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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 70)

.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
nice precap
eagerly waiting 4 update

Sabina_Ansari Senior Member

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Nice precap..
w8ing for the update hope kabir could be brought back and nothing happens to Tara...
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
oye ayesha precap k baad itna bada silence kyun?Today is 10 july plz yaar itna mat tarsao.Update soon
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 July 2011 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
:::Update 58:::Dark Night:::

Into the pot went the blood of a vampire. It was bubbling like liquid gold and then it was time for the human blood which was going to be Pia's although not to this amount but Kabir's was more than enough. They brought out Jogi who was laying in his bed by Shaurya filled with tears for the sacrifice his father was about to make. He was literally shaking at the thought of his father passing away.

Jogi raised his hands pleading Abhay to come over and Abhay granted the old guy his wish-I know U aren't pleased by this Abhayendra but i thank U for going through this for my people. We have waited for salvation for too long. (To Pia he cughed before completing his sentence) My child U really are sent from up above for the likes of us and i thank God i got to see U before my final moments. U have my blessings with U my child and may your child bear the fruits of your greatness.

Pia kissed the old mans hands-It was an honour meeting U Jogi. It is my duty to help after all i was born for this right? U are great for doing this for your people Jogi. Its a shame we never got off on a good foot.

Jogi spoke to Maithali-My Princess i know U have suffered a lot. None of this is your fault. We bear the brunt of our fathers and this is the way Karma works. I pray U find serenity again and may U find what U have always been seeking for. (Maithali's eyes flew to Abhay as tears flowed freely then looks away realising Pia's eyes were on hers) I know this is a hard task Princess but U will get your reward maybe not in this life but in the next.

Sid saw the tears in Maithali's eyes then felt her yearning for Abhay cutting through him as he wipes away her tears with his cold hand-Don't worry about Maithali finding what she wants the most. He's standing right here. Mr handsome is always at her beck and call.

Maithali flickered her eyes at Sid hiffing-This is not a time for your wise cracks Sid.

Sid bared his white fangs-Oh come on baby someone has to lighten the mood otherwise we'll all be up in flames. You'll always have Mr Charming.

Maithali hit Sid with her elbow-Zip it Sid or i'll reconsider my no violence policy. Its bad enough its all gone to pot (smelling the blood of a human had Maithali almost heave while Abhay and Sid were aware of this freak murder but had this night to deal with.) Now Rosa we must do it fast. Jogi we have put U under sedation and it has already kicked in U won't feel a thing.

Jogi nodded smiling-Shaurya my son be good to your princess and don't cry i want my boy smiling. I want U to be proud of your old man. I am doing this for us.

Shaurya cried kissing his fathers cheek-I am proud Father. I always will be.

Rosa started her incantation with the Old Witch shielding Pia again allowing everyone within its circle a chance to see this night for what it is.They took Jogi's heart out carefully squeezing his heart into the cauldron of boiling blood of the vampire and saw an explosive reaction. Finally Abhay and Sid were sent forward to have their own blood drip from them to symbolize the two faces of the same coin holding Maithali and Pia's hand around the fire. Their eyes meeting in the centre. Abhay gently comforts Pia with his mind and then all four consciousnesses merges together. All four take the blood from each other placing it on their forehead as they watch a white light flash out of them like their aura's were all one. Finally Rosa places the boiling liquid into the chalice handing it over to Maithali as she takes a sip and then rubs the mixture to her face.

Pia felt this energy zapping out her reserves as she screams in agony clutching to her stomach protectively. Her eyes sent alarm bells to Abhay as he caught her from falling to the ground. Her face all pale and then the spark that flew out of all of them all went into Pia. Her entire body took a jolt laying lifeless in Abhay's arms. Her eyes closed as she went into another state of being. Abhay concerned about Pia's sudden state called out to Pia to wake up. He tried to heal her with his blood but nothing happened. Pia remained still as her features softened almost smiling. Abhay saw the Old Witch heading to Pia shocked at the events before her. She bent down to Pia touching her forehead to allow images to flash through her.

The Old Witch-Its Ok Abhay. She's with her baby! I think this energy released from Pia was too much for Pia's body to handle so her baby shut Pia down to allow her to re-energise. The babies one intelligent being Abhay. I don't know if my magic had a helping hand but the energy orbed right into Pia flowing her natural balance back in order.

