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For Shreya And Pooja,Hug

"It is complicated, stunning, it turns you upside down, but to find the person who completes you is the best sensation that someone may feel one day. It is like it was an encounter with your own, and as such, of course, it scares, it makes you think all your life over again; and you find out, at the end, that you were nothing before knowing the true love, and that, after it, you are past, you are annihilated if you don't have, even if it is for one single day, your special soul by your side."
Patricky Field

Pratigya is sitting on the bed lost in thought   ** Thinking about Maika or the latest way to annoy the Thakur's, eh !! Pratigya **,  Krishna steps out from the Magic room ,towel in hand and closing the door of the Magic room, He wipes his faces , throws down the Towel on the Bed ** I am sure the fastidious Pratigya will pick it up  and begin arranging the linen's ** ..Krishna saunters towards Pratigya hailing of all people Piyasiya Shocked ..Pratigya turns at the sound of his voice ,like a sunflower turning towards the brilliance of SUN.. Krishna lost in his own world is exclaiming, ""Praise be to Piyasiya,**are u getting jealous Pratigya cos ur man for a change is singing peans fo another roly poly woman LOL**  she did not get hot milk, else Amma anger would have come out as blisters on my face  [ Pratigya gives a questioning  look of wonder, puzzlement ] I was thinking how to minimize the crisis , Thankfully it did not blow up, I got saved", heaves a sigh of relief . Krishna spies Baby Krishna looking at him , and with a  playful look at the idol ** Loved his expression here** and a smile tugging on his lips Krishna has a one way conversation with God ** If it gets two way, people will put him in an asylum or make him the great guruji] "Krishna Murari, you must have enjoyed today[Pratigya looks at the idol] ** seeking to know  whether Krishna murari did indeed enjoy todays noutanki or whether he is craving for more I suppose** Enjoy yourself, why should you be bothered whether I get showered with cold water or fire??? You enjoy, continue ur  eating,go on the ladoo's...enjoy..

"When a man finds the woman he really loves, the one he respects and wants to call wife, there is nothing on earth he won't do for her. No mountain he won't hike. No river he won't wade. No door he won't open. She is Eve and there's not a snake crawling that can keep them apart."
' Yolanda Joe

He suddenly spots Pratigya  giving a peculiar look, a smile plastered on her face while eyes are filled with pain ** Pain for whom **..Our Lub guru tries to read this contradicting message and fails ..He seeks enlightenment and directly asks his muse "Now what has happened to you??why are you watching me so avidly [Pratigya does not respond and continues to gaze ardently ] Krishna supplies his own answer by saying" Acha, you are wondering  how my visage would have been had it got burnt,,aren't you??...In Answer the the calm,poised Pratigya gets up from the bed ** She was not glued to the bed then ** comes near Krishna, Krishna in slight alarm,"What ??"" ** Bechara , he always knew that when Pratigya gets extra sweet, then trouble is headed his way ** "Did I say anything wrong??"...For answer Pratigya steps even closer.. bends and touches Krishna's feet , overcome with her emotions, she closes her eyes to get a semblance of control..Krishna is nonplussed and quickly lifts her up, Holding her  "What are you doing,Pratigya..why are you touching my feet ** maybe she wants to gift you some nice shoe and is measuring the length of ur feet ** Whaaat ? I mean if you want me to do something just say it, what is the need for all this ** Noutanki, Baba ..was that what you were implyingWink** I am ready to give up my life for you, Honey !!** So sweet,Baba..we already had one demo of it ..No need for more ** Krishna gives a gentle smile which begins to fade when there is no reciprocal smile on Pratigya's lubbly lips...Pratigya gently takes off his hands from her shoulder, Clasps it in her hands,"What ever you did for me today, was not so easy to do ** and here we call him Lazy Baba..Listen Girls..Stop calling baba lazy..he can do difficult things too..samjhe..**In times of difficulty, you disregarded the ties binding you to your blood and stood by Truth..My destiny was good ,so  I got a  life partner like you !! ** Ain't that the truth ** Do you know, Today Kesar is alive because of you  [Krishna gives a quick shake of his head] Shall I tell you the truth,Krishna..I feel so proud of you , today you gave a new lease of life to Kesar, You are a very godd man Krishna ** We agree, He might be head strong now and then, brash and impulsive now and then, sel centered now and then, spoilt always..but there ticks a golden heart  brimming with unconditional love for everyone ..well almost everyone ** Krishna responds "Honey, everything has changed but ur tendency towards being formal **and bombastic speeches** has remained unchanged {Pratigya  gives a smile of pleasure , listening to Krishna pulling her leg..] you are talking as if I am a stranger , I am doing it for you, for my wife..Tell me if not for you, then  for whom should I do ** Ummm.. just come and take a peek in IF..U will find lots of girls..***..This is just a small matter , Dear..Pratigya quickly cuts with "No !! Krishna , This is not a simple matter , You yourself don't know what an huge task you have completed  [Tears gathering in her boot button eyes] if you were not there then Shakthi would have erected a monument for Kesar  [Krishna lowers his eyes in guilt and acknowledgment of truth in Pratigya's assertion ] but bec of you  a wrongful deed was averted [Krishna looks up] ..Thank you Krishna !!! ** Lo ,Phir formal bangayee**

