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#Devil's Den:Raat Akeli Hai Phas gaye MMS mein#

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
I watched an episode after a week and I get Darshan of Geet's Gore Gore handss *phewww* Nayee Kapde aa gayee..LOL
Maalkeen aur Driver Role Play Shuru...LOLbut her behaviour there?Confused
Yes the 18 Year old jaag gayi..It should be her who should be more worried about Nandini than dev because if Dev loves Nandini doesn't mean that she has to love him too..
Maan Singh Khurana was right in his place because according to him his Principles are still greater to him than his Relations even if it is his own brother.ClapClap
AHHH Chup Bilkul chup is BackkkEmbarrassed
Exactly why was Geet expecting Maan to advice Nandini wrong? She should actually be thinking about it that what if Nandini doesn't love dev then dev should just forget it and here she is thinking mor ebaout Dev...Two different Geets THe sensible one who spoke the truth to Daman and cleared all accusations against Nandini and today's Geet who was justConfused
Geet was just making me scratch my head but loved ever dialogue of MSK that they  will do whatever is in their hands but no forcing nandini over dev..
Hmm..ok so MSK will reveal the truth and Nandini will realise Dev was not being shameless because he is not married to Geet. That doesn't make her fall in love with dev but it removes the doubt in her head for Dev and Jo hoga dekh lenge.
Jungle mein bhi bas jaayeeeROFLROFLROFLUfff Kya Yaad dila diya..
Dev-Das chat pe sang aayee Jassos no. 007
Deva wants to go back to delhi to Daadimaa and his one and only Naintara..Jaao Betaa Jaao..
He is acting like a Teenage Premi, Girlfriend said no so I want to run away..Be a Mard Deva..
Hey Bhaggu Jugnu Maamee there are 3 people and deva calls sumone bro toh bro wahi hoa na Geet taxi driver aur gharwaale ke beech..Gharwaala and Geet out toh who is left Taxi driver..Simple Mathss karo toh amrica khud aayegi..LOL
the 24 hours principle is back..Maan singh khurana now I am confused what are you gonna do to help dev now. I mean fine the doubt is cleared but what after that? will you advice Dev to go in the JUngle and wait in a tabela and if Nandini cums then she is yours and if she doesn't then next morning go back to delhi...
Nandini confesses tht ur so called pati is a Bevda...
deva ek aur baar sochle This Nanduji is Chugalkhor Aunty's Beti..har baat mein Chugli Pitega tuLOL
Lucky's Gol matol cute jaisi ladoo type sweetheart is backROFLROFL
Lucky wants to say Dil ki Baat butt err.. aren't you and preeto already dating?
Oh but wait his action gave me clues "Barso ki Tamanna aaj poori karni hai" What does Lucky want to do to PreetoLOL
LMAO He wanted to do it that nightROFLROFLROFL
Not until he realised he just snatched the KingCONROFLROFL
Lol Lucky''s speech wid all jis Beeji Jijaji HaanJi
Jaao Lucky Fateh Karo ab toh Dev ka bhi ashirvaad mil gaya..LOL
aur ho gayaa Lucky Nissar Devaa ke saamne
Waah Deva tera kya kehnaa Ladkiyan aur ladke bhi hands full haan...ekdum jhakaas kismat only sucks in nandini's caseLOL
Hmm So Geet still has to discover the BIGGEST and the DARKEST secret of Maan Singh Khurana's Book..Sameeraaa *DHAN TE NAN*
Clue clue ki sam aunty ko welcome ke liye arti lekar khade ho jaao..LOL
and there MSK springss like a doll and jumpes in...LOL
Hailaa No dupatta finally our demands not going to deaf earss *Babaji tusee g8 ho*
CVz makin fun of their own Shayar MSKLOL
Garib ki Chandi Hi Chandi waah waahLOL
They swapped their souls there Maan was blabbing that beeji aajeyigi,teji,lucky vagera vegera but geet held him back and Good Night Jhappi but ay ley Jugnu maame ne Gazab kar liyaa
LOL So jugnu Maama climbed up there? but how..Rope is impossible maybe it was a ladder I was thinking he is gonna fall while recording and wen everyone gathers around he will show the MMS but will end up deleting it with his own hands..LOL
OMG Jugnu Maame was using a BB torchShockedpakka he is gonna delete it now..LOL
Romeo singh and Juliet Kaur Panjabi tadka lage keROFL
Tej-Paami scene was good, atleast he wasn't really rude..but PaamiCrypammi don't worry sudhar jaayega woh..
Mar Gayaaa ACP pradyuman Jaag gayaROFLROFLROFLMurder or Suciide
Oh wait the BOMB is still left "May I go to bathroom" ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
They slept on couch together...Uss din Kuch nahin hua tha sachi muchi it was all Geet's 3d imagination...abhi toh Con baak hai..
Aww it was cute haha geet teasing her sleeping driverLOL
Gundi Geet jaag gayi and she pulled his collar with a sweet"Good Morning"LOL
Geet probably hurt herself to save Maan from Beeji and Teji's CHittar parade..

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:33am | IP Logged


Creatives thank u for giving us an awesome episode, loved it!
Rahul thank u!

