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Pratigya is sitting on the corner of the bed lost in deep thought ...and looking very worried ..Kesar comes in stealthily holding  a plate full of food  and quickly closes the door [ClapClapClap ...The Thakur's have  achieved their objective ...they have isolated Pratigya , but  the ever faithful Kesar  will be Pratigya's buffer ]...kesar offers the food to Pratigya but Pratigya refuses to eat [Khalo beta, you have to maintain ur form or these sabre toothed tigers will  rip u apart ] ..she says , How can I eat ..Krishna left the house without eating anything [when did she get so concerned about it ...Right...after losing her heart to him ..of course Big smile ] ...she continues her soliloquy ..I don't know what is running thru his head [Not only u honey, even we don't know what is running thru his head ]..he wants to trust me but is finding it difficult and this is pulling him apart ...I myself don't know what to do [A first for Pratigya...usually she knows what to do  and also what others shud do ]..I don't even know where he is ...

Where is he ?..Ah ! There you are !! Krsihna is chilling out in the monsoon rain amidst lush greenery..he is lying on the jeep and we get a glimpse of his mind...*Peering thru the Microscope, we discover * that Pratigya court scenes are galloping inside his head ..unable to bear the effect  of those words, he shoots up ..[ he is drenched in the rain cleansing him, his thoughts ..clearing the dirt accumulated and giving the much needed clear view of Pratigya ,is it restoring his clarity or is it crying along with Krishna.. A mute witness to Krishna's pain ...sharing his sorrow , showing its sympathy in the only way it knows ] ...Krishna is still depressed

We now turn to sax ..Komal is feeling pretty lonely ..and sitting all by herself ..Adarsh comes and tries to apologize without actually apologizing in his own clumsy way ..But Komal understands perfectly ..and says  I am not angry with u or ur family ...I even understand the Pratigya condition but what gets my goat is ur trait of hiding  and covering the truth and keeping me out of the loop ..even if u were to tell me about Pratigya..I will not relay it to my parents ..ClapClapClap [Biwi ho tho Aisi ]...*Seedhi MUh , No Bakwas*

Amma is seething and bubbling and pulling the ear rings out her ear lobe...and the reason for her violent treatment of her own Ears ...Komal Supported Pratigya ...SS is hearing all this in silence and he says that he is waiting for election's ...then he is going to cut off all contact with Shyamji's parivar ...sending one sibling to heaven and  sending termination of marriage notice to another ..[Made of for each other, these Thakurs ]

It has turned dark ...Pratigya is still waiting ..she has dozed of in the hall ...her face is covered partially by her hair ... a hand comes and gently pushes it off her face ..startled ..she wakes up and sees the gentle smiling face of  KRISHNA ...She is unable to believe her eyes ..the ever ready tears spring down her cheeks [this time it is one of relief and happiness ] ..he continues to stand  directly in front of her and gently lifts her up..his arms are supporting her ..gently he wipes off the tears * a few seconds of eyelock *  PRATIGYA hugs him , even more importantly Krishna hugs her back, holding her close to him , engulfing her in his arms...The Hug continues for a long time with Krishna giving a gentle and loving smile Day Dreaming ...and then there is a ting tong ting-tong ...what is this sound doing in Kriya paradise bey Angry..Pratigya's eyes open and she realises that she was dreaming [ acha ab Dream tak pahunch gaya hai Krishna , kuch din mein  100% Krishna ki deeewani banjayegi  aur sabi jaga nazar aane lagega ]..well hearing the ting tong [doorbell]...she runs to the door thinking krishna has come, but it is the milkman ..Pratigya is shattered .. and contines to stare at the MM vacantly..the MM tells the Bahu to get some vessels ,so that he  may fill the vessel with milk ..Piyasiya comes with the milk vessel and finds Pratigya at the door...her greyhound nose twitches ..and her saucer eyes rolls..she asks Pratigya why is she awake so early ...and putting 1 and 1 together she asks whether Krishna has returned or not she waiting for him ?unable to bear her pestering , Pratigya runs to her sanctuary ...