Abhay kept Pia safe in his arms while Maithali finished off the dark night with the help of Rosa-Pia i'm so sorry for leaving U alone. I wish i could feel how U feel darling? If only this was simple. Stay with me Pia. I can't lose U Pia. I can't lose my soul now that i have found U. I can't do this alone. Do U hear me. Wake up and return to me. I can't lose U both Pia.

Pia remained gone to the world. She could see her baby as clear as day. Pia could see the eyes already draw her in like Abhay's did with her all the time. Her baby was protecting her from danger itself. Her baby had done this to her so she couldn't feel her POWER drain out taking the brunt of it. Then out of nowhere she felt her baby going away. The baby promised her they'd meet again on the other side and to look after Abhay. He was at his most vulnerable. Pia stirred in Abhay's arms feeling tears trickle down her begging for her Child to stay as she screamed-Don't go!!!!!!!!! Her soul was fluctuating towards the fading baby she craved to hold in her arms only to find herself drifting further away from it.

Then with a jolt Pia came back to a relieved Abhay hearing the desperation in his voice hugging him tight-I saw our baby Abhay. I want to go back and hold my baby with those same eyes as yours.

Abhay found himself feeling like he was going to spontaneously combust with his emotions all over the place. For the first time he could feel a connection with both Pia and the baby. He actually felt something for it. It wasn't possible. Abhay loathed the thing so how did it manage to penetrate through all his barriers. Abhay stroked Pia's hair and hugged her.

Abhay smirked at Pia masking his true feelings-It's going to be alright Pia. There's no need to be so upset. U will see the baby in a few months. Be patient.

Maithali could feel her entire body on flames like she was internally burning in an inferno. Maithali saw the members of her clan were going through a weird phase. What did this mean? Was she turning? Or was this as a result of their ritual being a success? Maithali had never felt this much pain before it petrified her. Sid ran to Maithali while Abhay remained with Pia who had no idea what was going on with Maithali due to her being Shielded by the Old Witch. Sid kept Maithali in his arms giving her comfort using his powers of persuasion to contain her pain threshold.

Abhay saw Maithali's anguish feeling a little guilty for not tending to her. He had his hands full with Pia being so drained-I'll always be here for both of U Pia. I promise U this.

Pia for the first time sensed Abhay's voice change when talking about their baby-U sound as if U care Abhay. For the baby. What changed?

Abhay changed the subject-Looks like the ritual is working. Its a little past midnight and now i can safely say theres no change in Maithali or her members. They are all back to normal now. Do U want to get up? Or do U want me to pick U up?

Pia gave a weak smile to Abhay whispering-U know what i want Abhay (He gave his trademark smirk lifting her in his arms)

Abhay laughed heartily joking-This baby is making U weigh a lot but U don't look very pregnant Pia. I'll have to see to it personally that U get sufficient nutrients in U.

Pia rolled her eyes at Abhay-Whatever Abhay! (Threatens) Penalty points for when we get home.

Jay and Neel came out to see if it worked but were mortified to see a dead human and a witch who was about to blow up. Jay found Dharam was passing some sort of liquid around which smelt revolting. Poor Shaurya was visibly upset about his fathers passing away. Abhay snarled at Jay and Neel upon seeing their ugly mugs. Jay touched his swollen jaw while Neel felt his sore arms.

Sid couldn't help but laugh-That's right boys. Now U know never to cross a Raichand especially Abhay when he's mad he's even more dangerous than i am. U boys looking for some more one on one action? There's two of us now and i'm sure without your powers we can easily squash U like a fly.

Maithali moved to Sid giving him a stern look-If theres any more violence here Sid i swear i will kick U out myself. I might not have superstrength but i know i have control over U.

Sid gave a cheeky grin-U know i'd never do anything U didn't want me to Mets. I was only toying with them. U can't blame me for trying. They did after all mess around with my little brother and his plaything i'm sorry his wife. (Sid felt Maithali's face all sweaty from the stresses of the night) You're not burning up anymore. Good. Now we can get to business.