A man of principals!  Yes I love this MSK!  He told Geet to him its all about the principal and that is beyond a relationship for him and she should know it herself!  Loved it!

Geet's character consistency!

Most of us females here!  Some married with family right!

Let's ask ourselves one question, how many times have we put our own thoughts and principals aside for family here!

Don't u feel Geet is doing the same?

Just my POV!Confused

Beautiful VM, thanks luv harshad!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged

I liked the Episode today..Mayb I can say it was the best episode of the week so far in terms of Maaneet scenes and nice entertainment factor via Jugnu's Laila-Majnu InvestigationROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Cvs hv kept MSKs ideals and principles intact to some extent today. ..he won't break anyone's marriage for his brother's happiness but will only tell the truth about his own identity to free Dev from that MSK's name burdenThumbs Up but Geet ka kyaAngry..Why CVs always compromise with Geet's character ??Angry ..CVs need to b consistent here...Confused
About MSK's dialogue to Geet in the start regarding his decision to tell the truth to all but not today but tomorrow once the family returns after fixing Nandu's rishta...I thought it  was fully justifiedApprove...I told this yesterday in the den itself and I was proved right today by the CVsLOL...What MSK means by helping Dev is just to free him from this burden of Maan's name  which Dev is carrying so that he becomes a free bird and chooses his own destination...MSK won't come in the way of Nandu's marriage ...but tomorrow MSK will obviously not want Dev to come and blame him that "Bro u wanted me to become Maan and so becuase of your confusing drama I lost my life which is Nandu"LOL...So all MSK will do is tell the family that I m MSK and he is Dev...then its upto Dev how he pataofies Nandu or whether Nandu accepts or reject DevBig smile...
From what I saw today,all I understood was MSK somewhere is feeling guilty that he asked Dev to act as Maan because of which Dev might b suffering in his own love-life and MSK doesn't want someone else to suffer because of his own blunders whether the guy is friend or he wants to free Dev from this whole mess by telling the truth to all and then Dev can choose his own life ..whatever he wants to do...From MSK's words all I can judge is he will help Dev by just making sure that he frees Dev from the bondage of this "Jijaji" TagLOL which is a hurdle in his life right now...Once thats done,then it depends on Dev's fate which MSK mentions today and of course Nandu's decision... Smile

The fact that MSK does not reveal his identity on that same day when family will take Nandu's rishta itself proves that he does not want to break her marriage...he just wants to keep the doors open for Nandu herself to decide whether she wants to go with Daman or Dev once truth comes out and here if CVs don't want to fully kill MSK's character,then I m also assuming that MSK will ask Dev to tell the truth about his past deeds to Nandu first before moving ahead...And then Nandu can take her decision ..but if Nandu's rishta breaks then she won't b left with this option of Daman or Dev na...thats why MSK doesn't want to break her rishta and wants to tell the truth after her rishta is fixed so that she can hv this option in handEmbarrassed 

In yesterday's episode Nandini did speak about her confusions to Geet when MSK gave her that marriage somewhere Nandu is a confused soul right now...whether her family fixes this rishta or not ,she still is confused about this marriageErmm;MSK and Geet both r aware of it...but still when it comes to Nandu and her family's decision,MSK doesn't want to interfere and thats the reason why he doesn't want to speak the truth and interuppt their plans in between,...But at the same time he wants to free Dev from the burden of this "Jijaji" tag which is stopping him from making any attempts to go near Nandini and somewhere MSK is responsible for putting this burden on DevOuch...
So MSK decides to free Dev from this jijaji tag but making sure while doing so he is not interrupting the plans of this family either so that later when truth comes out MSK does not get a bad nameBig smile... Thats the reason MSK is waiting for the next day after the family returns after fixing Nandu's rishta and then he can tell the truth to allWink
The whole reason why MSK went ahead with all this Ballu drama was to improve his image...and I guess with this whole Dev-Nandu fiasco he will try to do the same...Wink..yup that might make him selfish...but thats how he isLOL... Even Dev was portrayed selfish today when he comes and tells MSK that he wants to a way it was sort of a blackmail by Dev so that MSK quickly reveals the truth to after that if MSK too plays the safe bet and becomes selfish by telling the truth as per his favourable timing, I will say its tit for tatLOLLOL

Does this thought makes MSK selfish ??Mayb Yes..That way MSK has always been selfish..he himself says thatLOL...he came here as driver for Geet..he fought in akhaada only for Geet...he himself confessed that I m doing all this for uLOL...even now he doesn't want that later he is made responsible for his brother's he wants to clear his name outLOL..For him helping Dev=freeing him from MSK's burdenLOL...No wonder later Geet's dialgoues comes about how she is still not able to understand Maan Singh Khurana inside outWink...mayb it hints about his dark past which will b the upcoming trackTongue
Coming to Geet's character and her dialogues today in Dev's favour ,I m not defending Geet's character here..but as a married woman myself I can say one thing that woman after marriage change a lot...their priorities change..more than their self-respect what matters to them is the happiness,honour and self-respect of her own husband and his family members...Since Geet has forgiven her culprit now,so she is seeing Dev only as her brother-in-law and from that angle if we see her actions,mayb they will not look too OTTErmm...Yes her character has been compromised a lot by the CVs in the name of introducing new tracks but if we r expecting Geet Khurana to hv the same fire that Geet Handa showed in her HP days ,then thats not realistic...but hving said that I do confess that Geet's character has not grown enough and is compromised a lot compared to MSK's character in terms of dialogues ,maturity and growth...Smile

