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-Ehtesaab- SSmaaneet EPILOGUE NOTE PG145 (Page 119)

priyanka86 Senior Member

Joined: 15 February 2011
Posts: 673

Posted: 06 June 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Beautiful ending..
she left her studies, carrier everything for dev &
he never thought of anything beyond himself..
Truly speaking I wanted Geet to slap Dev.. 
but what she did and said was more than a slap..
loved this Maan.. 
twin baby and death anniversary scene's idea was awesome..
sad that it endedCry
thanks for the wonderful journey of ehtesaab..Clap

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puth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 February 2010
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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
lovely FF...

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wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 August 2010
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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
have no words muski
simply terrific !!!

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sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 July 2010
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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
awesome ending of awesome awesome FFBig smileloved it a lotBig smile

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CrystalSaya Goldie

Joined: 17 January 2011
Posts: 1604

Posted: 06 June 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
AWSUM...TRUSUM...I LOVED  D ENDING...ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile.ClapBig smileThumbs UpHeartPartyDancingSmile

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SakshiGarg Goldie

Joined: 12 April 2010
Posts: 2319

Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
omg wat an ending di... loved it... finally she gave her ehtesaab to devILAngry... she showed him dat wat he did in years was jst a matter of months 4 her... n best part was geet ne wo deal dev ko daan mein dedi...
loved the marriage anniversary part... n the the twin baby party was jst awesome!!!!!Big smile

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 March 2011
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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
awesome ... superb ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

enjoyed reading it completely ...

congrats !!!!!!! another one completed successfully ...

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Manpreetmann Goldie

Joined: 01 November 2010
Posts: 1041

Posted: 06 June 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Hey Muskan... I'm so sorry... its been so long n i haven't commented to any of ur FF but it doesn't mean that i'm not in touch with them, well i keep a track on ur FF's regularly even though when i stopped writing mineLOL...n this was my fav SS so far after Khamoshi n Kashish... plz i'm requesting u, stop writing SS, i dont like it when u end such fab stories...Cry ... u should always start FF only like PKE, madhoshi, TM, Deewangi, maitri n aparichit(oops i luv all ur FF's)... i hate u, u ended my fav storyCry manpreet crying badlyCry...
Well enough of my BAK BAK...

here i have written something for ur SS Ehtesaab
u can say it that i have summarized ur story or i have written it in short in my words (gosh! i am madly in love with ur story)


It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable..!!

