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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 131)

kuttu Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged
a promising promo. And Misha bonding with a baby so great but always the boys seem to gel well with her. Arjun has a tough competition. So things are going to be good between the tow of them or is it again going to spiral down as Misha is very possessive of her sister Pia and Jiju.

prerna26 Goldie

Joined: 04 July 2011
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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Precap is amazing...Smile Eagerly waiting for next update...Continue soon and btw where is ChandniQuestion Loved Surya-Misha's bond...Big smileGood Luck!!!Thumbs Up
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 March 2011
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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Awesome precap
Waiting for the update
sunu123 Senior Member

Joined: 17 April 2011
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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged
nice precap ayesha...
love surya...she is cute with misha...plz update soon
luv u-sunita
gangesegb IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 November 2010
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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged
aww!!!!!!! awesome...
BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 December 2005
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Loved the precap Ayesha Embarrassed but how come u did not PM me? Cry Loved Surya n Misha bonding. Waiting for Abhay Chandni bonding to happen. After all a daughter is apple of her father's eyes. Is Pia transitioning? Please post update soon. cant wait as it is.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged

:::Update 66:::Transitioning resistance:::


Sid  often wondered if he and his brother could ever become tight again during his human existence with Maithali being their main love interest had drifted them apart but as a vampire Sid was gutted to admit he never wanted Abhay back in his life. He'd have rather Abhay died a painful death but now this new thing called a conscience had taken into effect and Sid just couldn't forgive himself for putting Abhay through the ringer. Abhay's eyes never once left Pia's pale face holding little Karishma in his armsd. Sid hated the name Chandni because Chand was Chand and he felt awkward calling his little niece after their vampire sire.

Sid held out his arms to take her from Abhay-My turn to hold Karishma.

Abhay growled at Sid-Stop calling her that her mother already gave her a name.

Sid let out a smile changing his voice to make it sound child friendly cooing at Karishma-U like the name i gave U don't U little one.

Abhay saw his daughter giggle tickling her tiny feet-Well what do U know Sid U have another female falling for your chrams.

Sid was filled with an emotion he wasn't familiar with swallowing hard as his heart swelled up not that he ever thought he had a heart but he felt so protective of his little nieve holding her gently in his arms-This all feals surreal to me Abhay. I don't know how U do it? How U deal with these heightened emotions its so much easier when U shut them off.

Abhay curtly responded back-It's called having a SOUL bro a new experience for U. I'm happy U are changing right before my eyes otherwise i'd have never believed this.

Sid felt is niece giving him light kisses on his cheek-Me too. I am glad i had this time with U Abhay. I have a new lease of life thanks to U both i mean the twins too.

Abhay smiled with his stoned stil perfect features-I din't think i'd ever need my big brother. U are very good with kids.

Sid full of pride played his eyebrows up and down-I know who would have thought the hard vampire Sid would have a soft touch as well.

Misha  came in with Surya and with Arjun holding hands-Jiju any news?

Abhay nodded-She's nearly there. U might want to hold Surya back from his Mother. I trust Pia but the bloodlust can be unpredictable.

Surya wanted to get down so Misha placed him on the floor. He wriggled around craling on the floor whizzing with his powers straight to his Dad-Papa.

Abhay picked Surya up smiling at him-Come on little monster. U are going to be a nightmare aren't U?

Surya made a smirk identical to Abhay's giving his sister a high five-Yeah. Papa smile.

Abhay smiled back feeling his son was giving him a little part of his sunshine glow getting into his head-I know Papa can't help it. Its in my DNA.

Surya sucked on his thumb a little bit and then wanted uncle Sid-Sid pSwapping time.

Abhay scolded Surya-He's Uncle Sid to U little man.

Surya showed his tongue-Uncle Sid my turn.

Sid passed Karishma over to Abhay taking Surya on his lap-U and me are going to go on a wild ride out. U got that. I'll show U the world Surya. You'll have all the girls eating out of the palm of your hand.

Surya bit Sid again giggling playfully. Sid laughed back-Yes U are definitely a Raichand. He has that devious look in his eyes and he has my personality.

Abhay moaned-Just what we need. Surya no biting.

