Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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we are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai
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Some special warm hugsHug to -sanju- for giving us a reason to smile, laugh & danceLOL in between all the tensions, you made our days soo much easy. We owe this happiness to youHug & for getting us this sweet autograph
HeartThank you sooo much for doin this for all we will cherish this all our livesHeart
*Credits* -Sanju- <<- we love you..HugHugHug

So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for Arjuhi

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letz c wat stored in 4 us 2de!!!! 
ouchh!! aksh ke take par taaliyan bajate bajate my hands r hurtin...  akshhh   Angry  abb aao aur mere haath dabao Tongue
wonderful epi!!!!
Cry  cnt c arjun n arohi cryin!!!
arjun bana karan arohi ko cheer up karne ke liye...LOL
arjun: mei buddha hogaya hu, ghutne dard kar rahe hai...
guess thatz the reason suneeta aunty is feedin karan a lot of fish...LOL
arjun plzz abhi budhha mat hona, abhi amanpreet anne baki hai!!  LOLLOLLOL
arjuhi jaha romance wahan...jail mei romance..yeh toh kmh mei hi hosakta was soo cute...
moonlight date...waise bhi arjuhi ke nasseb mei moonlight date hii hai.. dv's ke paas candles aur match box lene ke liye paise nahi hai...datz y they din bother 2 recreate the fire scene!! Tongue
romit had a chocolate massage...LOL
guess he used his brains n thought he wud b a chocolate boy if he had a chocolate massage..
ladkiyo ke aaas paas bhatakne ke badle flies were bhatkofyin around him...
luvd the cute n sweet convo btwn arjuhi...
hearin it i felt kmh is now cumin 2 an end...arjun n arohi's love story is comin to an end!! CryCry
ullu mansion:
welcome bua...u came bak wid a bang...kya tamacha mara hai apne ullu brothers ko..
luvd her attitude!!
arrey love sudhir the vampy mithai nahi khayega...he wud hv acceptd a glass of blood happily!! LOL
rajvir n amrit convo:
hmmm so amrit fully on the right  track n rajvir on the way...
well for a change 2de i felt pity on rajvir though he desrves it... Embarrassed
the bond n relationship btwn arohi n rajvir is shwn very sweet (b4 arjun came in arohi's life)
arohi is evry1z ladli!!  Smile
rajvirz convo wid gannu bhaiya (ganpati bappa):
so ghannu bhaiya has almost succeded in makin 1 ullu (rajvir) a humanbeing!! Clap
but the other 2 ullus r left!!!  ooppss!! i 4gt they r girgitwalias...the other day dey were beatin up arjun like hell outside their mansion n suddenly chngd wen they came bak in ConfusedLOL
so they myt change seeing rajvir change!!
the phone call!!
omg!! such a silly thing i did 2de...i cracked up wen arvind picked up the phone, evn b4 he said nything..dnt knw y i just rem his shutup...
i was like wat if he says 'shutup'    LOLLOLLOL
dv's ended at that point just 2 make us think wat the call was abt...hmmm!!!
dv's u wasted 1 more week...u wud hv solved the issues by 2de n giv us full 6 epi (includin maha epi if v get 1) of arjuhi...
hv 2 bear ullus nxt week too...
n wat was the use of bringin that tatoo man in...was he der just 2 show his fake tatoo???? Angry
u din use him nywre!! huh!!
abb mon ko yeh sab issues liptado n tue se ek nayi shuruat karo!!!
StarStarStarStarStarStarStar  infinity stars for karan n kritka!!
luv yah guyz!! gonna miss u both like helll!!!  Cry

