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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 53)

Cutiee_Ashh Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
WOW i am lovingg this Big smile,,,ive jus caught up from the start!! Big smile Plsss PM wen u next update!! Big smile Cantt Wait!! Big smile 

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:::Precap 56:::Stolen:::

Arnab sat both his daughters Misha and Panchi down with Madhoo for his serious chat. He knew now was the perfect moment he had to reveal the whole truth. Pia's pregnancy had forced his hand. It wouldn't be long now just under 5 or 6 months time there would be a baby to contend with. He needed both his daughters to understand the extremities of the situation. Pia needed all of her family now more than ever. He was determined to have them get on. 

Madhoo brushed her husbands hands with hers for moral support-Girls we have a little confession to make. I am hoping U girls are mature enough to handle this like adults.
Panchi sat down in the living room sofa holding Misha's hand-This sounds a little heavy Mom. Is there something wrong? With U or Dad? Did we do something wrong?
Arnab's eyes flitted from Misha to Panchi. He disclosed-I didn't know about this until this past two weeks but the news is confirmed. I have the DNA reports. U girls have another sister. 
Misha laughed uncontrollably-Pull the other one Dad. What are U saying?
Arnab's eyes held Misha's-Exactly what U heard. I did something reckless in the past. I am ashamed of my actions and for having put your mother through the ringer but i can't undo the past. I had an affair with Sugandh and have a love child Pia Jaiswal is your half sister. I wanted this news to come from me than a stranger. It took a lot of convincing from my part for Pia to accept me in her life and i guess the baby...
Misha's smile disappeared followed by a set of hurt anguish at the shattered image of the Hero worshipping Misha used to have for her Father. The one man she trusted with all her heart-Pia Jaiswal. U mean Pia Raichand is my half sister. Are U crazy? U have ruined everything. U can't be my father. U are a cheater. A phony. I hate U. I hate U (Runs hitting her fathers chest sobbing uncontrollaby) Pia's what? (Realization hitting Misha) Baby?????
Arnab's voice filled with emotion shakily finished-Its the reason Pia accepted me in her life. She's having a baby with Abhay. I know U girls are hurting. I know its too soon to ask for forgiveness and i know i don't deserve it. All i ask no beg from U girls is not to treat Pia any differently. She has been all alone her whole life. Now she has family. If U can find it in your hearts then please welcome her in. She is family. Pia didn't ask for any of this. If it was up to her all of this would still be a secret. I need U girls to be there for her.
Misha wiped her tears away-U don't ever touch me. U are poison. Oh Pia will get whats coming to her. Pretending to be my friend while she worms her way into this family. I'll never forgive either of U. Never. (Misha storms out of the mansion)
Panchi is dumbfounded-I don't know what to say Dad. I really don't. How could U keep this from us? And U Mom.  Both of U have stolen our respect and trust in U. U have shattered it.

Misha runs to the Raichands in search of her so called best friend. Her so called long lost sister. Misha had every right to be p****d off at her sister. The fake had infiltrated their home and expected a free ride into their lives. Never. This baby news had to be a lie. Pia was milking this. Misha was going to give Pia a peace of her mind and show her nobody messes with Misha. Nobody.

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looking forward to d update; loved d precap

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poojahanda IF-Sizzlerz

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nice precapClapClap
ur precap brought back memories
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Awesome precap Aysha.. I hope Mish wont do nything wrong.. Eagerly waiting for d
.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
nice precap
waiting 4 update
shewolf. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Wow..that's a nice precap..LOL
I can't wait for Mishu and Piya's confrontation!EmbarrassedOuch
hope they make up!Embarrassed
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
:::Update 56:::Stolen:::

Tara and Pia have a little heart to heart at the Raichand mansion. They have the whole place to themselves with Chand and Haseena out on a hunting trip. In the living room Tara hands Pia a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream brightly grinning away.

Tara sits on the Sofa putting her feet up while Pia does the same-Here U go Pia. Nice and hot. No need to worry about adding on the calories. U need fattening up big time. So lets just get to the point Pia. I want to know how U are really feeling about all of this. There's no Abhay around nor his folks. Just U and me here.

