Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

_.o-"*Happy Birthday Nabila *"-o._

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*Jot and Tanu, and Shikhu come on stage.*

Jot: Now i have to wait till September for season 3 of TVDStern Smile

Tanu: SAME PINCHShocked

Shickhu: WHAAZ THAT? KMH is forever! Dancing

Jot: Myaoo what is there to 'same pinch' here? HMPH . We both are talking about the same show right so obviously we will be able to watch on the same monthAngry

Tanu: Meow mom don't you think you are a bit cruel these days? Stern Smile and Shickachoo I never watched KMHStern Smile

Jot: Myaoo so what ,after all i am your MOTHER Big smileShicku forget KMH . TVD is betterStern Smile

Tanu: *sighs*

Shikhu: Why is it that i am always stuck in between a mother and daughter on stage? Same thing happened on naadu's budddayy Stern SmileWe are not here to talk about your family history . We are here for something betterApprove

Tanu: *dances* BUT WHATShocked

Jot: MYAOO i just told you its someones birthday Angry

Tanu: Yes i remember now its Nebulla's bdayTongue

Jot: Thank god you had given another name for her otherwise the surprise would have gone in paniAngry

Shikhu: DevaaaAngry

Tanu: Stop being a chewing gum both of you Ouch

*NJ comes on stage with Megz*

NJ: Shikhs, Jo and Daffy you people just came without even *sniff* informing me and Inb*sniff*

Megz:Yeah *sniff* patni et tu brute Cry

Tanu: Meow told she will call you bothShockedRight Shickachoo?

Shikhu: RightCool

Jot: *scratches head* Urm I forgot? NO your phones were off Big smile

Megz: You think we would believe that? HMPH.

Jot: Ok i forgot. So what.

Shikhu: Thats so like JottyROFL

Nj: So dont forget i am one of the seniors in BC Angry

Megz: and i am one of the seniors in CC. Angry

Jot: I am a senior in CC too HMPH .

Tanu: So today is the bday of ...

Jot, Megz, Nj, and Shikhu: NOOO!!

Tanu: NebulllaDay DreamingROFL

Jot: Meow you are grr!

Nj: she is like Ah-May-Sing .Shes my best buddy on IFCool WE RULE.

Jot: She is my NuttieDay Dreaming [Like Nutella Big smile]

Megz: She is my ..umm i dont know her?ROFLROFL

Tanu: She is my Nebulla. Brighter than every star.StarROFL

Shikhu: Shes my Nebulla too then BlushingROFL

Jot, Tanu, Shikhu, Nj and Megz:
 She is one of the jaan of BC <3 She's none other than Tomiko aka Nabila! Happy birthday princessBig smile

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Joined IF on October 25, 2005, has watched numerous Zee TV shows, has read the Twilight series, and the Harry Potter series!
ZunRaJoSweetShickTaMaggy News brings to you, an exclusive interview with the birthday girl! Interviewer is Jot, costumes and set by Megs, Tanu and Zunni, lights by Sweetu, camera by Ravjot and editing by NJ!

Jot: In this week's episode of ZunRaJoSweetShickTaMaggy News, we bring to you, our viewers of CrazyLand, an exclusive interview of the Bollycurry Writers' Team's Head and also a winner of 2 Bollycurry awards, Nabila Wants-to-be-Mrs-Khurana!

*Nabila walks in grinning*

Hello everybody! It's such a pleasure being here! Oh and i just adore the name of your news show guys! ZunRaJoSweetShickTaMaggy! I mean, it's just so unique and so out there you know? Gosh. I'm gonna name my child that! And now we should start the interview. What's the first question?

Jot: LOL Come up with one made-up crazy food...thing. Come up with a name and what it would be-what it would be made of.

Nabila: Duh, something made of chocolate!  Does it have to be original?  How about a HUGE bar of chocolate? I know you get the big ones but I'm talking GIGANTIC ... You can call it Nibbles in honour of me!Big smile


*shakes head* Not original at all. *sighs*
Suppose you were stuck at a deserted island and the only thing you had was a stick, a box of chocolates, and a bottle of water. How do you save yourself?

Nabila: Haha, chocolate!!!  Ok ... I'd break the stick in to two to and try to start a fire because there has to be something I can set alight!  Then I'd ration the water ... maybe mix it a little with the sea water to make it last longer and wait it out until I get rescued/(finally) learn how to swim/die of starvation clutching my box of chocolates.

Jot: Who's your favourite actor/actress? If you were given the chance to spend the day with them, how would you spend it?

Nabila: Christian Kane!  I would probably stalk him on the sets, get him to teach me a few fight moves and round of the day off by asking him to sing something. If you have no clue who I'm talking about, Youtube Leverage now!Shocked

Jot: And now we move on to our Rapid Fire segment! Big smile What's your favourite colour?

