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-Ehtesaab- SSmaaneet EPILOGUE NOTE PG145 (Page 6)

Ramhari IF-Rockerz

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Congratulations on the new thread
May you have many more

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congo for the new thread muski 

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Then u know the whole thing.. she said it calmly..
Maan stood their still.. a zeal of happiness ran through him.. OK.. they were together after her divorce. he didn't know he was supposed to actually feel happy or sad for her... but still he felt hurt for her pain!!!

he placed a small peck on her shoulder & pulled her closer. She dipped her head back on his chest. He wanted to ask her why was she with him today, but didn't know how exactly frame the question. It would lead to confusion, may hurt her, he was already getting so possessive, protective & typical huby types he thought. But he couldn't help but as he just blurted aaj .. he didn't have to complete she understood. She pulled his hands closer & chuckled. I wanted to share my happiness with him. Tears trailed down her cheek. He felt so wretched to have even asked about it. He closed his eyes & banged his head backward silently on the wall to have again caused her the pain. She immediately turned to face him, she tripped & held her stomach feeling a sudden cramp. She held her stomach & crouches down ward. He panics rests his hand softly on her stomach. tum teehk ho ? Tumhara beta mujhe mara raha hain. she complained very cutely. He almost smiled when she said that.. then suddenly he argued how do u know it is a son.. I mean beti bhi ho sakti hain.
Nahi mujhe beta chahiya
he carried her to the bed. Mujhe tumhari tarah pyari si beti chaiya.. dehkna beti hi hogi
she kept her finger on his lips.. beta..
he tucked the spread around her & cuddled up next to her. 
Kissed her forehead.. beti..
he hugged her closer..
she found it odd how she was cuddling up to him. It seemed like the most natural thing.

Couple days later Geet was paying her usual visit to KM. Yash was feeling much better. Suddenly they started to talk about the wedding. The pandit was around. Geet kept quiet. They all were excited as the pundit suggested a day with in 2weeks. Geet smiled weakly.
I need some time dad Maan spoke very softly.
Every one was taken a back, even Geet was.
Yash was getting really furious now & that was not safe for his health at this moment.
Geet looked at Maan in concern. He immediately kneed down infront of Yash & held his hand softly. Dad I just need some time.
Yash painfully - she is already 2months pregnant
just a month more dad. Plz.
Priya - lekin kyun?
He couldn't have answered that question. He just kept quiet.
Yash requested the pandit to see a date a month latter.
Maan kissed his hands ..thanxs dad.
Geet remained puzzled all the while. She gave him a questioning look, that he didn't want to confront now. But when he went to drop her, she continued to look at him with those questions.
Aapne mana kyun kiya?
I wanted to wait until ur divorced... jaantha hoon it is a fake marriage but.. it could complicate the case  for u & u now media, they like to blow up anything related to Khurana family.
U never fail to amuse me,
she said looking into those deep eyes wondering how do they see nothing beyond her. Somewhere she felt so nice about him just being there no matter wat happens.


Geet was really broken her marriage was ending. Thats it... the whole 7-8 yrs of their togetherness was going to end just with one sign. Those 7pheras.. janmo ka rishta..all that was going to end. She probably cried the whole of night & then in the morning she tried to compose herself as she walked into the court room. She for some reason wore devs fav dress. Didn't know why.. probably a silly thought he may like to still see her in that dress.. at least this could make a difference in their doomed relation.

She sat in the court room. She didn't even hire a lawyer she never thought she needed one. As she walked in her eyes lovingly searched for him. The moment she saw him.. her heart skipped a beat, how much she missed him, she almost forget the purpose she was here for. All she wanted at that moment was his one grace on her. Her heart was aching to talk to him. He didn't even acknowledge her presence. For some reason Maan didn't come with her. He didn't even discuss anything about the case. But this was her life she had to do it all alone, she knew it probably thats why she never wanted him to be here. She still hoped things could solve between her & dev..a very tiny miny hope she harbored in a corner of her heart. Actually whole of her heart. 

It was a simple mutually agreed divorce..
judge gave her verdict - divorce will be given after they are living separated for a year. It had been 5months already. Geet was actually happy at the moment. She felt so nice..after crying the whole night  over it. She was so fearing that they will be separated. they are together.. still .. will be together like this for few more days. But her happiness was short lived when Dev's lawyer objected to that.
Judge - but that is the rule
lawyer - my client can't be associated to a bachlan aurat for next 7 months.
Geet was shocked with the choice of words & the guy who she thought will stand for her against the whole world didn't seem to budge, like he didn't care. He stood their ashamed of her. Accusing her, actually agreeing to those words. Her heart was slit. She looked helplessly at dev. Their love didn't mean anything to him.. how could he just let someone talk so low about her. .. his wife. 
Judge - why are u talking about her character like this
lawyer - she pregnant with someone else child
The judge suggested DNA test
the lawyer went into the details for their sexual life..& when they were last together. Etc..
it was all getting really dirty, as the lawyer began to say she may blackmail his client emotionally on a later state to accept her & her nazaiz bacha.
She couldn't take it anymore. She looked at Dev very last time ever in her life, yes she loved him.. but today he led her down so very low.. all this because she loved him..loved him more than anything else in her life.. more than.. her parents..more than her carrier.. more than self!!! all those years of her life were now unaccounted for..
she very coldly expressionlessly - main pregnant hoon. It is not dev's child.
Her voice cracked up.. as she said that..
every one was shocked & spoke really mean about her, her character. Dev didn't expect that coming. Thats when he realized wat he has done.
Lawyer continued to insult her & the child
Geet very firmly objected u can't insult me.. & mind it my child is not nazaiz.
The lawyer tried to mock on her .. yah right the child is not ur husbands then it is before he could say a word more Geet slapped him & firmly asserted he is not my husband anymore we signed the papers she quoted the exact date & time. Our relation ended right then & there. I am not accountable to him anymore. But he is.. he is.. for every moment I loved him.. more than myself.. for every moment I trusted him more than self.. for every sec I spend only thinking of him. Ehtsaab us har ek vishwash ka jo main inpe kiya khud se jada.. aapne parivar se jada. There was pin drop silence.. only her painful sob echoed.
She always knew
Jab bhi mera ehtesaab hogaa
sach se bahut ijtenaab hogaa
but reality would be so harsh she could have never imagined
Judge agreed to the divorce as it was now a more of different case, not just a mutual consent.. more of dev asking for divorce on the basis of spouse having a physical relation with someone else & she was not even fighting against it. Judge fined her for misbehaving in the court room.

How people could be so in human she thought. First scurrilous her & if she fought back they fine her. She stood there at the burial of her love..herself.. her everything. She looked numb. Numb to her surrounding. She suddenly felt so lonely, that the loneliness threatened to consume her. Her eyes now looked around searching he stood their right infront of her with his heart spread open to her take in all the pain she felt. She couldn't even cover the distance between then. She trembled as if she was walking on a grave.. her step felt weak, but there was no tears in her eyes. She looked blank. He would have stood out all the while but when he heard her heart cry he couldn't stop himself but come in. be there for her, she just discovered he was all the while there, right next to her just he didn't make it obvious. Pain is something that joined them. Her anguish, her discompose, her hurt.. he just absorbed it all in his embrace.

- BLOG ehtsaab part 19-

she strangely didn't cry!!!
Thanxs for all the beautiful comments
it really motivates me & helps me to write more

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Hey muski...congrats... new thread again... yipeee...
Hmm so am dying to read d update...

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congrats ...Hug

i loved the line in introduction 

"they get close unrecoverably giving their pain a life."Heart

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congrats on yr new thread

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congrats for new thread...
update soon...

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