Maithali pushed Sid out of her way-We are doing no such thing Sid. Jay and Neel make sure our guests are treated with respect or else i will personally kill U both.

Jay showed a little attitude-Yes my highness. Now we don't have powers can we go and chill in the woods.

Maithali nodded but warned-U must wait till the next full moon boys. The curse being lifted on our clan will only work effectively if we all avoid a clash with the vampires. Its mainly because of our rivalry this is the get out clause ok. U both behave.

Neel agreed-U have our word we won't mess with nature now.

Meanwhile Tara went all dark as she beckoned the dark forces of Memnon. She was resurrecting Kabir back with the exchange of two dead supernatural beings Alexis and Jogi the werewolf as a sacrifice. Both would work even though their rituals were different. She cut hersels with a nife used for the ritual for the curse.

Tara used her energy to the maximum levels as a way for Kabir to get back his life-I give my blood to bring the fallen one back. The price i pay is my soul. I give it to U Memnon in return U give me Kabir back. (She mumbles something in Latin while the Old Witch attempts to restore order by keeping Kabir dead. Tara's voice goes high pitched as her dark eyes stare back to the Old Witch with venom) U dare disrupt my sance.

The Old Witch pleads with Tara urging her of this dark force she is inviting-My Child U are grieving. Don't be ruled by your state of mind. U must let him be. He is gone. Let him rest in peace.

Tara wasn't listening-Never. He was never meant to die. I won't allow anyone to die because of me. U can't stop the old Power Witch no matter how powerful U are my power exceeds yours.

The Old Witch closed her eyes knowing full well that her powers were now recharging thanks to the over usage with Pia and her unborn child. She hadn't foreseen this event occurring-The Dark powers will only do harm to his body my child. May god have mercy on him. In time U will realise what U are doing i pray U aren't too late.

Tara continued-I know my soul will be gone but its a small price for his life. I should be dead if nature had its way but i cheated death. I should have died not him. Please don't stop me.

The Old Witch had to let her make her mistake-Fine i won't stop U Tara. U will soon discover what U have unleashed.

Tara completes the spell as lightening strikes into Kabir making Pia, Abhay, Misha, Arjun, Maithali, Sid, Jai, Neel, Dharam and Rosa all see a monumental moment as Kabirs body is spinning around at super speed the watching Tara restart Kabir's heart again with a spell. Kabir's eye reopen again all black and a snigger across his face almost inhumae.

Misha could only stare mouthing-W*F Bloody hell!

Tara finishes off another chant as Kabir's eyes turn back to normal lowering him back down to the ground. Tara levitated around Kabir shedding dark light around him and finally joined him.

Jai was stunned-She's raised the dead. This is going to bring a lot of trouble.

Rosa finished-Tara what have U done? This isn't good.

Tara shunned every one of her friends taking Kabir away from the den of doom to her place. She had to do some serious additions to what she'd already done to Kabir.

Misha turned to Pia with concern in her eyes for the sister she was about to blast off for lying in her face but didn't have the heart to hurt her. Pia appeared so frail and pale it was like she had enough of her own problems without adding to them. Misha thought the mature thing to do was just blank Pia and Abhay. If U didn't have anything good to say then it was better off not to say anything at all.

Abhay called out-misha!

Misha turned her back to him and held Arjuns hands allowing him to lead the way. She was in no fit state to talk to these monsters. Abhay, Sid, Maithali, Jay, Neel, Shurya they were all animals. Her very own nightmare. As for Pia she was just as bad for allowing them in her life. Abhay wasn't even human. The dude was dead. Misha suddenly realised Arjun was with the Old Witch removing her hand away from him.

Arjun to Misha a little alarmed-Misha!

Misha had to get away from them all-U people are all freaks. All losers with a capital L. I don't trust any of U. What the hell are U guys? Don't come near me.

With that Misha ran home.

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.Reshama. IF-Sizzlerz

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i want to read moreEmbarrassed

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Reashma.

i want to read moreEmbarrassed

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Nice update! I'm happy that the witch kept her word and Piya and the baby are both safe now! Piya and her baby's interaction was very touching and cute! Misha seems shocked and I'm looking forward to her interactions with Abhay and Piya now that she knows that Abhay is a supernatural! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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-Priti11- IF-Sizzlerz

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