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OS: The Journey (Safar) - Update Part 3 Page 7 (Page 6)

piya27 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 5:34am | IP Logged
hey when are you updating the next part 

please make it fast

i just loveee it  Thumbs UpROFL

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kirti_fiji IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
thats a wonderful update, please update fast me want to know what will happen now please please

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LadyArwen Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 5:14am | IP Logged
really very very cute...

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butterfly.tanu IF-Dazzler

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love it...

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swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome updates... luved it...

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Amoureux IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 3
Geet was going around the entire house. Her conversation with Maan was running through her head. She felt she was god's own child and he was really happy with her for he had blessed her with a soul mate like Maan. She wanted to do something for Maan something very special. But what? Suddenly her thoughts seemed to have found their way she got ready and rushed to the car and ordered the driver to take her to a close supermarket. She shopped for some stuff around the market and returned back. She asked Suzy to help her prepare Maan's favourite Italian cuisine for dinner along with his favourite chocolate mousse. All the while she prayed that Maan did not return back early else all her efforts to put up a surprise for Maan would go vain.
Once the dinner was ready she thanked Suzy and asked her to leave. Later on she decorated the patio and put up a table for two for candle light dinner. The view from the patio was definitely breath taking. And the cool sea breeze with a tinge of chill was adding up to her excitement for the night to follow. It felt as though nature was setting up a perfect ambience for them. Once everything was sets she sent a text to Maan enquiring how much time more as it was already more than 3 hours. Maan messaged back saying he would be home in another hours' time. Though disappointed she did not want her spirits to dampen. She went ahead to get ready and wore a pure white suit with some very simple diamond jewellery.  Needless to say she looked like an angel with a very different charm to her beauty. Every passing minute waiting for Maan to return was making her more and more restless.
Maan on the other hand was as excited and thrilled as he knew today it was just he and his Geet with no barriers to keep them apart. He wanted to surprise her once again and thus when he saw her message, he lied to her saying he needed an hour more, while he was already on his way back home.  He shopped for a beautiful red rose bouquet for her remembering how much she loved roses.
The anxiety to see Maan back home was killing Geet thought; her impatience did not let her settle at one place moving around the entire hallway. It felt like vacuum in the place with Maan not around. Not knowing how to spend her time better she walked around the hallway and started fidgeting with the remote of her music system. She turned it on and some songs started playing, however she could least concentrate on what was going on as her mind was only clogged by thoughts of Maan. It only helped in a way as the noise helped reduce some void in the space around her. Each minute passing by felt like forever. Ultimately she picked up her phone and tried calling Maan only to be disappointed as he disconnected her call. Being a tease that he was, Maan did not want to talk to her since he was travelling and close to reaching home. Next she received a message that read, Mishti my sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Will be there in lesser than an hour.  In a meeting right now Smile  AN HOUR MORE... the thought rung like a huge bell in her head...  Irritated to the core she just was about the throw off her phone and the remote when the song playing caught her attention.  She started listening to the song intently.
At the same time Maan arrived. With spare keys he opened the door and sneaked in to the hallway only to find Geet trying to enjoy one of the playing songs. He stopped and hid behind one of the pillars wanting to see what was his Mrs. Khurana upto?  She was dressed in white his favourite colour and had a calm and serene look on her face. Why was she dressed? And should he say dressed to kill? What was going through her mind?
Guyz this is one of my all-time favourite songs... I know a lot of fan fics might have used this, but I could not stop myself from using the same one and interpreting it in my own way... Hope you all like it...
O! Re Piya haaye O! Re Piya (3)

Udne laga kyon man bawala re

Aaya kahan se yeh hausala re?

O! Re Piyaaa O! Re Piyaa haaye

A smile crept up her face.  She was definitely flying, flying high with Maan by her side, holding her, comforting her and being there for her always. Always when she needed him the most. She wondered what her life would have been if not for him. Ofcourse, it was Maan, Maan who introduced her to her strengths, her power to fight the wrong and lead the right, who give air to the fire in her, brought her face to face with her real identity.  These mere thoughts just filled her heart with undying  love for him, she was so lost in the tune that she stood up spreading her arms, facing her head up with closed eyes, as though to thank almighty for the love of her life, for this life of togetherness... She started enjoying the tune and moving in rhythm with it, concentrating on each word of the song.
Maan definitely felt ecstatic watching her enjoy the moment.  Her smile brought a smile of contentment on his face. There was nothing in this world that he would want more than to see that beautiful smile of his Mishti and he knew he could do anything to see her smile like that... But wait a minute... What was she doing, was Mishti dancing, of course she was... and he would never want to miss this... He wanted to catch each of her steps and each of her expressions and so he continued hiding for he knew the moment she realized of his presence around she would stop and he did not want to disturb her rhythm, not now at least after the realization drew on him that it was not some random steps but a proper format that she followed. "Oh My God!!! She is good at this" screamed his mind as he started adoring the new found trait of his Mishti
Tana bana tana bana bunti hawa haaye bunti hawa

Bunden bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan haaye

With each verse her entire life after meeting Maan ran in flashes across her mind. The first time he saved her from drowning, the first time in rain when she hugged him at the dhaba, their meeting by the fountain, the time they spent together in Shimla on the snowy night, the night when they confessed their feelings to each other. Water definitely played a huge part in bringing them together always.  
Saazish mein shamil sara jahan hai