Here Komal has come with an peace offering to Shyamu ...and is hesitating ..Nainaji comes in and tells Sax about it ...and Nainaji calls her in ..and says all this was prepared by Komal and she has come to apologize ...and Komal immediately launches into a lengthy apology..where she also requests her sasurji to teach Adarsh some lessons on getting angry and finally ends up saying Anger is necessary to fight [ So there will be ladai, this time it will be Sax VS Thakur's ]..nainaji says she can become gentle with love and attention..and sax says what about the other Thakur's which Nainaji retorts ..Krishna is there for Pratigya , he understands her .

Piyasiya delivers the good news that Krishna is not in the house ..and Amma and shakthi go into planning mode...

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The engraved tableaux of DA vinci exists just as it was on Friday one have moved an inch !!

Krishna again reiterates that Pratigya is his wife and whatever action has to be taken will be decided by him ..NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY RIGHT !! then he tells Piyasiya to get the water ...Piyasiya, the dutiful Piyasiya fetches the water...he leads Pratigya to the corner ..and and cleans her face and heart ..he rids her face of coal and her heart of darkness, fear,suspicion ...he washes off all this negative emotions with that heavenly consort of shiva, ..the Ganga his acts of cleansing ..he shows that underneath all that muck,...she is still pure and he trusts that fact !! By washing her with the Ganga  Jal...  [ Ganga brought to life many a princes by flowing over their Ashes ] Similarly , Krishna too is shown as  a life Giver ...Full marks for CV's to pack so much in such a short duration ...not forgetting his Manners, he himself will offer Water to the head of another family , instead of Piyasiya giving it...he will also arrange for the conveyance  for his guest ...

One shot I loved here was Prof , wiping his face and coming with grime and dirt ...symbolically perhaps wiping off his erroneous and superior assumption and the ill will he had harbored towards Krishna ...and also he will bend towards Krishna ...and Krishna will stand Tall...This whole scene was so rich in symbolism...that I just do not wanna let go of it ...But move on , I must ..

Pratigya is standing next to her Papa ..and looking on ...slowly she begins her walk towards Krishna...Krishna is neither looking at her  nor towards her...He is standing alone  ...and Pratigya comes and falls very nearly at  his feet as if the Plant has finally found the strong tree to protect and nurture her ...after a few sec...Krishna lifts her up  and takes her under his protection . ..proving that he and he alone is the rightful protector of Pratigya... .he also treats the prof with gentle courtesy , Kesar will still be crying but in happiness , G.Dadi looks on proudly at her G.son [ At least he has not lost his humanity]

and will my post end without my fav Girl ...Komal !!

Komal as usual bursts the bubble gum complex of Sax's ...she with very few words highlights the narrow minded mentality of Sax...and the sax's are not even able to comprehend  her points...The siblings are doing their dutiful wooden act ...Nainaji is looking on in shocked silence ...and all of them are back to their petrified terror ....*Time for Nainaji to say " Hey Bhagwan ! yeh Hamri saath hi kyon hotha hai "* CryCryCry

Finally Harsh and Actual Reality...

The witch and warlock  are sitting and discussing today's event ...and are firmly convinced that Unless Krishna is brought out from the succubus Influence then darling son is headed for doom ...The the Two warlock's and the witch busily stir their cauldron...each wants to be the first to come up with a plan ...*And the prize goes to the young warlock*...he suggests that Pratigya shud be moved from this house and world permanently ...hearing this the witch is shocked [she is greatly disappointed she did not come with the idea first ]...but then she gets all excited and says we will barbecue Pratigya and holler that an accident has occurred  [ Fools ! if Pratigya dies so conveniently and so soon ..won't it give rise to speculation's...these Dumbos !!Ouch] ...they then decide that they will wait for Baba to leave and do the Havan ...and all their master plan will come to a naught ...cos our silent Kesar has overheard ...

Time for Pratigya Nivas ..Tra-la-la
Big smile
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Namaskar,hello to all the friends and reader's of Tanthya's posts ...

