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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 40)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 54:::The News:::

All the way to the Raichands; Tara had practiced in her head how she was going to break the news to Abhay and Pia about their little bundle of joy who was growing at an alarming rate. She feared how Abhay would take the news. Actually it was Chand she feared the most. He was going to blow the roof off and possibly run the risk of killing Abhay for allowing such a calamity to their existence. A Halfling would jeopardise everything in the supernatural world.

Tara sensed Arnab Dobrial was already there with the Raichands. This would not bode well. He was angry at Abhay and Pia's secret marriage and Chand was on the defensive-Hi everyone. Hope i'm not disturbing U guys? Theres something urgent i need to discuss with Abhay and Pia.

Chand turned his dark eyes at Tara momentously answering-Hi Tara. They are on their way from their mini break. (He eyes Arnab angrily) U can wait with us. Seems like the couple are in demand by all of us.

Haseena could hear Arnab's heartbeat racing-Please take a seat. The kids will be here any time. Would U like me to bring U something to drink?

Arnab was riled up and the crazed woman was asking him if he wanted a drink. He didn't trust the, as far as he could throw them. for all he knew they'd probably poison him to death-No thanks. I just want my daughter.

Tara cut cut the atmosphere with a knife-I know this is none of my business Mr Dobrial but your daughter is inexplicably the most sanest person i have ever met despite what she's been through she has a good head on her shoulders. What i am trying to say is that she knows what she wants and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Abhay is her goal Mr Dobrial whether U like it or not he is her choice. Trust me when i say that if U push her into a corner she will never accept U willingly. She is not used to having someone dictate to her. She's independent and doesn't rely on anyone. I know i'm a stranger to U but to Pia and Abhay i am their well wisher.

Arnab retaliated back-U are right. U have no right to interfere in my affairs.

Tara could see his stubborn streak-I am just trying to give U a little insight on your daughter. I do know her better than U do. Pia will fight till her very last breath for Abhay. I was sceptical of their relationship just like Chnad and Haseena but sometimes U have to accept the truth. They are meant to be together. U take them apart U are left with a vacuum. They live and breathe each other. I have never seen a couple so much in love it scares me how much they devote themselves to the other. If U want to keep Pia in your life U won't keep both Abhay and Pia apart.

Then suddenly the door opened with Abhay holding Pia in his arms. Pia was far from pleased to see Arnab but Abhay had filled her on with her father making his presence felt at the Raichands. Abhay placed Pia down looking at the silent stares from the adults. He knew Chand was very angry like a volcano waiting to erupt. He knew Chand wouldn't blow up in front of Arnab or even Pia. He was safe for the time being. Haseena welcomed her sone with her eyes indicating him on her mission to bring Chand around. Arnab grabbed Pia's hands wanting to shake his daughter for her rash decisions. He could see the defiance in her eyes. How did his daughter become so cold so fast. Abhay still had Pia's hand in his squeezing them lightly while Pia managed a weak smile snatching her hand back from her father.

Pia raises her voice-What do U want from me Mr Dobrial? I suggest U keep your hands away from me. I can't believe the cheek. To summon me to go under your care. DNA proves nothing. U will never be the father i want. He is just a mirage. A fascination i grew out of.

Arnab's steely voice blasted-So U married the enemy. How mature is that Pia? I will annul this ASAP. U are still under 18 Pia and as your legal parent i can do this.

Pia curtly shot back-And risk being humiliated by your pregnant daughter. (Pia realised what she just said covering her mouth) Abhay. I didn't mean ... (Back to Chand) The cats out of the bag Abhay. (Tears brimming in Pia's eyes) Its true. Stop trying to run my life for me. U don't have that right. If U want to see me happy and have any paternal feelings towards me then just let me be where i belong with Abhay. All i need is him. Can't U see how perfect he is for me? I can't go with U to your perfect blissful life and pretend to be someone fake. Its not me.

Arnab's shocked face as he is on the verge of blowing up raising his voice-U are what? (Arnab glances towards Pia's stomach as his colour pales he sits down and faces Abhay) U did this! How could U ruin her life?