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bua was too good today. very well deserved lecture she gave to the ullu brothers.
arjuhi were rocking but more of karanika than arjuhi.awesome loved them.but very short scene wished there was more of them.
Continuation was a waste of 2 precious minutes but yesterday's dialougue hearing that as many times just touches me. though i could watch whenever i want but looks like even cv's wanted to listen to it & show us again their best dialogue.
The lecture from Lovedeep bua was mindblowing she caught the right nerves especially of Rajveer the others did not seem to be too much bothered. But at least they stood ConfusedConfusedtheir listening like statues. And Arvind did not even say his favourite line " SHUT UP "  seemed like bua caught their tongue.So bua said all she came to say.Very good job bua StarStarthis was needed though it stretched on too long in this time we should have seen Arjuhi but i guess a small lecture would not even got through to theese ullu's. Bua was given amazing linesClapClap.
Rajveer seemed lost in Arohi's accusation & thinking about what happened also was not happy since yesterday but the other 2 elder ullu's congratulating Rajveer just added salt for Rajveer & the remaining salt & chilli bua rubbed in well.All of them just stood their & rajveer was the only 1 who was embarresed.Embarrassed
Next scene was the best  with Arjun trying to cheer Arohi up. During this scene I saw more of Karanika than Arjuhi but I loved it cos it made the scene so unique & original.Thanks to both Karanika for this unique mindblowing performanceClapClapClapClap.
Arjun thinking of being responsible for Arohi's condition was sad because his yesterday's dialogue also goes for Arohi she also feels life with arjun is worth any saza but i guess he can't bear to see her in this condidtion. The saza would be more romantic if they were locked in the same cell like the valentines night. Cv's can't bear to give us as much Arjuhi romance in theese final days. Well atleast they made use of cells being next door to each other.
Karan's lines were amazing. Romance in jail that too with a mixture of karan & SRK what more could i want. I got too of my favaourite stars togther a 2 in 1. Dialogues of SRK from Karan. I loved Heart this & so did Kritika theese lines were original.ClapClapClapClapClap  
Karan's line of getting old was very hilarious ROFL got me wondering  What will happen to our dreams. Theese 2 make any place and any moment special.  HeartHeart  
editing.  will continue later.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Amrit aka Rondu...Clap Cry 
Rajveer...LOL Confused 
Lovedeep...Star Star Star Star Star
*Super love arjun for trying to cheer arohi up while hiding his pain..Disapprove he loves arohi so much that he can't bare to see her sad or in pain, so he will even hide is pain and sadness just to see a smile on arohi's faceEmbarrassed...once again arjun has proven he is a selfless lover and loves his arohi so much that he will do anything for her and her happiness...amazing direction and Karan was bang on with his expressions..Clap Clap Clap I could feel his pain too...Cry...Hug to arjun..n the continuation for 2 mins is too much nw...Angry...i still can't get that dialogue out of my head..that dialouge that stole the episode...Day Dreaming and then arjun asking himself that are all love stories incomplete..will dere's b imcomplete too..?Broken Heart..such a similar question we r asking CVs..that will we get a complete story...will everything b shown? will we get to see arjuhi moments and will arjuhi complete their love (SR) n get Aman and Preet?
* Arjun comes near to the jail bars and starts the convo..n says he as gone old because his knee's hurt from runningShocked...LOL LOL LOL...aree can't go old now..abhi to kitna kuch karna hai..wid your arohi...BlushingLOL..and reveals the secret of romits chocolate thing..LOLLOL...he is trying so much to make his arohi smile..but she isn't smiling at all...and why didn't she cum closer to the jail bar?!!OuchConfused..Finally he succeeds wid his SRK dialogues from Om shanti Om...Clap Clap LOL...n knowing how much of a big fan arohi is of SRK's..arohi gets a smile on her how arjun can make her smile so quickly...TongueEmbarrassed and says "Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost"..i hope what he said was right... im sure he is me hope for us too..that we mite just get arjuhi moments and the most awaited SRDay Dreaming...i hope the last few epi's is filled wid arjuhi moments...Embarrassed..what i loved abt that cute jail scene is that even though arjuhi wern't together in the same cell..they still had that magic in dem which made the whole scene so cute and magical...Heart..kudo's to KK2 for their amazing chemistry just makes the whole atmosphere bright..even in a dull settingStar Star Star
*Lovedeep hit a sixer wid her comeback and taunting of the Ullu'sClap Clap Clap...great scene but it went on for too long...Ouch Sleepy...n it felt as if lovedeep was repeating herself. I wish they had saved a few mins for arjuhi...Ouch...she did a great job and once again i saw guilt on rajveer's face which was gudThumbs Up...lekin the duo aka sudhir n arwind stayed stone hearted...i feel sorry for their wives's...having to jhelofy dese strict n stone hearted pati's...Dead Ouch
*again the Rajveer and Amrit scene was gud...even though rajveer didn't speak..his expressions were gud for once...LOLLOL (Praising Rajveer, not nitin...LOL)...scene was long n for once i liked Rondu crying...Wink her love for her own daughter...Thumbs Up and even after this...she still loves her and she also believes arjun is innocentEmbarrassed n that arhi wud never support the wrong. ha ha what cracked me up was the FB where chachu wanted the "exclusive n expensive" tie...ROFLROFL..and wen i saw the tie i was like to my self that THAT was the so-called tie he wanted?!!ROFLROFL..never seen him wesr a tie and the fact that he wanted it cracks me up..ROFLROFL..and then wen arohi asks him hu wud you chose, uniform or me? and he said of course you..and den FB ends n cums to arohi where she chose the uniform this tym..Broken Heart...but i don't understand that Rajveer was having the FB..den how did arohi remember this n say it..wen arjun was in the cell next to her?!!Confused..but in this scene i cud connect to rajveer's guiltThumbs Up
*Next scene was a downerThumbs Down..i could not connect wid Rajveer's convo wid god...mainy because of the dialoguesStern Smile..and what is this?!! Rajveer is so selfish...he only wants arjun to b proven innocent so that arohi can cum home...huhConfused..has he forgotten that arohi is marred n that wen thney get released from prison..arohi will go wid arjun...?!!Stern Smile didn't like this scene at allThumbs Down Ouch and it doesn't even seem that he believes that arjun is innocent.he only wants hin to b proven for the sake of arohi cuming home...n already arjuhi MU him for setting fire to the house...that serves him right..but i want rajveer to believe from true heart that arjun is innocent and wen will the real shooter b revealed?!! CVs you cann't ignore or forget abt this okay?!!
*Arwind getting a shocking fonecall!!...Shocked Shocked Shocked from his expressions it seems as if it's sumthing bad..Cry..i hope KSA is alive and i hope the fone call is related to the real shooter or the fact arjun is innocent...!!

