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ArSh ff "My Life My Wife" # 1 (Page 9)

anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged

awsum part...

want ARSH...

update soon...

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sameera_12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Thankyou so much Guys for Your Wonderful Response!!!
I will Update soon in an Hour or so..

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
nice ff mehek... u have described AR drift nicely and specially in second part i loved how everyone was missing armaan...Smile now can't wait for shilpa's entry and arsh to start Embarrassed 
thanks for the pm Smile

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Suvarna.... Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Hi Mehek. The fic is going cool. And am liking that ArSh are gonna be together. No one can replace them for me ... so am glad this is ArSh fic. :)

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Joined: 23 August 2008
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Hiya thanks for the pm!!!
I love the part... can't wait for ArSh scene!
pls do pm me!!!

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kash_kasu Groupbie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Plzzz Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sameera_12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 September 2008
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 12:59pm | IP Logged
ThankYou!! for all the support!!! I hope u will like the next part!!!

sameera_12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 September 2008
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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged

Three Years Later...

Sanjivani was getting overload with patients and work!!! Shashank was away and a neurologist was needed, Abhi called all over but everyone was busy with their own patients and life... Dr Shilpa! who has currently joined Sanjivani for a special case was worried what to do??

Dr Shilpa was a Child specialist and was called to Sanjivani especially for a case as Atul got a cut on his hand who was also a child specialist but he was unable to perform any surgery because of that cut on his hand!

Dr Shilpa was very serious about her work and Dr Kirti liked that! The gang was impressed by her work and friendly nature but the wives were worried coz she was beautiful!! and JP almost fell for her but not seriously!Wink

"Dr Shilpa!" Riddhima called Shilpa from behind who was busy with some work!!

"Umm Yes!" Shilpa smiled turning around...

"Actually, Abhi meine jis lady ki delivery ki hai, mein chahti hun app un ke baby ko ek baar dekh lein, coz i don't know why but its my gut feeling that something is wrong although the baby is healthy but still, i don't feel like everything is right!!!" Riddhima told Shilpa her problem..

"Oh!! Okay!! Mein dekh leti hun!" Shilpa passed a smile and turned to go...

Next Day ...

 Shilpa was searching for a file plus she was worried coz she remembered that she brought that file with her in the morning but now it was missing, she had to operate a child after two hours but his case file was missing and she was more worried because she needed Shashank's consult immediately but he was not there, he was away for a medical conference...

"Ab kya karun??? Kuch samajh nahi a raha!!" Shilpa's heart started sinking...

"Kya Bura waqt a gaya hai mera??? Aj ka saala din he kharab hai, pehle wo aur ab yeh sanjivani!! I don't believe this, Dr Armaan Mallik is standing infront of sanjivani!Confused... I mean I am back to Square One, But... Maza aye gaaLOL Kyunki Iss baar mere iraade bilkul naik nahi hai!!" Armaan grinned..

Sanjivani ne mujhe doctor banaya aur New York ja ke mein Neurosurgeon bana and now what?? Mein dobara se sanjivani ke bahar khara hun... kyun??? Kyunki mera dimagh kharab hogaya hai!!!" Armaan made a face kicking a stone...

"Chal Bhae under chal... Bohat paparr belne hain abhi!!" Armaan thought and entered Sanjivani...

The guy with Blue jeans and white shirt was recognized by everyone from the staff of Sanjivani...
"Arre Dactor Armaan app??" Umar bhae was shocked to see him!
"Kaise hain Umar bhae??" Armaan greeted him in a usual way, He was changed, He was happy in a jolly mood, This time Sanjivani was not reminding him of his painful past...

"mein to bilkul theek hun!!!" Umar Bhae smiled with excitement..

After meeting Umar Bhae Armaan moved forward and his eyes fell on the reception... "Kitni masti ki hai humne yahan pe.." Armaan smiled to himself and saw the whole gang with Dr Kirti, Shubhnakar and Abhi standing there discussing something..