Har zarre zaare ki yeh iltejah hai

Indeed, not just water but the entire nature conspired for them to be together. Else how would one explain why she always landed up to be with him, despite of trying to go away from him, despite of trying to keep him away from her life?  The more she tried to get away the more closer they got. She remembered the time she ran to the dargah realizing he must be in trouble, just to get a glimpse of him when she thought she would never see him again. That time tough painful was so beautiful she thought. With each of her memories her body started moving more gracefully to the tune.
O! Re Piya O! Re Piya haaye

O! Re piya haaye O! Re piya

Nazrein bolen duniya tolen dil ki zubaan haaye dil ki zubaan

Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

How many times did Maan tell her that her eyes spoke volumes of her feelings to him, that he could read her eyes, did her ever understand her? Did she ever understand him?  This thought definitely brought pain to her. Her heart cringed at the thought. The pain was so intense that it formed pool of tears in her eyes. Maan did not miss the expression. He wondered what happened all of a sudden. He could read the pain in her eyes. It was so much so that she suddenly stopped with her dancing leaving Maan confused.
She wondered if she loved him so much how could she ever hurt him? Her mind was drawn back to her fights with him, their misunderstandings once when she thought he had released Dev on bail and the next at the time of holi... Was their love still strong enough to hold against all the test of times? She wondered...
Chalna ahiste ishq naya hai

pehela yeh wada humne kiya hai

Definintely will... Was the answer that echoed from her heart and her mind... Somewhere these verses gave her he confidence; she knew she did make some mistakes and so did he... big deal we both are humans after all and not angels to not make mistakes and this is our first love she thought, a love that was ordained for us, my Maan who is my destiny. She resolved and made promises to herself to never let go on her love again, to never leave him ever again, to never be away from him ever again.   She smiled again at her thoughts... wiped her tears and tried moving to the rhythm again...
Maan stood there confused. He wondered what her dilemma was. Why did she react the way she did? What emotions was she going through? The tears in her eyes made his heart writhe in pain, the sight was something he never wanted to see. He wanted to run to her, pull her in his embrace and soothe her pain. However before he could realize or do something she started dancing again leaving him confused.
O! Re Piya haaye O! Re Piya

Nangen pairon pe angaru chalti rahi haaye chalti rahi

Lagtha hai mein gairon mein palti rahi haaa'

Le chal waha jo mulk tera hai..

Jahil zamana dushman mera hai

O! Re Piya haaye O! Re Piya

She cringed with pain. How long was she to stay back in Amritsar, how long for Maan to reveal his true identity? Will her family accept him after they know that Balwant is the real Maan? What would be their reaction? Would they be able to accept the fact?  She was longing to get back to her home, her home with her husband. When will this be possible she wondered?
Guilt started taking over her. Had she not been to impulsive to leave her house,  Maan wouldn't have to come and stay here as Balwant nor would he have to face the humiliation daily from her family, she wouldn't have to hide this fact from her family and have the guilt of betraying them, Dev wouldn't have come to Amritsar and meet Nandini... Oh! God was she responsible for all of this mess in their life...Of course not... what was she supposed to do... she was shattered... shattered by the very words of her man, her love... The words started ringing in her mind again... Guilt, pain, love, betrayal, hurt, confusion all of these emotions were creating a havoc in her so much so that she did not realize that she was dancing vigorously pushing herself beyond limits, limits to hold herself steady.  She was about to fall down when she felt his arms going around her holding her strong, not allowing her to slip to the ground.
The moment Maan saw her so dancing so agitatedly, he ran to her only to realize that she was about to fall. He held her immediately shouting
Maan: Geet!!! Geet kya hua hai tumhe? Whats up with you? Kis baat ki sazaa de rahi ho apne aap ko? Kya chal raha hai tumhare dimaag mein?  Ek paal khush ho to ek pal udaas... kabhi has rahi ho to kabhi ro rahi ho... Aakhir kya baat hai Geet? Kyon itni pareshan ho?

Geet (feeling a bit hazy): Maan aap kab...

Maan: Shhh... Chup bilkul chup...

He made her relax on the sofa and rushed to get her a glass of water

Maan: Here, have some water and relax.

She quickly sipped some water from the glass and put threw her head back on the arm rest of the sofa closing her eyes and trying to relax.

Maan (cupped her face): How are you feeling now?

Geet (smiling):  Better now that you are here...

Maan (a little irritated):  What were you trying to do? Tum kya kar rahi thi... Tumhe pata hai...

Geet pulled his arm and held it in her hands assuring him..

Geet: I'm fine Maan... seriously... Main theek hoon...

Maan: care to explain?

Geet: nopes... first you tell me... weren't you supposed to be back after an hour...

Maan (angry): Don't cut me off...

Geet: Oh hello Mr. Khurana... I'm supposed to be angry on you... you snatched away my invisible time off with you for your meetings and now you are trying to scare me off with you anger... Don't forget your promise...

She got up acting angry and stood a little further away from him facing the opposite side. Maan realized that it was no point asking her anything now and it would be better to leave if off for later...
Maan (moved towards her and hugged her  from back holding her arms): Accha ji... Sorry Mrs. Khurana... Amm... so what should we do now... Ahh... let me guess... let's start again from where we stopped last...

Geet (confused, turns around): Where did we stop last?

Maan: amm... as far as I remember, Mrs. Khurana kissed me and ran off before letting me thank her

She blushed and tried moving out of his embrace when Maan held her tight...

Maan: Ah.. Ahh.. No Mishti... today am not gonna miss this opportunity...

She saw a glint of mischief in his eyes when he said so, that turned her cheeks to a darker shade of red as he moved closer and closer to her...

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nicely written, Clap

the prose and poem have gelled well

waiting for ur updates, do pm me

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