Chand wanted to knock some sense into Abhay-Tell me the baby isn't yours Abhay. This isn't your child. I know it isn't. U are just trying to protect her reputation...(He read Abhay's painful thoughts as his eyes give away the truth.)

Abhay starkly admitted in a hoarse tone-It's mine. I am not protecting Pia from anything. I trut in her completely. Its mine OK. So quit giving Pia a hard time.

Haseena's eyes zero in on Abhay's-No this can't be Abhay. Its impossible.(Haseena has a little vision of Pia's baby with Abhay's features) No! (She closes her eyes) This is not good Abhay. Pia U have to get rid of it.

Pia defended her choice and closes her eyes sobbing in between words. Chand's allegation hurt her a lot like a slap to her face.-Not U too. Tara please help me. I haven't been unfaithful to Abhay (Abhay squeezes her hand) I could never...

Tara cut in-We all need to calm down. As much as U are all against Pia's decision in the end it is her choice alone. If Pia wants to keep her baby then let her. Its her body and its her right. (Tara gently comforts Abhay) I know this is hard to digest but a miracle has been made Abhay. Don't fight fate Abhay. It was already written in the stars.

Pia could feel her baby was upset by the goings on here-Will U people just stop this. I didn't want to reveal my news the way it came out. Mr. Dobrial i know this is all so overwhelming but try to be happy for us. If U claim to love me at all then let me get on with my life. If U want anything to do with me then i plead U stop pressurizing me. Don't annul my marriage. Don't do anything to harm me and my child and i in return will play along with U. If U want to tell everyone U have a bast (Sugar coats her words softly) I meant an unwanted daughter from one of your affairs then so be it. I will put up with the whispers. I will do as U ask. All i want is for U to give me space.

Arnab was still stunned visibly upset by the news-Pia my child i don't know what to say or do. Fine i will back off. Just promise me U will give this old man a chance to get to know U.

Pia nodded-Sure. Mrs Raichand i am so sorry for putting U in an awkward position but i thank U for being there for us even when i had nobody. U have been more of a mother to me just by being there.

Haseena's voice wavered-Its Ok Pia. Chand i think we all need a day to reflect on this new development. Mr Dobrial i know this night has been filled with shocks for U but i assure U Pia is in safe hands. We will love her and treat her as one of our own daughter. We've never had a daughter before and well i am already fond of Pia. I think its best if we leave them to it.

Abhay held Pia in his arms supporting her body in his as he sensed Pia felt a little faint-Pia U have had a rough day honey. Lets discuss this tomorrow OK.

Pia smiled stroking her tummy with pride-Now if you'll excuse me i am tired and want to rest a little.

Abhay helped Pia get past his folks into his bedroom-I know this is all a little much Pia. It will all blow over. Don't worry about Mom and Dad they will get over the initial shock. I know Dad hurt U by his cut throat words but for a vampire to create a new life is impossible. In the history of our species this has never happened before Pia. Mom is afraid we'll have a mutiny on our hands if the originals find out about this Pia they will come for it.

Pia covered Abhay's mouth with her hand-Stop calling our baby it. Its a foetus. Its my baby Abhay. Why are U determined to keep yourself distant from us. The baby is a prt of us Abhay. Accept it. If U don't then how can i expect your parents to accept my baby Abhay.

Abhay was in deep thought and finished-Pia U rest while i go check up on the so called adults. I think Arnab needs someone to put this news into perspective. Its a shock to his system Pia.

Pia grimaces-So let him stew in his own juices Abhay. He was still trying to separate us Abhay. I will never forgive him for this.

Abhay made Pia lie down-Shush now. U need to rest all this excitement can't be good for U or it. I mean U know the baby. (Abhay gave a torn smile kissing Pia's forehead) I know i am still on the fence Pia. (Pia sternly eyes Abhay) Ok i am not entirely happy about this news Pia. It could kill U and in return me because i can't live without U Pia. Its not easy for me to love something that will or might kill the one person i love.

