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Rati Pandey, the bubbly and bindaas Nupur of Miley Jab Hum Tum, was born on 11th September, 1982(Zodiac/Star Sign:Virgo).Her age is 27years.She was born and brought up in Delhi. She studied commerce wanted to go into business. But fate had other plans and she got noticed by Ajay Sinha, and she stayed back and tried her luck with other production houses. She made her television debut with Zee TV's Shaadi Street and also acted in Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai where she played a character called Prarthna.Her friends and famil call her "Pammi".She share a beautiful bond of friendship with Jas Karan Singh , Navina Bole , Abhishek  and Arjun Bijlani . She is a very straightforward and the genuine person one can ever met . Rati Pandey is a reserved person .



Arjun Bijlani, the lovable Mayank of Miley Jab Hum Tum, was born on 31st Octobar,1982(Star/Zodiac Sign:Scorpio). He ventured into ads and modeling and made his television debut with a cameo in the popular TV show Remix on Star One. Soon after he rose to popularity with Left Right Left, where he played a good-at-heart drunkard Alekh. But his claim to fame is undoubtedly the role of Mayank in Miley Jab Hum Tum.Even his second option was being a business man . He is a friendly person and he loves his fans more than anything . He share a beautiful bond of friendship with the whole cast of mjht . He is a very jolly and emotional person .



In small town (Morena), Nupur was like a spark of electricity for the lazy town. Outspoken and extroverted Nupur has the uncanny ability to chat and yap with anyone and any language. According to small town standards atleast, Nupur is a style icon of sorts. She always manages to conjure up ways of standing out of the crowd. she wears little ghungroos on her footwear, carefully matches hairband with an interesting salwar suit. Whatever you may say this girl is a Diva in Morena or at least she believes that she is!

She has all types of friends from school to college to canteen and net friends. Motto in life: Chin up! In the City, she faces just the opposite of what she experienced in Morena. She finds it really hard to make even acquaintances forget making friends. Her find for a smart, handsome, popular dream man ends on Mayank who is a simple and sober personality.


Mayank is a straight and focused academic. He is witty, well read, smart and intelligent and understands that hard work is what is going to help achieve goals for him. He  finally get along with Nupur, a girl completely opposite his character.



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(*\/*)Mayank Nupur(*\/*)


 When They Met

Mayank and Nupur had a love at first sight sort of beginning though not in the conventional sense. Theirs was the kind of connection which was not defined merely by the process of falling in love Nupur needed help and Mayank helps her. The act of rescue, though not acknowledged by Nupur, had already created a certain respect and space for her rescuer in her mind. For him, it was her eyes, the minute she fell into his arms, he felt something he had never felt before (having never associated himself with females his age) . Then he saw her eyes, vulnerable yet determined. He felt a connection he couldn't explain. She left him without a thank you ...that sealed their bond.

As much as there is an undeniable attraction, the obvious dissimilarities cause them to think otherwise. They decide they hate each other. He is the cool dude, the academic champ and his sense of humour is only for a few to understand. Sarcasm is the tool he uses to put people at bay. He doesn't care about the world. She is the fighter, the talkative, open minded girl from a small town. She is filmy and loud, lovable and sweet. Its an obvious clash of personalities.
She cannot stand his sarcasm, he cannot stand her non-stop chatter. They are put together to do a project, they rebel. Its a opposites repel scenario. The underlying attraction continues, she falls into his arms, he cannot help falling deep into her eyes and she cant seem to take off her eyes from his. This, however they overlook for everything else.

First Step towards Friendship
Then there is an obvious need to overlook the dissimilarities and come to an understanding. The need is situational, they have a project to do. She wants him to be her dance partner,. So, its a need-based understanding that they develop, simply out of necessity. While, they do form this association, they realise, they have qualities that complement and complete each other. The underlying attraction strengthens as the comfort level has increased. The talent parade audition is a step where they realise their physical comfort with each other. She is flustered by his touch but her body reacts positively to him. This is a unique quality and most often, such situations lead to discomfort but here, there is not just comfort but a feeling of completeness. Nupur's mind has already associated Mayank's as that of a perfect partner's. As they work together further, there is an obvious closeness that leads to them being flustered but they never feel discomfort.
Slowly their contrasting natures also help in bringing each other closer. HE would never have danced if not for her..he would never have gone to a beach with a girl if not for her. She was the reason he was beginning to enjoy life. She was learning to take her work in the right spirit from him, though she lied, she is motivated to work harder just for him.

