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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 86)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

U promised u'll update 2dayLOL.Where is ur update?Confused
 Update sorry for the broken promises
Today it will be up deffo. I have completed 2 pages anothe 2 to go. I was busy recovering from my trip to Alton Towers. So now i am gearing to goBig smile

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 60:::Private Picnic:::


Misha stared back at Abhay trying to decipher this vampire jiju of hers. He had her stumped-You're not doing your vampire powers on me to bend me to your will are U?

Abhay burst into laughter at Misha's sudden bluntness making Pia giggle in return-Trust me my beautiful Saali if i had to use my powers on U it wouldn't be for something so simple as this. Besides Pia'd kill me if i used my powers on U.

Pia had a glimmer of mischief in her eyes-Oh Abhay i think i'd make an exception with Misha with her being so stubborn and all. It would make Misha less annoying don't U think?

Misha sulked moaning-U wouldn't do this to your own sister?

Pia's face filled with pride at Misha calling her sister-Oh come on Misha. I could never do such a mean thing to my favourite sister now can i?

Misha backed down from her raging bull behaviour mindful of Pia's fragile state. Abusing Abhay verbally was distressing Pia and Misha as brash as she was couldn't watch Pia in emotional pain-So is the offer still open for me to tag along? I guess i've missed my best friend and my true soul sister. Am i forgiven for bailing out on U? (Misha holds her ears looking like a child sorry for what she'd done) I promise i won't behave like a brat ok fine i promise i won't go into a crazy b***h mode. Sorry baby in the house. (Closes her eyes at her little slip up.) This is going to take some getting used to. My language isn't exactly child friendly.

Pia giggled-Abhay are we all set?

Abhay was a little distracted-Oh yeah (Makes a little connection with his Mom mentally nodding at her instructions to keep Pia away from their Mansion and keep all Dobrials out of their area.) Mom U make sure U lock up Pia and I will be taking a little detour at the Raichands!

Pia saw Abhay and Haseena's eyes sending SOS messages fearing a storm was brewing-We are? But I...

Abhay cut Pia's words-Misha how would U like to take Pia home with U after our picnic? This way your family can get to know her better and i suppose give Pia a breather away from me.

Pia flinched at Abhay's sudden willingness to let her go reaching for him with panic in her eyes as Misha notices exactly how dependent Pia was on Abhay-U can't Abhay! Together always U said we'd always be together. U are coming with me if I have to drag U screaming with me.

Misha texted Panchi's mobile pronto-Done. Both of U guys are coming with me. Abhay is coming too Pia so don't get all rattled up ok its not good for the baby. Abhay this is a great idea. Mom is making the arrangements with Panchi so now U can both endure the torture together of living with the Dobrial's.

Abhya gave a half hearted smile at Misha for saving him-Thanks Misha. Now come on before Kabir and Tara ditch us.

Misha headed out to the back of the car while Abhay held Pia in his arms placing her next to Misha.

Abhay rushed to the drivers seat and taking them to the secret spot where Kabir was already there with Tara sitting in dead silence. Tara was relieved to see Abhay with Pia who was blooming into a radiant pregnant mother alright. She looked beautiful glowing like the light she was. Tara let out a forced smile. While Kabir seemed dead to the world remained blank like he had no soul.

Abhay opened the car door for the girls and allowed Misha out first and ordered Pia to remain seated while he got everything ready superfast. He got out all the pillows from the car boot placing them on the blanket on the ground while Misha couldn't help but laugh at Pia pulling faces for Abhay treating her like she was a delicate porcelain doll. Finall Abhay came around to meet Pia's angry eyes as he grabbed hold of her unable to take her cute face seriously placing her gently down on the pillows.

Pia was floored with all the pillows-What is all this Abhay?

Abhay expressed-Its all for your comfort Pia. I want U to feel like U are a real princess U know and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful scenery without feeling any discomfort.(Abhay touches Pia's cheek with the back of his hand stroking it as Pia begins to melt at his touch) Am i forgiven for wanting U to have a pleasant time here?

Pia made a little whimper-I'm not a beached whale Abhay! I don't need any of this but its U going all OTT as usual. (Pia let out a grin) I can never be mad at U for long Abhay (Gives him a kiss on his lips) Now if i am sitting on here then where will U be sitting huh?

Abhay chuckled-Well i guess the grass is enough for me Pia. I am used to the country. U can keep this entire space to yourself.

Pia smacked Abhay playfully at his teasing-Oh no U don't Mr Raichand U are firmly staying put here as my personal pillow. This is if U have the stamina to bear my heavy burden?

Abhay sat down laying his legs sprawled out so Pia can nestle between them leaning against him as support. Abhay held Pia gently and clasped her hands entwining them into his kissing them making Pia blush-I'm your personal superman remember Pia. I can carry U and our little miracle anywhere so don't worry about my workout regime! You've already seen me in action remember!

