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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 93)

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:::Update 61:::Brother vs Brother:::


Tara had tried so hard to get close to Kabir but there was a black void within him. Kabir was fighting this thing inside of him. his conscious life against his sub-conscious mind plunging him deeper into an Abyss he had no idea what the hell was going on with him. Tara comes from behind holding Kabir around his chest applying butterfly kisses and then searches in his dark eyes. Kabir  twirled Tara into his arms.

Kabir in a monotone voice-Tara how can U bear to be around me? I am so miserable all the time.

Tara brushed her smooth fingers across Kabir's cheek-The same reason U put up with me Kabir. I am a little over the top i know at times. I like the silence sometimes.

Kabir made a grim face-Is there something wrong with me? Am i depressed? I feel like myself but then its like theres something  not right?

Tara blinked her eyes at Kabir's questions rebuking Kair's blatant doubts Tara had no answer for-Kabir this is all so surreal. We've all been through a lot. U just found out some truths U weren't ready for. Vampires exist, witches exist and so do werewolves albeit right now its all down to if they can keep their mitts off blood. U weren't designed for this.

Kabir gave a lukewarm vibe to Tara-What about Pia? She's dealing...

Tara sat Kabir down and sat on his lap brushing his hair with her fingers-Pia's just crazy. She fell for her broody dangerous vampire whose brother is after them. That do it for U? Pia's been discovering Abhay's secrets gradually and don't forget she had Maithali's spirit inside her at one point.

Kabir sighed feeling virulent inside yet weak a contrast of emotions-I'm so mixed up inside. My own parents don't get me. I didn't even blink towards Pia. This is unlike me Tara.

Tara wanted to help Kabir but how could she?-We'll figure this out together Kabir.

Rosa had been spending a lot of time with Maithali and Sid trying to help him with his little bloodlust. Sid was cured now. He no longer felt the need to attack anyone for blood. He could now merely take without ravaging anyone and Maithali was his rock. Maithali had been the support system he'd been craving for so long. Sid knew she didn't love him yet but now she was human there was hope. Human's could change their emotions unlike vampires. Once they loved someone that was it. For Sid it was always going to be Maithali. Till his dying days Maithali would always be his.

Sid had brough Maithali a pearl necklace and fastened it around her neck-It is beautiful on U Maithali. Noe U look like the Princess i knew.

Maithali simply gave Sid a little once over shaking her head-Sid U can't buy my affections. I was never into any of this. It's why i fell for... I erm its a nice gesture Sid. Now that U have your bloodlust in check i was thinking of heading out to the cinema's tomorrow. I have heard a lot about the entertainment in this era. I wish we had this back then.

Sid joked-Then what would have happened to the live play's we used to watch?

Maithali made a face pouting at Sid-Joke all U like. I hated those plays. They were always so predictable. Kings and their toys.

Sid watched Maithali feel a little unnerved-Something wrong?

Maithali felt Abhay around the connection was so strong breathing in his scent-We have company.

Unfortunately for Sid his little moment of glory was short lived by the arrival of Abhay. He rushed in like a storm hurling Sid smashing him against the walls of Maithali's place. Sid's reaction was as expected. He knew Abhay knew about his booty call to the superiors. Abhay's eyes glowed  vilet changing color to suit his mood then settle to a burnt amber tone gleaming with rage as he slammed Sid to the other side of the wall with his infamous choke hold. Sid struggled to break free. Maithali ran to break the warring vampires aside at her own risk struggling with their brute force.

Maithali shots at Abhay and Sid-Both of U break it up!

Jeh comes to help using his muscle-This is where our supernatural powers would have come into effect.

Neel pulled Sid off of Abhay-Dude U have to help me out here. I am not a bionic man U know. I have no powers.

Maithali cries-Please stop it! Abhay U have to let go of Sid. He is your brother dammit.

Abhay snarls at Sid stil sucker punching his brother venting out his anger-U are a snake Sid. U will never change. U are a despicable creature. U are not worthy of love or hate.

Sid a little breathless-Bro i know i can explain.

Abhay threw Sid around again screaming in his face so loud scaring Maithali and the boys with his rage sounding like a lions's roar-My baby's at risk because of U. Pia is in danger Sid. I can't allow U to live.

Maithali ran to Abhay trying to calm him down-Abhay look at me. (Touches his face with her soft hands lovingly making her wish she hadn't done that. Her feelings for Abhay would never die. How hard was she trying to get him out of her heart? All it took was one glance. One touch and she was gone. Abhay could feel Maithali's emotions running through his head immediately breaking off contact from both Sid and Maithali) Now erm what has Sid done to U? Or Pia? (Turns to face Sid with her chocolate brown eyes filled with disappointment) Sid spill! NOW!

