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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 4)

mangona Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
ayesha have u ans my ques ?
awesome update

sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by matwamango

Thanks sweetie but i don't know if anyone would read it. I have two on the go. Do U think i should write another one? I was thinking of an idea of writing one for the leap with twists of my own but i don't know if people would want to read itConfusedMy best ideas have been used on SOULMATES and A TWISTED LOVE and BLOOD TIES.
r u mad why wont we read it
but if u can handle and juggle between ff
i would love to see another ff from ur side dear
and the precap was great
so the girl know whats gona happen
i think i know what she knows
tell me if i am rightWink
and plzzz update soon
btw when will u update

ps:did u see the recent video that i sent u????
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 50:::Marriage:::

The dress arrived flooring Pia in silence at its beauty. This must have been very expensive she thought as she felt the fabric in her hands. Pia wore the simple wedding dress by Givenchy Couture encapsulating the past, present and the future with a modern twist interlaced with an old fashion feel to her dress. It didn't really look like a wedding dress but it felt like one which was the point. Nobody would think they were up to anything other than going to some glitzy party. Pia had emotional tears streaming down her cheeks. She was a blubbering mess but didn't care. She was too happy. Deliriously happy despite it not being the wedding she was dreaming of it was becoming much more than what she'd dreamt of just because Abhay had thought of every little detail.

Rosa entered Pia's room with all the accessories and jewels to go with it. She had a gift basket filled with boxes-That fianc of yours Pia is a hoot. He's delivered this basket at the crack of dawn. We aren't vamps U know! Anyways lets start opening them one by one and see what's in them.

Tara tore up the wrapper smiling brilliantly-Top range make up. Abhay sure knows how to treat a lady.

Pia opened another box-It was thorntons chocolate. A range of different flavours from dark to milk chocolate and truffles. Her favourite. (Pia cracked a smile) He's trying to make me fat. As if i wasn't already piling on the pounds already. (Pia took a little look at he swollen stomach touching it while looking in the mirror) Maybe i should have gone on a diet?

Tara rubbished Pia's insecurities-Abhay doesn't care about the physicality's of U Pia. Just your soul. We all put on a little weight and with exam stress and what's happened to U i don't blame U for putting some weight on.

Rosa opened a few more-Perfumes. They are all floral. He's selected a few sweeter ones by Pia's favourite Britney's fantasy to Jlo glow. Which are U going to wear Pia?

Pia selected Abhay's favourite scent of them all-This one (Illuminum White Gardenia Petals). He loves it. I'll wear this. (Pia beams)

Rosa giggled heartily-Figures. Fine. Now dry your eyes before U make Abhay panic. Good job we haven't applied any make up on U yet.

Tara places a Diamond necklace and earrings Abhay had bought for Pia-Now U are looking like a million dollars.

Pia gasped at the sight of the expensive items she'd had on-This is too much. Why did he go to this length? I never wanted any of this.

Tara gushed-Because Abhay wanted to make this as perfect as he could for U. He isn't expecting to get married again and nor does he want U to miss out on all the trimmings. It's his way of showing how much U mean to him. Money is no object to him but wanted to make this as special as he could. It's us U should be thanking helping him choose. He wanted to buy the whole store if he was left to his own device.

Rosa couldn't help laughing at this comment-Tell me about it. Pia U missed a sight there. I was shocked at how easily he was swayed by diamonds. He'd beat some of our girlfriends to a shopping spree race. I've never seen Abhay like this before.

Tara applied Pia with a foundation base and then built up the rest of the makeover-Now don't spoil this by getting all emotional on me Pia.

Pia breathed in and then out again-I can't help it. The past few weeks has been strange. I can't stop it. Now i'm just so happy. I'll try.

Tara thought she'd felt someone again-How do U want your hair Pia? Up or down?

Rosa helped-Down. Her curls make her look cute. Abhay prefers her this way.

Rosa admired their work-Simply exquisite Pia. U look like an icon.

Tara took pride in her efforts-If Abhay wasn't floored before he will be now. I don't know how he will takes his eyes off of U Pia. U look like someone out of a fairytale. Like a beautiful princess.

Pia saw the reflection of herself in the mirror and could not believe the transformation. The girl in the mirror couldn't be her but it was-I'm a little nervous. Do U think we can pull this off?

Rosa cheered Pia up-Of course we can. Now we'd better make a move or Abhay will think we've stood him up. U know how punctual he is. Sh*t we forgot the bouquet.

Tara already had in the car-It's sorted sweets. We'd better leave. Misha's about to get a heart attack. We still haven't told her where we are going.

Pia's eyes grew grim-Panchi!

Rosa calmed Pia-It's Ok she is with Misha. They are probably wondering what is going on. We'd better leave.

The door finally opened as Pia stepped out there was a series of gasps and awes from Misha and Panchi. Pia's mouth remained open while Panchi was baffled by Pia's look. Pia simply dazzled them with her smile.

Misha managed to regain her composure-W*F? Pia. U are looking like a million dollars. Babes what is going on? I'M speechless.

