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-Ehtesaab- SSmaaneet EPILOGUE NOTE PG145 (Page 99)

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 12:12am | IP Logged
@muskan, lovely continue...

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged
so it is only the ethesaab that is ending no the FF
please yaar
dont give an epilogue so soon
with maan & geet together there is no end to the passion called love
please yaar
love u
m waiting , wanting

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007jindal IF-Dazzler

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Oh wat an wonderful ff. Read the whole ff in one go. Amazing. Jst cant wait 4 the next update

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ammu5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
poor maneet lost da baby. very emotional updates  loved it

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Hey dear just read it and was so touched with it,it was damn hard to write in it.
The way it started seem to be perfect than any other thing,seemed to be like every normal rather ordinary girls dream.Even the word perfect seems to be smaller in front of her life.She got a Perfect house, Perfect Husband,
Perfect life, Perfect World filled with immense Love.Her life started with and even ended at him and for him too even she thought.She have got everything in her life what more she could asked for,living her life in his embrace could be her only Dream that came True,her only Wish that was Granted, her only Aim that was Achieved what else then,her life was moving with a Perfect pace smoothly sweetly softly.As she got everything she couldn't ask for more and that too what she could have asked for,her every need was fulfilled by the gift God blessed her with,as she could feel nothing but special.She got the Love of her life which most probably people don't or atleast not this easily few problems then they were meant to be together forever and ever.Even the countless times she say herself lucky wasn't enough,As she could be referred among the most happiest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumhi mere mandir, tumhi meri pooja,
Tumhi devta ho,tumhi devta
Koyi meri aankho se dekhe to samjhe,
Ke tum mere kya ho, ke tum mere kya
Tumhi mere mandir, tumhi meri pooja,
Tumhi devta ho,tumhi devta

Everything was just great until a storm broke on her,shattering her life completely ,breaking her heart into pieces, piercing her soul deeply with the scars never to be healed.The Life which seem to be perfect was not anymore immaculate.The Husband of which she thought of as impeccable,the image was broken blurred with cracks and damage never to be repair.The Love which was flawless now seem to be blemished.Her world was scattered into million of pieces to which she could never join again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karta Raha Faraib Koi Saadgi Ke Sath
Itna Bara Mazaak Meri Zindagi Ke Sath
Shayed Mili Saza Is Jurm Ki Mujhay
Ke Tha Mujhay Pyaar Ek Ajnabi Ke Sath'

Over it he wasn't ashamed of his act instead he acted as it was nothing,he wasn't sorry,and least he cared about her pain,all he could utter was that he loves her surely he does if that's what you call Love.he didn't bothered to console her,didn't bothered to ease her impatient heart,he didn't tried to sooth her pain,he didn't even said sorry to make her feel better.In his most ruthless way just said to feel okay as it is nothing she should be bothered away,he didn't had any mercy or sympathy she didn't even asked but didn't his heart ached to see her in anguish, didn't his eyes burned watching her weep, didn't he felt of killing himself to give her pain????What this actually Love?????
He said so easily to let go it when her world was turned upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the other side we see a person as he too living his perfect life.until he met her not met but saw her.He became restless just to see her glimpse,what he had for her he was unaware completely least knew anything about her or the feeling which took over him.he was worried for this stranger whom he don't even know,but not seeing her made him worried and then watching her like this in a miserable condition his heart did ached.She was in pain for sure but least he knew what it could be about,but still he just soothed her pain with his words, he did gave her restless soul some peace!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both took their way home happily yet again the affection they shared couldn't be understood by a normal being, it was way beyond anyone's thinking.She was yet again ready to start it all over again,how could she let go so easily surely she couldn't,she tried her best, new hopes were waken up in her.An urge was brought back by his soothing and comforting words.She loved him and somewhere he too she couldn't deny the fact which seem to be the biggest truth of her life.She attempted to be with him once again as it was,the perfect life they were living,but what she could do if it would be only one sided but now she was hopeful everything will be better again as it could not be Perfect again!!!!!!!!!!!!
She wasn't aware as if her all attempts will just go in vain,this was the worst she would expect.Her world was destroyed completely, her every dream was ruined,her heart just exploded out of pain and she was felt soulless.She couldn't do much all she was left with was pain, tears, agony of loving him so much still.This is world at the times of difficult trial they leave you all alone to face it by yourself but her case was worst,the human only support on which they could rely all their life and they knew on their heart that is the best place in the world to be hide in and get over all PARENTS.But with her even they gave up on her, just because she didn't accepted their decision but went by her heart, so they refuse to even console her all they do was just being pitilessly order her to maintain it as her younger sister future would be at stake.This was what she got in return instead of some sympathy and a shoulder to pour out her pain,all she got was instructions.People do get selfish but this was beyond explaining.

