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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 122)

..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
really nice precap.

-SnowKid- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2011 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
Great update !!!!!!
aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2011 at 1:24am | IP Logged
does abhay suspect something wrong with pia?...
shivanirajput Goldie

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Posted: 01 September 2011 at 2:50am | IP Logged
pretty interesting precap
update soon

sunflower52 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 September 2011 at 4:13am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm, nice update. 
sunu123 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 September 2011 at 4:50am | IP Logged
nice precap ayesha...plz update soon...luv u-sunita
BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 September 2011 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Right now my sympathy votes goto Maithali. Poor soul Cry It must be so hard pretending to be someone else with the love of ur life.
Has Abhay realised this isn Pia? OMG Shocked Please update soon.
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 September 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

:::Update 64:::Come Again:::


Pia slung a glass at Sid on entering her room after hearing her scream out in agony. He was petrified of Pia's bloodcurdling cries of pain as she held her stomach biting her lips now. Pia screamed at Sid as Tara held Pia's hand for support.

Pia picked a spoon an threw it towards Sid missing  him completely wailing out panting-Get out; get out Sid!!!!!!! Tara kick him out. He is not aloud anywhere near me.

Sid pleaded with Pia-I promise Pia u can get first dibs at stabbing me with whatever utensils U can find. Hell i'll even sharpen a pensil for U to use as a weapon against me but let me be here for U. I swear on Maithali's life i just want to repent any way i can. Tara U can see i am not lying.

Tara nodded as Pia looked so helplessly at her-He's telling the truth Pia. I guess he does have a conscience after all.

Pia bit her lips-Sid being good is like calling the devil good Tara.

Sid waved his hand-Call me what U want Pia if it helps ease the pain and keeps U focused. That's my nephew U have in there. (Makes a guilty face) I've been bonding with it.

Pia glared-More like you've been trying to poison my baby. (Cries in agony again) Abhay oh Abhay i need Abhay. I can't do...

Sid encouraged Pia-Yes U can Pia. With all of us U can.

Jeh felt sad and sympathised with Pia-I don't know what to do.

The White Witch-U better go text actually call Misha to come here fast. The babies on its way.

Tara let go of Pia-Pia i'm coming back.

Pia cried-Abhay! I need Abhay! Nothing will happen to U my baby.

Tara to Misha on the mobile-Misha its time. Get yourself here right now!

Misha didn't waste a minute making her excuses to her Mom and Dad that she is off to see Pia alone-Mom And Dad Pia wants to see me alone. I think she's missing my wise cracks. Don't wait up for me. I'll call U bye.

Misha was in no position to explain what Pia was going through and it wasn't her place to say anything anyway. Kabir picked Misha up from her place in his car looking as dark as ever but Misha was wrapped up in her excitement with a myriad of fear reeling throygh what this meant for Pia. Finally Misha ran out of the car and headed straghted for Pia sprinting super fast wishing she had super powers of her own. The door was ajar to Pia's room surrounded by wellwishers and a screaming Pia riveted in agony. Was this normal? Was this labour pains?

Tara pushed Sid and the boys out of the room so Pia could have a little privacy-Pia do U think U can push?

Pia cried-Do i look like i can push? My baby is stuck inside of me. Do what U have to but save my baby.

The White Witch appeared drained weakly managing-Pia's in trouble and so's the baby. We can't even help her with magic. The baby is protected by this strong layer around her stomach. It's impenetrable and we need vampire teeths to cut through her skin.

Meanwhile Abhay followed the call of some invisible force dragging his feet to an unknown destination like an SOS call. Someone needed him badly. She was breaking his black heart with her desperate call. His mind was washed by Pia. She needed him more than ever before. He ran like the storm whizzing a tornado straight to this weird looking place eh'd had no recollection of and entered to what seemed like a dark haven for runaways.

Sid saw Abhay hurtling through looking solemnly at his little brother-Am i glad to see U Abhay. Pia is in a state. I think U ought to be in there with her.

Abhay growled at Sid pushing away his hands racing to Pia surrounded by family and friends at her side-Pia!!!!! It can't be...(Abhay held Pia's clammy hands and wipe her tears away with the other feeling himself reconnected with her and all of his memories flooding back as he kissed Pia's lips feeling that missing spark he hadn't found with and then guilt riddled Abhay) What have i done Pia? She wasn't U.

Pia was now pacified with Abhay's presence-Abhay its ok. Now you;re here i'm not afraid of dying now. Just don't ever leave me again Abhay. (Bites her lips screaming in agony) Its time Abhay. Its time. (Frantically shrieks) Save my baby at all cost.

Tara stroked Pia's hair with her fingers-Pia we'll try.

Pia pleaded with Abhay-I don't care if i live or die Abhay just make sure the baby survives.

Abhay kissed Pia's lips again-Pia U are not going to die do U hear me? Not after i found U again dammit. U will fight for life. (Cups her head in his hands making Pia keep her eyes on him) U will fight for every breath because U are a fighter. Fight for me and for our baby. In return we will do everything we can to save U both.

Pia cried choking her sobs-I'm scared i won't be able to hold my baby Abhay. I'm scared you'll leave again.

Abhay grasped Pia in his arms with one hand on her swollen tummy feeling the kicks-I'm so sorry for putting U through this Pia alone. I'm sorry for what i did with ...

Pia hushed Abhay-It doesn't matter Abhay. All is forgotten and forgiven. (Lets out another graon biting her lips again) It hurts. Ouch.

The White Witch-Pia can't push the baby out Abhay. There's no magical intervention here. Meaning you'll have to cut through her to get the baby out.

