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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 14)

Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Awesome precap
Cant wait for the Update
Please continue soon

Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Awesome Precap Aysha.. M eagerly waiting for d next
minahil1997 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
ayesha where r u?????Ouch i m dying to read the update... cm on update soonHeart
kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
The precap is very promising. So when is the baloon going to burst. Looks like all are in for a shock. Waiting for the reaction of the fathers especially.
Hope to see an update soon
shewolf IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Aah..Aysha..this gonna kill me for sure..

Please update soon!Embarrassed
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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:::Update 51:::Intimate:::

Sid was filled with sweat. He felt the perspiration big time reliving every inhumane moment in his vampire existence. He had to get out of the hotel room and search for fresh victims. Was this the withdrawal symptoms or simply Pia's repulsive blood which was far from how he wanted to describe her sweet nectar. It tasted like ambrosia. Unfortunately the past few days he'd been at war with his own mind. Sid fought hard to keep his evil side alive but his guilty conscience was stopping him from doing anything wrong.  The memories of all his victims ran through like a knife had stabbed his dead heart and releasing any human emotion he'd have left. Is this how Abhay felt when he'd gotten his soul back? The gypsey's death was his idea while Abhay had only finished her off savouring her blood. He'd drained every ounce leaving none for him. In return Abhay acquired his lost soul while Sid remained unscathed. He was getting a taste of Abhay's inner turmoil. Sid's eyes flew open at Alexis suddenly realising he'd developed empathy for the brother he despised. This was very bad. If anyone ever found out he'd been tripping down memory lane he'd be made fun of. No he had to do something drastic to get his old self back. There was no way he was walking down the same path as Abhay. Unfortunately he couldn't kill Pia and he couldn't harm her in any way with the full moon coming at its peak. Sid saw a ghost of a girl he'd hurt pretty bad. She was haunting him. Taunting him. Sid covered his ears with his hands yelling out loud to block her voice. She was showing him some intimate moments from their time together leading towards her untimely death. The images he was seeing was far from bearable. He had to get out of here. Alexis followed Sid out the door. This was the first time he'd made the effort to try and terrorize some humans as prey in the woodlands.

Alexis caught up with Sid-Hey bro! What is going on with U? You've been lost the past few days. Its almost like you've been seeing a ghost.

Sid muttered with rage-Don't mention the G word. They are only for those who believ. I am perfectly...

Alexis remained true to Sid-U know bro i know U very well. U can be an a** but i highly doubt that U are in sane mind. Who are U running from?

Sid murmured too quietly zooming off again-Myself!

Alexis followed Sid again into the dark moonlight-What do U mean Sid?

Sid roared in anger-U will never understand Alex. You'd need a few brain cells for this which U are lacking. Why are U so in my face all of a sudden? Aren't U on a crash diet thanks to some mojo by Tara. She must have done a job on U. I can smell humanity on U. It must be catching.

Alexis confided-I admit Tara has delved far too deep to show me what its like to feel but whats your excuse? Nobody's used magic on U.

Sid snapped pushing Alexis into the air with a thud against a rock-U have no idea what is going on inside here (pointing to his head) The emotions reaping in and out with a full burst then the paralysis while your mind plays games on U showing all your worst moments which i had always classified as my best act as a vampire. At least Tara's assault was over after half a day. My curse is still active. I am going crazy. I need to rip something fast. I need to make this go away.

Alexis helped-The only person who can help U is Tara bro and she is not in a good mood with U.

Sid frowned at the mere mention of Tara-The witch is too busy with her pet project Pia. I would rather chew my own arm off before i go to her for help. Its bad enough i caved in last time and look what good it did me then. No i will deal with this in my own way.

Alexis hovered around Sid-And go mental in the process. Is it really worth it Sid? This time she will help U to save Pia. U won't know if U don't try. U have to get help. This isn't healthy. Your eyes are pitch black with fury. U need to face these memories Sid. She helped Abhay. She can help U.

Sid growled coarsely-And have her turn me into a shadow of a vampire like Abhay? I'd rather die than let her change me into something i'm not.