Tanthya has had a nervous breakdown  and  has been  heavily sedated and hypnotized  ...while in the hypnotized state  it became very clear that she is seriously traumatized by something called pratigya,and some weird lalaland called Kriya and also there were frequent reference to the supreme lord Krishna ...and she was also constantly agreeing to something by chirping yesyes ...A plea to all the well wishers of Tanthya ...if you can collect all the random thoughts, paranoia and self induced delusion's of Tanthya and give  a coherent pattern to it...,it will aid us in treating Tanthya...

Beware if you are expecting the usual hilarious,ridiculous and irreverent posts..then u r in for a letdown ...


Krishna Krishna Krishna ...
[this is the name she keeps chanting,is she religious? ,has she joined hippies ...presenting her thought patterns below ]

wow ! Hooo-hay !! finally the mist is clearing ..I see Nirvana ..the promised land !!Big smile ...we are finally beginning I know ebberything..why  dough nuts are round that Venus ? what is Mars doing in Venus??Confused Good God ! there is Beethoven symphony going on in Venus and it is conducted by Mozart !!!... Shockedhey Look !!Loook ,Look at that desert ,it is made of Badam halwa ...Embarrassednow why does it remind me of  mera ? of course she was Krishna's param bhakth !!Silly me ...of course Krishna's devotee...Krishna.., Krishna...Big smile

Tanthya's Inner Conscience takes over ...from here it is only Tanthya's inner self talking ...

Hello frns ,

after being under stress, my mistress has gone in for detox ..but she has importuned me [Self importantly clears the throat ] ME to take over ... I am going to do her bidding ..

Today was the day when many things  become clear ...The duality of Krishna's thoughts, the reason for him being a poodle of Pratigya for so long...etc,etc

Krishna's law is very simple and is based on love ...


Love is said to be a positive emo , it gives happiness ,it makes hardships bearable ...but  it cant be denied love also destroys...when one falls in love ,love manages to change ur core , it alters you , all the previous laws and rights goes for a can make a thief out a gentleman or turn a vilest hardcore scoundrel into a respectable man ...Embarrassed

Reverting back to Krishna ...Krishna's love is based on loyalty and trust ...any breach in this and the betrayer is automatically eligible for death ...this is one half of Krishna.

when the storm subsides, be it the storm of betrayal,anger or falsehood ..when it blows over...there still is and will be Love the rock of Gibraltar ...this too is an unshakable truth of Krishna might say the other half of Krishna ...

Two half's...and not related at all ...and still this 2 half's sit comfortably in Krishna ...This is the duality of Krishna ...

Krishna is the Ocean of LoveSmile...and just like ocean ..there will be ebbing tides and high tides ..constant churning  and just as storms, hurricanes cyclones rise over ocean, giving rise to waves so high that it destroys everything in it is wake, batters down anything in its path and this destruction will continue untill the hurricane lasts and once it blows over the ocean return to its tranquility , the tides return to its normality..the ocean has changed but is still unchanged, the ocean has swallowed many unpalatable and dangerous things  , but once it absorbs this unpalatable things,,it retaines its calm and resumes its serenity, its unflappability continues inexorably until eternity and so does Krishna's love..

Krishna's Love too will witness hurricanes, will lash out  but like the ocean his love too has enough depth to absorb the unpalatable truths and accept the truth ...

today there was an allusion to Krishna as "Saarthi" ...this makes things clearer ..for I have always wondered what was the role of Krishna in Pratigya ...was he going to the poodle of Pratigya , or was he going to be her project ,was he there as a link to another world, to the feudal world ...but by saying that he was saarthi...they have given another dimension to Krishna.