Pia wasn't listening as she made Abhay feel her stomach-Feel the heart beat Abhay. It is human or at least part human. U will learn to love the baby. Just don't plot against my back with your parents Abhay. I can't fight U all Abhay but U know very well what i am capable of Abhay. U must protect my baby.  

Abhay stony faced nodded putting Pia to sleep and hurried out of the room to face the music. He didn't care about himself but how all this changed the dimensions of his dark life. Pia was his light and now he'd pushed her into a darkness he didn't know how to get her out of it. Unfortunately for him Pia could read him too well to the extent Abhay couldn't hide anywhere. It was the baby honing into its trait of being a vampire. If only this wasn't the case then he could have erased this disaster. Abhay knew Pia would stake her life and their relationship for it. The baby. He had to start calling it that but feared he'd form an attachment to it. Calling it meant he kept a safe distance from it.

Abhay sat next to Arnab-Pia's asleep. Just keep the noise level down. We've had too much drama for one day.

Arnab asked-When did U find out? About Pia?

Abhay answered-Today but we've had suspicions for a few days. See Pia thought all her symptoms were as a result to examination stress and your little revelation didn't help either.

Arnab sighs heavily placing his hands at the back of his head-So is this why U both eloped?

Abhay responded back-I did it so Pia could remain with me. All her idea i only follow her commands U can say she has me wrapped round her little finger.

Arnab felt his voice brea-How far along is she?

Tara blurted-About 3 months if not a little more.

Abhay turned to face Tara reading her thoughts (The preganancy is advanced Abhay. Pia was supposed to be a month pregnant but the blood test i took from her with my spell has her at a little over 3 months)-Pia wasn't showing until recently which was a dead giveaway. She thought she was piling on the pounds through depression and stress.

Arnab shakes his head-I'm going to be a grandfather. I always thought Panchi would be the first one...I'm not at all pleased by any of this Abhay. But i can't do this to Pia. My grandchild will not be called names and I can't let Pia continue as if she were an orphan. I will do as she wants Abhay. Just promise me U will do right by her. Keep her happy. I know i haven't been exactly welcoming or even like your family but i am willing to give this a try.

Abhay smiled-I will alway be with Pia sir. I love your daughter more than i can express in words. Pia will never feel alone. She will always be loved. Mom already dotes on her and Dad is coming around.

Arnab bids everyone goodbye-I'm sorry for creating so much unneeded aggravation. I don't want to lose Pia. She is all i have left of Sugandh. She is my baby daughter. Please take care of her.

Haseena smiles-She will be treated like a princess Mr Dobrial.

Tara turns to face Abhay, Chand and Haseena all waiting for her to speak-So i will spill now that he's gone. I suspected Pia was in a delicate condition a few days ago but i didn't want to burden U until i knew for sure. Pia's baby is growing at an alarming rate. The child might be due in as good as 2 months if not less. Oh and another thing. It has all the characteristics as a vampire. The bloodworks i compared with yours Abhay is startling. I have never seen this result before. We have a hybrid on our hands Abhay. The baby is also human so its blood isn't completely vampiric. U heard the heartbeat didn't U?

Abhay nodded-Yes. Its how i got my suspicions Tara. How are we going to deal with this. Pia is adamant on giving birth to it. I can feel it suck her life force out. I can't see her like this Tara.

Tara finished-You'll have to Abhay. Pia meant her threat. U will lose her forever if U continue to tread on hating this baby. Its a good thing Abhay. The child is an angel embrace it.

Chand agrily burst-How could U be so stupid Abhay. This is not good. This is going to cost us all (He throws Abhay into a wall while Abhay turns the tables) U have invited death Abhay to all of us.

Abhay pinning Chand against the wall-Don't U think i know this. I can't undo the past. If i could i'd take it all back.

Tara grimly ended it-Yes but this was always going to happen Abhay. U can't change destiny.


Maithali knew the night was near. She could feel it. They would be free in a days time. Dharam was here supervising the young werewolves from London. Neel and Jay were a welcome breath of fresh air. The boys brought with them knowledge of a new way to deal with change. Maithali could feel her ripples. Thankfully she had another 3 months on her side.