Saya bhi sath chod jaaye esi hai Tanhayi
Rona chahun tou aansu na aaye esi hai Tanhayi

Jo ese chod ke mehboob jaye
To jeene se na kyun dil oobh jaye

Paya humne yeh bin tere
Ranjh ki raahein aur ghum ke andhere
Woh bhi tou humse kho gaye saare

Yaad aate hain beete zamane
Jab tum aaye the humko manane
Ab to dil roothe dard manaye

She was left alone to fight back, that too with whom for what?She hardly knew anything about these pains,as he was his savior but where to ask help when the savior drowned her,what when the one who gave her happiness snatched by himself where she shall go to seek happiness.

Hum se mat puchho kaise, mandir tuta sapnon ka
Logon kee baat nahin hai, ye kissaa hain apnon ka
Koi dushman thhens lagaaye, to meet jiyaa bahlaaye
Manameet jo ghaanw lagaaye, use kaun mitaye?

But was he actually her savior??No, he wasn't but now she found one.She get to meet him again this time with 100fold pain at that time.But he once again guided her with his words and showed her the path to be followed.Eased her pain as much as he could and filled her with strength and made her understand every single bit,answered her every question,cleared her every confusion, and led her to live life with different views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aapne kaha tha na..don't let go??
he thought for a while & tried to frame it right...that was because u said wat about longing waise bhi I said it depends on wat hurts more.
She broke down in tears why does it hurt??? why ???
may be because u learned to associate love with pain and loss, so you interpret the familiar feeling of longing as love. This is dangerous. It can lead you to choose painful relationships. Remember, love doesn't hurt. Only loss hurts. Love doesn't cause pain. Loss causes pain
then why is it so hard to let go of a relationship that doesn't have all the things u you need
..she asked painfully
The answer is longing. He said blankly .. You don't want to face that pain. you're filling up feelings of emptiness, which come from not having a sense of your own self, by obsessing. she looked lost at that word..Obsession is an addiction. Obsession, in relationships, stems from fear of loss. It also creates more pain. he couldn't bear the pain in her eyes...At times pain you feel by facing pain and grieving is sweet and releasing than the pain you feel by denying  the pain itself and obsessing is hard and enduring.
He slowly held her hand that was holding his collar.. You have to chose between love and longing.
(i have no wors to explain this it self in a beautiful and perfect way)

