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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 23)

kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
that was a real nice cute and loving scene between the husband and wife. Abhay as a sweet caring husband and Pia enjoying all the love care and attention from him.Iam just waiting for the bomb to burst about Pia's pregnancy and I hope its not going to happen in college or something like that.
bye and waiting for a full update

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Amazing Precap Aysha.. Eagery waiting for d
rumki34 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 March 2010
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 12:56am | IP Logged
I have read all the parts
liked this ff
do pm me 4m next time
ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:09am | IP Logged
cute precap!...Smile
Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 April 2011
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:54am | IP Logged
Awww sooo cuteee...hey u never pm me this tym ..i found it myself fortunately...Unhappy
crazzy-girl Senior Member

Joined: 26 November 2008
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
i love this story u have brot such an amazing twist...i dono how im wondering how evvery1 wil react to piya n abhay's realtionship as in being married n her getting a baby..omg!
aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 October 2009
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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 1:36am | IP Logged
such a sweet precap
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2011 at 3:35pm | IP Logged

:::Update 52:::EXAMS:::

Pia had already sat through the morning exams which had been highly stressful but managed to get through it. Pia had felt her heart thumping real fast like it would escape out of her chest. Pia occasionally chewed on her pen as she thought hard about how to answer some of the tricky questions racking her brains for anything. Pia thought of Abhay going through all the questions in the morning with her helping bring on her memory to accelerate at a quicker pace. Suddenly Pia found inspiration out of nowhere like someone was helping her calm herself down. She answered all the question efficiently and did a quick read through to make sure all her answers made sense. Pia did a quick glance over to her right shoulder to see what Abhay was doing. He had already finished his paper and just sitting down watching her. Pia turned her attention back to her paper and skimmed through it. The invigilator went round taking all the exam papers row by row piling them on the front desk.

Abhay headed to Pia taking hold of her hands and walking out of the exam room. As soon as they headed past the corridor Abhay gave Pia a much needed hug and smiled at her broadly-Now we can get the hell out of here and enjoy the rest f the day. I'm sure U have aced your exams Pia. I saw U work through all the questions though U scared me at one point when i saw U froze.

Pia's chocolate brown eyes looked into Abhay's nervously-Trust me i scared myself but out of nowhere i felt someone helping me calm down. Did U U know???????

Abhay and Pia walked out of the College gates-No. I tried to but your mind was closed off.

Misha shouted Pia and Abhay-Hey love Birds wait up for me!

Pia turned around and embraced Misha's open arms-How was it?

Misha pouted-So and so. It's all done now. I can't change what i wrote. Dad will be his usual unsurprised by my results. I'm a little lazy despite working for my bike. How did U find it miss smarty pants? Sorry i meant Mrs.

Pia sternly gave Misha the look-This is all hush hush Misha. I don't want anyone to know until i am ready. U haven't let it slip to anyone have U?

Misha gave Pia her disappointed look-I'm not Tracker or Angad to spill the beans Pia. Have some faith in me at least. Anyway where are U both headed?

Abhay chipped in-I'm taking Pia away for a few days for a little TLC. She deserves it after a gruelling few weeks she's had.

Misha nudged Abhay gently whispering to him-So this is your romantic honeymoon trip away from the town huh?

Abhay eyes Misha whispering back-None of your business Misha. Its just a few days and then we will return.

Misha gave her blessing-Ok U have permission to take Pia away but i expect updates or else i will come after U Abhay and ruin your little getaway. U have a habit of taking Pia awy from me.

Abhay smiles teasingly at Misha-Oh yeah well its payback for all the time you've monopolized by taking Pia on girls night out.

Misha scowled-Fine. Go before i blow a gasket.

Pia watched Abhay and Misha exchange words playfully making her feel content. They were like a real brother and sister in law making Pia feel a little sad and happy at the same time-What are U both whispering about? I am feeling left out here.

Misha shook her head-Nothing. Just swapping notes. Take care of Abhay for me Pia. He's too busy running after U he forgets about himself.

Pia had a puzzled look-Are U feeling alright Misha?

Misha winked at Pia-I am just considering Abhay. I never bother about him because he is always so irritatingly perfect but i don't know why i said what i said. Just be good to each other. Have a safe trip.

Pia watches Misha head on out-What is she on? Misha cares about U Abhay. What magic have U cast upon her Abhay?