Sid smiled-Let him bite Abhay i like it. He's got guts.He's going to be a fighter like us and a lover.

Misha hovered around Pia her voice trailing-My nephews going to be a hell raiser like me so back off Sid.

Abhay took Karisha with him to Pia placing her down so she can see her mother-Doesn't Mommy look so peaceful? (He held his baby with one hand and Pia's hand with the other) Pia wake up sson my life is incomplete without U in it and our babies can't wait to be in your arms

 Karishma's eyes sparkled violet and her face lit up holding Pia's hand. Abhay could see Pia's rosy glow on their daughter and her beautiful curls made Karishma look magical like an enchanted being. His very own little fairy. Pixie sized. Karishma crawled near Pia's face giving her Mom a kiss on the cheek and playing with her curls twirling it around her finger. Pia's fingers moved just then. Abhay grabbed his daughter quickly while Surya was rolling around on the floor wriggling off of Sid to his Mom. Abhay held Pia's hands.

Slowly Pia flickered her eyes open. Jeh came and took Karishma in his arms while Misha could only stare in shock and in excitement. The first word out of Pia's mouth was Abhay.

Abhay helped Pia up and stroked her face with the light brush of his hands-How are U feeling Pia?

Pia was a little disorientated at first but her eyes opened up a little blurred but that was over in a flash to the magnificence that was Abhay perfect in every way. Her human eyes did no justice to how gorgeous Abhay truly was. She gave Abhay a big hug trying to squeeze the air out of him hearing Abhay graon in Pain-I'm afraid i'm a little weak against your strength Pia. U are a newly made vampire so U are at an advantage.

Pia plastered a smirk with her eyes glittering with mischief-Good now i have U where i want U Abhay Raichand. (She let go of Abhay and brushed her lips gently to Abhay's lips) U taste delicious. I've missed U so much.

Abhay showed Pia exactly how much he missed her by giving her another kiss deepening it-Not as much as i did.

Pia wavered 'U want to bet? (Pia felt a little hand tickling her and picked him up.) My little Surya. Momma's little angel. (She gives Surya a little kiss as light as a feather on his cheek cradling him in her arms surprising the hell out of Abhay.) Now we will all be a family forever. Where's your sister?

Abhay answered-Karishma's with Jeh! Outside we weren't sure how you'd react.

Pia scrunched her nose-U changed her name?

Abhay pointed at Sid ho was looking a little guilty-Bro thought it was a little weird seeming as Dad is called Chand. I hope U don't mind. She is our Miracle Child Pia and she likes it.

Misha gave Pia a little demure so unlike Misha narrowing her eyes-U are still Pia right? U don't feel like tearing out throats?

Pia softened her features he voice sounding like she was a song bird almost. It sounded alluring-I'm still me. And no i don't want to rip out throats yet.

Misha breathed a sigh of relief-Good i didn't want to lose a nephew.

Pia sulked pouting-Not funny Misha.

Abhay called Jeh to the room to bring Karishma in-Pia we need to get U something to drink soon ok.

Pia nodded watching her daughter make an entry taking her breath away at the beauty of her miracle children-she's just like U Abhay. Her eyes. They are beautiful.

 Abhay took Surya out of Pia's arm holding him. He was in awe of how Pia was handling this very difficult situation. Pia was in control the whole time. Pia was meant to be a mother. The maternal instincts in her were on the spot.  Abhay loved the way her face lit up at the sight of her daughter.

Pia spoke softly to her daughter-Hello Beautiful!

Karishma giggle sucking on her thumb and then started playing with Pia's hair again-Momma i love U.

Pia felt her eyes water-Mommy love U too. (Kissing her cherub cheeks resembling every bit of Abhay. Karishma relayed to her mother how happy she was to see her Mom.) I guess we have some catching up to do.

Misha spoke out in conern-Great to have U back Pia. We all missed U. But what do we do about Maithali? And are U really happy about Angels name change?

Pia gave Sid a quick glance-Her Uncles kept her a beautiful name i'll roll with that. I was only feeling a little solace watching the moon when i ket her name Chandini . Karishma is a beautiful name and thank U Sid for being there for my babies and most of all for being Abhay's rock.

Sid was chuffed to bits-It was nothing Pia. I'm sorry about...