She took a decision to be firm at least as far as she could try and walked out of his life.She had no way as it was not needed ever,with with those words heading towards the way she wasn't aware off.Finally, the sense knocked his brain,he started searching for her,but Will he ever find her???He was finding the mere soulless body,he might find that but will he ever be able to find what he actually lost?Will he ever regret on it?Will he ever realize its worth?Will he ever understand what he lost will never be to find it ever again?What is gone he might never be able to gain?Never,but it least effected on him he wanted that structure made up of mud just for his self satisfaction, to satisfy his worldly needs, to make sure that there is reputed girl referred as his wife rather than having a disreputable female with him.To that he said he loved her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally he found her means just the structure and instead of hugging her,all he could do was just to blame her or abuse her with his dirty words.Pushing her more far way from himself to the edge.All he came with was his ego to take her back but not love,All she asked was to clear out his mess instead of asking time she was completely ready to give him time without even asking.She just wanted to start life was again!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was left once again and the most painful part was her own family abandoned her just due to the fake respect in society.Why do these moral values valued more than their children happiness rather more than even life.At the time of utter most support they left her alone at her own mercy to struggle all alone.Luckily at least she got one friend to make her life less miserable.He tried his best to help her rather destiny played its card he was a user used by fate to take her to her real savior and the one who will know her worth far way from these merciless people!!!!!!!!
As like always he was a restless soul finding his peace at every corner but failure all he could endure but finally destiny got them together once again.They both share this strange relation for each other,an urge to comfort each other.His peace was for sure rest in her and she eventually would finds her too in the castle of his arms,but this comfort was not long lasting seeing her in pain ached in him and pierced through his soul.He would lovingly drink those water drops but how helpless he felt not knowing its reason.Those precious diamonds were just wasting which he could not tolerate anymore.The sight was just so unbearable for him.But finally managed to relieve her from her pain and once again showed her new path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time the life was all alone of hers no one to share no one to feel no one to express,it was just surrounded by her loneliness.She never deserved this,why has she got this,all she could think about was her mistakes in the relationship.What was it that went wrong between them,or else what could go wrong.her life wasn't in much better state she was surely dead inside others she might seem to be alive but within everything that died just his love which was taking his last breaths.He himself couldn't do much but just to hurt her more n more to an extent that beyond could be healed any single wound of hers !!!!!!!!!!!!!
For him he played his last card that all he could say his life his love was just an game for him,which almost became a toll on her life.Without any hesitation she ran towards him,just to know about his dirty game played by his dirty mind.He did all this because he knew so well this could be the best way to get her back in his life,as the land under her will be slipped away,all his expectations did came true as it mattered to her for her it was the matter of her life but he was least bothered what he even tried all he was happy about was his victory but not her comeback.he was proud over his dominance instead of being guilty on his act. instead of getting up and giving her the hug all he could he express her his power what he possess.She felt ashamed,miserable and did what they both neither thought nor they wanted it that way,she broke all the relations forever and ever never to return!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bhehti Hawa Me Khusbu Hai Tumhari
Mere Dil Ke Aayine Me Surat Hai Tumhari
Is Jism Me Jo Mar Ke Bhi Na Mit Sake
Woh Sirf Our Sirf Tasveer Hai Tumhari'

Her life was scattered it was nothing but a burden on earth.There was no hope everything gone from her hand completely forever.What was she to live with?For whom to live?There was nothing and now no one all she had was pain tears agony to be burn in this anguish all her life.But there was someone still to whom this soulless body does matter,to whom instincts awared about her pain and asked him to help her.He too was in pain just with not having her around all he wanted to see her glimpse and be satisfied that she is fine in which ever corner she is but fine.he had no authority or right over her but still his heart was commanding to take an action for her which he indeed took.When aimlessly her heavy body left it weight she was seated near by,when he found her after struggling roaming around madly and wandering about her state crazily he finally got his breathe but somewhere with the sight it was away yet again.he took that body with him which knew not to breathe neither to feel all it knew was to shed tears.It was impossible for him to leave her in this state as he wanted to shake her and ask her but all she could mutter was those words which he could never hear and after hearing he couldn't do the same to her.They didn't knew that night will change their life forever,her plead made him weak too.All he wanted was to absorb all his pain into himself and soak her into his love so that he could relax her,As she was flaccid he wanted to jab her with life once again.To her life seems completely absurd but in his arms she yet felt safe secured and the pain started draining away.As he just forgot everything and remembered only thing to ease her he broke all the barriers between them and did what he could do or think of,they both feel so contended to have each other she was in pain but at the moment she was drowned into the deep oceans of love just love which she always wanted to cherish,enjoy but this was she could just dream off.They both spend that night into each other feeling completed,and he finally realized what she meant to him in what senses.Why her presence and her absence so much bothered him Why?Why?Why?all his questions were answered when he found her in his arms  and his heart in peace that he was in Love!!!!!!!

