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FF-Book 2:A TWISTED LOVE-Update 10 sept pg 145 (Page 107)

Hot_Indo_Chilly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
very intersting!

x-Sundas-x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Nice chapter hun
So maithili will pretend to be Pia? I hope she won't take advantage of it (but she will) lol she'll get closer to Abhay right?
I hope it's twins lol (don't know why) :P
Thanks for updating :)
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 3:11pm | IP Logged

:::Update 63:::Into the Fire:::


Maithali rushed over to Abhay holding him in her arms. She got some water on the bedstand and sprinkled it over his face. Maithali realised this wasn't going to work Abhay was a Vampire.  The White watch finished her chanting and moved away from Abhay allowing Maithali to take over. Tara sat next to Abhay holding Maithali's hand and Abhay's.

Tara to Maithali-Abhay will now only see U as Pia. This is the perfect coverup. Maithali U must never allow Abhay to even suspect that U are not her. It won't be as hard seeming as both of U look a like the only obstacle is your acting. Remember the time U impersonated Pia in her body. Roll with that and push Abhay like she does.

Maithali rubbed Abhay's hand in hers-I don't know if i can maintain this farce Tara. U know how i feel about him. I don't trust myself.

Tara gave Maithali a smile filled with understanding-U are the strongest woman i know Maithali. Its not easy watching another woman walk away with the love of your life but you've done it. I have faith in U.

Maithali felt pressure to perform-What if they see through me? I'm not an actress. They are vampires Tara. They can read minds.

Tara reminds Maithali-I know but U have been trained to shut off your mind just like Pia. U are both n'sync with each other. Your love for Abhay will guide U through this Maithali. I need to start calling U Pia. I have to mask your remnant odour and make U smell human. Luckily U are already part human so this task will be a piece of cake.

Maithali nodded watching Abhay's immaculate handsome face laying so still had her worried-Will he be...

Tara shook her head watching Abhay's features with his perfect cheekbones still and pale gorgeous complexion-Don't worry about Abhay. He's been through much worse than this. Its a walk in the park for him. Concentrate on handling yourself Maithali. (Tara was more concerned about Pia's health. Her mental health wasn't going to be good for her baby and hoped the baby helped Pia with controlling herself. Tara had to be present for Pia but she was torn by her loyalty to Abhay. She had to make sure they were going to be fine with the superiors and that the spell was a success.) Just be Pia. Allow that part of her you've tucked away in the back of your mind to take over.

Maithali was shaking her head crying-I can't Tara. I can't allow Pia to take over just like she can't do the same.

Rosa and Tara sighed feeling pressurised-Don't make us make U Maithali. Abhay's got a chunk of his memories deleted. We don't want to do the same to U.

Maithali couldn't act again-Don't i will try.

Tara had to make sure Maithali behaved lie Maithali and decided if the Superiors ever tasted her then they'd know for sure. This had to be done. She touched Maithali and brought out Pia's psyche out of Maithali and placing Maithali in half a dormant state. Maithali would be alert but watching everything while Pia's psyche would be doing all the work.-Forgive me Maithali but i won't allow your little doubts affect Pia. Abhay would never forgive me if this operation failed.

Maithali smiled back-How can i be two people?

The White Witch answered-Its like split personality disorder. Only we've made Pia more prominent in U but this will wear off as soon as Abhay regains his memory. And Pia will be back to normal. We've subjected all the emotional conflict Pia has inside of U.

Tara closed her eyes-Its either see Pia fall and risk harmin the baby or inflict U with her pain and subject U with part of her. This way the superiors will never know the difference and Abhay will never doubt U to be anyone else.

Maithali understood-I get it but U can't leave my in a dormant state.

The white Witch explained-This will only happen when U are being mentally probed Maithali. U will still be U. Its to protect this mission only.

Abhay started awaking and smiled at Maithali-Pia. What happened?

Maithali stammered-Nothing Abhay. We have to go home.

Abhay quizzed Maithali some more-U seem different.

Maithali mumbled 'How?

Abhay smiled back-U look even more beautiful.

Maithali felt her heart lurch-We gotta go Abhay now.

Abhay shifted up slowly-Tara what are U and Rosa doing here? Hi! (To the White Witch) U are here too.

Tara grabbed Abhay hugging him-Abhay U have visitors at home. U gotta go with Pia and see them. You're Dad is waiting for U.

Abhay asked-He is?

Misha entered the room looking worried at Abhay-Jiju and Pia. I will miss having U guys around yaar. U aren't going to forget me are U?

Abhay stood up holding Misha's hand dragging her to him-I can't forget my saali. The trouble maker now can i? How can i forget our little brother sister bond. But U will be siding with me over Pia right? I know she's blood related but Jiju comes first in your life right and don't forget the bid wad of cash U snatched from my wallet.

Misha hugged Abhay back kissing his cheek-I will always be on Team Jiju. That's a promise.

Abhay looking alarmed by Misha's emotional outburst-What was that for Misha? U aren't this sentimental.

Misha felt a single tear escape- I know Jiju i got so attached to U thats why. Never thought i'd ever like U.

Abhay gave a fake hurt expression-Ouch Misha. U hurt my feelings. I'll stay away next time.

Misha hugged Abhay gain-U better not or else i'll cahse U. I know where U live.