Jay wrestling his brother to the floor-I told U never to take your eyes off of me bro. U just got creamed.

Neel smirked-Yeah right. U keep on dreaming. I let U win.

Jay chuckled putting his white shirt back on-Keep on saying this to yourself. We have plenty more fights to get through. I will make U shape up bro. This is just a test run.

Neel cocked his slanted grin-Where are U off to?

Jay buttoned the bottom buttons placing his black shadeds on-Outside. I want to see this town up close. See the beauty of the night.

Neel showed his discern-We are under strict orders to stay indoors bro.

Jat beamed-U follow the rules me i like to test the boundaries. I won't let anyone dictate to me. Now U be a good boy while i head out.

Neel had a feeling he was going to regret his decisions-Wait up i'll grab a jacket.

Jay saw Shaurya flowing them-U coming?

Shaurya nodded-Yeah i'll show U a few bars. They aren't too bad.

Jay raised his eyebrows-And the girls?

Shaurya chuckled-Not as hot and happening as the city chicks but they aren't too bad either. I'll introduce U to a few of them.

Neel got his keys-I'm driving.

Jay shakes his head stepping into the BMW-U just want to show off. He doesn't like anyone else touching his baby.

Neel's eyes glimmered-Hey i paid a lot of money for this. There's no way am i going to let either of U touch it.

They's arrived to their destination hopping out of the vehicle. Shaurya saw Misha with a new guy. Misha took one look at Shaurya and the two new strangers with him giving him dirty looks. Misha swore under her breath-Animals.

Jay and Neel looked puzzled-Does she know U bro?

Shaurya turned away-She used to be a friend. I kind of used her.

Neel whistled-Seriously no wonder she's cursing U inder her breath.

Shaurya looks bleak-I endangered her friend Pia the one who agreed to help us. Not a good move now our friendship is in tatters.

Jay grinned-She's cute. I could do with a girl like her.

Shaurya flashed Jay his sharp gaze-If U value your life U won't. She has friends in high places and in time you'll see Misha eats guys like U for breakfast.

Jay laughed-Yeah right? She's a player?

Shaurya laughed sarcastically-No she isn't your sort of girl. Misha knows how to deal with boys like U Jay. Nobody plays her for a fool and gets away with it.

Neel smiled-Does she have a sister?

Shaurya nodded-Panchi but she's off the market due to heartbreak. I don't think U should even go there.

Neel wanted to meet this Panchi-I have to meet her. She's nothing like Misha right?


Jay curious-So who is the new dude?

Shaurya shrugged his shoulders-No idea.

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Once again a fabulous update after so long time
minahil1997 Goldie

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owesum update ayesha!!!Clap

loved the update... it was owsum... so finally the most awaited chapter is done ... arnab and chand's reactions were justified... i totally expected them to react this way... now wen abhay and pia have decided to keep the baby, i wonder wat will be chandeena's reaction to this baby ... the update was owsumEmbarrassed... now dying to read the next update... continue soonHug...

P.S - sorry fr late reply ayesh ... actually wen u updated , it was 12 am at here so , i could just res as my mom would have killed me if she would have seen that i was still upLOL... 

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Originally posted by abhayfan_dishu

Once again a fabulous update after so long time
Its hard with my busy schedule and summer makes me tired i just want to chill all the time

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awesome part.
loved it.

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OMG...awesome update! So much happened in this update! Finally Arnab has accepted Abhiya's marriage and Chandeena and Arnab found out about the pregnancy! Hopefully, Abhay will soon form an attachment with the baby! Its kind of sad to see Piya fighting for her baby alone! Anyway, great update and continue soon Smile
SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Aww Pia' Gonna Be a Mom. Iam Glad Pia's Didnt Cause Trouble and Her Be With Abhay. (: Update Whatever You Have Time.
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AWW wanna see jay and Abhayz part wow 2 guyz leta see watz goona hppen xxx

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