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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 115)

-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

Loved the precap
i hope the plan works...

shivanirajput Goldie

Joined: 13 February 2010
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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged
oh god very interesting precap
please update soon

SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Hey nice precap but I m afraid ki ab mathli evil na ban jaye
Arians Senior Member

Joined: 20 April 2011
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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 2:41am | IP Logged

interesting precape

cont soon
BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged

Nice precap Smile So the baby is the key to unite all supernatural races? Smile Cool. Thanks for the PM n waiting eagerly for the update.

-SnowKid- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
interesting update soon
Pari-Gupta IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 March 2011
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Posted: 27 August 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Nice precap
Waiting for the update
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 August 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged

:::Updates 63:::Superiors:::


Abhay entered the Raichand Mansion with Maithali looking at the Superiors already stood up in anticipation. Zeus saw Maithali with intent trying to gather a reading on her mind but found she was evading in response. He could see the girl's discomfort at being watched like she was some kind of prey. Zeus could tell Abhay and the human loved each other dearly from the way Abhay clung on Pia with such fierce protection. Maithali had found Zeus was highly irresistible in looks but didn't have the same pull as Abhay had. It was all in the dark whirlpool of Zeus's eyes that dragged your soul in. While Abhay's was warm with his blue icy flecks so electric. Zeus looked at Maithali hungrily taking in what he could from her but wished to drink from her just to see what he could find but it was against his code of conduct. Right now the evidence all pointed at this news of Pia being pregnant was false and he doubted Abhay allowed himself to drink from this girl who ha no sign of being drained.

Maithali spoke first in a light voice-Mom and Dad aren't aware we are here. Why were we commanded to come back so soon? (Looks at Abhay) I'm Pia Raichand by the way and U are?

Zeus answered smiling at Maithali-Zeus. U are a very interesting human being Pia. I can't get a read on U.

Abhay was staring heavily at the tress superiors. Zeus had acommanding posture and nothing went past this cunning vampire leader-Good to see U all. (Making a sarcastic wry smile. They weren't here for pleasure this was all business.) How can we help U?

Unns grunted with his black eyes boring into Abhay's-We just want a little update on what is going on in this twon?

Maithali's heart stopped hammering out of fear-Why would U want to do that? (To Haseena) Mom why we were we asked to come back U didn't tell us the reason i wanted another week there.

Haseena eyed Maithali up and down then smiled at Maithali-Pia we have special guests here they want  to meet Abhay and we thought it would be a good idea if they met U as well. I am sure Arnab will understand.

Abhay chuckled-Mom i think Pia's started to mingle with her family and didn't get to spend as much time with them after just two days there. Its not long enough what with all the problems she's had with her family.

Zeus did a mental reading on Abhay probing his mind to search for clues but again another blank. All his mind was filled with his devotion to this human girl who he'd wanted to keep human forever. His ethereal  love for the girl was highly disturbing after Zeus was hit by a blast of colourful aura's around this girl he was besotted by to the point he'd die for her. It was Abhay who'd shocked and raised concern for Zeus.

Maithali shuddered by trepidation at what Zeus was doing to Abhay. She was fully aware of Zeus's Mental link with Abhay was making the vampire a little uncomfortable. Maithali was wary of the vampire before her trying to keep Abhay in sync with her.

Zeus to Abhay peering over his shoulder, his voice rumbled , raspy and sounded a little seductive-Can i get a good look at Pia; Abhay? There's no need to hide her behind U I won't hurt her. I assure U i will be on my best behaviour. Pia' I would like to meet U in person rather than speak over Abhay.

Maithali gave Abhay the nod to let him know it was Ok. She allowed Abhay to move aside softly speaking-Abhay's a little overprotective of me. I'm a little accident prone. I have to rely on him saving me from danger. I am sure U are not going to suck me dry. (Maithali lets a laugh escape her) Abhay has this rule of not allowing any supernatural being around me due to some of the incidents. (Looks at the silent Chand taking in everything) Chand and Haseena have helped save me as well.

Abhay asked Zeus what this vist was about?-I am at a curious predicament as to what this visit is all about? I'm not being rude but the superiors being here is serious business and it is not a flying visit is it? What's happened this time? We've eliminated the werewolves out of existence so what is the problem?