Abhay's face grew dark feeling Pia vibrate against him holding his hands tight-I can't.

Pia  begged Abhay-U can Abhay. Save my baby. Its either U or Sid does this and i don't want him anywhere near me. Please Abhay.

Abhay could feel the contractions getting closer-What if i can't stop Pia?

Tara assured Abhay-We will make sure we are here just in case.

Abhay pushed back his emotionally reservations for Pia's sake. His family needed him-If i go crazy take me out! We'd better get Sid here for precaution.

Sid bolted in at the mention of his name-U called little bro?

Abhay kept his cool-This is the moment of glory for U Sid. U want to atone then this is your shot. Guard Pia with your life and if need be end mine to protect Pia.

Sid motioned-My pleasire. Not ending uour life i meant being here for Pia. U won't regret this Abhay. I swear on my life sorry i'm daed. On Maithali's life I won't let U down.

Abhay headed in Jeh-Watch him Jeh. I know U can tell when Sid's about to go lone wolf on us.

Abhay hesitated slightly before he got his fangs ready-Pia I love U. Remember to fight to survive Pia.

Pia nodded-I love U too Abhay. I just wish we had more time.

Abhay tore away Pia's dress to reveal her purplish bruised swollen tummy now double the size-Misha i hope your not squeamish?

Misha held Pia's hand-Abhay do it.

Pia braced herself holding Tara and Misha's hand with the White witch along with Rosa keeping the shields up. Pia felt razor sharp teeth gnawing at her stomach taking away the hardened flesh ripping through her.

Abhay got back yp again-Sid looks like this is a job for both of us. See if we can get this baby out faster. Pia won't be able to handle this for long.

Pia was feeling drowsy opening and closing her eyes. She was palpitating with sweat dripping across her face. Misha wiped it with a damp cloth.-Jiju U can do it.

Sid counted-1,2,3 Go.

Abhay and Sid started tearing away Pia's tummy then used their hands to open the layer. Abhay's eyes grew dark with lust for blood. He hadn't tsated Pia's blood for ages and he was getting drunk on it. Tara had coaxed Abhay out of his trance with her own hypnotic voice luring him out and Sid held Abhay still shaking him out of this little stumble. Misha watched Pia's blood gushing out. Abhay saw his babies. He got one of them out and handed him quickly over to the White Witch and then surprised by the other guest it was a bumper package a baby girl.

The White Witch handed Pia her son still holding the baby for support. Pia was a little weak-Its a bouncing baby boy Pia.

Pia had her head supported by Rosa-My Son (Kissed his forehead) Surya my sunlight. Abhay he is just like U.

Abhay kissed his daughter who was looking at him with her blue eyes and those curls that were breaking his heart which was welling with pride-She is a beauty just like her mother.

Pia saw her daughter with Abhay bringing her to Pia-Chandni. My moonlight.

Pia weakly handed Surya over to the closest person next to her and went into shock limping and shaking violently until there was a faint breathing sound of rasping.

Misha to Abhay shaking him-Abhay do something? U have to fix her. Give her blood. Theres two vampire give her what U have to but bring her back NOW!!!!!!!!!

Abhay didn't have time to think handing his daughter to Rosa and began pouring his blood into Pia. Sid did the same. Double concentrated blood would be needed while The White Witch helped put Pia's body physically back together with Tara's help. Abhay kept rocking himself as the waiting was doing his head in.

Abhay kept his faith in his love-Pia U better pull through for my sake and the babies.

Sid helped-Pia Abhay has a buy one get one free case with the babies he won't manage without U and Uncle Sid is useless with Children so U better  do it. I'm not good with words.

Misha egged Pia on-U can do this Pia. For me and for Abhay but most importantly the babies.

They all waited around keeping a vigil for Pia. Abhay for the first time prayed for Pia. He never bothered before but this night he felt like his whole world was crumbling beneath his feet. Despite gaining two beautiful babies his life was incomplete without Pia it meant nothing.

Rosa started cleaning the room magically with Tara. Abhay was going to lose his mind. The White Witch handed over the twins to keep him distracted.

Abhay kept his son and daughter gently in his hold overtaken by this unconditional love he hadn't expected to have for another being other than Pia. They helped ease his guilt and his sorrows with their own little light they shone on Abhay of their mother who had given so much so they would survive. They showed Abhay what life would be like for Abhay and reassured him their Mother wasn't going anywhere. They were afraid he'd lose hope and wanted him to hold the torch longer.

Abhay felt his tears fall down his cheek as his daughter who was laying on his chest near his heart wiped the tear away showing maturity in her eyes. She sent him a little message by a touch that Love would win over darkness. Surya's hand shielded his Father from despair and gave him a little clarity.

Abhay and his babies remained next to Pia throughout the night with Misha taking turns watching and feeding the baby in shifts with Tara and Rosa.

Sid managed to weakly holding his shoulder-Abhay your Pia is a tough chick. This whole week i got to know her as a strong individual. She protected those babies with intensity giving me the frighteners. Hold on in there.

Abhay couldn't even send his Mother a message about the twins.

Sid was choked up emotionally-I can't believe your a father Abhay. Pia would want U to go on for her.

Abhay growled-She's not dead yet!

Sid went quiet-I know Abhay. Just hold on in there.

Arjun with Misha gave her a sympathetic look-I know U hate me Misha but i'm here for U.

Misha made a face-I know Arjun. I'm just so overwhelmed by all of this. Pia. The babies. Abhay. Its all gone wrong. I feel like i've lost my sister.

Arjun saw the babies were now with Jeh-Someone's loving being the centre of attention. Misha if U ever need to talk i'm here.

Misha squeezed Arjun's hand-Thanks.

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