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great work carisma...thank u soo much Smile she is and will be the most talented and illuminating member of our MKAP forum

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Clapsuperb thought dosaClapClapkudos for thatClapClapClapClap

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Carisma di, wonderful job... Thank u so so so so so so so much... Hope Tanthya di comes bak... M already missin her...

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Carisma di. .
U know that I was d first person to press d like button in ths post.,Winkbt seems lyk im d last one to comment. .
Bt im saying it agn!this is the awesomest idea ever!n as binny said,we all knw,sathya chechi is the LADY SHAKESPERE of our forum. .she is the best!

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For  My Lovely Friend : Pratigyaz Smile

"Let your heart guide you...but listen closely because it whispers"
                                                                                                          - Land Before Time

Pratigya walks out  slowly,hesitantly , her heart hammering in  shyness,excitement,embarrassment ...she walks on slowly trying to cover herself completely,an impossible task for he already has seen her soul in all its glory ...She walks on with  closed eyes guided by the beacon of love ...

"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand."
- Unknown

Krishna who has been siting impatiently on a chair watches her approach in slight amusement..but the amusement vanishes when he beholds his queen, he observes  each and every undulating curves keenly, the master , the possessor of this nymph is transfixed by her beauty , her demeanor slowly is pulled of is chair by the   magical spell she has cast ..He stands looking at this splendid vision, His own Helen ...Drunk on her beauty , intoxicated by her silence he is pulled towards her, he goes unhesitatingly ...

"A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart."
- Unknown

Our princess is abashed  and is finding it difficult to open her eyes , for she  fears that she may encounter laughter ...her discomfort at the same time an unexplained excitement increases when she feels his presence near her ...

"Love is . . . born with the pleasure of looking at each other, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each other, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation!"
- Unknown

Krishna wants to have his fill of his domain, he slowly walks to her side,brushing his shoulder alongside hers...Pratigya is jolted  by a million watt power, her breath quickens and every nerve endings of her being is aware of him ...and is breathlessly awaiting his next move ..He circles his universe slightly brushing his hand against her's ...she is struck by lightning and whisks her hand away ,trembling and curling her hands , her petite frame unable to withstand the powerful emotions surging through , the feeling induced by the touch of her lord ...

"We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, and hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives."
- Unknown

He again goes and stands in front of her , gazing at the innocent countenance ,and  realizations seeping in that his reticent queen is feeling disconcerted  arrayed in this apparel ,he once again scrutinizes the intoxicating beauty of his wife and gently places his arms on her shoulders and slowly runs his hands upon her shoulder's...Pratigya is torn between discomfort and growing pleasure..But the eyes remain shut ...seeking to alleviate the discomfort..Krishna takes a silken bed spread and tenderly  and with a loving smile  wraps it around her ..Pratigya is startled into opening her eyes and looks at him ..seeing the emotion's in his eyes ,she quickly  casts her eyes down...but her feminine has caught the look , it is roused and shaking off  the society bound shackles ,stirs and fluttering its wings raises the downcast eyes and gazes shyly at her masculine half ...

How did it happen that their lips came together?  How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill?  A kiss, and all was said.  ~Victor Hugo

Krishna again places his arms on her shoulder, but now the woman is ready and is reciprocating his feelings in full measure , Krishna slowly caresses her eyes and brushes it off her face ...Pratigya turns her face towards his hand like a sunflower being drawn towards the Sun ..Krishna leans forward and gently  plants a kiss on her eyes ...Pratigya's breath quickens , emotions  races through like a fire raging through a dry grassland ..Krishna takes her hand and places it on his heart ...Pratigya is drugged by the music she hears in his heartbeat ..and looks in a stupor at Krishna ..and bowing to Eros , finally seal their souls with a  caress on their lips...and begin a voyage of discovery ...

The moment eternal - just that and no more -
When ecstasy's utmost we clutch at the core
While cheeks burn, arms open, eyes shut, and lips meet!
~ Robert Browning

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"The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love."