Panchi responded-What she said? Why are we all dressed Pia?

Pia blurted out-I'm getting married guys.

Misha's expressions made Pia giggle-You're what? Are U crazy? What's the rush? Pia this isn't the time to be playing games.

Panchi saw Pia's eyes falter-This is big Pia. A real shock to the system.

Pia remained adamant-I haven't taken this step lightly. I want Abhay and he wants me and we won't let anyone get in the way. I feel it in my waters. I don't want to wait for things to come to me. I've lost a lot in life and feel like i want to seize the moment. If U don't want to be a part of my happiness then U are free to leave. I only wanted U here because i wanted U to be a part of my happiness. U are like sisters to me. Don't i have the right to be happy? To be with the man i love? I can't wait any longer.

Panchi kept her cool head-So this is your decision and not Abhays?

Pia nodded-He asked and i accepted but it is my idea. So will U both come? Can i rely on U girls to be my support.

Misha was still reeling from the news-If this makes U happy then yes but don't U need an adult?

Pia answered-I have my nun who has been a guardian and Abhay's Mom. I am hoping Panchi will help me too.

Panchi let out a smile-Sure. I know what its like to be so in love U want the whole universe at your feet.

Pia hugged her friends-U girls are the best.

Tara warned Pia-No crying Pia. Or i'll have to cast a no crying spell?

Rosa handed Pia a blue garter-Your something blue. U have the diamonds as something new. Something old is your Moms necklace hidden under your diamonds.

Panchi gave Pia her broach-As for something borrowed U can have this clip.

They all stepped into their car and headed to the registry office.

Abhay was already there with his Mother Haseena. She was reluctant but willing thanks to Abhay's blackmail. What she wouldn't do for the love of her son? How was she going to convince Chand? This was the question that was bugging her. She watched her son cool as steel but she'd heard his anxiety. He was so far gone in a web of  human emotions that he was had forgotten the dangers revolving around their family. Pia was a weakness for Abhay and she was helpless for the love of her son.

While Abhay was trying to find balance in his mental state. Most of this was out of his devotion to Pia. He'd done all he could in his power to make this day the best he could. Another factor was his need to go see Pia himself. He was dying to see her. Not long to go now. He'd hoped Pia would appreciate his effort on himself. He was usually in black but in a suit for this occasion. How was he going to kill the next half hour. This seemed like he'd been waiting an eternity. Then the irony was he had been waiting an eternity for Pia to enter his life while the real person he had been searching for was Maithali.

Finally Abhay had heard Pia's voice like the sound of a humming bird. From the sound of her voice he knew she was happy. It was a sigh of relief. Abhay caught a glimpse of Pia as she was a gushing radiant bride. Her eyes gleamed with delight and her face glowed. Pia was Abhay's coveted prize possession. She was his infatuation, his everything. She was stunning in her wedding attire just as he'd predicted she would be. Pia had him mesmerised with her natural beauty. Her doe eyes illuminated with a raw need to claim him had him filled with an unidentifiable need to run towards Pia and take her away from here to a place where nobody could hurt Pia. It was the happiest he'd ever seen her.

Abhay had hoped he could give Pia the opulence and the grandeur of a wedding rather than a small affair.  The romance they'd had was of unique decorousness and not at all flashy as Abhay had wanted for Pia to have the best of both worlds unfortunately for him Pia wanted it to be as down to earth as possible under the circumstances.  He'd compromised for her sake knowing full well Pia wouldn't be too pleased by his very generous nature. Abhay was stunned by Pia's elegant avatar making him hungry for her. His eyes changed colour at his heated moment making Pia blush scarlet. Her eyes played a game with his.

Abhay extended his arm to Pia-U are simply the most beautiful girl in the world Pia. Have i ever told U this?

Pia gushed-Always. U scrub up to well too U know. I am the luckiest girl alive Abhay. I won the lottery since the day i met U.

Abhay mocked-U mean in our hey day when we used to hurl abuse at the other.

Pia glared at Abhay whispering-It got us together in the end didn't it? I love U Abhay.

Abhay ventured forward-So d ii Pia. More than life.

Misha coughed-Sorry to ruin your little moment but shouldn't we get this wedding on a roll? I want cake.

Pia laughed-Yeah. I knew it would be U to call dibs on the cake.

Sister Mary hugs Pia-How are U my child?

Pia's eyes lit up-I'm so happy to see U Sister. I'm thrilled U have attended my special moment.

Sister Mary kiss'es Pias cheeks-There's a few of your old sisters i have brought with me.

Pia looks on in amazement hugging each one-Sister Catherine, Sister D'Souza and the rest of U. I can't believe it.

Sister Clarence-It's all Abhay's doing. He thought you'd want us here. am i wrong in thinking you'd want this.

Pia started to well up-This is so (Keeps her taers from flowing) Abhay Thank U.

Abhay nodded-Now this is more like a gathering. Shall we?

The registrar asks for their details while taking their name and their vows-Do U wed this man to be your lawful husband?