Alexis watched Sid's stubborn streak get the better of him-Sid!

Sid raced through past all the trees running away from the ghost of the past showing him, his atrocities in the goriest and sharpest of details as Sid screams for release. He screams some more wishing his brain would shut down. He found a girl on the other side of the woods lost. At least he thought she was lost. He set his sights on her hoping to attack her. Maybe he needed fresh blood. He struggled to kill the past day. He motioned super fast to her. The girl gave him a flirtatious look already reeling to Sid's intense pull. She found Sid too alluring to run from. She was dressed in a trendy little outfit. She was very modern looking. Just the way he liked them.

Sid spoke to the girl rasping sweetly to her-Hi there sweet thing. Are U lost? This isn't a place for a hottie like U. U should be home or some safe place.

T flirted back-Why U offering to be my Hero and save me from the night? I was travelling on my bike but the stupid thing broke down now i have to walk all the way home and my stupid mobile is dead. Can U believe it. There's no signal.

Sid's eyes kept T's locked-So U aren't lost?

T tried hard to look away. She didn't want to give Sid the impression she was into him-Sorry to disappoint U but i know my way home from here. Its just going to take me forever in these bloody heels. So whats a dashing guy like U doing in these woods? Its dangerous for U around here. they say the dead walk amongst us here waiting to victimise travellers from afar.

Sid was bemused by the mention of the word dead-Why have U seen one before?

T giggled-They don't harm the habitants of this place silly. I am well protected by the forces of nature.

Sid moved around T stalking her while she remained stil-You're what?

T laughed-U wouldn't understand. I have been MIA for a while. Had to visit an aunt. Came back with bad news. Anyway tell me about yourself mysterious stranger. U can accompany me out of here. Dad will be waiting for me on the other side. I don't live far from here.

Sid touched T's bare shoulders with his hand as he moves her hair to one side-I'm Sid.

T felt a shiver down her spine-I'm T or simply call me Tanushree. Whatever. (Her voice was no longer calm but shaky)

Sid took his mouth to T's neck grazing it with his teeth trying to suck the blood but he saw the dead girl again stopping him from causing any harm to T-Sh**t.

T rubbed her neck unaware of the danger that evaded her-Stings.

Sid kissed her neck-Does this feel better?

T grinned-Isn't this a little too forward. U are a stranger Mr. I like this in a man.

Sid moved to face T holding her hand-Shall we? I am sick of this place (masking his inability to kill her with a frown creasing his forehead) Its already late we don't want a search party here.

Alexis found Sid-Oh you're...

Sid shook his head-My friend Alexis. He has lousy timing.

T nodded-Nice to meet U. Aren't i a lucky girl tonight. I get to meet two hotties. Nobody will believe me.

Alexis watched Sid bite his lips-U know the way out?

T beamed-Come on boys i'll show U the way. U can return the favour by agreeing to buy me a drink.

Sid nodded-Sure. I'd like to meet up again.

Alexis surprised-U would?

Sid wanted another shot at killing this girl. He had to get his old self just as soon as his old self returns-Its a date.

T showed them the way back-There U go.

Sid gave T his card-Call me anytime. I'll be waiting to hear from U soon.

Sid left T and whizzed with Alexis. Alexis questions thickly-Why didn't U just kill her?

Sid p****d off at his dumb sidekick-I need to get the fun back in Sid. She's perfect. I can't kill Pia. She will make an excellent trophy kill. She's so self centred and is full of ego just like me. It should be a good match.

Alexis moaned-But Maithali and P...

Sid cursed-I can't do anything about them until the full moon U dimwit until then i have to create a diversion for myself. Get the old Sid bac. (I have to try or else i am screwed for good.)

Abhay and Pia

After a cat nap Pia freshened up brushing her messy hair. She washed her face and applied a fresh coat of lip gloss. She applied a little eye liner on her eyes and some mascara. Followed by some brozer to give a little shimmer to her pale face. She wasn't aware Abhay had been watching her in admiration. Pia saw Abhay's reflection in the mirror and blushed. Pia took off her necklace holding Abhay's eyes.

