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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 77)

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 6:47am | IP Logged
interesting precap. now looking forward to the update

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
wow awesome precap.Update soonSmile

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con soon

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nice precap...waiting for the update...

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 59:::Mistrust:::


Tara with Kabir had found in two weeks was getting himself back together again. He wasn't his usual self and she'd expected this. Tara made she she kept an eye on Kabir's progress seeming as he came back from the dead had part of his soul still intact but he wasn't the same. No he was showing a sign of a dark side to his cheery nature.

Tara made a peanut butter sandwich for Kabir cutting the square pieces in half on a plate-Here! I'll just finish off our picnic hamper. Abhay wants to take Pia out for some fresh air. She needs her friends around. Do U mind if we both tag along?

Kabir shrugged-No just make sure they don't bug me and we'll be fine.

Tara heard a hint of coldness through her in Kabir's voice-Sure. I just have a few drinks to pack and then we can all head out together.

Kabir sat in front of the tv watching international boxing match wishing he could beat the crap out of someone-Sorry Tara. I don't know why i'm always so cranky. I didn't mean to be so cold.

Tara smiled-Its fine.

Kabir swallowed hard, so confused, so unable to control or even organize the storm of thoughts and memories from that fateful night wasn't even watching the match but zoning into the quiet place spoke again-U never answered my original questions Tara about what exactly happened to me? Its all so fuzzy.

Tara nodded placing all the gear in the car-Are U coming? I can't give U answers to what i don't know! (This wasn't a lie but it wasn't the truth either she thought) They are probably waiting for us.

Kabir switched the tv off and headed out-I haven't seen the gang in a while.

Tara placed her hands on Kabir's shoulders then faces him-Don't worry they won't judge U. Its been hard on us all and what we've all been through i'm pretty sure none of us have come out unscathed.

Kabir sat in the drivers seat heading to Abhay's place-I hope you're right.

Sid di something a little stupid in his rash act of getting one up on Abhay and felt a pang of guilt which is a first when it came to his baby brother. Sid couldn't undo the wrong he'd done and now it was too late. Sid only reacted out of jealousy and he hated to admit it but it felt bad. Remorse wasn't a trait Sid ever thought existed in him. Maithali was going to hate him when she found out and Abhay was going to kill him not that this was anything new. Sid just wanted to hurt Pia back for hurting him in the most mortifying way. Yes Sid wanted to suck the life out of Maithali now but at the same time he was fighting it like he'd never done so before using his Asthenia as in his Achilles heel in the form of a gem. Maithali's gem.

Maithali was helping Sid through his problems. It was the only way to keep him out of mischief. She knew he was fixated on her so this way Pia was free to be with Abhay without the complication of meanie Sid. He was his usual flirty self but Maithali could tell there was a secret. With Sid there was always an issue. It was like he invited trouble or more like it followed him wherever he went.

Maithali pricked her finger with a needle placing it to Sid-Take a sip Sid and then we'll give U some more later on.

Sid refused pushing her hand away-U know i can't Maithali. I'm drawn to U meaning your blood is too potent for me.

Maithali  insisted-Stop fighting Sid. Don't U ever get tired of fighting the whole world?

Sid teased back-I'm a born fighter baby. Its all i know. But don't U ever tire of giving out orders.

Maithali shot back-Hey i was born to give out orders Sid i am a princess? (Her voice trailed off) Was a Princess? Look Sid i don't want U hurting innocent people anymore. I don't want to change who U are. U can flirt till your blue in the face with any girls U want. I'll even let U flirt with me if U want as annoying as it is but i want to reform this ugly side to U. I want the monster in U to die Sid.

Sid took Maithali's finger and licked it smelling her sweet blood through his nostrils flaring and the taste filled with iron sent tremours through his veins surging life through him-I've always imagined how you'd taste but God U are heaven.

Maithali took her hand back-U sure know how to flatter a girl. I'm sure U tell everyone this. (Licking her lips) U haven't been rummaging through my head have U? I want U out of there.

Sid nodded understanding full well who resided in her head-I know its off limits to me. If i saw him i think i'd kill him right now.

Maithali pushed her finger right at Sid's chest-I hope this is an empty threat Sidharth. Otherwise me being with U is pointless if i can't remove the animosity U have for your dear brother. Its not his fault i never loved U. Hate me not him. I can't switch my feelings off Sid. I'm not a bloody robot and neither am a puppet where U can push around. (Glares at Sid) This past two weeks i have tried hard to give U a fair shot. Don't make me regret this. I have placed my faith in U and the pure love U have fore me.