Krishna is thrashing on the bed restless, his  peaceful sleep disturbed by bright light falling on his face  ..he  tries to find the reason for the illuminated light and  his searching eyes  rests on the thoughtful Pratigya sewing her sari [At night,when ghosts walk Shocked]..Krishna  stares at her and her activity for a few seconds * realises that she has not gone off the rocker,so safe to talk*..Krishna "Arrrey o !! White complexioned Tailor ,Come and sleep *Understand Pratigya, Poor Baba is feling cold,needs warmth* Pratigya knits her brows and replies seriously  "Krishna , Am not I thought Let me complete the pending work,U don't get flustered..U go to sleep..Pratigya continues stitching ,Krishna looks inclined to accept this advice..but his conscience does not allow him to sleep , After an imperceptible pause, Krishna inquires"Tell me what is bothering you, what worm has entered ur brain that u are cogitating on that,in the middle of the night , stop ur riddles..and come here..why are u sitting so far ?? [So this was the asli muddha]..come sit by me,tell me ur worries ..Pratigya moves to comply with his suggestion , The ever alert Krishna tells Pratigya to place the Needle in a safe place,else may get pricked by it !! [Previous experience] Pratigya  puts the saree on the chair and sits by Krishna..both snugly tucked into quilt resume their convo..Krishna again asks "whats the matter?" Pratigya goes into meenakumari mode and replies "Krishna ,I was thinking about Papa [Kyun aur koi mila nahi kya? ]How will he bear all the expenditure,,Adarsh's Hospital bills [I thought there was such a thing as Insurance, Medi-claim],Aarushi's Marriage expenditure..I dunno how he will manage all this..I always wanted to help my father but"..Krishna  intercepts "Just this,,and U are worrying ur prettyhead over this..had u informed me..I would have helped ...I will help FIL..dont worry" Pratigya "U will help,but How ?" Krishna "what do mean ,? How?" ..Pratigya patiently  " How will u provide for such a huge amount ? Krishna "I will ask Bauji"..Pratigya  veto's this suggestion ...[Lagtha hai Krishna has not taken Mentos] ...Krishna plods on "Arrey am taking from my own father and not from the neighbor" {Baba,Pratigya would have preferred neighbor's loan over ur bauji's charity}..Money taken from me or from bauji..there is no difference"..Pratigya quips"not the same,there is a difference"..Krishna is getting heated ,he heatedly rejoins "what's the difference ?tell me "..Pratigya knows that opening this box will lead to she calmly tells"Leave all this matter,go to sleep"{that is like waving a red rag in front of a Bull} * aur Krishna tho saand hai, tho he is preparing for the charge *..Pratigya moves to switch off the light and is halted by Krishna's stubborn words "First state to me ,that while I want to help u in ur hour of need...why are u refusing to take my help?" Pratigya retorts "I will take ur help,when u earn it and the money is from ur earning"..Krishna is hit by a thunderbolt * Baba can shoot,can drink poison,can slit his wrist ...but if there is one thing that terrifies him,,it is  K.A.A.M.*..He gets defensive ,riposte's "U always put forth many conditions' but  People they are fooled into thinking that I am the stubborn fool..Ok..Borrow from whomsoever you want". so saying ..he covers himself turns away from her and lies down ..Pratigya looks at him with a hint of smile,shakes her head at his childishness,switches off the lights ,gives a quick glance  at the simmering Krishna and lies down on her side and prepares to sleep..

The quarrels of lovers are like summer storms. Everything is more beautiful when they have passed.

Here our miffed Krishna who is lying petulantly waiting for his wife to sooth him is chagrined to find his meherau sleeping peacefully by his side..Unable to believe the callousness of his wife , he gets up turns towards her and in a disbelieving and outraged voice continues "Tell me one thing, If I go to sleep in anger, u will not try to mollify me out of my  bad mood * How?? Baba * .Pratigya beams in delight ..Krishna continues huffily "Bolbo, Are u listening to me .. or am I just running off at the mouth ??"" Pratigya is grinning widely but is still silent..An exasperated  Krishna give a puzzled glare at her impassive back..leans over to have a look at his beebi and discover;s her beaming in pure unadulterated glee...He turns her over ,and is confronted by her smiling face ,which teases out a smile from his countenance...Krishna  promises punishment to her for fooling him..and proceeds to give a pleasurable Punishment ..

"It does not matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you do not do it in the street." - Mrs. Patrick Campbell

Next Morning...