Abhay shrugs his shoulders grabbing Pia in his arms-I don't know about magic Pia but i know how much you've enchanted me. I wanted to take U somewhere a little special. Its a place not far away from here Pia. I used to go there for solace but now i find solace in your arms. I was thinking we can both spend some time together without any humans interfering with are business. I want U all to myself now Pia.

Pia kisses Abhay's cheeks-U are so sweet but i haven't been feeling so good the past few weeks Abhay. I don't know if i'll be fun on my own with U.

 Abhay drops Pia down in the middle of nowhere looking around-This is it. Pia anywhere U are is more than enough for me. I'm easily pleased. Just watching U is my entertainment.

Pia heartily takes in the nature in awe of the beauty and simplicity of the place-This is beautiful Abhay. I can't believe U did all this for me. (Pia saw a picnic basket lying on the ground with a hamper. Pia moved towards it and kneels down opening it to see sandwiches, Some pies, drinks, apples and some chocolates for deserts) This is a lovely surprise Abhay (Pia takes the sandwich with chicken tikka filling and bites into it making her mmm noises. She turns around moving to Abhay) This is so delicious. U really know how to make a girl happy Abhay.

Abhay sat down on the blanket getting out the plate placing all the food out-There's strawberries and i have brought a chocolate fondue set out. I know how much U love this combination.

Pia was impressed-U really know how to spoil me Abhay but now i am a little suspicious of your little grand gesture Abhay. Is there something going on here?

Abhay could hear the two heartbeats again. Pia's and another faint beat-No. Can't i just do something special for my wifey. If it was up to me i'd take U out of the country but i know the werewolves are keeping a tight watch on us and Sid he is as dangerous as ever. I heard he is after your blood.

Pia tried not to think about her upcoming doom-This is good. U should try it. I heard it makes one sweater. My blood will taste much better.

Abhay was in two minds-I don't think...

Pia finished her fie in one gulp. Abhat lit the burner underneath to get the fire going to melt the chocolate into fondue. Pia started dipping her strawberries into the chocolate and took a bite teasing Abhay-Now Abhay U sure U don't want to take a bite. I'm up for it.

Abhay groaned in frustration. Pia always knew how to push his button-Are U trying to kill me Pia? I brought U here for peace and some quiet time. Not to get seduced by U.

Pia sheepishly pushed Abhay over lying on his chest as she kisses Abhay-U are my victim Abhay. U should know your wife better by now. I get what i want Abhay. I want U to give me everything i want.

Abhay gently rolls Pia over so he is on top of her with one arm around her waist moving his arm under her top towards the small of her back and the other stroking Pia's lips making her shiver-U make me so complete Pia. I want to but i have a mission of my own. (Abhay kisses Pia taking away her breath away. He holds Pia at his mercy as he kisses Pia softlt from her face to her chest all the way to her stomach keeping his focus solely on this area as he listens carefully for signs. Then he felt a little nudge. It shook Abhay to the core making him lay still listening to the heartbeat of this anonymous being making itself known to Abhay)

Pia shifts her hands to Abhay watching his reaction turn grim. It made her uncomfortable. She places her hands to Abhay's face as she got herself upright-Abhay! U look so worried. Is there something wrong?

Abhay changed his features from dark to light with difficulty-How long have U felt this way Pia?

Pia confused scrunches her face-What do U mean?

Abhay elaborates-Unwell? Sick?

Pia answers-About 3 and half weeks. Give or take. I'm sure i'll be fine now that exams are over. I think the results are whats goin to keep me a little restless. Why are U so troubled? Don't be so worried about me so much Abhay. I'm going to build a resistance to this soon enough.

Abhay wasn't so sure-Have U been to the doctors?

Pia-No. I know what's wrong with me Abhay. Herbal remedies take time to take effect. Calms are doing their job silly.

Abhay gravely asks Pia-Maybe U need to take a little test Pia. I think U might be expecting?

Pia burst out laughing and then suddenly went quiet. It didn't occur to her about this possibility. After all she had thought vampires couldn't procreate. The thought of Abhay's seed inside her thrilled her than frightened her. It was making her highly emotional. Abhay saw Pia's eyes change filling up. Pia didn't know what to think of Abhay's suspicions.

Pia answers solemnly-Are U serious? I know i'm a little late but is this even possible? Jas a vampire ever U know produced an offspring?

Abhay braced himself-I don't know Pia. I realy don't know but what i do know is that i can feel another presence Pia. I can hear another heartbeat. U must take a pregnancy test.

Pia smiles softly-Is this what U want Abhay? I'll take the test but i doubt this is even possible.

