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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 32)

Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Nice Precap
Waiting for the next part
There is a mistake in post in Misha's dialogue
Misha shook her head-No. Arnab took her away for a romantic gettaway. Its so romantic. Just be happy for them Dad. U can talk to Pia when she returns.
It should be Abhay not Arnab I think it could be misunderstood

kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
So what is daddy dearest planning to do. And is in for another shock with the pregnancy from where is going to get the marriaage annuled. Pia is going to blast him off looks like now for interferring in her life and that to with Abhay.
So eagerly waiting to read Arnabs plan fall flat on his face.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 53:::The Confirmation:::

Misha texted Pia about her Dad finding out the truth. She let her know that he wasn't very pleased by the news. Her Father was acting very peculiar these past few days. Now he had a face like an avalanche had come and destroyed everything in its path. Misha took off to the Poison Ivy Club to meet up with Arjun. This was their first official date. Misha wasn't usually this nervous about meeting a guy before but she wanted to make a good impression. Misha had her tight black jeans on and a loose blue top on. Misha did a once over with her lip gloss and entered anxiously towards the bar. Arjun was his usual immaculate rugged self. He was wearing the same nervy smile as hers. Good she thought to herself. Misha ordered herself a shot of coke and rum to ease the nerves.

Arjun whispered to Misha's ear-U look smoking!

Misha blushed batting her chocolate eyes at him-So do U. So how long have U been waiting?

Arjun cocked his head to the side as his smile revealed his dimples nearly making Misha choke on her drink-Not long. I have to admit when U cam in late i thought U might have stood me up. I'm glad U didn't Misha.

Misha took in Arjuns words but part of her was too entranced by his voice to pay attention to anything he was saying. Was this what it felt like to really like someone? Misha was clueless to this sort of stuff-I was a little apprehensive i'll admit it. I've never dated anyone before so U are my practice run. Sorry. I mean U are my first. I haven't even told any of my friends about U other than Pia.

Arjun's intrigue ran sky high-Pia!

Misha nodded feeling pride when talking about Pia-Yeah she is my best friend. I guess i'm missing her a little. Ok a lot. I'm just so used to having her around. She was supposed to meet U but w've had problems with fitting the meeting with exams and Pia's own hectic life.

Arjun simply nodded along with Misha's info on Pia-So where is Pia now? We can always schedule a meeting if U like. I'm up for a grilling.

Misha half wished Pia was here-My friends would never grill U. Ok maybe Tracker. She's into everyones business but Pia would never do this. She's too polite. You'd like Pia if U met her. She's an angel but i don't think you'd like her bodyguard.

Arjun expressed his confused look-Her bodyguard!!!!!!!

Misha burst into a fit of laughter placing her hand over her mouth. She removed it once she regained composure-Sorry i mean Abhay. He's her bodyguard. Everytime she gets into a scrape he's there. Her very own superman. He's not keen on Pia being around other men and she's the same about him. Pia hates girls hovering around Abhay. Sorry i'm blabbing on too much about Abhay and Pia.

Arjun ordered another shot of vodka passing it to Misha-It's all fine by me. I know U are missing them. Your friends must be very special if U are talking about them a lot. I'm sure they'll be back soon. Where are they anyway?

Misha blurted out-Honeymoon! S**t i meant a few days break away from the madness that is Dehradun.

Arjun knew Pia had already eloped with Abhay from his witch-I think its cute. So shall we head out to this posh restaurant i saw a few blocks away from here? For a first date this is ok but we won't get to really talk to each other. We are more or less shouting to each other.

Misha nodded-Sure thing but this is more my scene though.

Arjun let out a laugh making Misha feel all tingly inside-I know. I've noticed U around here remember. Its the first place we met. I think we should really get to know each other without too many people being a distraction.

Misha grabbed her jacket placing it around her then locked her arm with Arjuns heading for a one on one session alone with Arjun. Misha was nervous. She was out of her comfort zone. What did people discuss on their first dates? She'd spent most of it talking about Pia. Misha was missing her dearly. She'd hoped Pia would be back by tomorrow. They'd already been gone a day. Misha needed advice and asking Panchi was a hell no. It was bad enough she used to give Panchi a good ribbing when she used to date Danish. Misha didn't want a return favour.

Tara got the results on Pia's tests she'd taken it upon herself to take and it all came out positive. This was supposed to be impossible but somehow this iracle had happened. Abhay was going to be a father. The news would shake Abhay's world. He would move heaven and Earth for Pia not to suffer through any pain. Pia had already shown an alarming growth rate. This made Tara feel very uneasy. How to break the news to Abhay and Pia. This was going to be hard. She had to reach out to someone about supernatural births. No hybrid child had ever been born before to her knowledge a vampire could never procreate or has ever tried to. They normally killed their victims off. Vampires never fell for a human and if they did they'd turn their lovers so they wouldn't die. Who could help Tara? Rosa was only a new witch. She would have no idea about this. Tara wanted this all a secret from vampires and werewolves alike. The consequences of a half breed would be hefty. Not to mention the Originals would rip the child out of Pia just so they could take control of this new evolutional discovery. No Tara couldn't bear to think about the outcome. First thing was to contact a high priestess or find someone who could help. Someone Tara could trust.

