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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 47)

shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 20 June 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
hey i m new to u but i have been a silent reader of the fanfictions on this forum .when i found this i just could not withhold myself from reading it all through and trust me i have read it all through alhough it took almost 6 days for me to complete it but now i m so glad that i spent my time on such a gr8 fanfiction trust me i m speechless u r an amazing writer and this is one the best fanfictions i have ever read ClapClap
i wish the show should have been like ur ff
the way u portrayed the characters and the way u went on with them is so fantabulous that i cannot withhold myself from giving u Star Star
i just wish u best of luckBig smile 
please update soon 
i just want u to do a favour to me i know its too early to ask but will u be kind enough to add me to ur pm list      pleaaase

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Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Nice Precap
Waiting for the Update

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_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 4:04am | IP Logged

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SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged
WOW Awesome precap.Plz update it soonSmile

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
:::Update 55:::Showcase:::

Jay Khurana with his brother snuck out of their holding place to the woods in search of the girl they needed for the ritual. Maithali was taking this all in a soft approach. They feared the key ingredient they needed would never show up. They'd used their superhuman hearing abilities to track down one of the vampires best friend. They knew the woods were a favourite hunting ghround for vampires and took their chance but they hadn't expected to find a witch showing off her gifts to a human. Love was sick alright. It made even the supernatural being behave like idiota.

Jay mocked their little moment-Bro people in this town are super sentimental. Showing humans their secret is a hell no. It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. (Shakes his head angrily seething) We'd better follow the witch. She'll lead us to her vampire friend. Another human whose nabbed a vampire. There is something wrong with the people of this town. A human with a vampire is a joke.

Neel in agreement-I know bro. I just don't know how this vampires managed to keep this toy of his still breathing. Then again Maithali has a thing for this vampire too remember?

Jay gritted his teeth at this mention-I'm hoping she's still not got feelings for this monstrocity. When she'd fallen for him he was a human then but now he is a vampire. Surely she can't still love it.

Neel knew from the way Maithali looked from the mention of Abhay her eyes always lit up-Loves never easy bro. It complicates everything about us. U can't hold it against her for still loving Abhay. He was the love of her life and still is. Fates just been so cruel to them splitting them on the opposite side of this blasted place. I heard this Pia looks exactly like her which is why Abhay is so into her transferring his feelings for Maithali into this human. So U know Maithali and Abhay can never be.

Jay revelled in this-Good. The vampire has no place in our clan.

Neel corrected-Hey once the curse is broken there will be no clan.

Jay sniggered smirking away-I know. Such a shame we can't kill these vampires off now rather than breaking this curse. I hear there are hunters waiting for their moment to strike th vampires out one by one.

Neel hushed Jay-They are on the move.

Jay crept throught the woods following Tara and Kabir with agility-There they are. Just follow their scent.

Maithali took it upon herself to find Sid first. After all it was he who was sp desperately waiting for her to find him. Maithali always knew where Abhaya n Pia were so they'd be easy to reach out to but Sid always had an ulterior motive. Maithali wasn't risking any of her people in the crossfire with Sid. Maithali knew Sids habits all too well. Bloods and gore were his specialty but the Hotel he was staying at hadn't had many people going missing now which was strange. Maithali followed the scent of decay all the way to the second floor. She was about to rap at the door finding it hard to breathe with the revolting smell she'd been getting. There were two vampires here.

Alexis opened the door-What is...?

Maithali frowned with disapproval-Is he in here?

Alexis could only nod-Sssiiiddd! Its...

Maithali let herself in brushing past Alexis to see Sid at the worst state she'd ever seen him in full of sweat and his bloodshot eyes found herself feeling sorry for him. well only a little bit-Sid! How did all this happen?

Sid growled out of pain-Maithali! U came. For me U came. I knew you'd come.

Maithali creases her forehead at Sid's words trampling over his hopes-I wish i didn't need your help Sid then i'd never have had to step foot in this place lowering myself to asking help from U. The one who i blame for putting myself and your brother in this mess. U ruined everything for us Sid. Everything. I loathe U for making me take such a step that i have damned Abhay forever in this nightmare. Do U think i want to be a werewolf Sidharth?

Sid sulked-U can't blame a guy for trying? So what is it U want from me Metz? I'm all yours. Kill me. Love me baby i'm your slave.

Maithali found Sid highly irritating-Uff U still haven't changed. Always the flirt huh Sid? U never change. U are still the cocky arrogant fool U were back then only U are more intimidating. U make me want to...