Pia cut him-Sid its all forgotten now ok. New slate. New leaf and new page. Deal?

Sid shook Pia's hand-Deal! (Ouch. Pia gave him a hard shake) U and your children like torturing poor me.

Pia choked a laugh out-Sorry couldn't help it. Me being strong for once than being the weak little lamb. Feels great. Abhay what about the Superiors? How? Did U?

Abhay darkened his mood now-Maithali hasn't sent me an SOS. She's still with my parents i should really message her but how?

The White Witch helped-Pia your little ones turns out they are very special. You'll see soon enough.

Arjun had a surprise visitor of his own to unveil-I know my method was unorthodox but here's your daughter Sarah.

Sarah with her long black hair with purple straks hugged her mother-Its so goos to see U Mom. (Peers over to Abhay and Pia smiling brilliantly) So finally your love story has come to a full circle.

Pia made a face looking puzzledDo we now U?

Sarah giggled changing her voice at will-Will U play with me and Anya?

Pia gasped-Ananya? She's U? U aren't a child.

Sarah smiled nodding away-Nope i had to do what i had to do to get U and Abhay close. I foresaw this moment. Your babies were the salvation to ending this supernatural feud. Look at how its brought Abhay and Sid together. Werewolves are no longer fighting against Vampires. And the final act with the superiors is to come now Pia.

Abhay to the White Witch-Your daughter is a smart cookie. What is your name anyway?

She smiled back-Helena.

Sarah held her arm out to the babies-They are so cute. They have the best of both worlds and they are powerful.

Jeh watched Sarah like a hawk feeling very protective of the babies and so did Sid.

Sarah laughed-See how special they are. They got everyone around their little finger. Karishma be ready ok. The big bad men and women in black are coming. Surya U watch your sisters back ok.

Pia was against her children being used as bait-No way. My baies are not going to be sacrificed to those monsters. Abhay i won't let them take my babies away from me. I'll kill them all if i have to.

Abhay had faith in Sarah-How confident are U that this will work?

Sarah smiles-U don't know how special they are together do U? Let me demonstrate something but don't attack me ok? (Abhay nods) Babies are U ready? U know what Aunty Sarah's going to do don't U?

Karishma giggled and so di Surya clapping his hands with excitement in his eyes bouncing up and down.

Sarah threw a bolt at the babies raising their power shield up smiling at the little cherubs-See i guess they've soaked up most of our powers we used during your pregnancy and with them being special they've adapted it to their DNA somehow.

Surya got himself up standing steadily  walking to uncle Sid again biting his fingers again-Pia your son just won't stop biting me. I think he's going to be a real warrior when he grows up. He bites are so cute.

Pia knelt down tp pick her daughter-Karishma and Surya are not entering this fight with the Superiors and thats final. I haven't fought my way past death itself to have them taken away from me.

Sarah coaxed Pia-I'm afraid they are already here. Abhay U didn't think for one minute that U being away from home wouldn't suspect something was up. (Abhay and Sid tense up) Maithali is still alive and with them and your parents are in deep trouble. They've been sentenced for treason Abhay. This isn't good. We have little time to prepare and Pia the only advantage on our side is U being a new vampire with the strength of one Superior but Abhay and Sid are weak. They aren't feeding on human blood like they were meant to so boys U have volunteers present start feuling up because U need every strength U can muster.

Pia was hesitant-What about my family?

Sarah closed her eyes-They are fine Chand has sent them all on a mini vacation out of town to meet some of his clients so they are out of the way.

Misha without any hesitation allows Pia to drink from her. If there was going to be a fight then she'd rather go down fighting.-Pia i trust in U. I trust in what we are to the other sisters for life. Now start feeding before they all break in here.

Pia reluctantly digs her sharp fangs into Misha.s warm flesh drinking the blood tasting funnily very yummy. Abhay connects his mind to Pia making sure she doesn;t take too much but Pia was fine and in control. Rosa and Srah offered themselves to both Sid and Abhay whose blood were tingling with so much power.  Now for the final fight of their life. They had to do this for the little ones. 

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
amazing ayesha. it was very well written. the babies are really cute. 
tensed about the oncoming fight, but I m sure everything will be ok.

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