Currently, Peach.

Jot: Favourite Hindi show?


Jot: Favourite English show?

Nabila: Oooh ... that's a hard one.  Urhm, I'll go with 'Community'

Jot: Favourite language other than your native one and English

Nabila: Japanese! 

Jot: Favourite actor/actress-Name at least 3.

Nabila: Gurmeet Chaudhary, John Abraham and Christian Kane

Jot:Favourite Hollywood movie?

Nabila:Currently The Notebook.

Jot: Favourite Bollywood movie?

Nabila: DDLJ - can't beat the classics.

Jot: Favourite food [other than chocolate]

Nabila: WHAT?  No chocolate?Cry ... Urhm, okay, my flatmate's Chicken Steak Burhers ... Mm!

Jot:Your hobbies are?...

Nabila: Sleeping, reading and eating!LOL

Jot: Team Twilight, Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Nabila: Team Edward!  But the movies sort of ruined it all for me!Ouch

Jot: What's your favourite song?

Nabila: Currently everything from the Starkid soundtrack!

Jot: Who's your favourite singer?

Nabila: Michael Buble :)

Jot: What do you think about the CC's of IF?

Nabila:Me loves the contests you guys put up!Big smile

Jot: Who's your favourite CC? Stern Smile Nuttieee...Big smile

Nabila: Nuttie it is!LOL

Jot: What have you always wished for on your birthday?

Nabila: Cake!

Jot: Thank you for coming Nuttie! Big smile Have a great birthday!

*Nuttie walks off grinning*

And that ladies and gentlemen was our Cause she's Cool Like that episode of ZunRaJoSweetShickTaMaggy News! And with that, we bid adieu! See you next week!

Shikhu: No wait! We forgot to put the Discretion advised or whatever warning before the show started! Shocked

Which is why we're showing it now! HMPH. Stern Smile

The related content may be too cool for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

Megs: Oh and those idiots also forgot to tell you guys that we're going to have a quick video of what everyone thinks of the birthday girl and a run-down of Nabila's Timeline-Her Top 10 Moments of her life! So continue to read-err-watch below? Whatever that meant! Big smile Bye now.


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*Sweetu looks around confused and sees NJ beside her drooling over some Spanish dude*

SPLN! Dude! *smacks NJ* What's up?
NJ: *frowns glaring at Sweetu*
Can't you see i'm busy Sweetu?
Uh. Ok. But, um, the camera is on and i have no idea what to say. Shocked
Rap! Cool
Sweetu: '
Bout what? Shocked Spln, please be smart for once. Imma gonna smack you again. Stern Smile
NJ: *sighs*
About the birthday girl stupid! Stern Smile
Oh ok! Big smile

*Lights turn off and focus on MadDipset..whatever nickname-Ravjot-gave-her SweetuBig smile*

Ohh yeaah.

I'm here to tell you a small story
About a girl with high glory
Turning 20
She adores Maneet
You may ask me
Who is she?

Born on
June twenty-one
And a whole lotta fun
A Twilight fan
An awesome
[used to be] moderator
None other than Tomiko!

Tomiko? Tomiko? Tomiko?


*NJ grins*

We should probably do what we were here to do. Ermm
Sweetu: What are we here to do? Show ma 'bling?
' Cool *does a weird failed hand motion thing causing NJ to crack up*
Don't try that again. ROFL Phew. Wow. Ok. We are here to present Nabila's Timeline idiot!
Why us? Stern Smile
I dunno about you. But i'm cool. That's why i was chosen. Cool
Pffftt. Wacko And NJ has officially lost it. Ladies and gentlemen of the CrazyLand Channel, we present to you, Nabila's Timeline!
Go on and read her Top 10 moments! Approve Written by the birthday girl herself! Big smile

T O P 1 0

The day I was born. Cool
The day my little brother was born ... I remember eating a peach in the hospital and staring down at him. LOL
Finally learning how to spell my name right in nursery ... I still have the piece of paper!
4. Telling my dad I like to read and waking up the next morning to find the whole Disney collection near my bed.

5. Googling JJKN and stumbling across [Dum Dum Da!] India-Forums.
6. The PM that asked me if i'd be interested in becoming Cool Viewbie for Parivaar forum.
7. Living through my Duke of Edinburgh expedition [which involved killer sheep, horses try to escape and someone stealing our food in the middle of the night! Shocked]
8. Surviving A Level Maths [Anyone going through that right now, my sympathies! Anyone who's doing that as a degree - are you crazy?!]
9. Discovering one of my closest friends in University [she peeked at my paper during an exam to see which questions I was doing. LOL]
10. I'll leave this for any of the amazing moments I've left out. Big smile

NJ: And read below for Nabila's fantasy put into words by Tanu's wife Megs!