One of the interesting scenes today was Geet near window standing and telling to herself "Do I really know Maan singh khurana that well...kabhi khuli kitaab and kabhi it seems he has so many faces of  secrets...everytime I open this book called Maan Singh Khurana,I get to see a new page and a chapter in the book"ShockedShocked..Why this dialogue out of blue ??ShockedShockedShocked...So this means CVs via Geet r trying to say that still few things which MSK does even now amazes Geet...she still doesn't know him inside outShockedShockedShocked..So this somewhere indicates that Sam or MSK's past is coming soonShockedShockedShockedShocked..The chapter of MSK's life which Geet is still unaware ofCool...Bingo to the CVs for this dialogue which gives way for the future trackThumbs Up
Jugnu Mama as usual rocked today with his MMS fiasco and Majnu Singh-Laila Kaur discoveryROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL;Here I m assuming that somehow Lucky might see this MMS later and will find out the entire truth but mayb Dev along with Maaneet will somehow convince Lucky to  support them in their plans since they all know Lucky ka secret affair with Preeto nowEvil Smile;Maaneet already came to know about it during one of the KC-Episode and Dev came to know about it todayTongue...
Maaneet last scene was the best in today's episodeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;Loved the way both were sleeping like two innocent babies on the same sofa in such a relaxed mannerEmbarrassed;Also loved the way Geet used her hair in such a mischievous way to wake him upEmbarrassed; GC-DD both rocked in this sceneEmbarrassed;But again this scene proves that Maaneet r yet to do the deed or else why sofa and why not bed ??ROFLROFLROFLROFL;Anyways the scene was refreshing and not repitative and also  this morning scene was better than the one which we saw post tabela debacleLOLLOL...Good to see finally MSK romancing Geet minus her dupattaTongueLOL...
Episode Rating:8.5/10...Today I got some hint of how MSK is trying to help Dev and whats gonig on in his mind or in which way the track is finally gave a rating to the episodeLOLEmbarrassed..its clear that Lucky and Nandini will b soon finding out the truth and then slowly the family will come to know about itBig smile..What remains to b seen is whether Dev's past deeds will b exposed in front of Nandini or notErmm..

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

so let's see what's instore ki raasleela or Maaneet ki pull and push??????LOLLOL

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:44am | IP Logged
rejerbed Cool

Liked the epi overall Big smile

Mamaji was hilarious LOL LOL LOL

In Saj's words Devmati is back Confused LOL

MSK refusing to compromise on his principles for his bro Thumbs Up ...thanks for keeping MSK's character intact Big smile

Geet ka character as usual has been ruined Ouch ... and I am unhappy for this. Ouch

I have come back from a long trip and so will update tomorrow. Sleepy...

Maaneet are the best Heart

Lekin haan something to make you laugh...the first thing I did on setting foot in the hotel room was to see if they have Star One ROFL ROFL ROFL ...kuch bhi ho jaaye I was not gonna miss contributing to the TRPs of my favorite show Wink Cool ...waise I was also ready to sunafy the front desk guy if they did not have it...uski jaan bach gayeee...they had star one ROFL ROFL ROFL...we found it after an extensive search just before the epi air time Embarrassed...mera kooch nahin ho saktha ROFL ROFL ROFL

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:45am | IP Logged
I have been deprived of some hawt Maneet push, pull, grab sequences for more than a week...
Even Gurti segments coz of Kanimozhi Angry 
I better have some scene like last Wednesday  haan Stern Smile

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
It seems Geet dear is still under estimating her awesome husband..
He has to tell her that he will never sacrifice his principle for his relations.
and that Geet should know that... but when HP express ke gaddi ready hoti hai to bus jalti hi jati hai jab tak apne Maan ka chup bilkul chup nahi sunti...  LOLLOL
OK MSK character is intact.. He wants to help Dev but on the sacrifice of misleading nandini..
Hmmm so Geet invited her husband to stay night..   Poor ballu at least in his room he would be flat on his back sleeping and resting but in his wife's room he had to sit whole night LOLLOLLOL
loved the way Geet woked up stretching her arms and directly contacting her husband's face and turban  LOLLOLLOL
Jugnumama was hillarious as usual..  Still trying to find what does bro meant..
Yeh to apne ghar ki kudi Geet hai..  uska gharwala..  taxi driver and yeh bro kaun hai...
and then romeo singh and juliet kaur that was most hillarious poor shakespeare will turn in his grave !!!!   kanon ke liye usne picture liya... but will forget the proof..
So khichdi thik se pak rahi hai... or uper se masale dar ho rahi hai...
At least we know that ballu is safe and did not get caught but now Geet has injured her hand???

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