Pratigya is buttoning up Krishna's shirt  * It's a rocket science, Na..cant trust Krishna to get it right*..and is straightening his collar..but Krishna finds it hot and unbuttons his button ..Pratigya looks at the unbuttoned shirt  and plaintively asks "what have u done ?" Krishna is puzzled "Me !What have I done ??"  ..Pratigya buttons him up again ...and also straightens out his collar ..Pratigya orders him not to touch the button's or the collar again..responding to the authority..Krishna straightens his shoulder's, stands straight like a boy scout and nods his head in acceptance...A displeased Pratigya begins to walk away from Krishna..but her arms are caught by Krishna ,is pulled back in an embrace ...As usual Pratigya goes chodo,chodo and not meaning it at all..while Krishna goes "what happened ,?"..Into this interesting scene walks Kesar ...who is overcome by a fit of blushes !! Startled for a second..both Krishna and Pratigya draw apart ..and Pratigya goes forward to talk to her Didi..but our besharm Krishna pulls her back again and hold her captive in his hug ...The embarrassed Kesar hiding inside her pallu inquires Adarsh's Health ..while Krishna is busy smooching Pratigya ...and Pratigya is torn between enjoying the kiss and having to answer Kesar Didi ...She somehow manages to breathe out that Adarsh is alright ..Having observed the formality Kesar quickly escapes from the room ...while Pratigya calls after her..Krishna "Lo,ur didi has gone " in tones of intense satisfaction..Pratigya does not want any more embarrassment and tells Krishna to let go her ..Krishna does so ..Pratigya gets on her high horse and starts haranguing Krishna"You are too much krishna,see Didi has gone ...will people ever do that, U are very naughty " * As if we did not know *..Krishna cajoles her saying "Don't scold me , Hun..I am ur poor Hubby " Pratigya sarcastically "Is it so " ..Krishna very neatly turning the tables on pratigya accuses her of delaying him from his work [??????],stalk out..while Pratigya watches his back wondering at the injustice of it all ..

Marriage is not a ritual or an end.
It is a long, intricate,
intimate dance together
and nothing matters more
than your own sense of balance
and your choice of partner

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Marriages are always moving from one season to another. Sometimes we find ourselves in winter--discouraged, detached, and dissatisfied; other times we experience springtime, with its openness, hope, and anticipation. On still other occasions we bask in the warmth of summer--comfortable, relaxed, enjoying life. And then comes fall with its uncertainty, negligence, and apprehension. The cycle repeats itself many times throughout the life of a marriage, just as the seasons repeat themselves in nature.


KP enter a swanky restaurant and Krishna is the self appointed PRO of the restaurant..he points out the glistening walls and  posh looks to the bemused Pratigya [ In case Pratigya is Short sighted and misses out on the Plush decor ]...A steward interrupts Krishna when he is in flow by saying " Sir, Table for "..which  raises the hackles of Krishna and he sharply rejoins " What are u blathering about ?" ..Pratigya  throws herself into the breech , holds Krishna's arms gently ,says "Table for Two " *Just tables, No need for chairs,cutlery etc..etc *...The steward withdraws in relief promising them the table in a minute ...

Hail wedded love, mysterious law, true source
Of human offspring, sole propriety,
In Paradise of all things common else.


Krishna, An exasperated Krishna turns to Pratigya and in aggrieved tones says "What's this ,Yaar ?...U eat here, u stay here..but natter in English ... what was he asking ? " Pratigya calmly tells him that the steward was asking how many ppl are going to eat ? ...Krishna gets heated , He wants to know  whether The steward has eyes or has his lantern dimmed ,or whether his eyes needs to be fueled by gasoline " ..Pratigya takes a quick look around to see whether other patron are overhearing this conversation...They Are ..They are thoroughly enjoying themselves *Who will let go of the free entertainment when it is offered on the platter * ..Pratigya Once again tries to calm him and says "Krishna, Calm Down,,,He is doing his job..How does he know that only we two are going to eat and that there will not be a third person later on " ...Krishna rolls his eyes at his wife's and stewards naivety..Heaves a  drawn out sigh,gets hold of himself and elucidates his wisdom to the simple minded Pratigya .. "If the third person were to come, Then there would  be no need to set a separate chair for him [Pratigya gives a uncomprehending look ],he will eat with us and will not sample from others plate .." ..A puzzled Pratigya seeks clarification "What do u mean ?"...Krishna gives out another long breath * Poor guy is made to work so hard today*"Meaning..U ask me to explain each and every thing...Did I marry u a few hours back ??..U have been staying with me for a while and U still don't understand my words * Maaf Karna Krishna Bhaiyya ...Ab Sab Log Tumhare tarah Tez aur shagird thodehi hai*..What I meant was{becomes aware that he is Providing tax free entertainment,Lowers his voice and goes on sedately }..That third person will be inside u and tasting whatever u eat and when he is born ,he will play in my lap ..[Pratigya has mentos  moment]...So..Did  I say anything wrong ..Just tell me  "..Pratigya gives a saccharine sweet smile ..Krishna latches onto that and begins teasing her..Pratigya does not know how to fend off from this teasing and is rescued by the  steward..