The Pain of a Broken Relationship - Friendship
Betrayal! Mayank feels betrayed by Nupur. He is deeply hurt because, for the first time in his life. he had trusted a girl (or anyone other than his mother & himself) and this girl had lied to him. The very thought tore him apart, he does not realise it but his heart had already started falling for the girl in question. There are strains of love that he doesn't realise but there is the broken trust he is unable to accept. His coming for the dance is an act, where his heart overtakes the emotions (such as hate, betrayal)he thinks he feels. Pyaar ki ek kahani is supposed to be a dance of passion where 2 wounded souls are dancing in unison.They fight because, she knows she made a mistake and is remorseful, he fails to see her remorse. The ego overtakes all the beatings of the heart and they part ways. They are hurt far more deeply than they know. Even when they dance they look into each other's eyes, there is no anger because deep inside - the souls know that they are meant to be. The Ego of the individuals though come to fore-front when they clash after the dance!

New Walk of Life and Relationship
He slowly and surely forgives her (atleast in his heart) as it was impossible for him to stay angry with her. Her defiance of him, impressed him further. Somebody challenging his very forte, his studies, was something that marked her as a equal in his heart and mind. When she proved that she was upto the challenge she had undertaken, instead of being more angry , his anger seemed to melt away..He had already started missing her (sample- the scene where he is studying and thinks of her involuntarily). He was deeply impressed when she answers a question in class, it wasn't a great achievement but her determination pulled him towards her even more. Then, quite conveniently they were again partners for a trip away from college and they would spend all their time together, outwardly they rebelled, but their hearts probably rejoiced. The very fact that he had reserved a place for her, showed his changing emotions towards her, when she fell into his arms, though they were supposed to be angry with each other, those was not the emotions they emanated. When he wanted her back, sitting with him, he was asking a girl he was supposed to be "hating" to sit with him. His actions were a dead-giveaway, the final straw being the act of missing the bus because she had not climbed into the bus. (of course, it can be argued that he would have done it for any girl)

As they spend more time together, they fight, they argue but they cant spend a minute away from each other. He is initially ignorant of his change in feelings. The first hug is a small trigger, a joke he played on her comes back to haunt him as her vulnerable side is exposed. He is confused to see her in such a state. Her vulnerabilities attract her to him even further. The complete hug distorts his single minded focus and causes his heart to feel for this girl. She on the other hand had always hidden her weaknesses to the world, but she gets caught in the moment and exposes her real side to him. The minute he says its a joke, she tries to cover up but its too late.
The hug solves the mysteries that their hearts carry, now only the individuals with their mixed feelings, emotions and egos needed to resolve their issues.
As he comes across a vile and corrupt person who is a total contrast to his personality (lucky mishra) and understands his not so noble intension, he feels protective of her and responsible for her. His instincts are more basic than he realises, protect the partner. The various escapades intensify the comfort level their hearts share.

The First Realisation - Mayank
The breaking point is when a drunk Nupur tells him that he is the sweetest person she knows, he cannot but respond..the drink helped in putting the egos at bay, so in a simple heart to heart conversation they realise their love for each other. Only Nupur will forget while Mayank's feelings towards her change forever!

Mayank is in love with Nupur, he understands it, even though he doesn't admit it to himself. He can feel himself getting lost in her eyes, her beauty, her actions, her conversations, her innocence, her enthusiasm, her smartness, her self-respect. Her very being, attracts him to her, he dreams of her. All these involuntary actions of his, disappoints the ego of the individual, the heart however had decided to part ways with the mind, so he lands himself in various flights of imaginations. He surrenders to his feelings when trapped in chunky mishra's bungalow. (Khuda jaane is the high point here).