Sid was immersed in Maithali's devotion to a lost cause. He'd had ample amounts of women, willing, unwilling, coaxed or convinced, over the centuries but Maithali was one woman he he desired the most. She was his love and wanted her to love him willingly-Sorry Maithali. I am trying but its hard not to hate on a figure (Maithali glares) Sorry my dear brother for so long and then love him again. We have always had a love/hate relationship. Thanks for caring about me even though i put U through hell.

Maithali smiled-Its cool. I am learning to forgive in the process.

Sid loved Maithali's cute eyes making him all mushy inside like a marshmellow-So your people have had no problems with phasing? It has ben two weeks.

Maithali beams-Thankfully we are fine but have another two weeks to see if we are back to normal.

Sid sits down on a stool at the bar drinking Maithali's favourite drink Tia Maria-This stuff is very delish. Its good to see U smiling more often. So how's dumb and dumber (About Jay and Neel) I heard U have a few teething problems with them.

Maithali texts Pia-Oh they are just young and want to pick a fight with anyone. I think their anger levels are still high. I'm a little worried about them. hopefully the next two weeks they'll stay out of trouble.

Sid could hear the clicks on the mobile carefully hearing whic buttons were being pressed-Pia. U are still in contact with her?

Maithali found herself feeling defensive-She's my soul sister Sid of course i'll be in touch with her. She's pregnant and i want to know how she is baring up?

Sid threw back-With your ex-lovers child.

Maithali felt a pang of scorn curling her pouty lips-Abhay is her husband. Why not huh Sid? I love them both and seeing them happy kills me but they have my blessing. Nothing U say will make me hate them. Envy them maybe but i will always wish them well. Now start behaving Sid. Or else? You'll lose me forever. Its me U want right or is this all a farce?

Sid held Maithali's warm hands-Its always been U. I'm sorry force of habit. Its harder than U think but i can't help it. So how is she?

Maithali checked her message-Pia's dealing with the preassures and is very happy but she's holding back. I think her pregnancy is hard on her. Its not normal i feel her ache.

Sid squeezed Maithali's hand for support kissing it-You're still connected to her.

Maithali nodded.

Abhay carried blankets, spare clothing, flask full of hot water and plenty of fruits and blood bags just in case. Pia was told to remain sitting down until he came for her. Abhay had dissuaded Pia from excessive movements keeping his hawk eyes on her. While Pia found this a little much. He was waiting hand and foot on her while their nights were filled with deep concern for their little one. Pia was relieved Abhay had finally accepting their baby. It was the only vice in their solid indomitable relationship. Abhay was the best husband a girl could ever ask for, the best lover, son, friend all rolled into one. Pia knew Abhay would make the perfect afther as well always coming through for all his loved ones. Pia was lucky to find him in her lonely life now filled with so much happiness she didn't know how to contain it.

Abhay rushed back to Pia telling his Mom its ok to leave her noticing Pia had her hand on her stomach staring at it like she could see their baby. As soon as Pia noticed Abhay's presence he could see how pale she was,  her lips were bloodless like all the blood was drained out and the dark shadow around her eyes wide filled with emotion.

Haseena stroked Pia's hair on the sofa-I think our little grandchild is going to be a livewire Abhay. Pia can't stop talking. The baby will shed more light into our dark lives you'll see. (To Pia) The dark times will pass. I know U are stressed about the baby. Don't be honey. Abhay and i even Chand are all on your side. We are a family (kissing her forehead.) Now U kids have fun and Abhay don't be an overbearing husband to Pia. U know she doesn't like U hovering around her too much. And make sure U look after my grandchild.

Abhay wasn't going to follow anything his Mom told him other than looking after his family. He was going to make sure Pia and his baby were protected. For some reason he couldn't shake this uneasy feeling something bad was to happen-Mom do U even have to ask?

Pia giggled weakly-U know Mom is just making sure U don't get on my nerves. I hate it when U are always at my beack and call Abhay. U won't even let me make breakfast or dare i say it brush my hair.

Abhay teased-U weren't complaining when i gave U a massage.

Pia blushed-Abhay U are too much. See what i have to deal with Mom? He is always so stubborn.

Haseena liked seeing the affection Abhay and Pia had even during the most testing of times-Kids no bickering and Abhay U know i'll always side with Pia now.

Abhay sulked with his Jaw clenched-U girls will always stick with each other.

Pia stuck her tongue out as Abhay rushed to her sliding his arm around Pia kissing her lips-That's for showing me attitude. (He places his hand on her stomach feeling their baby move and then kissing her stomach) Now My dear wifey i think we are ready to head out hopefully you've gotten all your mischief out of the way. I don't want U showing our baby all your secret missiles U use to have your way with me.

Pia grins kissing Abhay back-Don't worry my loving hisband there are somethings only kept between U and me. Mom are U sure U don't want to join us? Kabir knows what we are.