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.
Amy Carmichael

Krishna does not want to talk about such unpleasant topics and tells her to talk about something else..Krishna has a mentos moment ,blurts" I forgot to say one thing to you !!, Pratigya apprehensively "what ??" Krishna with a mischevious and pleased look , "when you touched my feet, I felt as if I was the king of the whole world " Pratigya blinks in  amazement ,Krishna " what do you say. wifey ??"  Pratigya smiles in good humor..Krishna leans gently towards Pratigya and  gently brushes on her forehead with his lips, Pratigya is caught unaware and gazes at him in open astonishment..which slowly changes into a look  of love..Krishna catches this drift  and  he too begins to return  the look with interest..Both are  immersed in each other , their souls twining through their eyes,  Pratigya  leans on Krishna  and closes  her eyes , with a smile of bliss playing on her lips ..just like a wispy creeper leaning on a mighty oak, confident  of oaks strength, trusting that the Oak will never harm it and will act as its protector...So does Pratigya lean on Krishna confident in his love, trusting him in his intentions and knowing fully well that he will never ever dream of hurting her and will always stand by her through thick or thin..

The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing, it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of Divine accident.
                                                                                                                                       Sir Hugh Walpole

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Dear CV's or whoever..

Few poser's

Are the  Sax's blessed with some kind of mystical shield , they commit serious crimes and escape with impunity  and with out even having a scratch on their body while the opponents  or the pet cause they had taken up turns into disaster Zone leading to pile up of innocent victims...

Pratigya started out as an Idealistic, impractical,calm Girl..but she is turning [turned]into a nag, a shrew, A master manipulator, A person with no understanding of relation's or how it works..A woman  bent on getting her way even if lives of others are destroyed in the process...A woman whose sense of justice and fair-play has gone up for a toss..who is hell and brimstone  when other's are at fault , but plays the victim card when her own family member's are concerned and talks about  redemption,mercy and forgiveness..Why not apply it to all ?? why a selected few ??..She is progressively turning into a self absorbed and self centered woman  and insensitive woman ..Of course she is highly sensitive when it comes to her Father  and father's family and is simply shocked when others read Krishna do not display the empathy with her and her family but she expects Krishna to understand when she  refuses to support or makes a laughing stock of his Family...If ur intention is to generate sympathy for such a pathetic Character whose values changes faster than a chameleon's,  with a warped sense of justice then I must say  we dont empathize with her nor even pretend to understand her any more ..we are done with painting her in rosy hues..we see her as a refined, sophisticated Dictator with a hunger for power..who needs to dominate  any given situation, whose urge to control the lives of other people is unquenchable ...whose priority is I,ME and Myself Only !!

CV's , Of late we are watching the scenes where Pratigya has her way without any opposition or she is proved right with divine intervention..and this is making for a boring watch...There is no strong opposing character counterpoint to her character, the prime reason could be bec Krishna has been decimated, earlier he was shown to have his own views, who made  pertinent points and stuck to his stand and was not blown away by the promise of a romp in the bed.. ...I suggest to you, resurrect  Krishna , make him Strong , A guy with his own principles and views and who acts on them instead of making him a love sick puppy who runs circle's around Pratigya and  goes to do  her bidding with a token protest ..Resurrect the tension and battle of wills between these two Character's [ ideologies ] and  CV's let Krishna win now and then ...cos it keeps the serial interesting and also will get us feeling for Pratigya again ...

Another Suggestion.. Show Pratigya Listening to Krishna and heeding his advice..Let her play the second fiddle now and then ...Show Pratigya  getting defeated comprehensively and  her learning from it ..more importantly  retaining it in her memory ...