Bahon Mein Aaj Teri Bikhar Jaane Do

Mehki Saanson Mein Mujhe Utar Jaane Do
Raat Tanha Aur Sard Mausam Hai
Aaj Apni Saanson Mein Mahek Jaane Do
Shoqh Nazron Ko Sharm Aati Hai
Thartharte Lab ko Lab Se Sil Jaane Do
Bikhre Hue Geisu Bikhra Hua Kajal Hai
Aaj Rooh Ko Rooh Mein Sama Jaane DO
Raat Thori Armaan Dil Mein Baqi Hai
Aaj Bahon Mein Teri Raat Ko Kat Jaane Do

He was afraid with her reaction as he also got aware about the harsh truth she wasn't his,that pained but ta the moment all what mattered him was what will be her take on it, and which was just beyond his expectation,she didn't used words all she could speak was she didn't want to spoil that beautiful moment of her life by taking it into a wrong directions.She was satisfied but unfortunately her bad luck all she wanted from whom didn't get and when she got she couldn't even be happy on it, but still she wasn't sad about it, even in any other she felt special filled with love!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again their lives moved on with it,he was unaware about every bit of her all now he knew or was bothered about that he was in love and will do anything for her.They never discussed about it nor they wanted to it was just moving smoothly at least it looked like but even this wasn't planned by destiny,their fate was joined and they were meant to be one it was just one by one cards were to be played.As it just began it all seemed accidentally but as it wasn't as she tried her best to live her life her paths were once again crossed over with him,which only made her condition woeful and situation to be at best its worst.By those papers there relation was cutted off but the string that attached both their hearts couldn't be cutted off so easily.He still had some effect on her as his presence was bothering her she couldn't control her emotions clearly visible to him also.Both understood what she was going through he too understood her pain as he could clearly read in her eyes,and he could never let her down ultimately became her strength.they got themselves attached with magnetic force, as no force could separate them.As they were glued to each other,being a typical husband he couldn't bear this sight could do nothing but raise a voice against it in the most improper way.She was already standing at the edge and as per destiny he became the reason to push her towards him as just even fakely she accepted to be hers and only hers and claimed him without fearing him and the world.But there was surely concern for him whom she was taking for granted ,even there was a tint of pain visible in her eyes in order to hurt anyone else whom she was hurting in pain and more of herself.It felt churned up ,but the feelings with which she was stirred she couldn't think of anything but the way to reduce her pain in order to make him feel the same pain as she was going through but it all went around in another way.Just by knowing her since few days he knew her so well he understood her perplexed mind and baffled soul and her asking for forgiveness which he surely granted and and once again prove her by the tender touch of his that she wasn't wrong and even if she is he will always stand beside her as her support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this all she could do was apologize when he expected a lot more but he himself wasn't in a state to express his feelings to her,as he doubted if she would be able to resist.They both took their ways once again,as he was complete unaware about the storm heading towards them to change their life.When his family made their way to him with full of rage as the reputation was at stake they could have taken anything but not this but still somehow it was handled with care as the moment was so fragile.the atmosphere was changed around them he conveyed her the message and misinterpretation lead it to the truth that it was all her fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She already suffering so much didn't wanted anyone to go through the betrayal as she herself knew its pain but once again she was helpless.At the other way she was afraid to face the truth,the gospel truth which she could not deny that what she means to him she was scared of hearing his confession.But he never left failed in making her stunned with his sweet gestures which would be only filled with immense care and fear to see even a drop of diamond near her stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally after all the efforts they made their way to his house which took after a long time as inside he was happy as for him it was like a dream come true but he knew somewhere some dreams are never meant to be dreamed watched with open eyes they always remain in your eyes,he could already feel the tension coiling up in her.She was tensed this was really so big for her, she never dealt with it as he was always beside her but this time she was all alone.They didn't even thought for a second not even in wackiest dreams that it would turn out like this,the meeting was soon ended as the news broke like a bomb at them.They were confused themselves to take it as good news or bad one's but fir sure couldn't take it bad as it really mean a lot.they were getting their next generation.The biggest shock of his life he could ever think of.the  one thing for which he would dance around and make others listen here he himself was standing quiet unaware how to react on it.Instead of happiness a worried feeling took over upon her reaction.he expected everything as he knew he was at fault but will give in his best!