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

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Havent watched the epi yet!ROFL..


k...continuity ki jai ho!! Again continuity ke strt hua ye episode bhi!! Angry iss week ke strt se shuru kiya tha wo abhi bhi kayam hai!! *taaliyan*
continuity mein bhi ullus ka hi chehra mila tha dikhane ko!!Angry..aur woh bhi uss mr. SHUT UP urf angreez da puttar shakal dikhani thi..Angry
anyways..jail mein flight land hui aur hume dikhe arjun aur arohi..Embarrassed..arjun thinking kya humari kahani aduri reh jaayegi?? Me like..nooo aisa nhi hoga!! Hum nhi hone denge!!

Flight back to ullu ngr..Dead
lovedeep bua ne koshish to bahut ki ullus ke bheje mein dimaag bharne ke liye..par kya karen..think she forgot that the ullus (esp the trio..nalaayko ne HP ke trio ka naam badnaam ke diyaROFL..) ke paas dimaag hai hi nhi to unhe samajh kya aayega lovedeep's POV..ROFL.. I m sure jab bhagwaan dimaag baat rhe the tab arvind wud be saying SHUT UP..ROFL.. Sudhir wud have turned into a vampy nd must be drinking someody's blood or even better he wud be saying to god agar tumne mere bheeje mein dimag bharne ki koshish ki toh main tumhara khoon pee jaungaROFL..ROFL.. Nd rajveer wud be doing his robot dance for sure...ROFL..ROFL..
wen bua was offering sudhir mithai.. I was like..isse ye ko de rhi hai.. Ye insaano ka khaana thodi na khaayega ROFL.. Agr isne insaano ka khaana kha liya to pta nhi kya krdega!!ROFL.. Bt on a serious note i liked lovedeep's acting today!!Clap..