Krishna was a saarthi alright,but he was also the puppet master,A suthradhar who held the threads of all character's and made them act according to his dictum. He was the life and soul of Mahabarata , his presence enveloped the Gita ... Similarly Krishna is the heart and soul of Pratigya..his presence is felt even in his absence !!

when prior to the Mahabharata war, he would be sent as an emissary by the pandavas for one final negotiations and compromise...but Krishna in his wisdom will  decide that war is the best thing to rid this world of evil but even though he feels so , he will not impose it but try to fulfill Pandavas wish  but at the same time he will not give  kauravas any leeway to accept the compromise ...

result :Triumph of Good

Krishna as saarthi means Pratigya will be Arjuna ...and let us not forget that Arjuna was always guided and helped by Krishna in all sphere..., be it in war, be it in love or be it in politics and administration ...Krishna was always there  ...Although It would look like arjuna did what his heart bid...a careful look would ensure that Arjuna could do so because Krishna ensured it ...Any minor deviation and Krishna would take the reins firmly ...

example..when Arjuna throws down his gandiva and refuses to fight against his own kith and kin ...Krishna will not say ..OK let us not fight ..instead he will remind him of his duties to truth and cajole him gently but firmly to fight to at the time of Karna's will be Krishna's taunts and his command  to Arjuna  that will steady the wavering hands of Arjuna and the fatal arrow will be released and hit its mark ...Arjuna may have fought the war but it was Krishna's skillful charioteering  that ensured Arjuna's  Success ..So too with Kriya ..Pratigya is fighting a battle and winning bec of Krishna's handling of his homestead..

Krishna never felt demeaned, when he was asked to act as the negotiator or messenger Boy or even as a driver to Arjuna ..Similarly Krishna too never feels demeaned to be a driver to Pratigya or inquiring about her father's case from the Lawyer or even while giving unsolicited advise to Pratigya...

next we come to the reason why Krishna was acting as the willing Poodle of  Pratigya and ignoring SS ...[the Psychiatrist said yesyes..he doesn't watch MKAP]..according to Krishna's lights , he has already fulfilled his part of bargain to SS..he and his wife were marched across the L&B of Allahabad,portrayed as a loyal family, was forced to give interviews , was forced to pledge that his family was fully supportive of Pratigya and that Pratigya was treated like queen...and Pratigya did this without a murmur ...for him and his family ,in other words he has been a dutiful son and Pratigya was a dutiful DIL  and now it is his help her out and he is doing it ...

ooops, Tanthya is awakening !!! I have to go ...if she is hypnotized again some time in future ..I will come back to resume my discourse !

apologize for the long and sober post...and hope Tanthya understands that sometimes seriousness and sobriety is needed and frivolousness and humor   are inadequate tools to write one's views..

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 Shakthi ...

The only character in the thakur's who doesn't have much Dialogues ...nor is shown to be an individual ...who is present in almost all the scenes and by his sheer presence manages to radiate an aura of malevolence..he is not someone to be easily ignored the family can ignore G.Dadi, Piyasiya [despite her rolling eyes] , the statuesque Kesar, but not this brooding HULK

Last week... the entire forum was up in arms against his insensitivity ..all the members  be it Pro-P or Pro-K were unanimous in showing their disapproval...

Naturally with all the members against him...I took a side ways step and tried to assess him ..


 looking back, shakthi struck me as honest ...he is entirely honest in his confession that he does not love  his wife , neither does he pretend to be in love in front of his family..he has told them quite bluntly that he married her only becos you ordered me too..and not because I wanted too other words he was being an obedient and dutiful son ...unlike Krishna !!

Neither has he kept his revulsion and dislike of Kesar hidden from her...from day 1 , she knows that her hubby does not love her, wants only one thing from her !! But still she wants to stay in on the relationship other words he has not lied to his wife.

He has a high libido ...he has never denied it !! he has not boasted about it , he has stated it matter of fact  and also said that he visits Kothas for this express purpose ...None have stopped him !! He had even given an option to Kesar saying that he cant control his libido, as night sneaks on, it goes on overdrive ...So either choose Baby or Pati...and Kesar chose Baby and shakthi chose kothewali !!

even though he dislikes Kesar , he did acknowledge her as an ideal Bahu ...although he loathes  her , it has not stopped him from  acknowledging the true fact...

He does not want any baby from Kesar and he has made it very plain to her and had Kesar any sense, she first would have tried to convert his mind or she could have taken preventive measures but she very foolishly goes and gets pregnant , putting her life and her child's to mortal danger...later if the baby is born what if the baby does not get the father's love...this does not seem to weigh heavily with Kesar...