Pia turns scarlet remembering their intimate moments and starts whispering-I'll make U pay for this tonight Abhay!

Abhay teases back-I'll be waiting with bated breath Pia. (He kisses her forehead) So (Turns his attention to Tara while Misha admires the love both Pia and Abhay have for each other) Tara how are U? Its been two weeks since our last encounter. How are U both faring?

Tara managed a weak smile-So and so! How are U Misha?

Misha noticed Kabir's eyes all spaced out making shivers go up her spine as she shook her body-Erm so and so. I guess all this s**t is sinking in now.

Pia couldn't help but giggle at Abhay who was busy stroking her bump. She rubbed her face against stubble breathing him in. Pia bit her lips with desire for her Hot Vampire husband with her heart skipping several beats-U are driving me crazy baby.

Abhay inhales Pia's floral perfume groaning tipping his head back-I can say the same thing about U Pia but U really ought to think about our friends (Kissing Pia's lips) Delicious rosy lips Pia.

Pia felt her world circled around Abhay kissing his lips again feeling Abhay's hot and slick tongue then flattening her hands against his chest.While Abhay's hands imprinted on Pia's back-Misha's busy Abhay with (groans) Kabir.

Abhay's fingers tightened around Pia's skin while the other slid up her back. Abhay's face bent down to Pia's temple. His moist lips intermingled with her hair. Pia's body tightened at Abhay's mere touch surrendering her mind to him feeling pleasure at being desired by Abhay despite looking like a beached whale. Pia closed her eyes and continued to kiss Abhay back. Pia revelled watching Abhays eyes turn colour feeling his desire as his eyes glowed changing colour. Abhay broke of the kiss nuzzling Pia's neck burying himself there. His insistant lips drawing on her skin on her most sensitive spot as she shuddered with the ripple of sensation flooding through her entire body. Pia clutched to Abhay.

Abhay answered back to Pia whispering in her ears-See what U do to me Pia? I find U highly lethal and desire U in any form because U and I are one soul Pia. I fell for U not your body or for your looks. U know that right? U are sexy as sin and my heart swells knowing U are carrying my seed Pia. Our baby inside of U makes me love U even more. I didn't think it was ever possible to love someone more than i already did Pia.

Pia felt her eyes water-Look what U made me do as if i wasn't already an emotional mess!

Abhay kissed Pia's eyes-Don't ever for one minute feel like U aren't pretty or fit enough for me Pia. I'll find U attractive no matter what. I know being pregnant makes U girls a little emotional and a little insecure but U are the sexiest person i have ever known. I wish i can show U more often but with our situation its a little difficult. We can't risk our baby.

Pia nodded-Its why i love U Abhay Raichand. U are so understanding that it puts me to shame. I wish i had your strength and your will power.

Abhay smiled-U are more stronger than you'll ever know Pia. It takes guts to stand up to me and my vampire family to fight for our baby. U did the impossible by making me fall in love with the baby.

Pia grinned-Oh i think our baby did that for me Abhay. Our baby takes after its Dad. Both of U are as stubborn as the other.

Abhay saw Pia's eyes weaken and staggered away to the car with Pia in his arms taking out a few bags of blood and bringing them out again back to their spot placing a straw inside it-Here Pia drink this. Should help the baby?

Pia took a sip feeling the last vestige of pleasure at drinking blood which no longer disgusted her-The baby's sure got me into some kooky stuff Abhay.

Misha and Tara spoke to the other with their can of coke-I guess Abhay and Pia are more serious than i ever thought was possible. They really are a misfit couple. I never thought the supernatural world could co-exist with the other but i suppose the dead can really love. I just wish the living could do the same.

Tara handed Misha a sandwich of peanut butter to Misha-I know! Abhay and Pia are an example of what true love should be about. Don't worry about Arjun.

 Misha huffed sighing loud-He lied to me. He is a slayer or hunter. He is a threat to my Jiju. I can't love someone willing to end Abhay's life. Arjun and i are through. I can't be with someone who wants to make Pia a widow. Leave my little nephew or niece without a father even if the dude is dead already.

Tara gave Kabir another look sullenly and then back at Misha again-Loves complicated Misha. Look at me. I have made a mistake and now trying to undo it is difficult. Arjun lied for his own reasons. I don't know if he loved U or still loves U but this is your own battle U have to deal with Misha. U can do this. Meet him and talk it out.

Misha with a vision of Arjun and their huge tiff-What if he tries to worm his way out? What if he wants to trick me? With Abhay!

Tara sighed-I think he will try to help Abhay. Arjun wants the baby alive. This child is turning out to be wanted by everyone and i'm afraid.