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the tortures he could have beared.every harsh word he could have beared , but this ,this was the torment he couldn't beared, this distress was too much to be absorbed as it went through his heart deep into his soul.At the other side she was in throe bearly could understand.So many things at a time one after another her life had became a hurricane no where it could be stopped,it was just moving and even destroying with itself all it get in its way,this was indeed painful.But she knew keeping this would be self-torment,he soothed her and made him believe to faith on him which she blindly did,he would never go wrong in anyway!!!!!!!!!!!
He made her soul rest in peace comforting her with hopes to be everything in her way.He was madly in Love with him that he instead of cherishing this happiness confined in her ,just for her happiness he could let go this dream of his,nothing could be painful than this to choose one among them but least thought about it,anything mattered him now was just her happiness her satisfaction even fearing that eyes filled with water he would even give up on his life.But here he cursed himself as he thought he was the culprit to get her in such a situation, and now his family was all ready to tie them up when she didn't forgot the person whom she loved by all her heart.He blamed himself to get her into this mess and cause her so much pain when she already was in so much pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He did what anyone could least expect even himself.halfheartedly he said spitted those harsh words towards them,just to get her some relief he couldn't afford a single question raising towards her and very smartly he took all the blame,hiding the truth in the grave never to come out.She just stood their watching him and making sense if she even deserve this love in return of this unconditional will she be ever to return anything but pain.They led their way to ease her pain and making her free from the burden gifted by him.Even their he couldn't let anyone raise a single voice against her,he made it all clear and making their way to end this beautiful dream!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon she was trucked by the harsh reality that this is her only chance to live her dream which is actually given by god how could she destroy this this tiny life in her.How could she end it when she herself knew this could be the new hope rising in her life with bright rays enlighting her life.How could she turns black clouds over it she couldn't for sure,she called for her savior who came for her.She just pleaded to let her keep only hope not to take it away from her as least expect anything from him,he felt hurt knowing him how low she could think o him when she knew he would turn his back on her over his responsibility but all it mattered to him was her pain happiness the only priority he was left with,His one part was happy but the other one was in grief to what she wanted??He took her back to the place where this beautiful accident took place and rested their for a while.His presence was all alone enough to comfort her,his sight was even so soothing having near him always gave her a pleasant atmosphere but still she was in deep thoughts to hurt him.She knew she could never love anyone except than him but what about this creature who knew nothing but to love her.she was unintentionally hurting her so much.She herself felt the pain.What they shared was beyond anyone's understanding in a way she didn't wanted to accept him actually she couldn't and when he was leaving her so she didn't wanted that too,it was her gig day for sure she was happy she was happy to be completed today she was happy to have got her real right she way happy on her womanhood,she surely wanted someone to share her this cherry moments who could be none other than him.But she was in dilemma as she couldn't claim him even if he said but she herself knew she had no rights but somewhere deep within she wanted to claim him today but she failed,but he could never he understood her unsaid words and made his way towards her she felt nothing but special and kept wondering how he loved her so much,as to him there was no need to exclaim any emotion to him just by looking at that mirror,he himself could draw the picture of her expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U r the song,I wish to play,
      U r the dream, I wish to live sum day,
      A day with U ,I live
      A day without U ,I die..
      I wish to see U when I close my eyes..
      To hold U near,before U say good bye'..