Pia pouted-How long have U been there? It's rude to stare. U startled me Abhay.

Abhay apologized-I couldn't help myself Pia. U don't need any make up. U look perfect just the way U are.

Pia smiled-I am. Have U seen my eye bags and my pale face lately. I look like someone who hasn't been eating in weeks. My face is so gaunt. U will say i look beautiful Abhay. U see no flaws in me.

Abhay flashes forward to Pia holding her in his arms-I can say the same thing about myself Pia only U see no flaws in me either even though i have a list bigger than mount Everest.

Pia kisses Abhay's hands-Why didn't U wake me?

Abhay responded-U were tired Pia. I liked watching U sleep in silence. It gives me great pleasure.

Pia teased-U are becoming quite the stalker Mr. Abhay Raichand.

Abhay holds Pia around her waist-I have the right now Mrs Pia Raichand. Look in the mirror. See how perfectly we fit Pia. U belong with me.

Pia moaned-Now look who's stealing whose lines?

Abhay smirked evenly-Hey its payback for U stealing mine.

Pia turned to face Abhay moving her arm around his neck-This is much better than looking at U from a mirror. I get to see into those beautiful eyes Abhay. They are a whirlpool filled with illumious colour. I love to see myself in them.

Abhay caresses Pia's arm with his fingers tracing it all the way down then locking his hands with Pia's. He kisses her hand-You're not turning all poetic on me are U Pia?

Pia tiptoed up to kiss Abhay's lips gently with hers making it linger as well as staring at his moods-Where's Mom?

Abhay puzzled-My Mom?

Pia nodded-Yes! Now i'm a Raichand what do U expect me to call her? Auntie.

Abhay swayed Pia around-She's gone out for some air. Being around humans is a little difficult for her. Mom will be back later.

Pia's eyes change their intention-This means we have the place all to ourselves. Good. I don't need to worry about her super hearing powers then.

Abhay saw the playfulness in Pia's eyes-I don't think so Pia.

Pia pushed Abhay along to his bed-U don't think Abhay. Just feel. Its all i ask. Its our wedding night and i want U so bad Abhay. Do U not want me back?

Abhay felt Pia's lips on his forehead then to his eyes and cheeks finally kissing Abhay slowly and eventually deepening the kiss with full intensity. He tore his mouth away-U saw what happened last time Pia. I will not hurt U.

Pia hushed Abhay's mouth with her hand-The first time i had your blood in my system so i was perfectly fine. We simply do the same this time.

Abhay saw how serious Pia's resolve was-U have really thought this through. I'm still a little cautious Pia.

Pia kissed Abhay's fears away-Its all i have been doing Abhay. Thinking about U is all i ever do. Am i not worth it to blow wind to caution? We already know your blood has healing properties then why are U being so stubborn. Am i not desirable to U anymore? Is this what its about Abhay? (Pia places her hand over her bloated stomach) I know i put on a little weight. I'll shift it. I'll do whatever it takes Abhay.

Abhay felt his resistance dropping down. He holds her face cupping it in his hands-Now U know i don't care about what U look like. If U want to put on 20 ponds or 20 stones then be my guest although health wise its not something i would condone i say do what makes U feel happy. I fell in love with your heart Pia. I fell for your soul. The purity U emit out of wanting to make people feel good about themselves. Of wanting to help others and your selfless attitude to life as annoying and painful it is for me to say is another quality i admire in U. I will always love U Pia. In whatever form i get U in.

Pia dared Abhay on-Then do it. Kiss me stupid.

Abhay obliged deepening his kisses lifting Pia up in his arms and placing her on his bed-Did i tell U how beautiful U look in this Givenchy dress. I was floored from the moment U arrived at the reception to now Pia.

Pia unbuttoned Abhay's black shirt-U did plenty of times and even on the way back home. I think you've inflated my ego enough for one day Abhay. Just shut up and kiss me.