Pia creases her forehead at Tara's little inquisition taking a bite of whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles-Abhay hasn't put U up to this has he? He is dead set against this baby.

Tara held Pia's eyes-Forget Abhay. Get him out of the equation Pia. This is all about U. How U feel. I want U to pour your heart out to me. Give me the honest truth. Whatever U decide i swear i will go along with it and i promise not to take Abhay's side.

Pia took a deep breath placing her mug down holding her belly with her hand over it caressing her bump-U promise U won't make a snap judgement and think i'm crazy.

Tara crossed her heart-I swear by my own life. Hit me with the truth Pia. I don't think anyone has ever asked U about this or even tried to hear your worries.

Pia felt a wave of emotion run through her-I feel so alone. Abhay is only half here. He doesn't want my baby. He doesn't want our baby. I don't have the energy to fight with him. I am trying to focus all my energies on being positive so this little one can feel all the love coming from one parent at least.

Tara listened to Pia's sadness at her disappointment in Abhay-Go on Pia. Its good to let it all out. I'm listening. I know Abhay is hating the idea of the baby killing U from the inside Pia. There's no way to sugar coat his strong emotions but U have to realise that all Abhay has ever been concerned about from Day One is your wellbeing. Its all he knows and now he is faced with a dilemma of this new life growing to full term and the possibility of losing U isn't something he's ever imagined in a million years Pia. He thinks he'll always be there to catch U whenever U fall but how does he protect U from the inevitable? This baby isn't normal Pia. U do know this right? The baby will kill U. And Abhay can't accept that. (Pia winces at the thought of Abhay going through all of this pain because of her. She was putting him through hell and her emotional tears fall down her rosy cheeks with Tara placing her arm around Pia for support) All he needs is time but this is one thing he doesn't have the luxury of Pia. U have to understand Abhay is only used to living in the shadows swallowing pain lasting him an eternity. Losing U would be the last straw. I am not trying to convince U of anything other than how all this is affecting Abhay. So U get to see his point of view. Abhay will never tell U how he truly feels because that just Abhay. He bottles things up. Has been doing for all of his life. I will have a word with him Pia and try to make him see reason. I have just been so wrapped up with my own issues to think about anyone else. For this i apologize. So apart from worrying about Abhay how are U feeling about the baby?

Pia answered straightaway-Scared. I'm scared of losing everything i have. I'm scared of losing Abhay. I'm scared of losing the baby. I'm scared i won't be able to hold my baby. I'm scared of not being the best mother for my baby. But what i do know is that i already love my baby. I will fight for anyone who comes between me and my baby. I will fight for my baby to live.

Tara felt Pia's emotional tremors run through her-U feel it don't U Pia? The baby. U feel what it feels.

Pia still stroking her tummy smiling at her little bump-Yes with all my heart. There are two things that mean more than my own life. Abhay and now the baby. I can't live without either of them. I never thought a little life could do this to me. Day and night all i think about is how much i want to meet my baby. I want to hold it in my arms. Sing a lullaby. I feel like this miracle is my life itself. This little magic Abhay and i created out of love is the beginning, the middle and the end for me. Words cannot express how i feel about my baby. (Pia couldn'tstop feeling her bump) Do U want to feel my bump?

Tara could feel the baby's presence being felt alright touching it-It moved! Your baby moved. This isn't normal. I mean the baby knows we are talking about it. I mean about it.

Pia smiled brilliantly at Tara's shock filled face-Isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to meet U.

Tara closed her eyes to get a better insight on the baby-Your baby loves U alot Pia. The baby loves Abhay as well. The baby knows what U both look like. It can tap in to your memories. (She is stunned by this revelation) Damn i mean wow.

Pia grinned-Tell me about it. See how special my baby is? Meet your aunt Tara.

 Tara found herself bonding with this miraculous baby who wasn't even born yet-I am feeling very maternal now. Right kiddo U have me fighting in your corner now. Abhay will kill me but for U i'll suffer his silent wrath.