As soon as she slipped into the periodic state of rest when her consciousness was suspended,he too escaped from her grip.He made his way towards his heaven which was not anymore,in her he even forgot his world,he forgot he too is accountable to answer someone,not someone but his union of close members to take away their happiness about which they were unaware,that it still existed safe and sound.It meant everything to them now but their own son doing something was indeed painful killing their happiness by his own bare hands.He thought for nothing but just cutting him out of their union and disowning,he himself was eaten up by guiltiness to even think something so low about her and life and the life confined within her although everything was for her happiness but still he always find himself to be blames for every tiny thing.He was unaware about consequences that his decision could actually bring.He was already in the state of culpableness but this was unbearable firstly to kill his own child and now almost a toll on his father,he was accountable to everyone's pain,her miseries, child's killing,their being ashamed and all of all he can't express any single thing except his silent cry for whom no one was there to listen or comfort!!!!!!!!!!!!
She couldn't loose his husband at any cost,they were ashamed of this creature to be called their son but there was a ray of hope living in her,they were sure she won't turn her back on them.Without any further delay and hesitation she made her way to him and she herself was counted to be responsible of their pain and most part of his pain.But her one nod just made every face to have a curve on it.But still deep inside she could not thank God to have them around what she always wanted yet deserved never got and bow when she is actually getting it,it was filled with pain and guiltiness,guilt not to bear this but to hurt them lie them and take them to such an edge.She by now knew that he was a gem of a person more she think about him she fails to understand his limits as if there were any for him.He knew no limits when it came to her for sure,he would go beyond the skies even to just get her happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her only mistake she took him as angel for herself when he was a selfish devil,all he cared about himself and nothing else mattered to him ever,not even her infact she too was a part of his satisfaction.He was that who claimed to love her but in showing generosity to her all he could express was grudge against her.he was not only egoistic but narcissistic just to maintain his importance and make her aware his power he lost her forever and even now, he was least bother about her pain or her life what she might be going through he wanted to prove her that she was wrong instead of him.It is said when you are in love your ego destroy it rather it destroy you you destroy it,same we can see her what he was left with nothing he was barehanded he had nothing in hand but the pride was still remained in him stiffened till now he don't realize his loss,all he cared was to she to beg him when he knew he was the culprit.he was the one to destroy their beautiful world just in hand of some vulgarity,but here we see how behis (couldnt find proper in eng)  people get,she was so naive that she thought what if the happiness lied in her is wasn't his but atleast its hers so might he will cherish her as she hasn't let go off her past she still find her happiness in him somewhere but he found that this was an act of temerity how without shame she speaked that too him instead of understanding him he thought low of her and making her feel better he made her felt ashamed that she even thought of sharing it with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was once again wretched brutally his expressions killed her within
but then the sight killed her further,more than her it was him who was scattered his woefulness seems not to be end forever. These sufferings had no end he finally concluded he might burn in this fire of love forever,he was is state neither he could express nor he could hide anymore,he didn't knew what to do,they can't move back she don't to move ahead where this all was heading to he was unaware.For the very first time he exploded his feelings to her he wanted her to know what he going through as if she wasn't aware of it.This time more than her he needed her,he wanted her to ease her as he did in past he wanted someone to hold him and make him feel better,which she eventually did she did wiped the silent tears from his eyes she did heared the silent cry of his soul,she did soothed those painful moans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But today might his pain will end,as she opened her book of life and turned few pages for him to read and  know about her.He was not interested in knowing the past pages than writing their love story into the future pages.But still she poured her pain onto him.As listening to her story he felt twinge in his heart,as if someone stopped his breathe and squeezed his heart so strong that it might explode out of pain.He was curious to know now every bit of it but at the end he was eased as he couldn't afford another guilt but he was relieved as that beautiful moment tend out of all that mess it has nothing to do with it.It seemed like a miracle at time how he effortlessly understood her every unsaid word her confused expression without making her tense and asking for anything he would make her get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanste hue aankhon mein kyu aa jate hai aansoo
Kyun khushi ko adhura sa bana jate hai aansoo
Dard itna hai saha, ho gaya samunder ashqon ka
Jane kaha se fir bhi aankhon mein bhar jate hai aansoo
Khush hoon main koi shikwa zamane se na taqdeer se
Meri iss baat ko jhoota kar jate hai aansoo
Shayad khabar hai unko bhi kis qadar tanha hoon main
Tanhaayi mein mera saath nibha jate hai aansoo.