However, once he is out of the Bungalow, he starts to question his judgement. However, small actions like the thorn from the cactus that pricks her and his completely worried response to it, makes him realise he is giving himself away.
Nupur meanwhile has developed immense respect for him and trusts him implicitly (Remember the time she wakes up post the barn night, she suspects herself but has full faith in him). Her sparks are based on the care he gives her. As much as she doesn't realise it earlier, she now knows that she feels most protected, comforted and comfortable with him. While she can be herself, he can continue to play a huge part in her life. The obvious love that Chunky mishra can see is lost to Mayank and Nupur though. They continue to be in denial, rather, their minds are yet to accept what their hearts have known all along

Realisation for Mayank is not far behind because not just his heart but his mind had realised as well, he just needed a trigger to remove the delusions. He finds that trigger during the academic meet, in the form of chironjee, her behaviour towards Chironjee and her comparing him to this person arouses a new emotion in him, jealousy. All the while he was convincing himself to stay away from her as he wanted to believe that his feelings were nothing but a situational infatuation. He was in for a rude shock once he sees a set of goons attacking Nupur, he would've helped any girl in the same circumstances, but the very fact that it was her and she was hurt causes him to completely lose control of his temper. Only post the incident, does he accept his love for Nupur to himself. She on the other hand is in awe of him, not yet ready to understand her feelings. As he spends more time with her he realises his feelings are getting stronger by the day. He finally decides to mask his love with a theory ( the desert island syndrome) and decides to stay away from her.

The Ignorance that Hurt Her - Nupur
Then, begins the low phase of their relationship, in his effort to stay away from her, he hurts her and ruins the friendship that they had developed. she in turn is trying hard to get back the same bond that they had forged, her heart sees beyond his shield but there is only so much she can do. This in turn leads to him displaying contradicting emotions, where at one point he is possessive of her while at another point he is rude to her. This leads her to assume the worst (drugs, no less) and becomes the cause of a big fight. It is when he hurts her deeply with his words and he sees the pain in her eyes does he realise how much he is hurting himself as well. He makes such an heartfelt apology that she can do nothing but accept his friendship.

Confrontation with Reality - Confession
Next is the night that changes the story of their lives, when she is trapped in an embarrassing situation (the tear in the dress), she is too overcome to do anything. He gives her his shirt, puts her at ease, wipes her tears, brings a smile on her face, makes the world's best coffee and wins her heart. This is the first time where she consciously acknowledges the goodness in him and even comparing him to her dream man- Raj of DDLJ. She feels something like love for him for the very first time. He who had tried to stay away from her realises there is no escaping the love he has for her and decides to give his love a chance.

The change in Mayank is marked, he wants her to realise her feelings for him and uses his character in the play as a tool. He questions every action of hers, be it her concern when he is hurt or her unabashed admiration of him or the compliments she showers on him to the choice of colour of clothes. He even coaxes an yes out of her in the pretext of the drama rehearsal. Unfortunately, even though she realises she has feelings for him, her inferiority complex sets in and she is unable to see the Mayank behind the character Varun he plays in the drama. On the day of the drama, a misunderstanding leads to fight which further leads them to believe that they never had feelings for each other. On stage, both are unable to hide their actual feelings for each other, he stops her and she hugs him and he understands, whether she knows it or not, she loves him. That helps as a trigger to actually make a confession of their love on stage. Nupur, even though has known all along her love for him, is left speechless when he does tell her. However, when she does tell him, its the union of 2 hearts that were always meant to be together.