Sid teased-Ravage me? (Raising his eyebrow wickedly) Then have your way with me. U know U want to. I WON'T BITE.

Maithali felt herself blushing-Hurl is the word i was looking for.U might not want to bite me but right now i do. So please keep your big ego in check. I don't want to get into a fight with U. What happened to U Sid? U look frightening like some homeless guy.

Sid coughed-Brilliant. U compare me to a homeless dude. I'm a millionaire baby. I'm just a little off thanks to your lookalike. She has done a number on me. Should have known not to trust her? She's a firecracker just like U only i prefer U baby any day compared to her. She doesn't hold a candle to U baby.

Maithali laughed-Seriously Sid I can't believe even at a moment of crisis U are still flirting with me. What is wrong with U? (Lightens her tone of voice mentioning Pia always brought Maithali at peace calming her anger) So Pia has gotten to U huh? Don't tell me U tried to screw with her Sid? (She has her hands in a strangling motion) U are never to touch her do U hear me. U leave her alone.

Sid blasted Maithali-Aren't U ever the righteous princess sacrificing your love for Abhay only to gift it to another. Strange how Pia is exactly like U. So pure at heart it scared the s**t out of me. Don't worry princess i won't hurt her. I seem to always end up on the brunt of her mercy.

Maithali touched Sid's forehead kneeling over to him-So whats wrong with U?

Sid croaked raucously-I have Abhay fever. Looks like i'm going through the shiver. Its when we have to face our demons. Only i never gained my soul back whereas my baby brother has one. How i used to mock him for going sofy. (Sid laughs at his condition) Oh call it Karma. Or just deserts but how the tides have turned on me. (Sid groaned at his state) I know i deserve it. U can say it. I never did mind when U used to speak your mind.

Maithali laughed-So i see U have your very own personal bodyguard.

Sid glanced at Alexis-Oh him. He's Alexis my close accomplice. We came for Pia but ended up getting locked down here. (Sid hints at Alexis to leave) Shut the door on your way out bro.

Maithali watched the vampire again-U are Tara's ex right? Good to meet U. And thanks for everything you've done.

Alexis nodded-I did it for Tara.

Maithali nodded-I know.

Sid touches Maithalis soft hands-God U look so hot.

Maithali flinches at Sid's touch-Sid get a grip. U smell of decay to me and i should be giving off a weird scent after all we are both arch rivals remember.

Sid laughs-Maithali U are right. U do give off a sweet scent but to me this is just a minor issue. I love U with my core. Always did and always will. (Sid's eyes long for Maithali to talk to him sweetly, to verbally abuse but he was expecting this cold front). After all i am the best of the two brothers you've ever laid eyes on. (Cocking a grin) I still make U want U smile with my quirky sense of humour. My 10, 000 watt smile makes U smile back.

Maithali couldn't help but laugh-I still haven't forgiven U for doing this to us Sid. So will U help me or do i have to drag U with me?

Sid got out of bed-All U have to do is give me your orders Princess and i am there.

Maithali took Sid with her giving him support-By the way Sid thanks for your cooperation. I appreciate it. I know it can't be easy...

Sid shushed Maithali-U are my only weakness Maithali. My kryptonite. I risked everything on a whim for U last time. Not even caring about what happened to my baby brother. U understand right? For U i'll gladly place my life in danger Maithali. I know U don't love me but U can't hate me for being persistent.

Maithali rolled her eyes-U always manage to put your own spin on it don't U. I was going to drop by at the Raichands but not sure if pitting U next to Abhay is a good idea. He's still baying for your blood.

Alexis tagged along-Mind if i come?

Sid glared-Yes!

Maithali chuckled-No. We need a few vampires on hand to keep this one from sending me up the wall with his one liners. He hasn't changed at all. Only this time i was expecting to see U live up to your legen Sid. Both of U have made quite a stir.

Sid moaned-Don't tell me the werewolves want to see me in front of a stake? I really am surprised (He says sarcastically) You've seen me. I'm not at all vicious.

Alexis mocked-Yeah right? You've only got cured thanks to Pia's interference.

Maithali chirped-Good. I hate to see what the other side of Sid looked like. Sid U do realise that this could be the start of something new for U. Something good. Enough of the bloodshed. Aren't U fed up of all this? I know U don't see eye to eye with Abhay but its been over a hundred years just bury the hatchet for both your sakes.

Sid thickly responded-Maybe if U decided to be with me then i'd consider it.

Maithali shot Sid a look-There U go with your ultimatums. Your conditions. U make me want to...