Shai'ra responded huskily hissing at Abhay's sudden outspoken behaviour grimacing at him-We are making sure all vampires follow a rule unfortunately marrying a human is not one of them. Pia cannot remain human Abhay. It is against vampire regulations. We do not make allowances for anyone.

Abhay blurted-We'll i don't care. Pia remains human for as long as she can remain human. I don't care who i have to go against just to keep her this way. Even if it is U or U (To Zeus.)

Chand glared at Abhay-Abhay this is not the way to speak to your elders.

Abhay responded back curtly-I don't take kindly to their threats.

Zeus intervened cutting off Shai'ra-She didn't mean it the way it came out. Abhay U do realise in time humans will start asking questions about why U have gone with an older lay while U remain young forever.

Abhay answered promptly-Well times are changing. Nowadays women have toyboys. I can pass off as one for as long as possible. Then if need be we can go to an isolated area where we have no people around us.

Shai'ra laughed at this preposterous answer-What about the heartache of losing her to death Abhay. U already lost Maithali U think U can lose this human to death as well? Vampires are not allowed to feel remember. She cannot live.

Maithali stepped in at the heated dispute-Listen vampire lady it is up to me how i live my life. I want to turn but i respect Abhay's decision. He wants to feel my beating heart for him. Love is beyond your comprehension because you've shut yourself from feeling it so that U don't feel guilt for living off humans and their deaths. Nor do U want to feel weak like humans but here Abhay, Chand and Haseena have both proven that human emotions can co-exist within a vampire without it clouding their judgement. I am prod of them for trusting in me. For allowing me to share in their secrets. They know i'd never allow the Raichands to ever be exposed. Tey are my life. My herat. My soul now. They are my family. The only family who've ever truly been there for me.

Zeus felt every word of her words were genuine-Shai'ra is just a little off due to her horrid time she's had in the past with a human long ago. (Shares his conclusion with Shai'ra mentally leave it. The girl and Abhay are not to be antagonised. The mission is to see if there is something more to their relation) I guess we have got off on a wrong note. Pia my child we are merely hee to see if what we've been told is true. Can a human and vampire ever be happy together and if our secret is safe with U.

Shai'ra continued on grilling Pia-What about children Pia? One day you'd like a few...

Maithali honestly answered-Its irrelevant to discuss what can never happen unless you've heard of a human conceiving a vampire child. Its not meant to be. Abhay is all i need. Nothing else matters.

Zeus deciphered Maithali's answer and again like the vampire lie detector he was he could tell she was being truthful.

Maithali to Haseena and Chnad-Is it ok if i go get something to eat. I'm feeling hungry. U guys carry on with whatever it U want to discuss. I have to talk to Misha and let her know we have come home.

Haseena let Maithali enter the bedroom to chat with Misha knowing full well that the vampires would be listening in on the conversation here. Maithali had already alerted Misha about this call she'd make to make it more believable. So far so good. She was lucky Abhay had blocked the vampires from getting too near her and tasting her blood otherwise their plan would have flopped big time. Maithali was suspicious of what this whole meeting with the eldrs were truly based on. Were they trying to trip them up? Did they suspect who she was? Did they not know that Maithali was back alive? Then again Sid did his level best to keep her out of the limelight especially to vampires.

Maithali on her mobile to Misha-Hey sis its me Pia! We are home now. Turns out we have important guests. Tell Dad i'm sorry. And U girls make sure U visit us regularly. I want to seeu guys more often ok.

Misha jovially replied back-I know Me...erm too Pia. Say hi to your in laws for me ok. Missing U already. Give Jiju a big kiss from me and erm don't do anything i wouldn't do with Jiju. (A light warning to keep her hands off of Abhay) Otherwise i will take Jiju back and U can stay with the Raichands all by yourself.

Maithali got the drift laughing back-I assure U I will be on my best behaviour with Abhay. Bye Misha.

Abhay smiled at Misha's little digs as he saw his love emerge out of the bedroom at how their lives were so intertwined now-Let me guess Misha wants a piece of me and wants U to make sure I don't leave her out of all the fun huh?

Maithali nodded-She's gotten so attached to U in a few days Abhay. What did U do to her? U didn't hypnotize her and compelled her to love U did U?