Ikk ladki thi Deewani si, ikk ladke par wo marti thi... 
GEET... a girl who was madly in love with Dev... they got married n was enjoying their life...
dev was doing well in his business... geet being a housewife, was enjoying every bit of her life with her husband...her daily routine, morning breakfast for dev, then completes her work by 9am...leaves to her gym at 9:15...then gets back home by 12noon... nothing much to do so she usually spend time on fone with her parents n in 2-2:30pm she dosses of watching TV... around 5pm she wakes up when servant comes to do usual evening work... then endless wait for dev
Par duniya humesha khubsoorat nahi hoti, jaisi woh dikhti hai... one day she found a bill receipt paid by dev's credit card which was unfortunately paid on their anniversary date... she didn't doubt his intentions rather tried to prove herself wrong whole day but destiny had written something else today,in the evening she went to the place just to confirm that she is wrong but but but wat she saw wasn't something she was at all expecting... her eyes filled up with tears... her husband sitting with some girl... she questioned him for how long they have together, n another bomb fell on her, his answer was "a year" ????... how could he do this to their relation when everything was normal b/w them... least she expected from him to be loyal to her...7yrs they have been in love..2yrsof marriage. Every thing was fine..nothing was ever a problem...
its been a week n she still waiting for dev to answer her n waiting for him endlessly...she stopped going to gym rather started spending time in park... least she knew there's someone else who is waiting restlessly for her single glimpse from past one week...
it was enough for him to wait for her daily like a maniac, today he decided to find her but like a fool walking towards random destination, but his luck seems to be with him... a girl speak up looking blank, n here he goes, she was the one whom he was looking for... he helped her with her painful questions for love... she looked a bit satisfy with his help, he himself felt at peace... dont know why he was looking for her n helping her seems like heaven...
she decided to give a time to their relation after talking to Maan... a month passed she tried to cope up with dev n she was feeling better... n again destiny played a role in different way... she went up to meet dev in office n there she found something she cannot take... a girl carrying dev's child... which was always a geets dream... she felt someone just pulled the floor off her feet... 
another week passed, she was not in talking terms to dev... he tried hell lot of things to talk... on the other side maan was again restless not to see her, he again daily went to that park, may be he will get a chance to see her... n yes again she came back but to get answers of what he suggested to her, she was in pain... he can't see her like this... he make her understand the difference between love n longing... n that was when she took a decision to give a space to dev n left his house, it was not she wanted to stay away from her but she just wanted him to sort himself with that girl... she went to his frnds place(adhi)... dev came to take her home but she din't agree... he hurted her even more by his choice of words which embarrassed her... he point out a finger on her n adhi's relation n left... 
Sapne Ki Tarah Aakar Chale Gaye
Gamon Ki Neend Sulakar Chale Gaye
Kis Bhool Ki Saza Di Humko??
Pehle Hasaya Aur Fir Rulakar Chale Gaye
adhi take her to sasha's place, his frnd... sasha suggested her to join KT...geet decided to do a job... but was unaware where her desting was taking her...she went for an interview n there she met with the man who helped her in her most needed time... n today also he gave a job to her... months passed, geet living without dev, she couldn't believe... dev tried to contact her but his ego was bigger than his love, instead he played a trick to get her back... he sent her divorce paper... this was enough for her to break down... she was already in hell pain n top of it dev doing this was unbearable... she went to devs place to have a word on this matter but left only to found out she has been played on, her emotions, her love... She silently signed papers, threw at him n walked out... it was not something dev was expecting... he stood dumbstuck by her action... the pain n anguish it created rippled her...
"Be-khulos Logon se, Ijtenaab Karna hai...
Mujhey apne Rishton ka Ehtesaab karna hai...
Usko bhul jana hai ya usko yaad rakhna hai...
Dhuk toh ek jaisa hai, Intekhaab karna hai...."
geet endlessly walked on delhi streets at night... on the other side, maan was getting restless as if something is wrong... he felt geet is in pain... he tried calling her, but no response from other side made him even restless...n without thinking once, hec left to have a glimpse of her... went to her place only to find out empty, which rippled his heart more... he was afraid, what if something wrong happens to her... he madly looked for her on streets... weather was not with looked like even god was crying for her pain... when maan left a hope that he can find her, he found her sitting near a tree... he carried her to her flat... n they got carried away (my fav part..part 8...i can read it anytime)... soothing their restless  souls... healing their pain... but what could be more hurting than this realizing he was in love with this woman, who was probably in love with someone else...
Ek ladkii se mujhe itna pyaar kyon hai???
Inkaar karne par chahat ka ikraar kyon hai???
Use paana nahi meri Taqdeer mei shayad...!!!
Fir har mod pe usi ka intejaar kyon hai...???!!!
geet re-joined her m-tech n spendeing less time at KT...2months passed away... it had been few weeks, they haven't talk to each other after that night... finally they met in the event, was happy to see each other... even dev was presented there... which unfortunately turned into heated arguement b/w dev n geet coz of maan n geet, maan was not even bothering to their convo, he was afraid of the media clicking their pictures...
geet kissed him infront of everyone just to prove dev wrong... 
next days front page news was about maan n geet only... maan's family forced him to take her home for introducing her to them... it was lil difficult for maan but he left with no option...
geet never knew MAAN SINGH KHURANA belonged to such a royal family... 
maan made her agreed to come for dinner at his place being his GF...
he took her home... his family welcomed her warm heartedly... all loved her presence, she was mixing up with all of them very well... 
at dinner table, she felt like puking, rushed to washroom, puked n fainted... everyone looked panic... they called out doctor... n wat she annouced was unacceptable for maan's family... Geet carrying Khurana Khandan's Chirag in her womb... yash at once was mad at maan for doing such thing to geet... then he fixed maan-geet's marriage date... maan was shocked but he couldn't say anything in front of yash, he had to obey his rules... when geet came to know, she was not at all ready for this thing... maan made sure nothing will go against her will... again he took every wrong claim on himself... he acted infront of his family as if he dont want this child but truth was something different... 
he took her for abortion... first geet was ready, but at the time of operation, she couldn't bare to loose her child, it was her dream to have a baby... she begged infront of maan, for letting her keep that child... maan took her to her flat... made her eat the food, took care of her then at night went to his place where yash just threw him out of the house... 
just then yash met with a minor heart attack... maan rushed him to hospital, after the operation yash in conscious state asked for geet.. maan was not sure, if he should go n get her, then he refused... priya went to geets place n pleaded to come along with her to save yashs life... geet went with her...
yash's health was not good... he made geet agreed to get married to maan... they had a small engagement in hospital... wedding date was yet to be fixed...
few days later geet went to meet dev n tell him she is pregnant, she wanted to share her happiness with him... maan saw her with him n took it in a other way... he walked out of that place but geet held him... she couldn't bare to see him like this...
maan took her to her flat... there geet opened her heart... told him about her past with dev... he didn't know he was supposed to actually feel happy or sad for her... but still he felt hurt for her pain!!!
Couple of days later Geet was paying her usual visit to KM. Yash was feeling much better. Suddenly they started to talk about the wedding. The pandit was around. Geet kept quiet. They all were excited as the pandit suggested a day with in 2weeks
maan again protested, asked for a month time n pandit fixed a date... he wanted geet to get free from dev n her relation...
divorce date, in court, dev's advocate put so many false claims on her n on her child... calling him nazaiz... n dev dint bother to stop his lawyer...
she managed to get a divorce that day only... her 7-8yrs relation broke away in a moment... she felt so lonely ..  Her eyes now looked around searching n he stood there right infront of her with his heart spread open to her take in all the pain she felt... her discompose, her hurt.. he just absorbed it all in his embrace... 
month passed... maan-geet got married... 3months passed, she was working hard with her studies, stopped KT totally... Maan did every thing he could to take care of his love... 
few days later dev forced geet to get back home with him... her stressing herself n dev stressing her mind, physical force, cause a pain in her stomach, though it was unintentional...
geet felt something coming down... she rushed to hospital immediately... maan got a call from hospital n he reached there asap... doctor did their best to save geet n baby's life... it was a complicated case... dr tried a lot but lost baby... maan n geet lost their baby, their love, their only hope which was tying them up...
they reached home... every one sympathized with geet... 
all of a sudden dev appeared... he claimed her as his wife... everything was getting out of control... geet wanted to hide herself somewhere... priya understood the situation... she pushed geet with dev... maan again stood up for her, geet wanted to hug him tightly... maan sorted out the matter n told the whole family not to interfere b/w their life... 
geet had enough of this man's unconditional love... she was not worth of all this-she thought, she decided to leave him... give him some peace... she packed up her stuff, she was about to leave when maan fell on his knees, pleading, begging not to leave him... she looked at him in shock... she again hurt him, she wanted to give him some peace but again hurted him unwantedly... she gave in with him, promising him to be together forever...
4months passed... geet started her own IT company, she did a great job... she was giving tuff competition to the mid size IT firms with her quality of work...she was getting rude..cunning .. hard core business person.. though nothing between them had changed...
There was nothing to stop her sucessed. Until there was impt IT project from US firm. Geet was very determent to get it. So was Dev.. & she knew to well.. but wat she didn't know was KT also was into it...
Maan didn't know this is wat she is been working so hard for. He cursed himself to be here... US firm decided to work with all the three companies...
geet was not at all happy with this decision... she silently walked out with maan... dev rushed behind her, telling her, she still love him... she smiled painfully, hugged maan n left with him, leaving dev behind...
They reached home to find the whole KM was beautifully decorated for their first wedding anniversary... that was something, maan wasn't expecting from his wife... 
geet dressed up in a bridal attire for his loving husband... that was the day, they in actual terms celebrated their SR...