Here she was to end this relation so abruptly,what she once couldn't even thought of she was intended to do it,wasn't these bruises enough to cry all her life although he didn't deserve a bit of it but she was so madly in love with him who won't it is said you fall in love even with a animal if you spend a time period with him he was tou a human whom she loved cared and only thought.he too loved her all these years she never complained about it but then how come this was the end of this beautiful wonderful relation.She could never left a hope on him never she came for her separation still with the hope might some ultimate miracle might happen and these few moths get washed away and once again she found herself in his embrace where she meant to be.But her hope was broken too when she was assaulted with a harsh reality,that too by him with his acceptance.Her love seem to be low down today somewhere,she was dishearted to whom she loved praised worshiped all these years was he even deserving,he did all this just as she never made him value her so he took just for granted.She thought just this happiness weighed so much than all these years and everything that she just gave up on him to his love that he himself with others raised a finger on her,who ought to be with her but standing watching her pastime of being getting insulted.As for sake of last dying hope in him he saw him and as she failed she raised her voice against all abusers,she questioned everyone about all that he was accountable for how could anyone blame her,what he did was illegal atleast she did it with decency when everything ended between them,but in our society its only women who are accounted for everything.When for all her scattered life broken heart bruised soul he was accounted no one raised a voice on him but her.The height of injustice wasn't over here when she was charged to raise her voice against,all she asked for was who is accountable for her this condition to brought her in such situation but then she was a women she had no right,she was a puppet to be used by everyone as long as possible she was just left to entertain them as long as possible because she don't have a heart,even if she has she has nothing to do with it it will be used as a toy and played with their convenience and then broken.After all that she finally had to let go off him which was painful but this was life it took a turn she let of go that soul of his in her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always he was there to absorb every bit of her pain,the agony she went through he couldn't help but now he could heal all her pain.But soon he was filled with rage when he saw the sight of the person who caused her so much pain he was furious to even stand him and did what possibly he could and spited fire with words to be aware what could be the consequences.He was dumbfounded to not see her cry anymore which was indeed a silence before storm.Here comes the day they all were waiting for,when he once again rescued her to be get ashamed of anything and leaving her flabbergasted how he never fails in surprising her with immense love,which she thought she even deserved as it would be only pain she could possibly give him.She was astonished with his answers to her complicated questions.he replied what once she said to him true
when did lines come between lovehow true this phase was only those people could realize who would have ever fallen in Love as the depth in it was not easy to understood as he too realized when he was madly in love with her he now knew what it would have meant to her ta that time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The life was moving smooth as it all seemed but something wasn't left the same she was dead inside completely who won't so may things the trauma she went through couldn't be explained but just the pain could be felt.She couldn't be referred as normal now as she wasn't she knew now nothing,all she knew was her fight within that too for what as if it was war between her life and death.
Its when he realized his mistake and once again to came to destroy every bit of her.What she always wanted to listen from him he was saying all that which held no meaning any more ,it pierced her heart though but now more than him other things mattered to her.Seeing him in a conditions wasn't painful than leaving her here behind by misunderstood the situation!!!!!!!!!!!
Their life took a complete turn over and they lost their only hope,other side he was angry at self but he knew this was needed for her own good she need to let go her past but she wasn't letting it go might by this something bring change in her but he didn't knew it would take a toll on their child he couldn't do much but to face another guilt in his life,he was in pain their were in pain to loose the last hope to ever be happy in their life.The only ray of hope too was snatched away what they to be linked now what they to be cherish now.She was afraid to confront him what might he would thought the happiness confined in her was taken away by whom they didn't knew.He was in anger at himself,she was in perturbation of herself to have not take take care of it,how beautifully said which was growing in her womb but in his heart for sure was now taken away!!!!!!!!!!!
They both act as fluster,and the life was fluttered in every if something thrown upon it and casing so many ripples and getting them far away.They all were broken somewhere deep inside the happiness was taken away but still the endured all as they still have that daughter of theirs atleast she was fine.He once again came as disaster to destroy her left over belongings completely to live her no hope to live happily was
far way.The reputation she was living her life with in those eyes was washed away with the harsh truth when confronted them she was once again pushed towards loneliness of herself,as what she did to deserve this,but this was him he couldn't let anything happen this time if he had to even fight death or god he would have fought for her without hesitating these were the mere peoples.In so much pain of loosing his love in her hope in her he was ready to accept all the accusations but not a single voice raise on her.He barracked upon them to beware of any one even looked with disgust.She as always wanted to run away from all this or hide herself into him but her guilt was greater than her pain which she thought she caused to him.She took her away from all but she could never thank him or her stars to be gifted by him but then what did he do to deserve all this pain this time it was her turn to take a firm decision and make him relieve from pain as by herself!!!!!!!!!!!!