I just read  the synopsis of this show..It said it is about a A boy who doesn't understand the meaning of love ..And had to laugh at this bitter irony..cos CV's It is the Girl who does not understand love...

Start correcting the degradation of the character that has set in, revitalize the characters , rejuvenate the atmosphere and give us one crackling episode after another..You can Do It !!Big smile
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The Sister's finally exchange some cuddle and sisterly love ..and true to the image of an immature girl, Aarushi delivers her Mantra"Get me to my home, Pls Didi , I want Mummy , Papa" [And here I was under the impression that this sax Girl considered this as her home and had vowed to fulfill ALL the obligation's ...] while Pratigya dons the   Halo and assures her of  an entry to heaven from the Hell she has gotten herself into..The  Love-dovey moments continue  only to be rudely interrupted by Amma ...Amma comes in to inform the Sax Women of another arrival to the Thakur's Terminal ..But she herself is red-lighted when she spots the erstwhile sworn enemy  of Pratigya in close huddle with Pratigya...Pratigya diverts her from the track by providing a red herring in the form of  a Chain ..Lulled ..Amma  tells Aarushi and indirectly Pratigya to meet their Brother who has come to collect his wife.

Both the sister's walk out with a smile to rival ..But Adarsh is attracted to the brightest  smile , which belongs to ...U guessed it ...Pratigya..Bro-sis exchange a few pleasantries..where we are made aware of the fact that the Motto driving Adarsh is no longer Adarsh or Sanskar,but is hard cold cash...He takes leave of the Thakur's by informing the Thakur's that The tall,swinging  Green Mannequin is no longer his sister .[One less person to spend on]...Both Husband and Wife walk out into the sunset..

A comedy element is introduced when the three stooges set about discovering the Legal and illegal means of employment ...and since none of them have any clue ..we are all set to watch a comedy of  errors happening  in the ensuing days ...we leave them at their brainstorming and head towards the house of Chai..

We find the Two Ladies deep in culinary discussion when power comes on  heralding the arrival of the monarch the Sax ...The women congratulate the Monarch on successfully paying the bill which the Emperor bashfully denies doing, the Empress then comes out with the quip that perhaps the heir apparent has paid, but our Guru shoots it down..All three wear a perplexed frown and a deerstalker hat and embark on detectivigiri.. we now move out and  on the streets and we spot the new Bridegroom and his dad on a jaunt..

Shakthi stops the Jeep nearby a winery and orders one of the hench men to drive  , Bauji wakes up and wants to know why he stopped the Jeep here spots Shakthi's ambrosia and warns him against drinking and at the same time wanting to know whether he has any other plans ..Shakthi bitterly retorts ..U do no allow me to go near the girl  I want to,but  u tell me to go to the girl I do not want  to..what Am I  to do ?? bauji is naturally furious and gives him a pieces of his blessing and sanctions the Drinks binge ..Before Shakthi can enjoy the blessing, Bauji calls him back and thoroughly pats him down and retrieves a piece of Gun hiding inside the jacket of Shakthi takes it away from him saying , One cannot trust u after few gulps of  alcohol am taking it with me [ Such caring and responsible father]..Shakhti  looks naked without a gun,shrugs off his loss philosophically and heads for his Nirvana...If Shakhti is there can Kesar be far behind..we now go in search of Kesar..and we find her ironing Shakhti's clothes

Kesar is busily ironing out  the wrinkles from Shakthii's kurtha [Pity she could not iron out the mean streak from Shakhti's Character.] ..A door opens and her souten walks in ..Kesar looks guiltily at the shirts she was ironing , holds on to one of the kurtha with quiet desperation..Kesar explains timidly that she was ironing her Man's shirts while  Aarushi comes in and delivers a zinger  which completely knocks out Kesar , To her credit Kesar gets up and valiantly fights back with velvet gloves leaving her opponent no other way than to rush away from the spot..

Golden Moments

The moment  where we see Kesar holding on to the Shirt ...

The Moment when Krishna innocently queries when did he do a legal work .

Amma stalking in to Pratigya's Bed room , trying to flush out the plot.