Tara closed her eyes around a circle placed with candles her mind lights up. The white witch could help her. She was with the Hunter. The Slayer. This was turning into a circus. Her enemies were going to help her but why? Tara was suspicious of them already. This was becoming a tragic disaster. Could she trust her fully? Weren't there any other witches she could rely upon? By the time she'd contacted her Amercian counterpart full of powerhouses of Witches of the highest order Pia's condition may have deteriorated or progressed. There wasn't any time.

Tara followed her gut instinct and contacted the white witch on a mental plane (My friend Pia needs help. We don't know what this is but she's got a huge problem.)

The White Witch showered Tara with light (I know my child. She is blessed. Don't be afraid for her. Be there for her. Her child is the essence of both light and dark. Embrace it.)

Tara showed her concerns regarding this majestic child (If this gets out the supernatural world will be after it. Its bad enough we have people after Abhay namely your Hunter and Pia is sought after by both Sid and the werewolves.)

The White Witch (I have no hand in Abhay's capture. I am merely a pawn. U save my daughter and i will help U in return.)

Tara saw a hint of despair in the Witches mind (Your daughter? Ok i will do what i can but U must help Pia. Without her my friend will wither away.)

The White Witch lowered her tone (I have to go my child. Its not safe. Pia will be safe for now. Its the next few months U will have to worry about.)

Pia with Abhay

Arnab Dobrial had called Pia on several occasions but Pia kept on ignoring his calls knowing what they were about. Pia knew he was probably livid if not royally p****d off at her for rebelling. There was no way she was going to let that man rule her life. She didn't need a parental figure in her life but she did feel guilty for giving him the cold shoulder. Her mother didn't raise her to be a heartless person.

Abhay saw Pia in a trance and wrapped her from behind into his arms making her jumps. Pia hit him gently laughing at him and kissed his lips-This got U out of your dark moods. Don't worry about Arnab. He'll back off eventually.

Pia turned around to face Abhay locking his eyes-I don't know Abhay. He's come down on me very hard. I'm not used to being forced into a corner. I hate all this. I just want a normal life with a super human husband.

Abhay corrected Pia-I'm afraid i'm not human Pia. What part of vampire don't U get?

Pia came very close towards Abhay's ears-U are more human than you'll ever know Abhay. U might be a vampire but U are alive t me. U might feel cold but U make me all warm inside. U might live in the dark Abhay but U bring light in my life.

Abhay chuckled-Are there any more lines you'd like to patent as yours Pia.

Pia grinned-Hey its not my fault U got there before i did. Anyway U already knew what i'd say before i even opened my mouth.

Abhay's eyes no longer held the bright shine gleaming into hers. His icy blue eyes were replaced by sadness. Abhay turned his gaze away from Pia's. His voice raspy-I went to a pharmacy Pia and got U a few of these. (He shows her the pregnancy tests). We need to get a confirmation and deal with whatever the result maybe.

Pia let out a heavy sigh-Abhay look at me! (He checks Pia's sparkling eyes. She pauses for about 10 seconds pursing her lips) I don't care what the news is Abhay. I will accept whatever the otcome. Don't be sad for me please. I don't want U to revert back to being Devdas. Ok? Don't be so disheartened Abhay.

Abhay handed Pia the tests. He wanted to hold Pia's hands so badly but he'd probably crush it. He was very angry at himself for allowing this to happen. He didn't even think he'd ever face such a day where he'd be the threat to Pia's life. Abhay closed his eyes to drown out all negative thoughts. Abhay started to pace around like the Flash that he'd probably burnt a hole in the floor.

Pia came out again with the stick and placed her hands in Abhay's kissing it with her lips. The five minutes they had to wait for the results had bee like waiting an eternity. Abhay could hear Pia's heart beating so fast he was afraid it would jump out of her chest while the little faint heart he heard had only angered him. This thing inside Pia would kill her. Abhay was certain of it. Death only brought death and this is what Abhay might have done to Pia. Pia touched Abhay's cheek calming his worries but it didn't help. Nothing would make Abhay calm. He prayed the test came back negative.

Pia checked out the sign. It was positive. Abhay couldn't move. The positive sign was all he could see. He took a glimpse into Pia's eyes all lit up. Her dazzling brilliant smile broke his heart. Pia was ecstatic about this demon spawn. Did she not see what it would do to her? The thing was already harming her. Abhay had sensed it but never saw the signs or chose to ignore it. Was Pia genuinely happy about this or was it just the shock? No he was going to make sure this thing was nipped in the bud before it could hurt his Pia. Nothing would ever touch Pia.