Misha wondered about the baby-Pia's sucking on blood. She's human right?

Tara's eyes darken-Pia is but not the baby!

Misha gasped-What??????????The childs a blood i mean craves blood!

Tara nodded darkly-Yes. The bay's part human and part vampire so its need would be somewhat inbetween.

Misha was getting a shock after a shock-How's U know who? He seems like another person. He's not U know?

Tara finished-Human! I don't know what i did other than bring him back. Kabir isn't the same and i shouldn't have messed with nature. He's a little quiet.

Misha nodded taking a bite into her sandwich-I'm afraid of him Tara.

Tara smiled blankly-So am i? At least your honest Misha. He's distant and i don't blame him.

Misha threw Tara a bottle of water-Hre!

Tara wiped her mouth with a napkin-Chocolate cake?

Misha smiled-Yeah and cream. I need to put weight on! Thanks for lisytening.

Tara laughed-Thanks for not judging me.

Misha stood up-Who am i to judge? Have U seen my crazy family? U are my friend Tara and will always be one.

Tara hugs Misha as Misha turns to Kabir handing him some crisps-Hey dude?

Kabir only muttered-What? Whats it?

Misha shrak back-Nothing Kabir. I wanted to see my friend.

Kabir curtly replied-He's not here!

Misha to Kabir-He is Kabir. Please stop your mute self and talk to us.

Kabir to Misha-Leave me alone Misha. I'm not in the mood.

Misha moves away finishing-I'll always be here Kabir. We all are so don't forget this.

Kabir to Misha with his soulless eyes-I'm sorry Misha! I don't know whats wrong with me.

Misha got Kabir all too well-I know bro! I feel the same about myself.

Misha moves back to Pia leaving Kabir with Tara who seemed liess than happy.

Pia handed the bag of blood back to Abhay who started sipping it-I know this is a little too much Misha but the baby needs it.

Misha next to Abhay observant-Cool. I get it. Mom and Dad would freak but i get it. Its a necessaity. I have a newfound respect for U Abhay. The way U look after Pia nobody could ever do. I can see the love between U back then and now its even stronger. (Misha watched Pia's bump) Can i?

Pia placed Misha's hand on her bump-Be warned i have a footballer in there. Kicks the hell out of me naughty baby.

Misha felt the kicks-Looks like my nephew or niece is going to be just like me. Hyperactive.

Pia joked-Oh another Misha! Somebody spare us.

Misha pretended to be hurt-Hey i'll tell U now little one us two are going to be tight. My very first nephew or niece will be spoilt rottem. U will be my carbon copy and we'll rule the roost. Paint the town red with our mischievous nature.

Pia laughed-I think then Abhay will be the one to get a heart attack. He's already overprotective of our little one Misha. He won't let this one out of the house with U.

Misha smiled somemore-So shall we get ready to go home? (watching Pia yawn. Abhay grabs Pia in his arms) Jiju U sure love Pia in your arms don't U?

Abhay winked-Pia's my lifeline. I can't be aprt from her more than a minute forget a second. I am not letting her out of my sight unless i have to and the baby's been very cheeky so Pia is restricted to being carried around.

All 5 drive back home. Abhay takes Pia to the guest room at the Dobrial's kissing her forehead. 

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wow ayesha wht an awesome update.Loved it.Abhiya romance was too gud.Plzz continuee.I so wnt 2 read more.Haye tht romantic moments.Abhay caring 4 Pia,Misha observing their love everything seems so perfect.I jst wnt 2 say plz continue soon.This is my fav FFSmile

Edited by cuteshrishti - 27 July 2011 at 2:54pm

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by cuteshrishti

wow ayesha wht an awesome update.Loved it.Abhiya romance was too gud.Plzz continuee.I so wnt 2 read more.Haye tht romantic moments.Abhay caring 4 Pia,Misha observing their love everything seems so perfect.I jst wnt 2 say plz continue soon.This is my fav FFSmile

:::Next part will be raging alright Abhay will have Sids head on a stick for placing Pia under the superiors radar:::

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Vivilaciouss_me Senior Member

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Awesum update aysha! It ws realy romantic!

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by cuteshrishti

wow ayesha wht an awesome update.Loved it.Abhiya romance was too gud.Plzz continuee.I so wnt 2 read more.Haye tht romantic moments.Abhay caring 4 Pia,Misha observing their love everything seems so perfect.I jst wnt 2 say plz continue soon.This is my fav FFSmile

:::Next part will be raging alright Abhay will have Sids head on a stick for placing Pia under the superiors radar:::
Ohh so face off b/w Sid-Abhay.Coolio wid bit Abhiya romance plzzWink

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i like the abhiya way n abhiya misha convo

gud job

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AWw luv Yhh FFz
continue xxx

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