He has said that he will not allow this baby to be born..he will take some steps to avert the birth of this child ...when he attack, he attacks after giving a  warning ...and  he did try  to abort the pregnancy and also truthfully  revealed the failed plot to kesar ,if Kesar has any Grey cells...she shud take some strong actions by informing her sasur or going of to her Maika.

what ever  SS tells , he will do without a murmur  and without  a single rebellious thought ...he is indispensable to his father and his right hand man ...he is highly protective of his sister

 Does Shakthi deserve whole hearted condemnation for being truthful and honest about his intentions and feelings ...

Is he capable of redemption ...Will he be redeemed ??

Does shakthi deserves another chance ??


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I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.
                                                                                                   Mohandas Gandhi

What a journey it has been !! What a Beautiful,torturous and fulfilling journey it has been and it is going to be...

The  metamorphosis of Krishna , A changeling slowly maturing into a caring,sensitive, responsible individual has made for a fascinating watch..More than Pratigya and her righteous fights, More than SS and his comic villainy..It was Krishna's evolution which kept  us hooked to this serial ..Krishna did evolve ,not smoothly,steadily and gradually..but he evolved in fits and starts, many a time fighting his inner demons, his prejudices,his archaic notion's...Sometimes succumbing,few times floundering but always conquering..This has been Krishna's hallmark

I am going on a trip down memory lane..Do join Me !!

Ah!! Those golden days, those innocent days ..That was the day we first met a supremely confident,cocky Cub  called Krishna ...He stepped out  draped in a color of passion, exuding power and danger ..He was the epitome of self assurance, Self Belief..He was the cub who believed that all the things that pleased him were his , All the things that he looked at were his..He was a naive Cub ..not yet aware of the limitation's..not even aware of the boundaries..he was a free spirit who was not answerable to anyone..His anger a  molten fire which consumed whatever was in his path , His Ego a giant mountain and one which was not allowed to be trampled on..A morally blind Cub, a Cub who  did not have an inkling of right and wrong..A Cub who was inquisitive,cruel and selfish and yet churning underneath all this poison was a ocean  full of love..undetected and untapped as of now bec the Cub was more intent on exploring the physical dimension rather than the emotional or spiritual dimension ...Such were the days of Cub..

A few summers later, The cub while wandering through the lanes of the jungles comes across a creature from another world , A nymph..The Cub is smitten by her, is attracted to the warmth and strength exuded by her..arrogantly wants to own her ..stalks her ,preys on her wears her down and carries the trophy  triumphantly to his home ..But he had not reckoned on the strength of the Nymph..The Nymph rejects him, is contemptuous of him ..Does this deter this Cub...No !! Sirree ..He steps back, Pauses her , tries to understand her ..resolves to win her again but not with force but with love ..In the process The cub learns about compassion,consideration and patience  ...Not only that The  Cub Realizes that he has brought this vulnerable Nymph to his kingdom and as such The Nymph is his responsibility...The Cub, Krishna turns protector and very chivalrously and gallantly fights for and on behalf of the Nymph without any thought for any kind of repayment ..The Cub  has had his first lessons of Duty ..In due course of time his patience,love,understanding yields result and love blooms turning him into a sensitive and supportive husband ..The Cub has become a man-cub...

