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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 62)

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Gr8 precap yaar.. Update soon..eagerly waiting..

.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by matwamango

Originally posted by princess_xeelan

I have your index page as a bookmark in my chrome LOL LOL
I read it like my fav book... whenever I want to... just too good Embarrassed
Waiting for your updates Smile
EmbarrassedI am in the process of writing it as we speak. Only on the first page. So i am hoping i get this done by today. U really have this as a bookmark?Embarrassed All my readers know this is my faveourite FF out of my 5 i have written but the JISHA FF is fast becoming a favourite thanks to Misha's cheeky antics.

Yes I have Embarrassed and I love this one too... haven't read your JISHA FF yet.. will start from today Smile 
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 57:::Racing Hearts:::

Maithali slapped Jay across his face so hard she left a red mark on his cheek for his stupidity. How adre he undermine her authority and treat a dear friend like she was a prisoner. Maithali grabbed him by his shirt as her nostrils falred with an anger she hadn't known she'd had in her as her voice screamed at Jay-This is for Pia. (Then she slaps him across the other cheek just as loud) And this is for U. U idiot. I know this was all your idea but Jay U are supposed to be the older out of the two of U and U let him do this. Where is she?

Jay glared at Maithali giving her dirty looks and wanting to retaliate back only Neel stopped his brother-In there! (Pointing at the basement) We thought she could scream and shout all she wanted in there and won't disturb us.

Maithali felt like strangling the two boys-U left her in there by herself. Damn U. (rushes towards the cellar.) I have to get her out.

Neel and Jay followed Maithali along with Sid-We locked her in.

Maithali had a myriad of emotions flowing through her. She could feel Pia's cry for help. Abhay wasn't going to be very happy about this. He probably thought this was all her idea-Where's the keys?

Jay fumbled in his pockets searching for it-I think i misplaced it. Joking. Jeez tough crowd to please.

Abhay's normally cool smirk with a commanding gait had disappeared as his face emanated sheer power as his heart lurched for Pia. He was calm on the outside but on the inside he was like a volcano ready to erupt. His firefly was being held captive. Abhay's Pia was frightened of what her captors would do to her baby. It was always about the damned baby. Abhay was emotionally charged and emotionally wrought at the thought of Pia being treated like a second rate citizen. Kabir followed Abhay trailing behind him but he wasn't going to complain.

Abhay found Maithali's place. It was filled with the stench of Wolf scent. Abhay brushed past all the wolves Dharam, Jogi and co down the basement as he grabs hold of Jay and Neel with one arm knocking both brothers into each other throwing them into the wall with brute force. He turns into his vampire self revealing his fangs as he goes all mental on both the werewolves for having the galls to take his Pia away from him breaking a few ribs and Jay's jaw. He stops in mid track honing in on Pia's muffles as he breaks the door down grabbing her in his arms as he undoes the ropes taking off her gag.

Sid blurted in his trademark smirk-Told U didn't i Metz! You've unleashed the beast in Abhay. U boys deserved a good round of Abhay love. I've had so much fun watching little bro transform into a beautiful monster.

Jay struggled to get up from the ground glaring angrily at Sid as he nursed his broken ribs by blowing on it-It was worth it to get him here.

Neel groaned in pain-Yeah right. Next time someone shoot me before i ever listen to U again. (Touching his sore eye.) This day couldn't get better. First we get hit by a girl and now by a vampire.

Abhay stares directly into Pia's eyes assuring her he was here for her assessing her by feeling her frail body as she protected her little bump with her hands. Abhay wasn't even angry at Pia's maternal instincts anymore. He knew how she felt about her baby. He felt just as protective of her. Pia had a little bruising on her wrists where she was tied down and her heart raced like it was going to burst out of her chest other than that she was fine.

Sid's eyes grew big at the shock of what he'd witnessed. No bloody way. For once he was speechless.-W*F!!!!!!!!

Abhay turned his attention to Maithali bellowing from the top of his lungs-If U can't handle your animals then why don't U just put them all down. (Lays Pia down so he can hold her securely) We are going home Pia.

Maithali emotionally broken by this wretched day pleading to Pia-I assure U i had nothing to do with this Pia. These two idiots ruined everything. I swear to U i would never...

Abhay growled at Maithali-Save your excuses Maithali. I don't care what U have to say for yourself. Your people ambushed Pia. I don't take kindly to any threats made to Pia. Look at her. She is still shaking. If U are expecting us to play ball with U then think again.

Pia regained her composure softening Abhay's temper by touching his face with her soft hands-Don't be angry at her Abhay. You're here now. I don't want anymore fighting. You're scaring us. Please don't fight.