Steward comes and says "Ur table is ready ".. Krishna and Pratigya move on to their table..Krishna once again commences his PR duty , which is cut off by the steward again...Krishna mutters darkly against the high handed attitude of the stewards..and pauses to look in Pratigya's direction while seating himself, to be encountered with the charming site of the steward assisting Pratigya to her chair ...Misunderstanding his action..Krishna chimes up "Where are u taking the chair..She hasn't even sat ..leave it and leave us ".. Pratigya sits on the chair ...The next stage of Spanish inquisition begins... * Krishna did not understand ,Sir ..Table...but he now understands a whole sentences framed in English ...5 min mein English seekgaya ..Big smile*

"No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying." - unknown

KP are offered the menu's...And Krishna just keeps away his menu with a speed that do credit to cheetah, He orders juicy succulent Chicken with bones [After taking the waiter thoroughly to task for speaking in English] while Madame orders Veg fare..The waiter Takes the orders and is on the verge of leaving when Krishna calls him back and asks him to create "Atmosphere"..He asks the waiter to light candles .. just like they do it movies !!The harried waiter replies that candles are lit during dinner and not at lunch ..Pratigya nods her assent ...Krishna now understands the predicament of the waiter and strives to resolve it and comes up with Krishnasque solution..he tells the waiter to dim the lights of the Hotaaal and then light up the candle ..Pratigya intercedes on behalf of the hapless waiter and asks Krishna to let go, other customers are eating too..Krishna says will solve ur problem too * He is really being overworked today..hope he gets good recompense when he gets home Wink*..Stands up and addresses the ppl having their lunch .. Says his wife wants to have a candle light Dinner,so he wants the light to be dimmed and candles will be lit on all the tables..he enquires whether they have any issues with it ...{They don't have problems] ..Krishna sits on his seat with a self satisfied air and asks Pratigya whether any more complaints ..Pratigya just laughs  off the suggestion but cant stop herself  from baiting him " U have to get ur own way in everything ...isn't it "..Krishna gives a hurt look ,briefly wondering at the injustice of the world and proceeds to inform her that she is a strange woman..that all he did was for her...Pratigya promptly rejoins pointing a sharp pronged fork at him "When did I ask for candle lit dinner ?"..Krishna pulls the dangerous weapon from her hand , "What if u didn't  tell me verbally.. I understood ur wish ,,I cant read this scripted books..but I can read ur heart very well " ..Pratigya gives a slow smile of tender love,caught immediately by Krishna..

The ever inquisitive Krishna wants to know the reason for her look..Pratigya doesn't oblige and steers him off by saying that he is one of a kind..a UNIQUE HUMAN ...God must have taken his own sweet time  while creating him, Krishna smugly reiterates that what she said is tru..and that Pratigya is lucky cos he married her...Pratigya  sweetly sarcastic says "of course"...The sarcasm bounces off him and Krishna continues his paean  " A lot of girls fight over me ..What to do ??"...KP exchange a loaded look..while Krishna is unbooting himself and removing his socks all the while looking nonchalant ...His feet slowly steals over her feet and feels her up..Pratigya  is startled < Krishna immediately calms her her saying.."Its not some mice or rodent..its ur own pet Lion"..Pratigya is struck by his mischief and a smile steals over her cheerful face..

Every marriage tends to consist of an aristocrat and a peasant. Of a teacher and a learner.


KP are eating..Pratigya pauses and looks contemplatively at the busily eating Krishna..A look of intense rapturous deep love filling her eyes ..Krishna is puzzled  at her intense look..looks here and there , confirms it is aimed at him and question the reason for her look ...deduces that she is feeling  love towards him and says soothingly that "don't fear u  are not alone in this ..even I love ...Myself ..Cos I am like that .. I mean Ppl stare at me..what am i to do..I cant go and tell each and every one to stop staring at me ..Tell me Can I do Anything ?..Pratigya says "Do U know what is the most admirable trait in u..The reason why ppl love u so much ".The intelligent Krishna knows the answer ,Ppl love him bec he looks like a Hero,he further tom toms that his frnds tell him to try his luck in films ...Pratigya adds her yes vote to his frnds assertion's...Finger bowl arrives...Krishna starts disbursing his gyan again..tells Pratigya to wash her hands in her bowl and not drink it ...Pratigya meekly replies [controlling her  smile ]that she would have drunk it had he not said so..and proceeds to wash her hand...The bill arrives..Krishna Pays the bills and walks towards the exit followed by Pratigya ..Pratigya looks down and catches the sight of barefooted Krishna ..and cant control the grin which springs forth unrestrained ...covering her mouth to hide her mirth ..she gestures Krishna to put on his shoes..An Embarrassed Krishna does the needful..both venture out of the restaurant