Post Confession - The Awkward Feeling
Post the confession, the awkwardness sets in, the shyness that cant be avoided as they were never this close before. They had always had a varying equation ranging from fights to friendship , but love was something else. They communicate heart to heart after a long time. The increase in comfort level in their relationship happens slowly and steadily. Initially, Mayank, having been in love with her for a longer time, takes charge of the relationship showering her with gifts and taking her on a date, She is still apprehensive about even saying I love you. However hard he tries to put her at ease, she continues to feel inferior to him. This leads to another tiff (the locket issue) , but when she sees he is committed to her and on seeing how relationships can be fickle in nature (sheena issue), she finally realises how valuable he is to her and expresses it simply and comfortably in the form of an I love you.

Stage 2 of Love - Dream about the Future
She is comfortable with him and starts dreaming of a future together . Being a girl from a small town brought up on stories of her prince charming, she wants a commitment for marriage from him. He being the only son of a single mother has other aspirations such as a stable job after studies, hence marriage is not something that he looks at as an immediate possibility. Another cause for friction is her desire for public display of affection while he is averse to it. To her it is acceptance of the relationship in front of her friends, to him it means nothing. She needed the sense of security that the acceptance provided, while he understands this, he needs his time to provide this comfort. When another misunderstanding crops up leading to an almost break up, he realises how important she is in his life, he is no more afraid to commit. She, however is shattered. When he does go all the way to Morena to make up with her, she gains some hope in his love for her. He is ready to go to any extent to get her back in his life as he realises he is incomplete without her. However, since the circumstances again play spoilsport, she is broken beyond belief. Though her mind tells her that she has been betrayed, her heart refuses to stop loving him. When the misunderstandings are cleared and she apologises, he does what she always wanted, a very public acceptance of their love. She is moved beyond words and though she had always loved and trusted him, now she found comfort with him. The passion that they share in the barn is nothing but the acceptance of other in their lives. That they had been back from a brink of a complete break-up and emotional turmoil helped strengthen the relationship even further. The prospect of a long distance relationship also brought a different understanding that was earlier missing.

"Distance" - That only strengtened the Bond ofLove
Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there but whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.Passing through this phase of life was another milestone for both Mayank and Nupur.Although like any normal couple they also encounterd misunderstandings and insecurities yet their love was strong enough to withstand the hurdles posed in their way. True love doesn't mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes and this was exactly the case for both Mayank and Nupur.Nupur being the "ultimate nautanki" always end up being in trouble but Mayank was always there for her.Nupur did'nt tell Adhiraj that she was the Nupur for whom he came looking after for marriage and when Mayank came to know about this he asked Nupur to tell the truth before the situation gets worse.Nupur influenced by Mayank's truthful and sincere nature agrees to open the whole matter infront of Adhiraj but fate has other plans for them.Before Nupur can tell Adhiraj about her real identity Bui came from Mowrena and the truth was out shattering the trust Bui had on Nupur and worsening the situation even more.

Marriage - A Dream that came Unexpectedly
Nupur's family trust on Nupur was truly shaken and they were not ready to accept any explanation from her side.Mayank decided to confront the situation instead of backing off and that was the point where they faced another hurdle in way of their love.Truly loving someone is'nt something to be ashamed of and Mayank and Nupur were not fearing anything because they knew that they did nothing wrong.On revelation of their relationship Nupur's family did the same as in our society.In our society,girls should be married off in such situations to avoid bad-naming of the family and the girl herself and Nupur belonging to the conservative Indian family became the victim of this unnatural tradition.But Nupur was'nt the girl who would tolerate injustice.She raised her voice to defend herself and her love but all in vain.Both tried to change the mind of Bui and Nupur's Bauji but the ball was'nt in their ground.Nupur was forced to marry Adhiraj and both Mayank and Nupur sacrificed their love just to maintain the honour of Nupur's family.Hearts shattered,souls dispersed,eyes gloomy,tears praying and wishing to get freed from their eyes but little did they know that in no time the reason for them to get freedom from eyes would be altogether for a different reason.Adhiraj's parents came to know about Mayank and Nupur's relationship and they called off the marriage making the bitter reality true for Nupur's family who were doing all this just to avoid this situation.Bauji was still thinking about his family honour instead of his daughter's happiness.He asked Mayank to marry Nupur which he obviously did.How can he leave his darling Nupur alone to face the cruelty of world alone?Happiness reflecting from their eyes and their heart enchanting only one mantra "You are my soul mate, my sweetheart, you are my dream come true, from now until the end of time I give my heart and soul to you",they got married.But little did they know that Bauji was just doing this to get rid of Nupur and the series of backbiting that initiated after her marriage was called off with Adhiraj.This came as a real shock to Nupur.How come a father can be so cruel?