Raichand Mansion

Chand back from his business meeting was fuming-He what? Married Pia? Is he crazy? Has Abhay lost the plot that he took such a step with a human. If our superiors found out this would be open season for Abhay. For us?

Haseena tried to calm Chand down-Chand; Abhay was thinking...

Chand spat angrily-About the girl? I can't believe U allowed this Haseena.

Haseena held her ground-He was pleading to me. Abhay is my son. I will stand by him at all cost Chand. I don't regret my decision.

Chand sighed-Well U have sealed our fate. If Sid spreads this we are done.

Haseena unsure-I doubt Sid will do this. He is busy plotting to get Maithali back. If he turned on Pia and Abhay then he'll lose his chance with Maithali.

Chand grimaced bellowing at the top of his lungs-Abhay U are going to answer to me.

Haseena restrained Chand-No U will not go after my son Chand. He is troubled as it is. Please calm yourself. Give him some space. After some time U will come to see this is not as bad as it looks.

Chand paced around-Oh yeah. Pia's father will have a field day with us as in-laws. Do U think he will take this news lying down? He is just going to use this against us Haseena. Abhay has made a grave mistake. We must annul this marriage.

Haseena refused-No way Chand. I don't want my son to be ensued in this bitter rivalry. If he wants Pia he will get Pia. U and I ae not getting involved. He has already threatened to walk out on us. I will not lose another son.

Chand's veins went grey-Oh Haseena U are so far gone into this mortal world filled with emotion U have forgotten what we are. Cold blooded killers. Pia is human. Do U think U can stand to be with her? I can smell her presense here. Her scent is too potent.

Haseena grabs hold of Chand-Please Chand. In a few days time theres a full moon. We must all be cautious. Pia's life is in danger. We are at risk of exposure with the werewolves and Sid on our tail. We have to stand united.

Chand tilts his head side to side rasping-Fine.

Abhay hears Chands calls mentally(U have made a huge mistake Abhay. Bringing Pia into our world will only give U pain. She will be our downfall.)

Abhay shook off Chand's warning taking Pia to shelter.

The wolves

Dharam had placed all their rituals in order. They were readying for their major event. The full moon rising was nigh. Maithali and their kin would finally break free. His spies had kept a close eye on their commodity Pia who was safe. Sid was a threat to their quest for a cure. He had his sights firmly on Maithali.

Maithali in return was dubious of this little change. She'd felt Pia's concern. Something was off with her. Maithali felt Pia's weakness. Maithali had felt Pia's happiness but this was strange. Maithali did a little research online to find what this could be. Sympethetic  symptoms were due to their merging of the soul and the remnants of their unity was still left behind. Pia would feel Maithalis own issues just the way she'd been doing.

Jay was around smirking at Maithali-Seriously U need to chill more often. All this stressing isn't going to make this s**t go away. My brothers is trying to woo Panchi to keep a close eye on Pia. Do U really think this Pia will come through. She seems like a wall flower.

Maithali roars at Jay-Shut up Jay. U have no idea who Pia is so keep your oar out and keep to the game plan. Neel had no right to spy on the Dobrials.

Jay shot back-Take it with the boss Dharam uncle. He's the one giving out the orders. He thinks U are too soft.

Maithali angered by this notion-Both of U are challenging my orders. Pia is a girl of her word. I know her like i know myself. She will come through for us. Just relax.

Nell high fives his brother-Not again. Jay quit looking for a fight. Sorry bout little bro he thinks he is the boss. I'll deal with this cranky child.

Jay glares at his brother-Speak for yourself Neel U are acting like a lovesick puppy. Has Panchi finally given in? Or are U still following her around like the idiot U are?

Neel laughs it off-Dude chill. (Maithali walks away stomping with fury at Jay) Now you've pi**ed the leader off. I know she is a girl but she's ancient. She is the Princess man. Her orders should not be undermined. Maithali knows her s**t.

Jay walks away-U can say what U want but nobody gives me orders. I don't trust anyone but myself.

Neel sighs as he sees off his brother with Shaurya walking towards him-My brother is ht tempered but he means well.

Shaurya nodded-I know but still Maithali hates men like him.

Neel nods-I know. Is Jogi Uncle OK?

Shaurya shakes his head-No. Dad is in trouble. He is waiting the next day or so out. He's a sacrifice for the ritual and i'm finding it hard to deal with.

Neel pats Sharya's shoulder-Don't worry Shaw he will be fine. At least we know our goal is near fruition. All we can do is be there for him.

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