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*Meg puts on her reading glasses and sits down on the comfy chair with all the kids [you guys] siting in front of her on the carpet*

Welcome to Nabila's Fantasy Academy children! Here you can learn all about Twilight, Harry Potter, Maan Singh Khurana, Christian Kane, and John Abraham! For breakfast we serve, chocolate omelettes, for lunch, we have chocolate sandwiches and dinner consists of chocolate pasta! And today in class, i will read to you a story about the headmistress of this school, Nabila Wants-to-be-Mrs-Khurana who once went to the Hogwash School for Wizcraft and Blizzardly. Sit back and enjoy!

In Hogwash School for Wizcraft and Blizzardly, Nabila, the 19 something fashionista of Gryffindor (Also known as the house for the brave, the kind and the absolutely stupendous) was busy. Extremely busy. But not watching a movie, or say doing some dorm work. She was busy watching the usually reserved Maan , also of her house, (And who had looked like he would kill DumbellDore when he announced him in Slytherin'but that's another story altogether) do Tai-chi. (Or whatever martial arts he was into)


Those abs. She would never forget those glorious more than a Greek God could ever give you washboard abs.


But just while she was watching him do the Tai and the Chi, her hamster Christian Kane, who was more into female hamsters than hot males in the Gryffindor house, got bored and decided it was time his mistress met her crush once and for all. He slipped out of her nimble fingers and went scurrying towards the blocks of ice Maan was in the process of destroying. (Or rather melting into a puddle of water-an effect he also had on girls, no matter which house they belonged to). Maan yelped in surprise as the sharp-toothed hamster came towards him and landed up slipping on one of those puddles. Nabila reached out to help him and their hands met.


Instant sparks flew. And they say water is not a good conductor of electricity.


Christian Kane, satisfied that his work was done, scurried off to the gardens of the school to meet his girlfriend Edwarda Cullen. But that's a story for another day.


Maan immediately steadied himself and helped an obviously weak-kneed Nabila steady herself too. He then furiously yelled, 'Maan Singh Khurana ko aaj tak kisi ne nahi sambhaala hai!' Nabila jumped-literally. His effect was more than that of a levitation charm.


'I'm sorry,' she stuttered. Of course, she didn't want to stutter, but she was tactful enough to know that boys were more inclined not to force you to commit hara-kiri if you stuttered. In fact they liked stuttering girls.


'It's okay,' he said grudgingly. He couldn't help but stare at her. She was pretty. In fact she reminded him a lot of his previous girlfriend, Geet, back in Punjab, in India. He liked her. And plus, she had done a lot of damage to his ego that day, more than the usual quota of most.


'Hey you wanna go on a date tomorrow-to the Naintara Inn for Witches and Wizards??' he said casually, looking here and there. She gaped, and then stopped herself. 'Yeah sure,' she said. 'Well I have to do my exercise now,' he said gruffly. He didn't ask me what I was doing watching him shirtless. Good job girl! She told herself.


But on the day they were supposed to go, suddenly Maan realized he had an exam on Runes. Damn you DumbellDore! He was only good at lifting weights. Nabila was crawled up on the dorm room sofa now watching DDLJ-the Sequel, in which Raj has to compete for Simran's affections with Ryan Gosling and John Abraham-but that's a story for another day.


It was when suddenly a nervous looking fresher came up with a box. It was full of chocolates. And a note too: Isn't it your birthday tomorrow? Meet me while I'm in the gym?


Nabila smiled to herself. Her 20th was going to be the most special one ever'


Definitely not the end!


*Megs puts away her glasses and grins*

Megs: Kids, Miss. NJ will be presenting a Tribute to our headmistress from Bollycurry next! Let's all head to the gym and get ready for the assembly.


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Gaaonwalo, yeh jo Nabila haina Nabila...Iske saath mere lagan hone wala tha Shocked Bahut yaarana tha hum dono ka... par fir, fir beech mein agayi deewar ... kaun?! Arre aur kaun, Gunia mausi ROFL Par yuhin thode har kahani Sholay ban jaati hai! 

Humari kahaani mein aya twist! Mausi kayaarana to Beel aur mujse se bi bad kar jamaa Blushing Aur dekhte dekhte hum teeno... HeartHeartHeart - arey wahi... jise angrez log 'threesome' kehtein hain bhai! 