Abhay saw tears in Pia's eyes embracing her-I'm sorry Pia. I didn't mean to scare U. (He calms the monster within him. Abhay reverts back to his human form) See i am calm now. Lets go Pia. We are not staying here a second longer.

Maithali reached for Pia begging her to reconsider-Please Pia this is my last shot. I'm sorry for how this has all gone down but we need U.

Abhay refused to let Pia listen to Maithali-Maithali get the hell out of our way or i'll forget we ever had anything keeping me from tearing your clan down.

Sid stepped in shielding Maithali from Abhay's rage-Bro i suggest U back off. I don't give a s**t about U and your puny human. All i care about is getting Maithali back. Now U either play it the hard way or U play this the nice way?

Abhay placed Pia back down-Oh U don't want to fight with me Sid. Not in the mood i'm in. If U love your vampire life then i suggest U back off.

Sid scoffed-U come into the wolf's den and expect to get away scott free. I sometimes wonder if U really are my brother or if U were adopted? By the way congratulations are in order. I see U and Pia have a bun in the oven. Is it even yours Abhay?

Pia raised her voice shakily-Abhay! He is trying to get a rise out of U.

Sid could feel Pia's anxiety at the thought of Abhay getting wounded by the wolf pack-U are outnumbered baby brother. Face the facts and just live up to the reputation of being a gutsy vampire for once in your life. Then we can go our separate ways. U can play happy families with Pia and your little monster.

Pia was getting cagy with the whole little monster remark-Sid U better keep that filthy mouth of yours shut. My baby is not a monster. Do U hear me? (Pia saw the hurt look in Maithali's face mixed with shock. This wasn't suppose to get out. This was supposed to be her little secret with Abhay. Pia was agitated by this mess.) Maithali i'm sorry about this. I know what U must be going through. This wasn't planned.

Maithali was still numb inside. This was all too surreal like a bad nightmare. She couldn't let her emotions get the better of her-Pia all i want U to know is i'm happy for U.

Pia had help getting up by Abhay as she faced Maithali-I want to help U. I do but i am not risking my baby for anyone. I'm sorry.

Maithali assured Pia-Pia all we need is a little blood and your presence. Your baby will not be harmed in any way. U have my word.

Pia felt Maithali's sincerity in her voice-Maithali i am torn. U know what i will help U. Its just they (Jay and Neel) threw me off kilter. I don't want them anywhere near us. Especially him (Pointing at Jay)

Maithali nodded-Done. Dharam get him out of here. U head Pia.

Pia to Abhay soflty whispers-It's Ok Abhay. I want then to be set free. They deserve to live a normal life. Then we can get back to our life Abhay where no werewolves will hound us. I can't help them without U being present.

Abhay couldn't believe how soft Pia was falling for Maithali's sweet talk-Pia U can't believe a word coming from her mouth. I think your hormones are getting the better of your judgement.

Pia was cross with Abhay-Oh no U didn't! I am in sound mind Abhay Raichand. I trust Maithali. (To Maithali) Promise me nothing will happen to my unborn baby!

Maithali heard the desperation in Pia's voice holding her hand-I promise Pia.

Pia nodded as all eyes were on her-I am trusting U Maithali. I am placing my life in your hands. U have to remember your promise. Abhay do this for me. Its just one night. Then we can get back to our life.

Abhay was fighting a losing battle-I came to rescue U and U want to rescue them after what they put U through. I am going to have a break down.

Pia murmured softly-Its not her fault her people don't listen to her Abhay. She wasn't behind this and i won't let her suffer in silence. (Pia showed Abhay her own selfish reasons mentally of an image of Abhay coming away unharmed without werewolves existing. She was doing this for him and their baby so they wouldn't be at rsik in the future. Pia knew a wolf bite can kill a vampire and wanted to avert such a possibility.) Now do see Abhay?

Abhay wanted a perfect world for Pia to live in but they still had Sid to contend with-Fine Pia Have it your way.

Sid chuckled-U were always a sucker for the ladies Abhay. I see Pia's got U well trained. Now shall we get a move on. I see the night is young.

Abhay about to open his mouth while Pia felt Abhay about to retaliate-Don't. Both U brothers better behave or else Maithali and I are going to tape your mouths so no smart remarks from either of U two.

Maithali relieved they got this misunderstanding out of the way led them to the roof. Abhay had Pia cradled in his arms as Pia weakly smiled at Abhay feeling very tired and hungry as hell. Sid followed Maithali in awe of her leadership skills. She had impressed him by controlling this situation.