"Kuch cheezein kabhi nahi badalti!!" Armaan sighed and again moved forward...

Shilpa was tensed and almost shivering as she had just two hours left for the surgery and still the file was missing..

"Dr Shilpa app theek hain??" Kirti asked...

"Umm yes mam... wo actually mujhe..." Shilpa left her sentence incomplete as Rahul said in a loud voice "Armaan!!"

Everyone turned their faces to see and were, shocked, surprised to see him, standing there and smiling like before..

"Hey Guys!!! Hello Dr Kirti!!!" Armaan waved and moved forward...

He met everyone with his best mood but someone was shocked, her color faded to see him...
"Tum wapas kyun aye ho Armaan!!" Riddhima thought but came out of it when Armaan greeted Sid..

"Hey Dude!! Kaisa hai???" They both shakes hands Sid felt like "No there is nothing to worry about!!! Just a friend like brother is back!"

"Hi Riddhima!!!" Armaan greeted her as well with the same joy as he greeted others..." Yeh Armaan aise kyun behave kar raha hai??" Riddhima thought as she find this behavior unusual, she expected him to be hesitant while meeting her but no... He was not hesitant to meet anyone...

Shilpa was watching all this with cocked eyes, she was in another tension and shook her face when Armaan came in front of her passing her the file... "Your File Miss Child specialist!! And yeah Dr Shashank se baat karne ka wait kaarne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai coz there is no prob in this surgery so go ahead!!!" Armaan smiled!

"Thanks!! You are a life saver!!" Shilpa said quickly and almost ran towards her cabin...

"You can't even guess k hum kitne khush hain tujhe dekh kar!!!" Rahul hugged Armaan..
"Mein bhi! Aur bata tera dimagh thikane kaise a gaya???" Armaan chuckled as they all sat down in the cafeteria.
"Matlab???" Muskaan frowned...
"Abay tum donow ne shaadi karli hai to zahir hai dimagh thikane a gaya hai naa iska!!!" Armaan laughed while others joined him too but Riddhima was feeling a little insecure!

Now they all told Armaan about AtulAnjali, RahulMuskaan and AbhiNikki's marriage..
"Oh So sad!!" Armaan made a face...
"Kya???" Atul frowned...
"Haan saare k saare jail mein jo bund ho gaye ho.. Dikh raha hai k biwiyun k kitne chamche ho!!!" Armaan made fun of them!!
"Armaan!!!!" Nikki threw a file on him...

"Lekin tum batao tum thai kahan???" Anjali asked..

"Well mein New York mein tha, wahan thodi parhai ki and Now I am a Neurologist!! " Armaan told them..
"Neurologist!!!!" Abhi's eyes popped out...
"Haan kyun??? koi problem hai??" Armaan cocked his eyes..

"Bhae meine socha k mere dimagh k saath already bohat kuch ho chuka hai, pehle partial amnesia aur phir usse se bhi agay so i thought, Issi mein specialize karun, aur jo meine jhela koi aur na jhele!!" Armaan smiled..

"Nahi!!! Doctor shashank conference k liye gaye hue hain aur humay kuch cases k liye urgently ek neurologist ki zaroorat thi!! Now that u r here u can be the one!!!" Abhi smiled relaxing his back on the chair..

"Nahi!!!" Armaan joined his palms infront of him!!! "Mein chutti par hun mujhe chain se rehne do!"

"Armaan!!" Muskaan hit him with with another file in her hand...
"Yeh kya hai??? muft ka maal samjha hai kya? jisko dekho file maare ja raha hai!" Armaan frowned..
"Oye! Tu sanjivani mein kaam karne se mana kar raha hai? abhi Dr Shashank ne kaha hota to fut se maan jata!" Muskaan scolded Armaan...
"Acha acha theek hai! Oye Rahul iss ka mu band rakh yaar kaise jhelta hai!" Armaan put fingers on his ears..

"Nautanki!" Nikki shook her head..

"Kya yaar? phirse sanjivane mein phass gaya!!" Armaan thought!