Life after Marriage
Mayank and Nupur started their new life together. For the first few days they stayed secretly in the Excel college. Then they moved into Samrat's outhouse and started their new life! They became the ideal college going and married couple, an inspiration to many. Nupur was insecure about losing her sister, her only family after Mayank. The insecurity came out through anger, worry, jealousy. Mayank was her constant source of support as they went through this as well.

After rescuing Gunjan from the eve-teasers and setting their differences apart, Nupur and Mayank geared up for their first Valentines Day as a couple.

After a fruitless attempt at seducing him, Nupur was pleased and touched when Mayank said, on Valentines Day that he wanted to make Nupur his wife in the true sense, meaning that he was ready for their consummation.

They consummated their marriage, becoming each others in body and soul.

Ups and Downs of Life which got them moreClose
When Gunjan was shot by the brutal eve-teasers, Nupur was shattered. It was Mayank who was her sole source of support, her confidante, her best friend. Bauji forgave his daughter, but not Mayank.

Nupur the warrior decided to take matters into her hands. She openly challenged the politician Jitendra Devraj on National Television. When she returned home victorious she was afraid to meet Mayank's eyes. That day he told her that she cannot do stuff like this without telling him, because now their lives are entwined into one and it's US before ME!

Then came the phase of yet another misunderstanding between the duo. While they were both drunk, they kissed in an empty classroom, only to be caught on cam by Uday. He thought it was someone else and the next round of misunderstandings began.

A baby arriving at their doorstep didn't make things any better. It was the suspected baby of one of the boys, and Nupur suspected, yet trusted her husband. After a series of trials it was confirmed that it was just a prank and that the baby didn't belong to any of them.

Dream to be a Good Wife and of having One
An opportunity arose for Nupur to achieve her childhood dream of becoming an actress. But, unfortunately, she couldn't make it and she saw her sister walk away with her dreams. This was the peak of the time when Mayank realized that he had been doing nothing for to achieve his dreams and goals. He knew that love was a lot, but definitely everything.

He told Nupur that if one dream closes, we should see another one. We cannot stop dreaming. They confide in each other that they achieved their dreams of getting and becoming a good spouse! Its a high point in their relationship, because they are now ready to take up more responsibilities as well as work out their marriage.

Career V/S Love
Then started a phase of their life which nowhere was less then a dreadful nightmare of their life. Many things were leading them towards a heartbreaking, horrific ending which was going to change life of everyone, most importantly Mayank's.

Both Mayank and Nupur applied for same scholarship which due to some reasons Nupur won, unaware of fact that her opponent was no other than her husband. This leads a little ego problems between the duo and they had to apart their ways but again it was their love who make them one as they realized their mistakes. Mayank got the scholarship of completing his education in USA with job offer because of his tremendous and unquestionable intelligence. This was a huge opportunity for Mayank to give the colors of reality to their dreams. Nupur was to go to dehli to pursue her dreams of becoming successful in life so that she could stand with Mayank in every step of their life.

The Sudden Turn of the Destiny
Nupur wanted her sister's life secure before her going anywhere away from her. She had to go to dehli in spite of her heartful will to accompany Mayank, because it was next to impossible for her to stay away from Mayank. In the Samrat and Gunjan's engagement party Mayank gave Nupur surprise that it's not only Mayank who is going but Nupur also. They would achieve everything in their life together. 