Hassena declined-Sorry kids i am waiting on your Father-in-law. He's been detained by the superiors thanks to Sid. U go on and enjoy yourselves.

Abhay gazes into Pia's eyes-I never get bored of staring into your eyes Pia but U seem exhausted maybe we should cancel?

Pia covered Abhay's lips with her hand taking her other hand off of her stomack at the back of Abhay's head-Oh no U are not pulling out of a day out. I need some fresh air. I want my husband to give me a little time in the open carrying me around in his arms. U have to stop focussing on me Abhay. I'm not staying home and its final. I've been cooped up here and having people visit me here is a little horrendous. Did U see Dad! Lying is getting difficult.

Abhay consoled Pia's doubts-I know but we have no choice. Do we? I'll go get your bag.

Pia wished Misha was here-I can't believe she's still angry Abhay.

Abhay came back with her bag-I know jaan but its been tough on her.

Then a knock on the door. Abhay to Pia-Its your dear sister Misha and she's not happy. Do U want me to let her in? I'd rather she left.

Pia braced herself-I want to see her Abhay please.

Abhay nodded-If she so much as upsets U i am flinging her out sister or no sister.

Pia heard Abhay meant what he said-Ok

Misha storms through to Pia shocked at the sight of her beloved sister-Bloody hell!

Pia gave a weak smile scolding Misha-Watch your language. My baby can hear U.

Misha frowned sulking-I don't give a rats a** about your brat. Its U i came to see. How could U Pia shack up with him? He;s not human. None of his family are and your lookalike is a Shewolf. This is all too surreal. I'm here to take U away from this hell and give U entry into heave. Now get up and come with me to your home.

Pia was left fuming seeing a bout of terror in her eyes with her venom filled here staring at Abhay then back at her. If Misha had attacked her she'd have taken it but she was attacking Abhay-Listen  Misha! (Flashes her eyes at Abhay then back at Misha) I know its inconceivable to even fathom a human falling for the extra ordinary but this happened. U can shoot a load of insults at Abhay won't make me hate him.

Misha cut in-Well it makes my cart lighter. I have more verbal abuse to hurl at him.

Pia pointed her finger at Misha-No. Listen to me Misha. What Abhay and i have you'll never understand. No mortal can ever understand unless they go through this. I'm sure you've met Arjun a slayer who works with witches and even vampires if it gets his job done. U are part of this world whether U like it or not. I know this is a little much to handle. When i found out it was all gradual.

Misha fumed-U are coming with me Pia and this is final. He can fight me all he wants and i swear i will sue U. So don't even think of biting me ok. (Moves Abhay away from Pia) Stay away from my sister U animal. Abhay U make me sick  U loser. U sucker! Now U have my sister breeding God knows what? Its probably killing her. She can't even sit properly. U brainwashed her into loving U and now she's hooked. Who else are U going to destroy? U are all evil. I've seen Sid he is a freak and so is the rest of your kind.

Pia touched Misha's scarlet face-I know your angry but Abhay is my life Misha. He's in my blood. I'm too far gone and this baby is the result of our pure love. Don't give it names belittling what we have just because its alien to U. They are my family and so are U don't tear me down any more than i am already torn. Please try to reason with me. I need my best friend Misha. I need my sister.

Misha softening up-I'll admit i was p** sorry angry wt U for existing but we are blood sisters and before that friends. I don't want to lose U but to their kind. To an unnatural being. Even God won't take them Pia. He'll never be welcome. I am struggling keeping this from the family but they are sheltered. I don't want them involved. Please come with me. Please. Leave him. He can't be trusted. 

Pia to Misha soothes Misha down-I need him Misha and so does my baby. We are a package. If nobody takes him i don't care because all he needs is me. Misha one day when U find the love of your life you'll come to know just how i feel. He may not be human Misha by nature but he's more human than us real humans put together by his actions. Abhay's always saving people a monster could never do this.

Abhay-Fine don't worry Misha, Pia is in good hands. U can trust me. I've never hurt U girls before and don't plan on doing it ever. Pia is my everything and i vow i'll always do as she wishes. U should rationalise this with us Misha and digest all this madness. U and Pia need each other. Nobody else can help U Misha. U girls have to talk this out but Pia is tired and we have plans. Feel free to join us.

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nice update. hope misha and kabir come around.

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wow ayesha awesome part.i m so really excited 4 nxt update.Abhiya romance,Abhay caring 4 Pia,Haseena supporting her bahu instead of son was too cute.Update it as soon as possible.Misha is angry but I guess Abhay's words will calm her down.So wht will happen now?Kabir ka kya hoga?Is sid upto something or jeh & neel will do something?

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