KP are walking on the streets ..A thief runs towards them followed by a chasing Mob..Krishna  grabs him and starts belaboring  him ..Aman comes and holds Krishna's hands his usual stricture on rules and regulation ..Krishna gives a smoldering look ..

A fun filled Caper ..Just highlighted the fact both are comfortable with each other and one another weakness..Krishna is not overawed by the austere and staid world of English..he still deals with each and every problem with aplomb ...And Pratigya is not ashamed to be seen in the company of an Illiterate, who  makes an A** of himself ...she looks beyond and sees the man ..while he looks into her and sees his soul..Krishna was all aggression and action while Pratigya was calm and poise  ...both complemented each other...

The scene outside was interesting ...It showed Krishna in his elements...he fearlessly catches a robber and gives him instant punishment ...swifter and long lasting than the legal punishment ...and into this mix  comes Aman...who holds Krishna...I find it interesting that both stand side by side and not on opposing side  ..and both give a piercing look at each other what is it going to be ??..will it be while the 2  Damaads fight against  injustice..they still will be opposing each other bec of their outlook..or is it that  Krishna's unbridled anger and violence be tempered by the restraining hand of logic,law and rules...will both work in tandem ??

Why was Komal There ?? Is it bec when  tomorrow Aman's brother is found guilty ..and if Aman shirks [Which I find unlikely]..then she can toss the coin back at Aman ... or is it a lesson for her not to take law into her own hands ..

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A Good episode after ages with taut screenplay,crisp dialogues

The episode opens unsurprisingly with the ever crying and lamenting Saxena's..but for a change , a pleasant change at that sax senior displays a maturity  which he had magnificently kept hidden so far ..he consoles the inconsolable Nainaji and as a way of cheering her reveals the wonderful surprise ..It is the Messiah's Birthday !!!! ...

Over at  TN, Krishna has planned a Midnight celebration  and leads a sleepy but curious Pratigya to the rendezvous ...She is entertained with crackers and to assuage the hunger after watching this extended fire works ..takes her to the electrocution point..where a chocolate cake reposes amidst tiny lamps ..Pratigya cuts it  and a slice of cake is honored with the touch of Kriya ...Krishna as usual is ready to take it to the culmination and lifts her leading to the final destination ..

Morning dawns literally and figuratively in Sax household..After many  days, The sax are peacefully imbibing their Ambrosia and planning the activities for the day..sax seniors are intent on visiting Pratigya and giving their blessing..But can such a happy moment be allowed without  paying due obeisance to their presiding deity called Worry..Nainaji is worried on handling their loose cannon YKW .. Astonishingly,Sax displays a iron will  and grimly states we shud not avoid going to see our daughter for some third person..Adarsh has finally discarded his faithful companion and taken the support of his mercurial life partner and is hobbling  towards his nirvana..which is his office...

Pratigya  Dresses up and is  ushered into the royal hall like a Royal princess by an excited Krishna ...He tells her to take the blessings  of the  August body assembled in the Grand room of Thakur Mansion ..The elders  happily give their Blessing laced with spicy sarcasm's and  bitterness ..except for the Royal Mother GD ofcourse ...

The plebeians Sax's  enter  and are duly welcomed by the host ..Pratigya takes their blessing  which is readily given to her ..The  etiquette conscious Sax apologize for coming uninvited and their apology is waved off with due insouciance by SS with the comment, he is welcome anytime since his 2 daughters are here, sax's bitter rejoinder , They have only one Daughter .. SS gives a smirk and orders his DIL to treat them to Thakur's Hospitality ...Pratigya takes them inside..And the sax walk past their living dead Daughter...Amma duly uses this opportunity to further stoke the fire of hatred burning in YKW's heart..while  Krishna heatedly tells his mother to treat her ever growing cancer..Krishna then turns his focus towards business on hand and demands a car for Pratigya from his Papa ..Papa gives a credible imitation of about to erupt volcano ...

Looks like The Cv's are beginning to wake up from their slumber.. After month's hiatus the plot has begun to inch forward ..