Pia drank her hot chocolate-See little one. Everyone will love U. We just have to be patient. Thank U so much for this talk Tara. I needed it. I feel like a burdens been lifted.

Tara's eyes gave the same reaction back-Trust me Pia. U did me a favour. Your little bundle of joy has een giving me sleepless nights. I'll admit the baby even existing scared the s** i mean had me very worried. The main thing is both of U are healthy for now. The baby is as human as it can get. I don't get the evil vibe from it. U know like vampires are usually so heartless unless they get a soul. Your baby is already born with one. All i'm concerned about now is how to get U to deliver this baby without any consequences.

Pia gave Tara a much needed hug-Thank U Tara for not trying to make me change my mind and for just listening. U really are a true friend.  Now enough about me.

Tara stopped Pia-I have got in touch with the Old Witch Pia. She said she'll help me if i save her daughter from the Slayer. She said she knows of a way to help U.

Pia nodded-Do U trust her?

Tara shrugged her shoulders looking away-I don't know. She's desperate but what choice do i have. She sounds genuine. Then again she is very powerful. Pia U have to be extra careful. When news of U and the baby spreads around i can assure U they will come Pia.

Pia asked-Who?

Tara's eyes went dark-The Originals. U have to keep this news underwraps for now. Don't let anyone outside of your family know about your condition.

Pia nodded-So U and Kabir! How serious is it? U did reveal a big secret to him.

Tara revealed coyly-It's serious. It came out of nowhere. I felt something for him initially but after Alexis i don't know. I never thought i'd allow another man in and this soon but Kabir has this positive effect on me. He calms me down. He understands me and most of all he respects me. When i'm with him i feel loved. I fell like i can love again.

Pia nodded along-Yeah Kabir is good this way at making a girl feel so special. Its one of the reason i bonded with him only for Abhay to blindside me with his smouldering good looks.

Tara takes Pia's mug to the kitchen while Pia hears a knock at her door. She goes to open it thinking it must be one of her friends. She looks at two strange good looking boys-Hi can i help U?

Jay does a double take then finally blurts-So U are Pia? Maithali needs to see U ASAP. We are here to take U to her. Don't worry we aren't vampires.

Pia invites the boys in-I can't leave without letting Abhay know where i am.

Jay forces his way through-Save it for someone who cares. He is a dark shadow of yours right? Where U go he follows. Lets put it to the test shall we? U come with us and we'll see if he follows capiche?

Pia knew if Abhay came to know about this he would flip-U know there's no need for threats. I'll come voluntarily. (Pia was afraid of them hurting her baby. Tara's powers would probably protect her but against werewolves who knew what would happen? Pia wasn't risking her baby's wellbeing.) If U don't mind get your hands off of me.

Neel mutters-Bro let go of her arm. U are hurting her.

Jay moans-Good. Maybe then she'll know we mean business. I swear Maithali is too soft on this human.

Pia shut the door slamming it behind her-So U are both brothers then? U don't look like each other.

Jay glared at Pia- Don't make small talk with us. I don't like U very much. Any human who is stupid enough to fall in love with a vampires is as good as dead to me. Got it.

Pia made a face-Fine but don't give me those dirty looks. U don't even know me so don't U dare throw your judgements at me. So why does Maithali want me anyway? How do I know U are a friend of Maithali's?

Neel scoffed walking through the woods-A little late to be showing your concerns now. U don't think much do U. U simply act on impulse. I can see how U get into all these accidents. And why your vampire has developed a hero complex with U being so brainless.

Pia pointed her finger fearlessly at Neel.Why are U so angry all the time? I'm coming with U aren't i? Besides U guys need me alive anyway.

Jay grabs Pia in his arms as she squirms-U are slowing us down. This way we can get there faster. (Feels Pia's weight) God U weigh a tonne! For a small person U sure weigh a lot. Now if you'd stop squirming in my arms U won't run the risk of me dropping U.

Pia yelps-Just don't drop me. I am pleading with U. Don't hurt me OK!

Neel takes Pity on Pia's wrought face-Bro don't be so rough. U know she's only a human. She'll break the way U are manhandling her. I don't want her boyfriend coming after her if she is this scared.