Sid uttered-So Pia i am about to become an uncle. Any idea when this thing will be born? Is it even human?

Abhay answered for Pia-Keep your mouth shut Sid. Pia's a little worn out thanks to the pups.

Sid heard a hint of anger in Abhay's voice-Touched a raw nerve huh? U don't want this thing do U?

Pia ticked off at Sid-Are U always this annoying? Yes U are about to become an uncle and i'd rather U kept your foul mouth shut about my baby. And leave Abhay out of this. We can discuss this later after we are done with the night. Or do U want me to bring up your little soulful problem? I know how much U crave blood.

Sid touched his heart pretending to be hurt-And here i was thinking Pia was all heart.

Pia saw Abhay's face harden as he made a half hearted smile-Will U shut up?

Pia buried her face in Abhay's chest-No more pleasantries from either of U.

Kabir finally made it up on the roof-Is she ok ? (Out of breath panting) Are U some kind of sprinter dude? What have i missed?? (Kabir bends down with his hands on his knees) Whats going on here?

Sid growled-Who brought the himan here? Abhay are U stupid?

Kabir shot back-Watch it Sid. Why are there candles everywhere?

There were candles around the rooftop looking very magical. Pia was amazed by the whole scenery and the sun going down was a treat to watch. Rosa was there performing some kind of incantation for Maithali. Pia gave a warm smile to Rosa.

Rosa placed the last candle down and hugged Pia-U made it. I am hoping the cold atmosphere i am feeling is over and done with. I giess U want to know why i am performing the ritual. I just want this feud out of the way. I've seen U at war Pia and don't want this for U.

Maithali bgan by placing Pia on a stool opposite herself. Then got a knife cutting Pia's hand and then herself-My blood. Your Blood. Old and new both with the same face use this night as the night of salvation. The moon as my witness i have the two faces of the same coin present to undo this curse.

Tara races with the Old Witch, Alexis and Misha. Tara sought Abhay and Pia out and ran to Kabir-GOOd to see they haven't scared U off baby.

Rosa smiled at the couple as she started the process of placing the blood dripping into the chalice-Now for a vampire sacrifice. We need a little more blood from both...

Alexis's mouth flew open as his jealousy took over. He flew  to Kabir taking a big bite out of his neck making him bleed out of control-Why U bloody human? U took him as a lover Tara. How could U move on so quickly with his bloody mouth as Kabir's body lay on the ground. There. Now U have nobody like me Tara. U think i'd let U move on with another creature.?

Tara screamed out of fury and lunged in for Alexis-Why? U killed him (She clutches Kabir's lifeless body as his eyes close) Tara used her powers to hold Alexis still) Rosa U want a vampire. Take him. I don't care about what U do to him. Just do it.

Alexis went to attack Rosa breaking free momentarily from Tara's trembling unpredictable powers only to be held in mid air by Tara at the pinnacle moment.

The Old Witch shielded Pia's baby from all the negativity so it wouldn't be affected by the evil around it. She made sure the screams were out of the earshot of Pia's. The baby was to be untouched by the tragedies of tonight. Because what she saw of the future was not bright.

Abhay had kept Pi'a eyes focused on him so she wasn't aware of Kabir's downfall.

The Old Witch collected the blood of the innocent and placed it in the chalice-There. Rosa U must stake him fast.

Rosa had a little help from Dharam as she plunged the wooden stake through Alexis's heart which was actually meant for Sid. Alexis closed his eyes and disintegrated into ash.

Misha was simply frozen by the whole nightmare before her eyes. Kabir couldn't be dead. Misha fainted with Arjun stepping in to hold her.

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Oh god kabirs dead?? Thats sad. I hate this alexis. He got what he deserved.
SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Wow. Oh No Kabir's Dead? Conti Real Soon. Ok. I Want To Know What Happens.
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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wow lovely update.I jst love this FF of urs.Plz isse daily update kiya karo.I dont know how will misha react 2 all dis.Kya koi chance nahi hai kabir k zinda hone ka.Oh wht will happen 2 pia whn she'll come 2 know abt kabir's death.Now whn every1 knows abt baby wht they will do?Will arjun b misha's soulmate or jay.Whn Abhay will actually love his baby & wht will sid do wid Abhiya's baby?.So many question.Plz update soonSmile
.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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Ohh no...poor Kabir... he's dead Shocked  Unhappy Feeling bad for Kabir and Tara... donno how she will take it.. n hope Misha can digest all these... it's too much for her in one night... Abhay's emotion were greatly written.. as always lovely.. keep updating Smile
mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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excelent update.kabir is dead.its a shocker.pleas continue soon.thanks for pm.

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