A lovely moment of togetherness was shown between Sax and Nainaji .Sax is behaving like a mature man given to thoughtful insights..his acting though needs to be improved ,It is amply demonstrated when he says today is Pratigya's birthday..He said it as though a DJ or VJ was making a surprise announcement ...

The Kriya moment were good too..The cake eating  would have been even more realistic had Pooja really taken a bite instead of merely placing it near her teeth and making Chomping motion's ..we also heard the KRIYA song after a long long time .. we also had a vision of YKW watching the KRIYA moment from behind a half open door.. Perhaps an augury of the storm that she is going to infuse the Kriya land with but it was heartening to note that KRIYA together get past YKW.

The expression , the trace of pure venom in SS eyes when Krishna informs that today is Pratigya's birthday was one for Kodak moments and the quickness  with which he hides his hatred and lets it seep thru as his blessings was a wow moment.The cv's too shud be praised for the way they handled Amma..she is sitting there all the while spinning woolens for the new arrival...It was just brilliant and showed the reason Y YKW is the cherished apple of her eyes without having to state the  obvious ...The CV's also threw a surprise when the Sax did not even have a momentary qualms when facing YKW...and completely ignored her ...Another telling moment was when Sax insult Aarushi by saying that  they have only one daughter ...The reaction of Shakthi or shud I say the total lack of reaction from Shakthi was quite important ..Had he been  a guy really in love with Aarushi, he would have taken umbrage , seeing the way tears were rolling down her eyes..but Shakthi would be seen lounging  at ease in his chair.. A very impactful scene which conveyed the fact that Shakhti was interested only in her body. we also got to see the courteousness of Thakurs.. despite being indirectly humiliated by Sax, SS still offers him refreshment and orders Pratigya to take care of her parents with Thakur Shaan ..I hope the sax learn a lesson here and remember that adage "Athithi devobhava..

Kudos to CV's for highlighting the difference between the two Son in laws of Sax's..The sax's arrive and as soon as they are seen by the Thakurs..Krishna gets up from his seat and remains standing as a mark of respect  while Shakthi remains insolently seated ...

We also got to see  the treatment of DILs in two different household ..In one household ..The DIL is brash, spiteful,shirks off her household chores and disrespectful..she has often insulted the people of the house and when she has insulted them ,the elders have given her a strong verbal lashing and ordered her to retire to her room  and in due course she is treated like their own child with all the love and care , while in another household..any misdemeanor of DIl is nursed in their hearts and given with due interest  over an extended period of time..the grudge is never allowed to die..and the DIL is treated like an enemy


Komal being very concerned about  Adarsh  and giving him advice.Adarsh for one being patient and quiet instead of being  condescending or giving a smirk .

India jeetgayi ..Ithni raat kho bhi chain nahi bhudao ko ...The Devars delighting in Pratigya's delight..Tunna's reaction when Krishna says, Pratigya will get a special gift.

The reflection of their togetherness  as seen in the fountain.

Ss taking blessing from his Mother and then proceeding to sit on his chair..

The alignment of ladies when P has finished taking Aashirwad..All the Thakur Ladies on one side, while YKW stands away and apart from them ..showing that she does not belong ...One priceless Golden moment.

The expression of contempt on Amma's face   when she spies Sax's.

The expression on Krishna's and  SS face plus the minor discomfort of Shakthi when Sax says I have got only one daughter.

Bauji  asking Krishna  to take care of his In laws..Minor moment but a tacit acknowledgment of the limbo status of YKW

The Royal ignore of  YKW by Sax.

Crispy Dialogues for the day :

SS to Pratigya : Shanthi se raho, Kranthi na Philao ...Tum aaram se raho aur humein chain se rahene do.

SS to Krishna : Taana ka Ulta ka Hotha hai bolo ..

Krishna : Naatha ??

SS : Naatha hai Thabahi  taana maar rahen hai nabhai Jhoothe sa maartha.

Komal to Adarsh : Aise chalo jaise Nayi naveli Dulhan darwaja paar karthi haina jaise.

Sax To the Thakurs :  Maaf kijiye Thakur saab , Hamari ek hi beti hai ..PRATIGYA .

Krishna to SS : Kaun ho tum, Yaar ?

SS :Tumhara Baap


The Sax are next door away from poverty .. but their dining table is replete with tasty dishes and orange juice ...

They are able to buy gifts for Pratigya but are unable to repair a latch of Komal's necklace.

How was the Flower pot lit ??


GD and SS ...
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