Jay feels no empathy for Pia-Fine. I won't invite the walking corpse to ruin everything. Don't worry Pia i won't drop U and i won't hurt U. Maithali's going to be royally p****d off at me for abducting U. Technically U volunteered to come with us.

Pia tried to keep her fears at bay. If Abhay for once felt she was in danger he'd come running. They didn't need a clan of werewolves after then. Not in her state.

Jay placed Pia gently down eyeing her top to bottom-She looks just like her but she's too fragile compared to our princess.

Neel invited Pia to enter their hideaway-Ladies first.

Pia entered through the dark room-This is where U are all hiding. Where is Maithali?

Jay finished-She's bringing in the brother. U know Abhay's arch enemy. I heard he tried to kill U. Should be a fun reunion for U all. All we need is Abhay. I'm sure we can arrange for his imminent arrival.

Pia felt her heart race at this mention realising what all this was in aid of-The ritual. Its tonight isn't it? (Pia had forgotten all about it. She couldn't go through with it. Her baby. All she could think about was her baby as she clutched her stomach) U don't understand. Oh god what do i do? I have to see Maithali. Its important.

Jay left Pia alone in a dark room all by herself to think about her impending doom as she lay huddled on the floor crying about the unknown future. What would this mean for her baby? Pia was tearing up inside while her baby gave her comfort. Calming her down.

Abhay had felt Pia's distress. It was very pressing like Pia had a satellite connection. This pull was the greatest he'd ever had before. It was almost like Abhay's very core would be pulled apart if he didn't act fast. The pull was too intense to describe. Could this mean teh baby was making his connection to Pia far greater than it already was? His Pia needed him and he'd move through Heaven and Hell to find her.

Kabir saw Abhay's features change very drastically-What's going on Abhay? U seem very trobled. We are at your front door mow.

Abhay stormed in frantically searchin for pIa shouting her name out only to find Tara was upstairs scrying for Pia-Where is she Tara? I left her with U.

Tara answered-Pia has been kidknapped Abhay. I think its the wolves. I could get a little whiff of them but i'm not a U know! So I couldn't get a read on them.

Abhay swore under his breath-If they lay a finger on a hair of hers i swear they will all feel my wrath. I have to go find her Tara. I can follow her scent. I can follow their scent. Pia's afraid. She is frightened of what they will do to the wretched ...To her baby.

Tara followed Abhay behind-We'd better leave now Abhay. I need to drink this (Blood from a vial) Now we are good to go.

Kabir saw Tara head out with Abhay-U are not leaving me behind. If Pia is in trouble then i want to help. She's my friend too dammit.

Abhay didn't care if Kabir knew everything. He didn't have time to argue.

Tara nodded-Fine but promise me U won't freak out. Abhay isn't what he seems to be. You'll find out soon enough. Abhay U can take Kabir with U. They won't harm U both. I need to see someone. A fellow witch. She is my only hope.

Abhay nodded-U go. Kabir try to follow me if U can

Meanwhile Sid and Maithali arrived at their hideaway to see Jay and Neel smirking at their successful job at enquiring their prized possession. Soon Abhay would be on his way.

Maithali was suspicious-Why are U both smirking? What have U done?

Sid scoffed-These two dimwits have Pia in their custody. Not a good idea. Now you'll see what baby brother has to say. He'll be very p****d. U don't want to see him when he's angry. Trust me. Do U both have a deathwish? Maithali seriously these are your soldiers who are willing to do anything for U. Now what are U going to do?

Maithali made her hands in a strangle motion at Jay-U ruined everything. I could kill U. What will Abhay think?

Jay mocked-Loverboy won't mind. We did U a favour.

Maithali screams-A favour. They were meant to be left alone. They were next on my list. This was supposed to be done in a civil manner.

Jay mused-Oh well. The damage is done. At least we can go through with the ritual. Abhay should be here any moment now.

Maithali scolded both boys-U idiots. Why couldn't U just follow my orders? Where have U left Pia? Where?

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