Sid healed his bloody face with his bare hands-I might have dobbed both Abhay and Pia to the superiors about their bundle of joy.

Maithali immediately felt her hand raised to slap Sid hurting her hand shaking it. Sid goes to kiss her hands better-Don't Sid. Don't! U know how attached i am to Pia. U hurt me tonight! U hurt me more than i thought U could. U will always be an animal Sid. I don't know why i am wasting my time reforming U. Clearly U have no respect for me and least of all for yourself.

Sid to Maithali desperately trying to make her understand holding her hand-I swear i am trying. I am just made wrong Maithali. I'll make it up to U Abhay. Just don't push me aside.

Maithali shook her head-I told U Sid before. I am not a miracle worker. I want U to change because U want to. Not for me. (Lets go of Sid's hand moves to Abhay's side holding his shoulder). Leave it.

Abhay is still fuming as he bellows echoing his temper-Leave it Maithali. Pia is i don't know har far along she is. We are stressed with how all this is going to affect the baby and Pia's health. I've left her with the Dobrial's. The Raichand house is no longer safe. The superiors are probably there.

Maithali hushed Abhay with her soothing voice holding him-I know this will sort itself out because (Gives Sid a sly smile) Sid will be Pia's body guard.

Sid did a double take at Maithali shaking his head-I'm what? (Face animated) No way. I can't. The girls the reason i'm this crazy.

Maithali darted her eyes at Sid again-U are the reason U are crazy Sid. She just made U face up to who U really are. U can't get purer than Pia. U created this mess and U will put it right.

Abhay made a face at Maithali looking at her deep wise eyes he'd always been so lost in-I don't trust Sid as far as i can throw him. (Abhay glares at Sid)Place Pia in his care never! Over my dead body.

Sid cracked a little prematurely-U are already dead dude!

Abhay zoomed to Sid within second slamming him against the wall-U infuriate the hell out of me brother. I can't stand U and your jokes. Lifes a joke to U isn't it? U don't know what it feels to burn in love. U want Maithali so bad but she isn't going to be yours because she has a soul. Pia is safer with the superiors than she is with him.

Jeh ran to take Abhay off of Sid with Maithali's help.-Dude i know this Pia Chick is your everything but Sid can help. Maithali will watch over them. She loves Pia like she were her own sister.

Abhay wasn't listening baring his fangs and slashing Sid's throat as Maithali tries to pull Abhay away. He brings his face to meet Sid's-I can be just as vicious, verile, venomous Sid i just choose not to.

Maithali leaves Sid to tend to his wounds holding Abhay's hand-Let me help U Abhay. I promise U we will help Pia. I will personally make sure Sid behaves. He has made an improvement.

Abhay shot back-Why are U so hell bent on saving Sid? He is a lost cause.

Maithali softly spoke gazing into Abhay's eyes-Because he is screaming for help Abhay. He is alone. U were once alone. U too lived through the darkness. Sid deserves a chance at redemption. U had Tara walking U out of the wilderness. Sid has me. Maybe there is hope for him if i guide him Abhay. As children we were all so n'sync with each otther.

Abhay spouted more abuse-Sid just wants to get U at any cost Maithali. He doesn't care about anything else. Why are U putting yourself through this.

Maithali could feel her strong stance crumble in front of Abhay-Because i have nothing to live for Abhay. I served my purpose. I freed my people from the curse. I have lost my love to another. (Meets Abhay's gaze also in immense pain) I don't pity myself Abhay. We had our time and this is another era altogether. U have found the person who loves U most but what about me? I am still left right where U left me. Alone! I am trying to fill a void. So what if Sid wants me? U have lost the right to have a say what i do now Abhay. I love U Abhay and always will. I tried letting go. Its not easy. I don't want U to say anything because i see it in your eyes too. I am trying my best to make Sid a better person. I am trying to keep sane. What more do U expect of me Abhay? I can't have U. U were all i have Abhay. Now U have Pia! To love someone U can't have i know all too well Abhay. I understand Sid better now. It kills U inside out like posion taking over your whole body. Don't U dare judge me. Or Sid because he had an excuse he had no soul but now he shows remorse. U weren't a saint either.

Abhay broken in Maithali's own sorrows-I'm sorry Maithali. I am just mouthing off. I wish...This is a mess. I'm sorry for causing U so much heartbreak Maithali. U deserve better. I am just venting.