Apart form all this there were happening many incidents leading towards a huge loss of one of them. And then during their way to airport, the worst and atrocious incident of their life came across all of them. A horrendous accident which changed everyone's life! Gunjan lost her guide, a mother figure to her, who was always there for her in her every happiness and sorrow, who used to wipe her tears, join in happiness of her young sister putting aside her all problem, difficulties, interests even her own life. Samrat lost his friend who was there to understand her, to make him smile even through hardest of times of his life. And Mayank, Mayank was the one who lost his life, his other half, his Nupur. He was a lifeless body without any interest of living in him left.

Thus Nupur was away from all of them, forever and ever.

The New Begining to the Unclosed Ends
3 years later, everything was going on at same pace. But few people's life had got appalling turns to make them all lonely, apart from everyone, everything. Mayank became a successful person, who achieved everything in his life which he wanted to. But without Nupur this was nothing, he had no one to share all those happiness of his life with, but things were little bit different here. Though Nupur was far away from Mayank but he never let her go from his heart, his memories, his life. She was there for him, her memories were with him which were enough for him to spent his life.

Samrat was accused by Gunjan and Mayank that he was the one because of whom they lost Nupur. He was trustee of the ExcelCollege. Due to some reasons Mayank had to join ExcelCollege but this time not as student but a professor. The last thing he wanted was to join ExcelCollege, but everything was drawing him towards college. Nupur's memories were there in every nook and corner of college. It's everything leads him to only one person, Nupur. Through this thickest period of abysmal misery of his life, it wasn't even for a second that he could forget Nupur, the reason he still was breathing.

True Love that gets Back to Complete theIncomplete Journey
After few years of separation which were a lifetime for Mayank he finally got some clue, which firstly he didn't want to think about. Many signs which were leading him towards one person of his life he loved from all his heart and soul. Many things were pointing towards only one thing that his Nupur is alive. After making himself believe on thing that Nupur is no more, it was hard for him to think about all this. But destiny had something else in store for him. It was his love which make him believe that, Yes! Yes, Nupur is alive. She is alive. But where, he had no clue.

After so many years of darkness, just a little ray a hope was like a ray of life for him in dark tunnel where he had got lost. Without caring about anything else he started following that little ray which could relieve him from his unfathomable pain, he somewhere believed now that it will lead him to Nupur, he just will have to put his all soul in searching Nupur. He knew, He damn knew now, his life was alive. His Nupur was alive. And he was craving to have her in his arms, to tell her that how he spent these years without her. He was a lifeless body without Nupur, who had had nothing left to live for.

More Yet to Come
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Happy 2009
9th January - Nupur comes to Mayank's Home to get her File back and again ehem ehem.
13th January - Deodhar Sir keeps the clause in front of Mayank Nupur.
15th January - Shilpa Aunty tells Mayank to shoot things that dont include Nupur in his life
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24th July - Mayank looses the locket & Nupur is angry
30th July - Farmhouse Party & Mayank tries to convince Nupur
03rd August - Mayank goes into the Pool to search the lockes for Nupur
04th August - Mayank Nupur Moment with song MJHT
12th August - Mayank comes to Nupur's house
18th August - Nupur Mayank at Jail with Samrat n Gunjan
21st August - Nupur Mayank at Sharma House
24th August - Nupur Mayank way to Road from Sharma House to Bhushan House

28th August - Mayank scolds Nupur
31st August - Mayank aplogises to Nupur
08th September - Mayank Nupur's Gola Date
09th September - Mayank Nupur's First KISS at the Library
10th September - MN Moments tiny miny one's

15th September - Mayank Nupur at the Art Room playing with Clay
17th September - Nupur Mayank fight
18th September - Nupur Mayank at the College Classroom and she applies medicines to hin hand
23rd September - Nupur's Dinner Date with Mayank at his House
24th September - Mayank misunderstands Nupur
25th September - Nupur calls Mayank and tells him that she's leaving for Morena