Pia kissed Abhay's lips with so much intensity and her voice was filled with immediate love for this monster-Oh Abhay i'm going to be a mother. I can't believe it. We are going to be parents. U are going to be a Dad.

Abhay saw Pia touch her little bump with affection making him sick at the thought of what this thing was doing to her-Pia i think we need to really talk about this Pia. Take another test just to be sure. Discuss our options Pia. We don't need to have this abhorrence.

Pia let go of Abhay as her soft features turned stark. She let out a cry and looked at him like he'd slapped her across the face clutching her abdomen protectively shifting away from Abhay-How could U Abhay? How dare U call my baby names? (Tears brim from Pia's face as Abhay tries to touch Pia. She backs away from him) Don't come near me Abhay. Take those words back. My baby isn't a monster. Do U hear me? My baby will be loved. If U don't want any part in this then fine. I don't need U Abhay. All i need is my baby. I thought you'd be over the moon about having a baby but i didn't expect this reaction from U.

Abhay cracked-Pia our baby isn't even human. It will kill U. Its what the dead to U Pia. We only bring death. I will not allow it to harm U Pia even if i have to go against your wishes i will get rd of it.

Pia defended her baby-My baby is alive Abhay. U heard the heartbeat. I won't let U touch me or get near me to hurt my baby Abhay. Even if it means i have to hurt U myself. If i don't succeed and U manage to harm my baby then i promise U Abhay U will see my dead body.

Abhay's grave face was pained by Pia's ultimatum-Pia!

Pia's voice wavered emotionally attacking Abhay-What? I will do it Abhay. I've only known a few minutes about my babys existence and i already feel so much love i can give it. I've never had anything i can call my own in a long time Abhay. Then U came along and now my baby. Please don't take this away from me.

Abhay persevered on-But your future. Your career?

Pia laughed-U think U can sway me with my career and my future. U are my future Abhay. My baby is my future nothing will ever come first in my life apart from U and the baby Abhay. My mind is made up. I will have this baby with or without U but i really need U on my side Abhay. Please for my sake Abhay don't do anything rash. U know you'll lose.

Abhay knew very well Pia meant what she said. He could hear the desperation in her voice. Pia was like a lioness trying to protect her cub-I can't belie vi am doing this. Pia i am not over the moon about this but for U i will give it a shot. We need to consult Tara and break this news to my parents.

Pia nodded-Thank U Abhay. U won't regret this. In time U will come to love the baby.

Abhay wasn't too sure. He hated the baby for creating a rift between Pia and him-Lets just leave. The sooner we face the music the sooner we'll know what we are dealing with.

The Raichands

Arnab faces the Raichands in a foul temper. He let Chand and Haseena know exactly what he thought of them. They made his skin crawl. They turned Pia against him. She was a Raichand now. He would send them all to prison for helping a minor. Chand was full of venom against the insolent man standing before him.

Chand tilts his head holding Arnab's attention-Pia had no idea U wanted full custody of her. She and Abhay have become very close Mr Dobrial. U will only alienate her.

Arnab bellowed-U poisoned her mind. Abhay is not good enough for her. She is naive.

Chand announced-And what makes U an expert on parenting? You've made a brilliant job on your other daughters. Pia has been fine on her own. Is this whats bothering U?

Haseena came back from the hallway-Abhays coming back. He has Pia with him.

Chand smiles triumphantly-U can ask your daughter when she arrives what she wants. Then throw accusations Mr Dobrial. I assure U Pia was the instigator in this whole mess. Abhay only does what she wants. He's what we call the perfect son and now the perfect husband.

Arnab wanted to smash Chands smug face-Pia should be with me not U lot. I don't know what she sees in U all.

Haseena kept the warring pair apart-The kids are coming behave both of U. Pia is a little delicate U push her and she'll revolt. Why do U think she took this step? Chand leave it.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Aww Pia's Gonna Be A Mother. Great. Update Alright.

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Deepi20 Goldie

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Absolutely awesome update! I was kind of shocked when Piya said she doesn't need Abhay since we all know Abhay is her life. I also felt really bad for Piya and Abhay's reaction did make me a bit sad but I know he's only trying to protect her and is scared for her life. I so can't wait for Arnab, Chand and Haseena's reaction when they find out about the baby! Hopefully, Haseena supports her because right now Piya is all alone fighting for her baby. Anyway, looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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Akshi0019 IF-Sizzlerz

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Its really nyc... Awsum...fab... I loved it... SO abhay is on pia side... i hope this will not bring drift between them... i loved abhay pia togather... N i liKe d way abhay handle d situation... continue soon N thanx for PM...

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Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update
So Piya is happy I hope Abhay will soon accept the baby and start loving him.
I was just thinking whaat will the Raichands and Arnab reacting to this news??
I really hope that Arnab does not take her to Dobrial house with him as she needs Abhay very much.
Waiting for the next part
Please please continue soon
Thanks for the PM

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