Maithali curved her lips half smiling-We wish a lot but they don't come true Abhay. Be happy in your little world and let others be happy in the small mercies they create for themselves Make sure Pia and the baby are out of danger zone meaning away from humans and from the Raichands. The superiors are most likely going to search for her there. I will do damage control and make sure Sid is serious. About my little episode forget it ever happened. I am finding being human harder to come to terms with. Emotions are so much easier when your supernatural one side blocks the other.

Sid repaired his own injuries-Bro look i will make it up to U. I swear. I'll do what it takes. It was a moment of insanity. I was p****d off at Pia for humanising me again. Its a habit i rather not have. I can't deal with it.

Abhay's anger simmered down-I'd have probably killed U. Pia would probably have killed me for thinking like this. Pia's still in the dark but U know how inquisitive she gets?

Sid managed-Abhay theres every reason for U to hate me i know but i want to end this brother vs brother rivary.

Abhay was giving Sid dirties.

Jeh mused-Maybe U should bring Pia here. Among humans she'll be a sitting duck!

Maithali thought it was a good idea-Yes i don't mind having her here Abhay. U can stay with her.

Abhay didn't think it was a good idea with Maithali's own conflicting feelings about him. Who knew what Pia would read into it-No! U are all human too.

Jeh blurted-Not quite. We still have a trace of the animal in us. Pia will be fine.

Sid nodded-Yes bro. Let me sort this all out for U. Maybe i can change your mind about my being negative into something positive.

The Dobrial's watched over Pia and morning soon came Abhay was nowhere to be seen. Pia had freshened up with Misha bringing her some cranberry juice mixed with blood-Rise and shine baby sister.

Pia searched for Abhay-Where is he?

Misha lied-He went to the Raichands.

Pia felt a little sad-I thought...He's never left me alone before.

Misha enthused-That's because he knows we are all here for U. Now eat up and feed my little nephew or niece. Or do i have to feed U?

Pia took a bite out of her toast with jam and a sip of her juice-So what are we doing?

Misha beamed-Tell me all about Jiju. How is he? Abhay is a little too silent around us but U get to see him in every shade.

Pia blushed scarlett-Misha!

Misha grinned-There it got U smiling. Abhay will be back don't worry. So how is pregnancy? I know the little one wants to kick its way out of there to meet Auntie Mishoo.

Pia laughed-Its a joy Misha. The best feeling in the world. My little one knows me inside out. I think i have a very intellectual baby on hand. Abhay's genes i bet. I hope the baby looks exactly like Abhay.

Misha frowned-No i want a happy baby not a miserable one.

Pia frowned-Abhay isn't miserable just a little too concerned. We aren't normal now are we?

Misha saw Panchi coming over-Oh Pia was telling me about how romantic Abhay is. He won't leave her alone for anything.

Then there was a knock on the door. A visitor came to see the Dobrial's. 

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awesome part.
loved it.
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow ayesha awesome update I loved it yaar.I m so eagerly waiting 4 nxt part.I jst adore dis FF yaarSmile

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Awesome update...aysha...
Baby brother beat the c**p out of big brother..well..sid deserved it...never seen abhay so angry..
Poor must be so hard for her to move on...i hope..she sought solace in sid...
Sidy boy..the bodyguard...hahaha...nice one...i hope this makes sid n pia's relation better... i want to see a cute jeth bhabi jodi...hehe...
Superb update...
Thanks for the pm...continue

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Beautiful Ayesha Clap
Loved it as usual... I felt bad for Metz... and I still can't trust Sid but I hope he will protect Piya truly... and Abhay's anger...volcano eruption as usual Ouch...thanks for the PM... continue soon Hug

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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

wow ayesha awesome update I loved it yaar.I m so eagerly waiting 4 nxt part.I jst adore dis FF yaarSmile
Sign I Love You This is my favourite as well i have more to come your way with the superiors making an entry. 
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by missglam

Awesome update...aysha...
Baby brother beat the c**p out of big brother..well..sid deserved it...never seen abhay so angry..
Poor must be so hard for her to move on...i hope..she sought solace in sid...
Sidy boy..the bodyguard...hahaha...nice one...i hope this makes sid n pia's relation better... i want to see a cute jeth bhabi jodi...hehe...
Superb update...
Thanks for the pm...continue
Scared 1Sid wasn't expecting such a welcome from Abhay. He putt the shockers on SidLOL Maithali will be OK. The chicka is strong. Loving Abhay and coming back from a hertbreak will only strengthen her.

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