Pia ecstatic-I will. (She places the gold ring to Abhay's finger. Feeling a tingling sensation)

The registrar-Do U take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife

Abhay-I do. (Abhay places his gold ring to Pia's finger)

Misha and Panchi take photos of the happy couple.

The nuns all applaud the union and bless the happy couple. Abhay kisses Pia on her lips. Pia has her tears brimming down with an overwhelming sensation. She'd felt as if someone inside her was also delighted by this union. Such a strange feeling but it made her want to cry even more. Pia toched her stomach involuntarily like second nature smiling and lost in her little world. Tara eyed Pia sternly not to let the tears fallTara was suspicious of Pia's weird behaviour and was beginning to get a hint of what was up with Pia but had to be extra sure just in case she was wrong. Pia calmed herself down. She wanted to look immaculate for Abhay. He was always so perfect it made her feel so inferior.

Abhay signed the forms, then Pia holding Abhay's hand with her free hand squeezing it lightly. He picked Pia up and kissed her again. This time long and hard-I hope this is how U would have wanted it Pia. This is as perfect as i could get for U.

Pia kisses Abhay with satisfaction-Perfection for me is in your arms Abhay. Now i am all yours. In the eyes of the world we are one now Abhay. I am so excited to spend all my life with U.

Abhay longingly takes in Pia's scent-I have always been yours Pia never forget this. Nobody can touch us. We have always been one. U are my soul Pia. U smell so good. Its driving me insane.

Pia whispers-I find U irritatingly, inhumanly, irrationally, irrevocably, intellectually, infinitely irresistibly gorgeous.

Abhay teased-U stole my line Pia. Not fair U big meaniii. U forgot insatiably too hot to handle.

Pia gushes-I had to use them because my mind is jelly. (Pia still feeling teary)I can't stop.

Abhay placed Pia down-U look beautiful even with the tear stricken face. I bet Tara threatened U huh? She does this when things don't go to plan. Its ok to cry but after today no more tears.

Pia nodded-I can't believe how fast this has all happened Abhay.

The witness's signed the declaration one by one. Haseena was last and found Abhay and Pia's exchange a little too sickening. Too human for her liking but their attraction was so evident. She saw them bound permanently to each other. It was too late now Pia was a part of her family.

Haseena embraced Pia-Welcome to the family Pia

Pia beamed-Thank U Aunty.

Haseena gritted her teeth-Call me Mom. U are after all my daughter in law now.

Abhay smiles at his Mom holding Pia around her shoulder-Thanks Mom for this.

Haseena cried-Like U gave me a choice.

Pia threw her bouquet over her shoulder and Misha caught it in annoyance-Damn. Does this mean I'm next?

Pia giggled-That's what they say

Misha moaned-Oh shoot. Why me?

Pia pleaded-I want this to be a secret for a few days. I hope U don't mind. Its so Abhay and I can keep away from all the gossip. I want this to be as normal as possible till after the exams are over.

Misha nodded and so did Panchi-We understand.

Panchi wished them luck-U both deserve it. This was so romatic i am simply flying sky high with glee for both of U.

They all headed out of the registry office in good spirits. Abhay took Pia with him in the back. Pia was crying again. Abhay wiped her tears-U cry too much Pia. Now U are with me U will never shed tears.

Pia kissed Abhay again-U are my world now Abhay all else means nothing to me. U are my destiny, My Fate, MY Universe. I heart U ABHAY.

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sushups IF-Sizzlerz

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i loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it
awesome yaar
a dream come true
Cry  i so want read the next
plzzz plzzz
update sonn this time plzzz 

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Rozy77 IF-Dazzler

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Hi aysha

wowDay Dreaming what an awesome part. i loved it
the whole thing was so beautifully described, pia was an angel. i wish we get to see abhiya getting married in the show.
abhay is the sweetestEmbarrassed he called all the sisters. and yeah it was an emotional affair. simple but beautiful.
oh i loved haseenaLOL she always cracks me up. i cant wait for chand's reactionBig smile i hope it will be explosiveLOL
and pia is pregnant??Shocked i thought all the cravings were pointing to something elseLOL like it had to do with the prophecy or something?!
and arjun is the hunter?! he does like misha right, i mean, i kinda remember him finding her cute or something when they were hunting for abhay and abhay-tara-mish were searching for pia-metz. But i like himSmile
congratulations for the new thread and thanks for the pmHug

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mansim Senior Member

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wow what a partClapClap
that was awesomeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
now i get it what tara was feeling of someone else in the roomShockedLOL stupid me he he heSillyLOL
the wedding was superb EmbarrassedClap
thanks for the pmBig smile
update soonWink

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_Klaroline_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
lovely update
Congratz thayt u opened 2nd book
Lovely update
Marriage is over
So nxt what?????????
Thnx for the pm

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matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by sushups


i loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it
awesome yaar
a dream come true
Cry  i so want read the next
plzzz plzzz
update sonn this time plzzz 

::U are so sweetBig smile It would have been my dream wedding. I have expensive tatsesLOLEmbarrassedOne i can only fulfill in my FF'sBig smile::

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