28th September - Nupur recollects her moments with Mayank
29th September - Mayank realises his Mistake and decides to leave for Morena to get Nupur back
02nd October - Mayank and Nupur confront again in Morena
05th October - Mayank Nupur's walk at the Morena Farms
06th October - Mayank pulls Nupur inside his Room & Then the terrace Moment
07th October - Nupur Mayank confront thier issues
08th October - Mayank promises that he would return Nupur her Love infront of all
09th October - MayUr fight at Dining Table & then Nupur narrates Morena's Dashera to Mayank & Gang
12th October - Nupur stares at Mayank while he's seeing the Chain that Shilpa Aunty gave him & the Dashera Day starts with Mayank complimenting Nupur
13th October - Mayank tells tells Nupur that She needs to wait for the Surprise & Ankhein Khuli Dance Sequence
14th October - Mayank gets to know that Shilpa Aunty is in problem and he decides to leave while Nupur waits for him
15th October - Nupur learns that Mayank left for Mumbai and she misunderstands him
19th October - Mayank meets Shilpa Aunty and Nupur tells Gang to hide ths truth from SG that they had a Break-up
21st October - Mayank calls Nupur but Bui scolds him
23rd October - Back to Mumbai Nupur rethinks about her times with Mayank
26th October - Nupur Breaks down, Mayank calls but dia tells him about the break-up
27th October - Mayank tries talking to Nupur but fails to do so
28th October - Nupur pretends to be normal with Mayank infront of SG, Mayank waits for Nupur at Library and decides to Quit this relationship
29th October - Samrat and Gunjan confront Mayank and Nupur
30th October - Gang plans for Nupur Mayank's re-Union
02nd November - Nupur puts her heart in fron of Mayank but he leaves with half believe that she ignored his problem
03rd November - Nupur finally meets Mayank and confesses her Love in front of All and Mayank tells her I Love You
2nd Confession

o4th November - Mayank waits in mumbai for a day for Nupur
05th November - Nupur Mayank in thier Most Memorable Moment - The pehli Baar Mohabbat Scene
06th November - Mayank leaves for Bangalore and nupur is left with the Gang
09th November - Nupur calls Mayank but doen't tell him about Adhiraj
11th November - Nupur and Mayank converse about Sara aka Sarasvati
13th November - Mayank feels Nupur with the Breeze flowing in
18th November - Mayank Nupur converse again about Adhiraj and Sara
24th November - Nupur tries to tell Mayank about Adhiraj but fails to. Mayank calls back to tell Nupur to et his passports & Samrat intervenes
27th November - Nupur meets passport agen who happens to be Mayank & Dil Kya Kare Song
30th November - Mayank gets gift for Nupur
01st December - Mayank Nupur in the Kitchen
02nd December - Mayank misunderstands Nupur with Adhiraj and Suhani
03rd December - Mayank hurts Nupur out of anger but later on aplogises for the same
04th December - Nupur & Mayank tries telling Adhiraj but Suhani stops them
07th December - Gang with Mayank and Nupur at the canteen and Adhiraj interupts
09th December - Mayank waits for Nupur while she just comes out of the bathroom, They were about to go out that Bui comes in
10th December - Nupur somehow tries convincing Mayank to go now
11th December - Nupur & Mayank finally decides to tell truth to Adhiraj
12th December - Some adorable MayUr Moments and Salaam-E-Ishq Song sequence
14th December - Nupur shares her Guilt with Mayank
21st December - Nupur reveals truth to Bui
22nd December - Mayank confronts Bui about his and Nupur's relation
23rd December - Bui refuses for Mayank Nupur's relationship
28th December - Nupur convinces Bauji to talk to Mayank
29th December - Mayank meets Nupur without Bauji's consent

Happy 201o
01st January - Mayanks talks to Shilpa Maa
04th January - Nupur begs to Bauji but he pays no heeds
06th January - Nupur taks to Mayank about her engagement
07th January - Nupur runs from her house & engagement to Mayank
08th January - Mayank gets Nupur back Home
09th January - Nupur's Engagement with Adhiraj but she gives in wrong finger and then Nupur sees mayank from Terrace - The Iktara Moment
12th January - Mayank tries talking to Adhiraj but fails to so enters Mehendi as a Bride's Make-Artist
13th January - Nupur is relieved seeing Mayank & the Aaja Maahi Ve Song Sequence after the adhiraj agreement
14th January - Nupur breaks down after knowing that Adhiraj refused to agree to them
15th January - Tu Jaane Naa Sequence
19th January - Mayank comes in as the Groom for Nupur
20th January - Nupur and Mayank decide to sacrifice thier Love
21st January - Bauji enter while Mayank Nupur talking and misunderstands them
22nd Janu
ary - NupuMayank Vow to be Togethere for all thier lives