Simply bec it was ludicrous , i am putting it here..the time when Dadi asks for Pulao n Spicy curry..obviously The sax's do not have money for paying the groceries but Tummy demands tasty food.. A  prime example of quixotic Sax's

Crispy Dialogues

None that stood out  [for me ]


he Sax have not paid the EB bill, but the porch light is on even before power is switched on

A ho-Hum Episode ..with few flash in the pans ...Arhan looked out of sorts with his acting although his dialogue delivery was quite allright ..He has to snap out pretty fast ...One can only wonder at the folly of the CV's for turning such a brilliant actor into a mediocre one..Pooja Gor has taken a few steps backwards  and she has to produce a few flying leaps if the CV's have any intention of turning the  upcoming track into a high voltage Drama .. ..

The only one who stood out in the sorry episode was Amma..The way her eye's darts  back and forth from one sis to another ..the way she walks in warily trying to sniff out any conspiracy , The tone when she enquires the reason for the presence of Aarushi in Pratigya's room and the again the change in her tone  after she realizes that Aarushi ha dcome to get the chain gifted by her Mother was very well done ...

The Sax's as usual were at their worried and preplexed best ..and  we all know  that none can bet them at this game ..A Good father Son moment between Shakthi and SS ...Both Frank and honest  in conveying their feeling ...

I had said earlier that Only one stood out..No There was another one..she came at the tail end..Her name is Kesar ..she  too was Good , Her one action of Grimly clinging on to her Husband's Shirt , while   her eyes spark defiance, a pleading and a  need for understanding ..All well done...

A  Good and symbolic moment when Adarsh says that from now on he will be driven by Money and after saying this walks away from Pratigya, the embodiment of Truth,principles and righteousness..

Another Nice Moment when Komal walks to stand near her Mother giving Moral support when Adarsh deliberately snubs both Aarushi and Amma and walks by them without acknowledging them ...

Star Of the Day ..

Amma , Kesar !!

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CONGRATULATION"S  CV's Clap for always managing to surprise me and exceeding my expectation's...I had thought that this pathetic track has touched its  Nadir, but u belied my belief and showed y'day that  what I thought was the nadir turned out to be a false bottom and if u put ur mind you can,are  capable of giving us a pitiful track devoid of any intelligence,Logic or emotion's..

When Time has exposed the cold fact that the actor playing Aarushi is incapable of delivering on any front..why place such a serious issue on an already slender shoulder's which is unable to bear even the weight of her sari...Wrong Calculation or overweening  Pride at ur ability, eh CV's...added to that You compound ur crime by focusing on the non-acting Trio of the Sax siblings... We all Know that MS.Pooja is still not ready to fully take over any serious scene ..So why  entrust  a scene only with her without providing backup's in the form of Thakur's...At least they would have successfully entertained us when the non-actor's were Hamming...Seriously, Ms.Gor..Please buckle up and begin to deliver..U have had ample time with serious scenes , Time to show some improvement instead of crying, giving an unblinking stare...In other words work on ur Body language and ur eyes..Ur eyes remain blank.

 I thought the issue of Bigamy itself was serious enough for one track instead of which u now have brought in Unemployment and Bribe into this mess..How will you ever  justify each and every issue without diluting them ..each one of this issue deserves a track of its own and  by clubbing it together, You have trivialized  serious and burning issues.

For 4 months we put up with the nautanki , with this farce of Aarushi-Aman-Shakthi Triangle...and after watching the precap on Thursday, we, at Least I thought maybe we will get an insight into Aman's  game...But what did we get ...A wooden face saying even more woodenly that it was a game and he won and Aarushi Lost...DO Tell me...What was this game? Why was it played ??..And how did Aman Win..I mean..The wife is still kept hidden away from POP Mathur's..He still goes to meet her stealthily, he dare not be seen with Anu ...SO what the Heck  has changed?? How has he won ?? do elucidate me on this point ...

and Now that another Promo has come  and That too having two monster actor's Shakthi and Kesar pitted against this two Kiddos  Pratigya and Aarushi..How will this balance out ?? ..Do give rehearsals to  the kiddies  else this track will lose the gravity and tension .

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Opposites attract, but after marriage, opposites attack. Most of the time, we are attracted to people who don't have the things that we have. Incompatibility is why we get married, but it's also used as a reason to divorce. Incompatibility is just a lack of communication. If we just try to love [our spouse] the way we want to be loved, we are in trouble. Unless you communicate, it's difficult to know how to love another person.
--Dr. Charles Lowery.

It is a chilly night, there is a nip in the air  ...and we are at the Thakur House...