When she eventually wanted him to stop her and but he was surrounded by his own guilts and still they fail to understand if they had any right upon each other.His one cry said it all so beautifully,when he asked rightfully yet painfully to not to leave her,she couldn't help but listen to his plead.She was dazzled when he confessed his failures to her,how he failed in protecting them,how he failed in cocooning them to his embrace,she could just watch in awe.His love was beyond explanation anyone hardly could understood even herself she failed every time every moment she knew not what he could next moment for her even necessary will take his life that too happily.She for sure could not live not in this lifetime.He said so true might what ever in past happened might be of pain accidentally but what they shared wasn't accidentally but there was something called LOVE which always existed between them but unfortunately one sided.They once again became one their love took  away their pain as it took them to other world it could be forgotten but get rid off was something impossible.

Samundar ki lehrein jaise

Tutati hain kinare pe aake

Hawa bhi jaise bikhar jati hai

Tere jisam se takraake

Uss kadar ye jaan

Dil chahta hai hamara

Tut ke bikhar jaaon

Teri bahon mein aake

Sama jaaon her taraf teri rooh mein

Tere jisam ki saansein banke

Mausam bas pyar ka

Her taraf main khila doon

Zindagi mein  teri saari

Khushiyan hi khushiyan bhar doon

Na rahe koi aur khwahish teri baki

Iss kadar pyar teri zindagi mein main bhar doon (mkm)

Alas!this pain was ended here but still something was missing something incomplete.Their life moved on with everything but the essential was still missing in them they understood cared but love wasn't completely present!!!!!!!!!!
She had lost her trust in everything possibly those years which valued her the most had taken away everything she was broken inside.Anyone would it is not as easy to throw some one out of your life and heart when you knew only person mattered in your life just Him.the fight for herself she was surely finding those years which she lost in him,the love,the trust she lost everything.But the question remained playing in her who was accountable for all this,what did she do to deserve all this her only happiness her perfect was ruined in this manner she wouldn't have thought.Everything was left behind precisely everyone,might she is trying to find an answer for this but still Who was Accountable,Will she be ever able to find answer to this question Accountability for whom she held and whom held for her this condition WHO?????

Akhir kon hai jawab deh hai uske her dard dukh takleef ka?kon ehtesaab dega uski is zindagi ka kya kiya tha usne jo yeh paya?kya jo huwa ache ke liye kuwa?Shayad islye ke usse apne sache saathi se milna tha?par kya tab bhi itna hi dard milna chahiye tha?
Jo usse mila uska maul nahi aur is dard e ehtesaab ka tol nahi!!!!!!!!!!

Hey darling just loved this ff of yours as always it was beautiful and written just in a manner to pierce anyone hearts,won't say much as I know it wont be worth it,just will say if shedding some tears for it would be enough then yes you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the pm regarding it this ff
Keep writing
God bless you
Love you

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bobbydoll Goldie

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Desperately waiting for the next update

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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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plzz update this muski 

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kuhu18 IF-Rockerz

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 when are you updating plz make it soon ... this is such a beautiful ff i really like very much

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