Khair, yuki zada to main bolti nahin, par kyaa karein - pyaar ke dushman har taraf hain! Angry Aur isiliye, mere itnaaa zor dene par bi in kambakht zulmi CC kafila walon ne ek dam bindaas threesome footage dene se saaf inkaar kar diya Shocked

Fir?! Fir kya - mujhe bi yuhin thode Sholay remix banane ka kaam diya hai Cool - bhai yuki to zada main bolti nahin, par ek tarkeeb bhi na nikaal paun, to kya faydaa!  Wink

To tarkeeb kuch yuki nikli ke bola maine bhai CC walon, ek exclusive Buzzer section to banta hai - hai, ke nahin?! CC wale bhi saale aise kahan maante hain... to tarkeeb ko anjaam dene ke liye layi main Jai ka sada rahe salaamat khurafaati sikka!  Approve (ji, woi. jismein heads mango to heads aata hai, aur tails maango, to bhi heads aata hai ROFL ) 

Bas fir kya tha, kiaa humne toss, aur manga maine heads... fir kya hua?! fir kya hona tha...

Yukin bina zada bole baale, le aayi main apke liye ...




Bhav [sourpuss]

... nope, not over yet! scroll down for more!

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Harsha [Phoenixgirl]

Hershi [Smileyface]



Tia aka Tes_v1

Dodo aka daffodils.dudu

Lo, tamasaa khatam, paiysa hazam LOL

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Busy making sigs.


That dungar decided that her sleep was more important than your birthday so she left right after the interview. Stern Smile


Nuttie Bear!! XD My Nutella buddy. XD ROFL It's your birthday. =]
You're 20. And just in case you're wondering about the dates appearing on top of the posts, well..we started on your birthday thread nearly 2 months ago. ROFL You know why? Because i thought your birthday was on May 21st instead of June. Thank god NJ corrected me. ROFL But you what? Happy Birthday!! I love you loads and i'm so glad to have you as my head and as a friend [apparently child as well. =/ ].
If there is one person who i don't mind calling me "Jottie" then it's you. Approve
Here's a little something from me to you:

Yes. Pigs. ROFL I know you hate em but that's why i got Shikhu to make this amazing sig for you. ROFL I know you love me. Approve Kay so. Share the cake and chocolate. and bake me some cookies please! Big smile

With love,



Disappeared. Exams. Shocked



Hey Nibbles,

wishin' u a sooper-dooper walaa happy birthday sweety!claps*
u are one my cutie aunts on IF, dunno how and where from, cos we hv hello lot of confusions regradin; our Moms & Dads.. OMG!!!ROFLROFL
and that way me ur NieceLOLHug, so we surely deserve a 'party-full-on' as u turn 20Dancing
soo...on this 'auspicious' ROFL here's what i got 4 u, to cherish n relish ur childhood daysDay Dreaming
and i noe u love ur family so much along with the charcters i hv used for ur buddayy specialll siggy from the 150th episode of ur fav 'Family Guy'...too much naah! hun...ROFL

lodsa luvHeart, luck, wishes, happiness, success and IF-ingWink
ur co-buzzer and chaahne-waaliROFL




my hamsterBlushing

I cant bliv u are turning a year older. Now i have known u for two years and a half? WOO . This is news. Being the amazing late comer , i am struck to send a late message aint i? So here is my late bday wishes for u . Tongue May all your wishes come true and may u have a wonderful year ahead. You are one of the sweetest members i ever met . ILOVE YOU SOOO MUCH . i am not telling just to make you special on your birthday but you totaly deserve the title sugar candyROFL I LY keep rocking . keepp the writers working ROFLROFL especially jot and amiROFLROFL
HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again Cool
 tanu <3



Dearest Billi Beela,

On this day of mourning your uneventful and sadly hardly treachery marked teen years I wish you all the Drum and Strang (obtained using poetic convenience on what the Germans phrase as Sturm and Drang) in the years to come. May you be bestowed with an adventurous holiday soon, marked with a scandalous love story come true, with backpacking tanning lazying hiking trekking reading and absolutely no economics!  [Oh of course there are strings attached. You get to take the very entertaining moi on the holiday with you Cool Now doesn't that sound fun?!?!]

And yes, on that note, may you (after all the very much needed fun escape) find your dream job, settle in, and spend days calling up friends (LIKE ME!) from your work desk with a boss who is chill and likes your work very much!!!

Aah, you get the drift. Have a wonderful day, and plentiful year ahead mate. May your choicest dreams - and the wild fantasies - soon come true!!!

ps: You know I love you man, So. Very. Much!



Happy birthday Nabila!
You must be wondering..who is this gal...why would she be interested in my birthday..and why the hell did she write that craptastic fanfiction on me? LOL Confused Well..I'm a CC..I just luuurve burthdays because you get to dance and you get free food also XD and I wrote that fanfiction because really...why would you turn down a chance to write about shirtless MSK? Broken Heart
On a serious note...I'd really like to get to know you better.. ZunRaJoSweetShikTaNJ have worked really hard on this for that must mean you're this really awesome person...(though if Tanu can marry someone like moi...maybe CC's and BC's are just born with that sweetness. LOL)
Love, Megz. Smile

(ooh and have a blast! Preferably Tanu, though you can blow up someone else if you can't find her. XD)


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