Sid loved seeing Maithali all riled up. She looked cute when she got mad-So hot and bothered...

Maithali stomped-Theres no reasoning with U Sid.


Tara dropped by with Kabir at the Raichand mansion where Pia was being fussed over by Abhay fetching her food, blankets, water. Poor thing looked like she was getting annoyed with all this ruckus. Kabir shut the door on his way in.

He gave Abhay a nod-How are U buddy?

Abhay eyed Pia answering with little conviction-Just great! U?

Kabir answered-I know about Tara.

Pia's eyes lit up-U told him. I'm gathering that Kbair U are fine with the Tara. She didn't mean to keep this secret from U. Its just not something U tell a normal College guy guess what your girlfriend is a witch. This must be pretty surreal for U?

Kabir grabbed a chair near Pia and sat on it-I know Pia. U don't need to vouch for Tara. I get it. I'm glad she told me now than later on. How are U Pia? U don't look so good?

Pia's sweaty forehead was wiped by Abhay who managed to give a weak smile-I'm having a bad day. I just need to go to the bathroom again.

Abhay took Pia in his arms and rushed her there where he held her head while she hurled supporting her head. He wipes away her face with a wet towel-I think U need some fluids Pia.

Pia's eyes a little tired out-Don't fuss over me Abhay. I know U are worried and so am I but just don't be so cold about our baby. Stop treating the baby like its your enemy Abhay. Please. I can't see the look of disgust in your eyes for my baby.

Abhay took Pia in his arms-I can't help it Pia. Its not in my nature to love something that will hurt someone i love with my own SOUL. MY LIFE. U are my life Pia.

Pia touches Abhay's cheek with her delicate fingers tracing his frown-I know Abhay. U can't control how U feel but for my sake try harder. I think the baby sense your distress. Maybe its my distress. I want this pregnancy to run as smoothly as possible. Will U do this for me?

Abhay took Pia back into the living room answering-I make no promises Pia. All i can do is say i'll try my hardest.

Pia whispered back-Its all i ask.

Tara could see the tension-Abhay can i have a chat with Pia alone?

Abhay nodded while he took Kabir with him for a ride-We might as well get out of here and leave the girls alone. Pia needs a little girly interaction and i think U need someone to talk to. See U later Pia and Tara keep an eye on my wifey.

Tara couldn't help but laugh at Abhay's Wifey-What have U done with my Abhay? Chillaz Abhay. Pia's in my care. U boys go do your thing. I expect U boys to behave. Or else?

Kabir bid farewell to the girls-U heard the girl.

Abhay shut the door behind him-So how are U really about Tara?

Kabir answered-A little overwhelmed but i'm cool with having a powerful super witch on my side. I know she'll protect me if i'm in danger.

Abhay added-She showcased her ability with the light spell huh? Its her favourite. She uses this especially when she's at a dark place or very nervous. It means she cares too much Kabir. I think my girl loves U a little too much. U should count yourself lucky. Tara doesn't give herself freely to anyone. It usually takes time.

Kabir was well pleased-I love her too Abhay. It just happened out of nowhere.

Abhay knew all too well about Love just materialising without U wanting it-I know. I've been fighting Pia but look at where we are now. Married?

Kabir admitted-Yeah that took us all by surprise. I'm happy for U both Abhay. U desrve a little joy in your life and glad Pia found U as her SOULMATE. I can see it now. Its so strange that Kabir would be happy about your relationship. But i truly am. So how is it with Pia? It looks a little like U guys are on edge of something. Is she Ok? She is so pale dude. Is she sick?

Abhay answered weakly-Only Pia can tell U this. It her choice to tell whoever she wants.

Kabir gave Abhay the sympathetic look-I get it. I know how stubborn Pia can be. Word of advice bro. Let her win this round or you'll regret it.

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Sunnipwincessx Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
AWsome update Ayesha cant waite watch it intersetin readin it cant waite for the next part thnx for the PMz xxx

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunnipwincessx

AWsome update Ayesha cant waite watch it intersetin readin it cant waite for the next part thnx for the PMz xxx
I know but writing this was a little diffficult due to my own woes with the show. I hope i did justice to itEmbarrassed
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 June 2011 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
wow I loved this update.Now I cant wait.All FFs tht u r updating now this 1 is bst.After soulmates I m so hooked 2 this FF.Plz update soon.I m eager 2 know how Metz will make every1 ready 2  participate in ritual.Will Sid & metz know Pia is pregnant ?& will misha & kabir know tht Pia is pregnant?I m super excited

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