Flight dubara land hui jai mein..Big smile
arjuhi crying..i also felt like crying..Cry i was like plz dnt cry.. It makes us feel like crying wid u!!Cry bt i lovd the way arjun tried to make arohi smile.. I loved the way arjun said main arohi ke aakhon mein aasun nhi dekh skta..Embarrassed
Shocker of the day: arjun budhha ho gya hai..Shocked r u serious arjun..agr tum budhe ho gye to hume aman-preet kaise milenge??LOL
haaye..jail mein romance to sirf arjun singhania aur arohi ahluwalia hi kr skte haiEmbarrassed... Moon-light dinner in jail to sirf karan kundra ka idea hi ho skta hai..LOL..lagta hai arjun singhaniya mein karan kundra ka bhoot ghus gya hai!!LOL.. Bt i loved the whole scene.. Karanika's expression was really fab!! Clap..wen arjun said dat lagta hai srk aapka fav hero hai i was like.. Ofcousr kritika ka fav actor hi to hai..LOL bt karan said srks dialogue even very well than srk himself!! Haaye main to fida ho gyi inn dialogues pe..!!Embarrassed kya dialogue delivery nd exp the karan ke!!
On the whole the scene was really amazing.. I loved each nd evry part of it!!Heart

flight back to ullu ngr..Dead
bozo nd amrit's convo..Dead saara mood spoil kr diya..Angry aur rajveer ke bache ko toh dekho tie pehna nhi hota hai phir bhi exclusive collection ki tie kharidne ke sapne dekh rha hai!! ROFL..ROFL.. ROFL.. The fb was ok-ok..arohis part was gud bt rajveer part was Dead
Well arohi was right rajveer did choose his wardi instead of arohi..Dead

cumin to the last part: bozo nd his realisation..Dead nd the flash back of the epi.. Wah-wah..dvs ki jai ho!! Time waste krna to koi inse seekhe!!Angry
kavya has written very well on the last part...she hasnt left anything for me to say..!! Bt i wud say that rajveer's scene was really a boring one.. I didnt feel sorry for him.. Haha.. I wud say to him..badi jaldi tumhe realise ho gya that arohi can't do anything wrong..Ja doob marr pani mein!! Also still u wont belive that arjun is innocent.. Jst coz arohi is in jail wid him thats why u want him to come out!! still tumhe arjun ki to koi parwah hi nhi hai!! I wud love to see rajveer saying sorry to arjun woh bhi arjun ke pair pakad ke!!Evil Smile
last scene: arvind's 'kya'.. I was like hume kitna torture karoge!! Do baar to coming up mein dikha diya..ek aur baar dikhana zaruri tha!!??
Abt the phone call.. I am getting some wild ideas...ROFL..ROFL..ROFL.. I'll probably make a comment on that!!ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..

SONG OF THE DAY (for arjuhi):
ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan
ishq mein jeeu
ishq mein maru
ishq hi mera bhagwaan
haaye rabba tu hi meri jaan..tu hi jahaan
tu hi meri manzil
tere ishq mein main kurbaan..

[i noe its a DMG still the lyrics are really awesome..esp the first line suits very well on arjuhiEmbarrassed ]

kao-kao irritate kre..
Kao-kao irritate kre..

[this is some random song wich i heard on radio..nd i found these lines perfect for the ullus..]

nw me done...!! Have fun..only 5 more epis to go!!Cry

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katrina_petrova Goldie

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Cv'sSmile Angry Sleepy



Well me totally forgot about the res post sorry

Epi starts:

2 min back wapas. not going for that

Arjuhi in jail :Cry

I was crying when I saw Arohi crying and Arjun's dialogue's were gr8 here, Karan was superb today. He couldn't see Arohi in tears. Luvd this scene very much very touching and when Arjun said 'kya humari bhi love story aise he khatam hogi' I was like 'no it will be happy ending par khatam hogi'Cry

Then he comes near the gate and sits there after that I wasLOL he was very funny there didn't felt like Arjun at all. Lagta hai Karan ki aatma sawar ho gayi thi Arjun pe. Koi baat nahi ji hame to dono chalegaEmbarrassed. Arjun: Mai bhudda ho gaya hun Shocked. Aisa hoga to dadi aur hame amanpreet kaise milegaConfused. Then their moonlit date gr8 scene gr8 acting superloved this scene. Loved Arjun's attempt to make Arohi smile. This shows their love for each other.

