

Loved the Episode to the Coreee ... KT Expressions PERFECT !!!!
YM is toh the most versatile actresss currently !!!!!
Fulll of Yasharan ...* Ducks to Avoid Veenators Broom*

Totallly Drooolworthy and ThudWorthy Episode ... Do watch it Guys ..
PS: Forgive me...incase of any mistakes !!!!

PPS : Please Thank Vattie for the Naani's Part ... She did the WU for that !!! Thanks Babes ... Muaaah !!!!

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
aaahhh.. jaldiiieee.. i didn't read the LU Shalineee!!!Ouch
Take you time dear!Big smile

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 11:38am | IP Logged
@ Shalu:
Woman where r u?

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
shalluuu jaldi jaldi i know its a gr8 one:) laptop garam mat hone dena...lmao

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
I m hereee ...

Give me like 15 mins ... I will finish off ... !!!!!

Agar 7 Khoon Maaf hote - FIRST THING ... I would have KILLLED my LAPTOP ...  It is just shuttting down !!!!


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candy84 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

 awww it was the Cutest episode till date Big smile
Shaan,, Akki & MAA & Naani ...muhhhDancing

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
shalluuu ur laptop needs to go in d bin lady.kuch bhio ho tell me:)

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Shals, I know that.. mine too behaves like that humph... @looptoop...
But whatever you have there.. sighh... lovely... kill me...

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