Abhay chuckled brightly-That's the spirit. My playful Misha. I want to see U like this always and not depressed. U look better when U smile. U scare me when U get all moody.

Misha smacked Abhay playfully-Thanks.

Abhay smirked-I got the thug out of U. Pia tell Misha not to hit me. I can't hit a girl.

Maithali didn't smile back-Not funny Abhay.

Abhay checked the modd around camp-Cheer up people. We will come back again. I promise Pia. Your family will be priority. Ok. Misha now smile.

Misha gave a fake smile-There happy.

Rosa nodded-Go.

Abhay smiled-U girls give out too many orders. Come on Pia time to go home. Have U got your things?

Maithali nodded grabbing a suitcase of Pia's clothing-Here U go.

Abhay grabbed Pia over his shoulders and then the suitcase-Come on i'll drive.

They headed out fast before the Dobrials came back home to Raichands mansion.

The Dobrials had a few gifts for Pia's godh bharai they were planning with Misha nervously waiting on her doorstep. What excuse could she use?

Misha to her Dad Arnab-Pia and Jiju had to go. His parents are back. They had to go so they left their wishes with us.

Arnab displayed his discontent-I can't believe this. My own daughter didn't even say bye. We'll head over to the Raichands now.

Misha quick on her feet blurted-U can't!!!!!!!!!! They are detouring through baby shops with Chnad uncle then going out of town to Mumbai for Pia's Godh Barai. Business associates want to meet Pia.

Arnab was baffled-Pia in this state?

Misha nodded luckily Tara helped her cover up-Yes Uncle. Pia is seeing a specialist for her baby there. Chand has friends there from America who want to see Pia and Abhay. It can't wait and Haseena has a special treat for the married couple. If i tell U i'll be in trouble.

Madhoo placed her bags in Pia's room feeling disappointed-Pia has been looking off colour Arnab. I'm worried so i think Chand did the right thing. Her stomach is a little too big for this stage she's in.

Rosa wondered what this could mean?-Do U think Pia is about to deliver?

Madhoo prayed not-I hope not for her sake. She could lose the baby. We aren't even sure how far along she is.

Tara knew-Roughly 6 months gone or is it 7 months?

The white which blurted-Coming to 6.5 months. To be exact

Tara eye's the witch it wasn't normal then. Pia's pregnancy was beyond this phase-I'm sure we'll see good news very soon.

Arnab worried-Pia shouldn't be moving around in her state. I haven't even gotten to know her properly yet.

Madhoo to Arnab-Pia is coming arounf Arnab. Just give her time once the baby is born you'll get Pia back.

Misha changed the subject-I'm hungry.

Madhoo to the girls-U girls and mam stay for dinner cooking lamb chops.

Tara licked her lips-Yum. Can't wait for home cooked meals. I'm fed up of take away meals filled with additives.

Misha joked-U drink blood in vials full of iron good for the skin and will keep U young forever.

Madhoo gazed a puzzled look at Misha-That is sick Misha. We don't joke like this in front of guests.

Misha giggled-Its an inside joke Mom. Come on i'll help cut the onions.

Madhoo shocked-What have U done with my daughter? Misha has allergy to cooking.

Misha shook her head-I feel like working to keep busy. Is thiat a crime? Missing Jiju.

Tara made a face-He must have really livened your day up Misha.

Misha shrugged her shoulders-Who would have thought Misha and Abhay would ever be friends. More than friends family.

Meanwhile Pia is residing with her new family or strangers she'd never wanted to live with felt a little seren. She rubbed her tummy to comfort herself. No longer sobbing but she felt like she was robbed of feeling any sorrow. Like magically it was all gone and now replaced by a drive to live for her baby. How could she so quickly get over Abhay being taken away from her. It wasn't normal. It was as if someone had cast a spell over her to get over her heartache and live for her baby. Pia found herself consoling herself to her baby. Pia alone in her room after rquesting that Sid stay away from her for a few lifetimes isolating herself in a room filled with darkness.

Pia to her unborn child-We will be just fine little one. We will get Daddy back and we will be a family again. Mommy will make sure nobody tears us apart. Least of all your evil Uncle Sid.

The baby spread Pia with its halo making her feel the comfort she so desperately needed making Pia smile.

Pia whispers-I know baby. U are my sunlight. My only hope now. What do i call U? I hope U are a son so U can help Mommy get my own back at the world for taking away your Daddy. Surya. My own Sunlight but if U are my daughter i will deem U as Chandni.  Its all i can do now. Think of only U.

The baby kicked some more agreeing with the name. Pia smiled placing her hand over her swollen tummy.

Pia to her baby-I need U to come as fast as possible little one we have a score to settle. The sooner U come out the sooner Daddy Comes back. U will help Mummy right? (Another kick and Pia smiles)

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swatiluvsabhiya Groupbie

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
its really beautiful...
your ff is like an addiction...
i just want that these superiors go back soon and abhay and piya become one again...

update soon...


MRS.SSO IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
awesum part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Great Chapter. Conti Soon.
sweta-mony Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Awesome update dr,
continue soon
nd thanx for pm.
Deepi20 Goldie

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Nice update! I feel super bad for Abhay and Piya! Cry I really hope the baby is born soon and Abhiya get together again! And I'm kind of curious now to know whether the baby will be a boy or a girl? Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile

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