Abhay laughed cheerily-It's my natural charm Pia. I can't help it if your sister likes her Jiju so much. After all U both have brilliant taste in men.

Maithali shook her head walking towards Abhay holding his hand sat on the sofa. He was in deep conversation with Zeus and Shai'ra about Sid being back causing her to get alarmed and flustered slightly-Abhay could U get me a glass of water baby. Thanks.

Abhay rushed to get Pia some water and her a chocolate bar-Here this should help U calm down with all the excitement.

Maithali added-Sid won't bother Abhay so long as U stay away from him Abhay. U can't create more problems.

Unns faltered Sid's actions-Your brother is a little too devious for a vampire conspiring against U so that we'd kill Pia and spreading malicious lies about her.

Maithali defended Sid-He's hurt. It happens when one finds love and the other is still living in his nightmare. Abhay U have to make up with your brother. He's your family. U made me see my faults and helped me mend bridges with them. Both of U must do the same for me.

Abhay sat in silence.

Unns watched Abhay's stormy eyes. He'd seen and heard of the bitter rivalry between the two brothers. There was a glint of bewilderment flickering in Maithali's eyes and her expression was of anxiousness on her face-U still feel for your brother. Pia is right. Both of U brothers are causing unnecessary harm and i fear one day U might expose us to the outside world.

Abhay spat out-He is dead to me.

Shai'ra-We apologize for the inconvenience Haseena. Clearly we can see Sid had fed us with false information but we'd like to stay here a few days if this is ok with U?

Haseena was exasperated and managed a weak nod of the head-I'll make arrangements for your stay.

Maithali huffed in regret-I think we are pretty much done here for the night. Mom i need some rest. Still tired. U know us humans.

Abhay grabbed Maithali's hand-I'll take U. I think this has been too draining for U.

Maithali left feeling relief that now they were in the saftely zone. The Superiors had bought her being Pia. She gave Abhay a lingering kiss in front of everyone to make their relation look believable.

Zeus to Chand watching Maithali leave with Abhay-I suppose Sid ought to be punished but he is still suffering from his eternal turmoil. We will have to keep an eye on all of U just in case. The girl Pia acts older than her years. She doesn't seem like the scatty human Sid described to us nor can we get a reading on her.

Chand defended Pia's innocence-Pia is a little private. Her lifestyle has been sheltered. Pia's closed herself from the world thanks to her bad childhood at the orphanage. She only just found out who her folks are and the only person to get a reading on her is Abhay. We can't get a mental link with her either.

Shai'ra was intrigued-Ok so we shall discuss our own matters to do with the slayer being in town. He's killed some of our team players. Our agents.

Chand smirked-I know. He's attacked Abhay a few times already.

Now back at the secret location

Pia was magically put to sleep by the Old Witch to settle her down. She'd insisted Sid stay away from her or else she'd seriously break every furniture in the room. Arjun and Jeh took turns watching Sid so that the vampire didn't antagonize Pia. It was difficult enough with Sid wanting to check up on Pia every half an hour. Arjun could see the guilt on Sid's face. Arjun was texting Misha on Pia's health slightly exaggerating not to worry Misha.

Sid had a little chat with Jeh about Pia-I feel very bad and this is a new experience for me (Blinks a few times) I can't believe Siddy boy feels remorse for Pia the girl i once tried to kill.

Jeh patted Sid's Shoulders-Correction U were still trying to eliminate Pia out of Abhay's life. If Maithali hadn't intervened and Abhay hadn't slammed the hell ut of U. This would have been a different picture altogether. Sid now U went too far. If Maithali doesn't come back in one piece i swear its your neck on the line.

Sid sighed-Yeah yeah i already know the deal. I can't lose Maithali and neither can i let Pia die. So i will have to make Pia see i am very sorry.

Jeh made a face-Give her a few days bro. Pia is still coming to terms with her life upside down. She's had all of us after her. Now being away from Abhay and her condition isn't exactly helping matters now is it? I'm trying to atone for my own sins. I've hurt her and am trying to be her friend. I suggest U grovel big time.

Sid to Neel-I guess U think i'm an a** too.

Neel shrugged-Hey we've all been there bro.

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