Romit had a chocolate massageLOL. Me visualizing him in chocolate. He looks funny.

anyways then mithai ki dukaan came along in the reptile house. But shockingly I liked that scene love was gr8 here. Are vampy ko mithai mat khilao pet kharab ho jaega wait tab to khila hi do. Dimag to kharab hai hi pet bhi ho jaye to hame kya farak parta hai. When bua said 'ek papa hone ka farz aur chachu hone ka farz nahi nibhaya aapne' they showed arvind's face I think he must be jelous tayaji bhi kyun nahi kaha.LOL. The scene was gud and they needed this Invisible Tamacha though. But look at the older reptilesAngry koi farak nahi pada.

Then the Amrit-Rajveer scene was gud cuz amrit already becoming amrit than zeher and Rajveer cuming in track too. Then the flashback was gud par itna detail me sochne ki kya zarurat thi jab sochne ki zarurat thi tab kya dimag ghas charne gaya tha. Then Arohi again was gud.

Then Rajveer and Gannu bhaiya well Rajveer ko kisi ne thori si akal to donate ki par baki wo bhi invest nahi karna chah raha tha agar by chance bekar chala jata to????? Well looks like he will do the investigation and prove Arjun bekasor.

And the last scene well Arvind mujhe aapke expressions samajh me nahi aate, hospital or jail something must have happend.

CV's jis gati se aap log drag kar rahe lagta hai bail gadi bhi aapse 10 km aage barh gayi. Lagta hai iss bar bhi Ending me 2 seconds me dusri shadi aur 4 second me baccha hone wala hai.

Karan and Kritika were superb againClapStar

Karan You were besht and besht today (ye kya mujhme shagun aa gayiShocked)

A poem for my arjuhi:

Zindagi iss kadar khushiyo mein beetein

Tu jahaan ho wahi mujhe jannat dikhein

yun to hai mushkil ye pyar ka saahil

par har dard seh lunga main aagar tu hain haasil

Itni karun main tumse mohabbat

Ke lage jaise Ibadaat

Tum hi har dua mein

Tum hi khuda mein

Tum mere Ishq ho

Tum meri zindagi ho

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tanu111a Goldie

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 superluved today epi for a lot of reasons.
*arjuhi scene-in the starting when arjun said "kaash main usse apni baahon me le pata n khush rakh paata "it showed one of the quality of arjun which i luv most. he only wan his arohi happiness n he tried to forget his own pain for giving smile to arohi. he tried his best n he felt very sad when none of his attempt could make arohi happy. arohi is very sad n seeing arjuhi sadness my heat was crying.
*chachu- arohi mom scene-brilliant. i cried on that scene for arohi. i felt mother pain for her daughter. i felt how much innocent n caring is our arohi?arohi has such a pure heart n luving n caring nature towards her chachu n what he did with her innocent niece. a gal who is still a kid by heart had to bear all the sufferings alone. her mom was feeling arohi pain  n it really made me cry n rajveer chachu he was acting more than negative in last epis but today his heart beat for his arohi. his proud n his negative attitude towards arohi made him to hate himself.more than this arohi mom showed that she know arjun impotance in  arohi life.she knows arohi will never liv without arjun. arohi will never be happy without arjun.she clearly showed the fact iits only mother who can know what is deep inside her child heart.its the mother who can feel her child pain. arohi mom is completely heartbroken n the more painful for her is that she cannot do anything for her arohi.
*bua- she did her duty well. luved that scene
                           very nice epi an emotional one.while watching epi i cried for arjuhi for arohi mom n a very little for rajveer chachu (onscereen chachu) but i cried more bcoz of kmh ending. i really luv kmh a lot n it is going to be very hard to liv without kmh Cry

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