Abhay took Piya's dress off revealing her white lingerie-U little minx. U came prepared to have your wanton ways with me.

Pia smiled back and winked at Abhay-Hey U got to do what U got to do to get what U want Abhay. And i want U like crazy for the past few weeks while U kept your distance. Now i get to feel like your girl Abhay.

Abhay nuzzled Pia's neck then kisses her lips-I'll make U feel more than my girl Pia. U are my whole universe.

Pia bites Abhay's lips then nibbles at his ears and feathering kisses all over his face. She plays with Abhay's lips some more bruising her lips roughly against Abhay's unable to satisfy her thirst for Abhay. She breaks free watchful of Abhay's eyes changing colour with need-Good Abhay. Now bite me.

Abhay found Pia's swollen lips a little too hard to resist going in for another round matching her gentle kisses and her rougher more passionate ones with the same level. Pia bit his lips again nibbling on it-U sure know your way around my mouth Pia. Are U trying to get me to bite your lips because i'll do it

Pia blushed-I've had practice. U taste so good. I can't help biting your lips they are so soothing to mine. I want U to bite mine.

Abhay tickled Pia-What is it with U and biting huh?

Pia giggled in Abhay's arms-I've been obsessed with U Abhay. I hate the thought of those lips ever touching anothers.

Abhay bit Pia gently with his fangs showing her all his emotions washing into Pia merging with her mind. Abhay was feeding on Pia's insecurities of all her stresses from her social life to her studies. The one he was more concerned about was her idolisation of him as the centre of her world. Nothing even came second or third. He was her only constant. Pia showed Abhay how much she loved him beyond the capabilities of a human and her heart hurt for not giving Abhay more. No matter how much love Pia gave to him; to Pia it was never enough. Pia's only way of showing Abhay was through this. Mind connection. He was the colour to her lonesome life. Pia expressed her delight as finally becoming his other half as his wife. She was still pinching herself to see if this was all a dream. Pia's own concerns about her moodswings rang an alarm to Abhay. Then he broke the connection from Pia unable to take her overwhelming blasts of emotions through him making his own eyes fill up with awe.

Abhay struggled with Pia's blood but tores his mouth away from Pia's throat. Her blood felt like the drink of the gods. It was too additive to his system. Her blood never tasted this good before but now what was going on he thought to himself. Abhay cuts his own wrists with his fangs and let Pia drink it. Pia loved the taste of blood now. It tasted very sweet to her whereas before it was a little much.Pia saw how much he was devoted to Pia and every little aspect in her life he wanted to be a part of. Abhay's own little battle for blood was still a battle one he was winning over for now. Abhay shut his mind from showing his past to Pia. Sid would remain buried but Pia had already seen Abhay's features darken.

Pia was wrapped around Abhay's protective bubble showing her he wanted to keep her safe from everything. Even from himself! Abhay showed Pia the love he had for her matched hers in return but her love was more precious to him because she accepted him just the way he was. A monster. A cold blooded killer who deserved a life worse than death but an angel like her had filled his empty life and filled it with love. Pia's eyes were filled with tears as she saw the way he viewed her. His Angel. Abhay broke the connection.

Abhay wipes away Pia's tears with his hand-Pia your love is all i need. U don't need to love me any more than U have. So don't cut yourself up about your love spilling over that U can't contain it.

Pia trembled at Abhay's light kisses's around the nape of her neck as he watches her wound heal up. Abhay huskily mentions-Now we are all set to go Pia Are U ready?

Pia nodded and kissed Abhay again feverishly as they both took their clothes off of each other. Abhay kissed Pia all the way to her stomach hearing a little beat against his ears. He mistook it as a sign of Pia's heart beating rather fast. Then finally they both became one holding each other in their arms. Abhay watched a sleeping Pia and heard the same beats again. Either Pia was still a little too excited dreaming of him or there was something else going on in this picture. Abhay stroked Pia's face with his hands again finding it difficult to believe she was all his now. He was very lucky indeed.

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