Although now the Man-cub has everything ..and it would be quite reasonable to assume that Krishna has truly evolved into a good Human being..BUT..yes there is a BUT..Krishna has not learnt the most Important  quality of all ..RESPONSIBILITY !!..Krishna has not realized that he must shoulder some responsibility and relieve the pressure on his Aging father..Krishna has not realized that His wife came to this house and is living in this house   trusting him and it is his responsibility to provide for her ...Krishna still thinks that it is his father's responsibility to take care of him and his wife,Demands the earnings of his father as his birth right, does not realize the pleasure of labour..and chafes at any talks of him working ..His father tried to  break it into him gently, grew exasperated and bullied him and ordered him to get a job..but all this was wasted on a  Krishna who was smug in his belief that he was born to rule and not be a serf..The gentle Nymph tried to reason with him , tried to motivate him, goaded him to work..Unable to bear this constant pressure and unwilling to take the final step..The Man-cub took the easier way out..He lied !! unfortunately Lies do not flourish for long and Krishna's lies too perished sooner than later..His Wife found out the truth and was disillusioned by the artifice practiced by Krishna ...One would have thought seeing the love of his life so hurt and in pain would impel Krishna towards assuming responsibility ..Alas ..That was not to be ...Krishna was tied to the yoke of irresponsibility and that tie would not loosen so easily ..Just when it appeared that Krishna will never ever take that plunge...Fate or destiny intervened ..Krishna shot Pratigya !! Krishna watched in disbelief and shock  his whole world crumbling in front of him, At that Moment he realized the selfless Love of Pratigya and Selfish Love of his ...It was at this juncture that he resolved to assume responsibility for he knew that this was the only gift which could lighten the sadness lingering in Pratigya's Heart ...

Again He approached his father ..and what a difference there was from the previous Krishna to this new Krishna .. this time there was hesitancy in his voice..he did not demand, He requested, He did not ask for his share,  he sought a loan, He did not   peremptorily demand a Sum, but replied that he will be happy with whatever amount his father would choose to give..Krishna asked for  a chance , A last one at that ..The Man cub  had learnt a important lesson  called Humility and was ready for transition..Yes ! He was willing to don the mantle of responsibility ...The Man-cub had finally  made that call and opted to be a fully grown Tiger ..

The upcoming days will be hard and will be full of obstacles..lets hope that the Tiger will not give up so easily and will , will itself to succeed and that we get to see his success ...for that will be a Golden moment...A moment that will be etched in stone...

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Having been accused of being anti-Pratigya by few members in the forum , of being said that I do not understand her views  or stand..I went in search of trying to understand the thought behind creation of Pratigya..Why was Pratigya  created ? what was the need for Pratigya.. whom does she represent, Is Pratigya relevant ..this was my question's //I surfed and trawled and read ..and Although I have become more mystified and intrigued by the CV's idea's..I can modestly say that I can now very dimly  perceive  what exactly the CV's are trying to convey ...

KRISHNA AND PRATIGYA ...TWO individuals , Two vastly different individuals ..If one is Earth, the other is Sky ..and never shall this twain shall meet , That was the adage wasn't it ... but disproving it the Twain did meet ...But why?? why did they meet ?/ what was the purpose of the CV's to get them to meet  and co-habit ...

Again withdrawing back  and taking a dispassionate look at them , subtract the human qualities and looking at Krishna and Pratigya abstractly one is startled to realize that they are the embodiment of  two  'ism's' ...The CV's have created  two 'ism's" and are trying to show their stand, the conflicts  and the co-existence  of them both ...What are this Two 'ISM'S'...They are  IDEALISM and REALISM ...


Behind these two isms lie the source of much conflict in the world today.  But what exactly is idealism and realism, and why do they matter?

 Idealism,  In simpler language, it means to aim for perfection. On the surface, it sounds nice, but all this ignores the basic human trait, the one shared across cultures, languages, and races: imperfection. To be human is to be errant. Thus, the dreams of idealists often get dashed and projects they attempt often end either in failure or at least "less than they could have been."To be an idealist is to reach for the stars. However, idealists often become lost in their dreams, and forget the real world around them; and as a result can acquire an out-of-touch aura about them.

This I Think Explains  Pratigya to  her  tiny little toe ... She has always stood for principles, cut and dried Principles ,Pristine Pure principles  and as such one can understand her apathy when  She heard that her brother was thrown into prison, her anger when her father was questioned for by doing that , her very own principles were being questioned , Pratigya was merely defending it ..