Krishna is all alone and in  contemplation  on the Terrace, Pratigya walks rubbing her hands to warm herself up * Baba give her  chavani chummi and warm her * ..Krishna gets disturbed  just by sensing  that she is in the vicinity But he does not turn back and acknowledge her..Pratigya pauses for long seconds * She probably was waiting for band baja to herald her arrival* Then she slowly and leisurely makes her way towards him, stands near him gives a assessing look then opens the gambit "Why are you standing here ? * woh mannat poora kar raha hai..Really Silly girl...he is angry and hurt and wants to be alone...You cant understand this * Come down or u catch a cold" But Krishna is not in the mood to obey , He refuses "No !! I'm all right here If I go inside ..My Head will get heated ..You Go..I am ok here..I'll come later "..he  walks off and sits on the bed , all hunched and lost ..Pratigya looks at him and she too follows him to the bed * Following the vachan's of Marriage to the T...*

Krishna gets a tad restless by her proximity and does not even look at her , Pratigya Softly " Are You still angry at me ? [Krishna gives a side long look effectively conveying his hurt,Pratigya lays her hands on his arms] What's the matter ? Tell me !! Why are you angry " Krishna still not looking at her " Why will I be angry on You? I am not angry , But Do tell me one thing ..You  are always teaching everything * EVERYTHING !!! Shockedwhat's right ? What's wrong? What should be done? and what  should not be done ? I can do  what I have learnt, I am not educated like your Father or Brother , Then How do you expect me to do the  white collar job..Just tell me " Pratigya " I am happy that you went out and began to work on my behest , but the method you employed to earn  is wrong and if you too follow the same path as followed by Bauji and Brother ..What's the difference between you and ur  bauji/Shakthi Bhaiyya * He has a heart full of love , They don't *..Krishna just crackles "What difference are you talking about ??You wanted me to earn money and I am earning it , PERIOD !!" Pratigya will not let him off the hook so easily , she endeavors to enlighten him "Krishna, It's just not about earning, It's about self- respect, It's about you turning into a Good Man " Krishna is exasperated "How to make you grasp what I am saying * That will be a monumental task, Baba...The Sax's are obstinate mules who refuse to understand and accept reality ..They are content to stay in cuckoo land * You have to change your way of thinking * The world will come to an end...But the sax's will never change* this is not a wrong path, This is the aggressive path  [Pratigya gives  Oh ! really look ]...Society  is scared of Aggressive people  else if you bend even slightly, they will knock you off  [TRUE !!] You come out of your fantasy land and understand the reality " ..Pratigya " No ! Krishna..The truth is  even today Truth is worshiped * Bingo Pratigya..Truth IS worshiped but is not practiced..There is a distinction see* and Lies are burnt *Krishna did not lie* And If I don't tell about the right and wrong, then who will [A soft glow on Krishna face on hearing this] and if I cant make you understand the difference between Truth and lies,Right and wrong then how can I assert firmly and confidently that I am your wife {the glow turns brighter ] what's the meaning of marriage when there is no mutual understanding" [The Glow on Krishna's face is full blown luminescence] " Krishna with a smile " I understood !! I  understood ur words , My methods are wrong ain't it ? Then I will  find another method which will come up to your expectation, Alright"  Pratigya nods happily ..Krishna holds her chin "Then give a smile , Dear ..I understood  what you were trying to convey..Now give a big smile " Pratigya gives a Cheshire cat grin ..Krishna " Now that's what I wanted" * You don't want chavani Chummi and  other Ahem Ahem's *..Pratigya goes into his arms and he envelops her within him..Both smile happily..

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labour, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories?
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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.  ~Irish Proverb