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The image

Paradi$e Li$Update$

~!~ MayUr Paradise#8~!~
~!~MayUr Paradise #9~!~
~MayUR Paradise #10~ MayUr on the beach-
~!~MayUr Paradise#11~!~
*~MayUr Paradise #12~*
*~*MayUr Paradise #13*~*
*~*MayUr Paradise #14*~*
~*~MayUr Paradise #15-pg.35~*~
~*MayUr Paradise #16*~
~*MayUr Paradise #17*~
:::*MayUr Paradise#18/ArTi ForEver*:::
:::*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#19*:::
:::*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#20*:::MayUr Contest PG: 40
:::*MayUr/ArTi paradise#21*:::V-Day Special PG 1
:::*Mayur/ArTi Paradise#22*:::V-Day Winner PG 86
:*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#23*:
:::*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#24*:::Warning Note PG 1
~!~MayUr Paradise#25~!~Enchanting ArTi[Check pg.2]
MayUr Paradise#26 - Updated Crazy MayUrian PG 18
~*MayUr Paradise#27*~Updated MayUr DB PG 6~*
~*MayUr Paradise#28*~MayUr Contest PG 60*~
~*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#29*~MayUr Contest PG 10*~
~*MayUr/ArTi Paradise#30*~*Paradise Party PG 27*~
~*MayUr Paradise#31*~*Enchanting ArTi*~
~*Mayur Paradise#32*~*UPDATED MayUr DB PG 2*~
~*MayUr Paradise#33*~*Enchanting ArTi*~
~*MayUr Paradise#34*~*Updated MayUr DB PG 2*~
~*MayUr Paradise#36*~*Holi Party PG 28*~
~..MayUr Paradise#37:Enchanting ArTi..~Updt DB*99
~..MayUr Paradise#38:Enchanting ArTi..~MN DB UD*3
~.:MayUr Paradise#39:.~Contest Winner*75
:::*MayUr Paradise#40*:::Enchanting ArTi*:::
:::*MayUr Paradise#41*:::DB Updated Pg 3*:::
~*MayUr Paradise#42*~*Enchanting ArTi*~
 229Paradise of our ARTI/MAYUR/RATZJUN:D
230-Paradi$e or our Mayur/ArTi/RatzJun:D
  231 Mayur Paradi$e - The Eternal Love story
232 Mayur Paradi$e - The Eternal Love story
233 Mayur/Arti/RatzJun Paradi$e:D-d etrnl luv stry
234 Mayur Paradi$e - The Eternal Love story
235 Mayur Paradi$e - Roses Roses Everywhere 
236 Mayur Paradi$e - Missing Magical ArTi
237 Mayur Paradi$e - HeaVen oF MoSt GenUiNe PeOpLe
238 Mayur Paradi$e - HaPpy BiRtDay MoOna(SuNshIne)
239 Mayur Paradi$e - MiSsInG MaGiCaL MaYuR / ArTi
240 Mayur Paradi$e - WoH WaPaS AaYeNgE
241 Mayur Paradi$e - ArTi MaGiC EvErYwHeRe
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The image 


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26th July 2010 - SBS
Radha Krishna Special

30th July 2010 - SBS/SBB
Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi
Pyas buji Mere Akhiyan Ki

SBS/SBArTi SpeciaVideo PosteBy Bhamita

ArTi in Saaand thCity

Picture's to the SBS/SBB Segment

The image
EtherealRati IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 32795

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged

EtherealRati IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 32795

Posted: 20 May 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged

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