Shilpa was hell tired After the surgery but glad that it went successful coz it was difficult to operate a 3 years old child..

"Ahh thuk gai!!" Shilpa told herself and went towards the cafeteria where the gang was sitting along with Armaan...

"Arre Shilpa tum!! aoo naa," Riddhima said who was feeling awkward..
"Hmmm" Shilpa put a fake smile on her face and taking a chair got seated beside Armaan...
She ordered a coffee while Armaan spoke.. "Ladkiyun ko zyaada coffee nahi peeni chahiye.."

"Meine app se rai nahi maangi!" Shilpa glared at Armaan..

"By the way thanks for my file and your suggestion about the case, Mr Neurologist!" Shilpa spoke sarcastically.

"Armaan bhaiya!! app shilpa flower ji ko tung mat kijye... app dekhte nahi k wo kitni thakki hui lag rahi hain!!!" J.P spoke in favour of Shilpa while Shilpa hit her head as she forgot something in her cabin so she excused...

"Armaan bhaiya wo kya hain naa k humay shilpa flower ji bohat achi lagti hain!! App koi tareeka bataiye na unse baat karne ka!!" Armaan spitted out the water he was drinking and started coughing...

"Kya kaha??? Tumhe shilpa achi lagti hai??? Aur tum usse date pe le jana chahte ho???" Armaan gave J.P the most horrible expressions he can...

"JEE!!!" JP blushed while others laughed silently..
"Dekho!! Aj to keh diya ainda na aisa sochna bhi nahi hmmm!!!" Armaan spoke sweetly gritting his teeth and bidding bye to everyone left...

"Yeh Armaan aise kyun behave kar raha hai???" Riddhima again thought...

It was late night about 12 when Armaan entered his home and felt so relaxed!!!, He took out a rose from his pocket and went inside his room, He moved forward towards the bed and smiling a bit whispered in her ears.." Happy Anniversary Baby!!"Embarrassed

She slowly opened her eyes with a smile and said "Happy Anniversary to you too my dearest Husband!!!"
 Yup It was Mrs Shilpa Armaan Mallik!!!

"Lekin mein tumse bohat naraz hun!!!" Shilpa frowned..

"Pata hai!!! Lekin naraz to mujhe hona chahiye... Tumne socha bhi kaise k mein apni life ka inta important din bhool jaoon ka aur iss din tumhare pass nahi honga!!!" Now Armaan frowned...

"Kyunki tum busy thai!"  Shilpa pouted..
"Yeah Right!!! Lekin kaam khatam kar ke aya naa.." Armaan smiled getting closer to her... He picked up in his arms and led her towards another room closing her eyes..

He made her stand on her own and let her open her eyes... She got mesmerized to see the room which was dim lighted with perfume candles and flowers everywhere...

"To Iss liye Aj sanjivani mein mujhse jhagra kiya!!!" Shilpa turned towards Armaan...
"Hmmm kyunki mein jaanta tha k tum agar gusse mein ghar ao gii to direct ander ja k so jao gii, yahan wahan nahi jao gi!!" Armaan chuckled while hugging her..

"You Know what??? aj jab mein sanjivani enter hus to socha k  I am Back To Square One But..." Armaan left his sentence incomplete..

"But??" Shilpa looked up to see his face..

"But... With You By my side!!" Armaan said Kissing her forehead.

"I Love you!!!" Shilpa smiled hugging him back..
"I Love You Too Mrs Mallik!!" Armaan whispered in her ears moving his hands sensuously down hers.. She gasped with his cold touch like a new bride but was soon taken away in another world by him!! He made love to her promising to be his forever!!

I Hope meine iss update mein kisi ko disappoint nahi kiya!! So, How was it?? And yeah mein phirse yaad dila dun that i am not pming anyone you Guys can ad this ff to your watch list and check every day as i said i will update everyday coz it takes about an hour to pm everyone... I hope you Guys are understanding!

Edited by sameera_12 - 17 July 2011 at 7:42pm

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