Pratigya looking gorgeous and wide awake is hanging up her sari's in the Magic Closet  * Is that Closet like Tardis, It contains the medicine cabinet, the the bed sheets, quilts,jewels, saris ..I'm sure ,If u want to meet Bill Clinton, u pop ur hand there and pull him out..and Billy will be with u*Krishna  comes up behind her and looking at her hanging the sari's says
"My Lub, dont you ever run out of Diesel, what the hell are u doing ...Why cant u sleep ?".. * The first Hubby who has ever asked his wife to sleep..and so early in the marriage, beta Pratigya ...u got ur work cut out Wink*Pratigya answers"I have got plenty of work,and I am not sleepy"  * Plenty of work , at Night !!Shocked..Naught, Naughty I'm sure  that includes Krishna WinkLOL* U do one thing, U go and sleep , i'll sleep later * Shattered DreamsOuch*. Undaunted Krishna proceeds "How will sleep come..U are not a horse to sleep in a standing Position {pointing at the bed] Go and stretch urself on the bed , close ur eyes, switch off the light , Then u will get a good sleep *Eh! close my eyes and then switch off the lights , How ??* Since I am telling u , Go and sleep early..what's the difference ? Go..go and sleep , Pratigya is mystified and plaintively asks him "Why are u so stubborn on each and everything ?" * Eee Liyo..This is the case of Coal calling Kettle black , Baba ka zid is nothing compared to ur's Pratigya Mayya * Krishna retorts " I wil not only be adamant, I will even enforce my will on You " [Pratigya's eyebrows rise in challenge} * Beta , Aaj Tak Ur shaadi mein, Pratigyaji has held the whip dont be under this delusion ..samajh gaye * Krishna hastily corrects himself by adding a N.B. * Poor Guy doesn't want to be cheated out of his chavani chummi * "If  U dont listen to me, heed my words, then I have to force u Isn't it ?"..But Pratigya is not in a mood to oblige Krishanwa..and Our Krishnawa is also a saand and he saandishly is determined to get her to sleep early , so he plucks her sari from her hand thrusts it into the Magic closet , closes the doors of the closet * Thereby breaking the spell cast on Pratigya by the Magic closet * and tries to guide her to the bed * Ithni urgency Beta , lagtha hai Bahut Bhooke hoWink * Pratigya tries her dilly dallying again protests saying "I aint sleepy " * Count Sheeps, U will get sleepy, better still count buffaloes ..they are big and huge will  definitely make u sleepy* In answer Krishna just lifts her like a sack of potatoes and carries her towards the bed  turning a deaf ear to her protestation..

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.
~Thomas Hood,

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me
You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around
-- The Jungle Book

He successfully dumps the sack of potatoes, Ummm Pratigya on the bed ..But Pratigya jumps like a doll on coiled spring , But Krishna pushes her on the bed again saying "Honey Bun..Try to sleep..U never listen to my words "..Pratigya proves that she is a dutiful wife by refusing to heed his words, gets up and wants to know from Krishna as to the reason why he wants her to sleep so early..Krishna is checked but rallies around to rejoin "Cant u do anything without asking a question  *And betray her Sax Parampara..ShockedReally Baba Tum bhi na !!LOL* {Pratigya adopts her Mulish look} Krishna continues his flow "Tell me, I am telling u to sleep, cant u sleep early for my sake ..And, and I'm bidding u to sleep, I'm not sending u to School , C'mon be a good Sport..lie down"..Pratigya  wails "But I'm not sleepy, Krishna  "..Krishna   Promises her to teach her how to get sleepy    "Sleep will come, i'll teach u as how to get a good sleep [and Pushes her again on the bed ] U sleep,Sleep like a good girl" and begins to rock her gently , Pratigya gives a glare which rebounds off him without affecting him in any way , Both look  into each others eyes and their gaze gets locked with each unwilling to break their gaze, Silent communication ensues..But Pratigya Maidam is tapping her fingers impatiently and is refusing to fall asleep, * Just to tease him, I suppose* She raises her eyebrows silently mocking I am not sleepy and now that u are forcing me so much, I definitely will not sleep, I am going to stay awake and drive u nuts, So there !Gives a sarcastic smile to back up her resolution Krishna is grimly determined, exasperatedly informs her "Sleep will not come like this, close ur eyes"..Since Pratigya does not oblige, he himself covers her eyes with his hand..and he continues his hypnotic spell by saying "Now You will get sleepy, u will get nice,long restful sleep, Sleep..Sleeep .. { a pause }..Good " * Patting his own back*[He slowly and cautiously checks to know whether she is really asleep  and gives a wave off his hand to indicate Maidam has gone to Slumberland] * Yay !!!! Mission Accomplished  ..Part I * He wants to know whether Pratigya has gone on to Nod land and enquires tenderly "have  u slept ?"..In answer He gets a sharp whack on his hands from Pratigya , reflexively Krishna  takes off his hands of Pratigya's eyes , Pratigya again comes up  and says quite definitevly "I am not SLEEPY".. * Wily Pratigya was never under the hypnotic spell of Krishna,She was pretending to be so..Cunning Witch * An Annoyed Krishna wants to Know "Y r u so mulish, My Moon beam , I am telling u to sleep, In fact I am even giving u various suggestion on how to sleep, if u fidget how will u get sleep" Adopting a cajoling tone Krishna coaxes his Babu  to give it a try again" My Babu, Listen to me , Have I ever asked u to sleep early , Just this once , sleep,  , Lub"  Pratigya Melts hearing this honeyed words, with a half smile hovering around her lips..she  carries out her bhoothnath's wish ..while Krishna continues his incantation "If u sleep early , what will happen ?..Han ..Now u sleep quietly  , even I will not disturb u  * Errr ...Eh ! *  will not even say anything , cross my heart "..Pratigya lies on the bed without making a sound with closed eyes..* Mission Accomplished II * Krishna turns a hawks eyes on her  leans  a bit closer and whispers " Slept already" Pratigya whispers back "Yes ! "..Krishna recoils as if he has been knocked out off the boxing ring, Reeling under this treachery , Krishna valiantly fights back , adopting a mock angry tone , he charges at the wickedly grinning Pratigya " Have u taken me for a fool, will anybody answer if they are really asleep, wait a min..u will not sleep like this " while Pratigya continues to lounge on the bed ,comfy like a well fed contented Cat, Krishna raises and goes to switch off the light like a overworked Donkey ..He switches off the Light and sternly orders her to Sleep , Pratigya implicitly obeys the Principal's command  and dutifully prepares to sleep ...Few seconds elapse..Voila !! Pretty MS. Singh is deeply  asleep..

Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony.
-- The Lion King

So this is love,
So this is what makes life divine.
-- Cinderella

Krishna turns to look at her ...and the lustrous moon beams begin to weave a magical spell around him , A spell filled with love and enchantment..For a min Krishna yields to this spell and gazes  at  that tiny petite frame , his galaxy, his universe, his muse  who holds  his happiness in her slight smile , His love  in her twinkling eyes , His world in her tiny heart , His eyes turn tender ..** Clears my throat ..Focus Dude,,Focus, Focus ..Dont forget our Mission * [Krishna awakens] and in a relieved tone  triumphantly says "She  is asleep".. * Mission Accomplished III Thumbs Up*

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Awesome Topic Carisma...well done, It's really apprecaiting!! Clap
Santhya u are and always will the best member of MKAP forum!!! Wink Hug
Thank you Carisma for opening the topic!!! Big smile

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For the first time today ...there were intense eyelock moments  ...between PRATIGYA  & KRISHNA Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Pratigya comes back to Adda and breaks down completely ...and Krishna is standing by helplessly ,looking at her ,feeling her pain and unable to bear her so heart broken ,,,he tries to ask her what went wrong ...,but Pratigya just gooes on Crying ...Krishna wants to console her ,he thinks of patting her shoulder's ...but holds himself back ...

end of scene 1

All four of them are sleepig ,krishna is muttering and turns towards Pratigya's Cot ...and She has vanished ,she is not sleeping on the cot..Alarmed Shocked he gets up ...and looks  and lo behold ,Pratigya is sitting in a corner and crying her heart out ...

So Krishna too gets up and sits next to her ...then he asks her [sort of softly] as what is the problem ? whay is she crying ? she says ..what for the first time I am feeling all alone ,as if I don't have anybody in the world ...immediately Krishna will say ..why are you saying this ? I am there for you ...I will always be there for  you ...even  for 7 janam ,I will be there for you..and in one of the janam's atleast ...I will win ur love... on hearing this ...,Pratigya will slowly raise her head and turn and LOOK at him ...her eyes will not have any hatred ,any anger ,any animosity ..for the first time ..,she will look at him  like a woman looks at a man...and  a few more  seconds of Eyelock ...then she will feel shy and lower her eyes ...then Krishna will continue in that same dreamy softy voice ...whenever you are happy ,whenever you smile ..,it makes me very happy Big smile ..but when you cry is as if my heart is crying ...only I can't show my tears to you !! once again she will turn to look at him with a hint of a shy SMILE ...and she continues to LOOOK at him and the "LOOKING  COMPETITION " continues with neither competitor's backing off ...WinkLOLLOL..then finally Pratigya will look away and Krishna too will break his gaze ...immediately Pratigya will start staring at him with a hint of smile ...and then Krishna too will turn too gazing  at her ! and feeling awkward she will turn away ..

Gurlz...One of the Best KriyA scenes ..Don't miss it !!
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