Their EHTESAAB ends here...
Finally they blessed with Twins...

This was the journey with full of roller coaster ride... a love full of pain... 
I believe, even at the end geet din't stop loving dev... n it is possible, but she started loving Maan more than anything else, more than herself, he ruled over her pain... he made his different place in her heart... 
Once in a while, right in the middle of an Ordinary Life... Life gives us a fairytale... So as life gave geet an angel like maan in her life n u gave us an opportunity to read such an awesome story...

In my point of view... geet loved dev unconditionally but dev was just attracted to her...
I cannot give any name to maan's love... for me it was something, i cannot even wish for... such guys doesn't exist on this earth...

THANKS to muskan for giving us such a fab story... i'm so much in love with story that it provoked me to summarized it... i hope muskan, u don't mind me doing this... n yeah i stole ur sentences as wellWink...

U unfolded the story very well ...

Maan- he was an angel in this story...
Geet- a girl who loved a guy unconditionally but got ditched... but she was a lucky enough to have an angel in her life...
Dev- a guy who never understood a meaning of love in actual terms... he lost someone who loved him uncondionally... (well i'm really thankful to him, just bcoz of him, maaneet are together today...a big hug for devHug)
Maan's family- nice one... (but muskan, unhe geet ka pura sach pata chalna chahiye tha, that how much she suffered in her life)
Geet n dev's family- idiots/stupid/khote/ullude pathe/kamine Censored
Adhi- a true friend 
Sasha- nice person

i think i dint miss anyone else...

i hope this comment is long enough n now u should forgive me for not commenting from so long...

last but not the least
A Standing Ovation to Muskan...n **Bow Down**

I Love You sooo much...!!! **Hugs**

Will miss this story a LOTCry

Edited by Manpreetmann - 06 June 2011 at 10:46am

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