The theory also postulates that the final outcome of  projects or causes  supported by the idealists tend to be less than what it is ...Thinking about the the Kesar and Aarushi does seem so..doesn't it  .. Idealism is the pinnacle of human perfection, A way of thinking that considers humans are capable of achieving more , can achieve more ..Pratigya has always stood for this, she has enthusiastically been driving Kesar and Krishna into achieving more ...In  the case of Krishna she has achieved partial success wheres Kesar's has been  a dud ...

On the other hand, realism means "the inclination towards literal truth and pragmatism" (ibid). It also means to accept life the way it is, and favour the practical method of dealing with it. This too seems to be a good trait on the outside, but it has some flaws. To only aim for average cuts short the potential of humanity. Just because humanity isn't perfect does not mean it cannot reach excellent every now and then. Realists on the other hand are more grounded in reality (hence the name), and as a result are often better prepared to deal with it. However, as they focus too much on reality, they often aim lower than can be reached, only aiming for what can be reached with assurance, and as a result often miss out on the few times humanity does reach excellence.

The above statement explains Krishna to his  last  hair strand ...Krishna is more grounded than Pratigya, quick to find the flaws and the obstacles in an given project, settling for easy best instead of striving for the difficult task of super achievement... has the ability to accept the ground realities with its flaws and not make a judgment on content with his way of life and does not bother to disturb other's way of life...

As we saw Krishna wobbled when his Dhaba was set on fire , bec he was too much of a realist and knew that the Dhaba cannot be fixed  in a day ...he tended to focus on the now part and stated what was quite obvious ...but when he realized that the Dhaba can  arise again , he became  confident and began to lend his helping hand...In fact  , being the realist that he is, the moment he got the whiff that this  project has the potential to succeed, he gave his centum ..In other words, he sought and got the assurance and only then chose to lend his hand ...He did not want to waste his  time  and efforts  by engaging  in a fool's errand  and come up a cropper ..

Krishna has undertook the tasks that he has accomplished  to its fullest success ...because  he has kept his feet to the ground..Being an realist, he also has  the unwarped vision to see things as they are  and not as they should be..he has not condemned them but has noticed them and factored them in ...

These two then are the adverts for two thinking's.. The Cv's have brought them together  for the express purpose of  showing   that Idealism cannot exist without a dash of realism  and realism cannot achieve excellence with out  the pinch of Idealism ...Agreed right now, Krishna and Pratigya are  feeling their way ahead , each trying to understand one another view's  without compromising their own views  ...Their views are running parallel with few occasional intersection's yielding to good result...Yes !! There have been minor skirmishes  and there will be  clashes in future too...for this are two powerful ideologies and each will not surrender easily since each have their pros and cons  ..It is the battle  of this two  ideologies that will make for an interesting viewing ...As we all know,  at the end of the day , The pure and untouched Idealism  [Pratigya] needs the grounded reality [ Krishna] for  it to thrive , While the earthy Reality requires the soaring Idealism to keep itself flying  ...Simply Put..Both require require each other for their existence , while Idealism motivates us to excel, reality finds a way to pursue  that excellence ...even simply Put Krishna and Pratigya need each other for existence and they exists in each other and in us ..

The world needs idealists to influence humans to aim high and move forward, but the world also needs realists to point out the obvious and make sure  people don't become blinded by their "big dreams".

Reverting back to the initial question's I had posed myself,

what was the need for Pratigya..?

To remind us the cynical, materialistic crowd that Idealism  does exist .

whom does she represent,?

She represents Idealism

 Is Pratigya relevant ?

Yes ! Because Idealism motivates  us to achieve more , to aim for the stars , wherein you may not grab a star but may come at least with cosmic dust ..

@ Brown : Sourced from Net ...

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Spouse:  someone who'll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn't have had if you'd stayed single.  ~Author Unknown

Pratigya is busy removing the creases from the uncreased Bed linen ..In walks Raja Nal after his nightly constitution ..Seeing him, Pratigya suddenly gets sleepy  and lies down on the bed, perfunctorily closes her eyes and to all intents and purposes is deeply , suspiciously deep in sleep..But our Raja nal is berry cleber fellow..he will not be put off by this sham sleep..He approaches his side of the bed and opens his salvo "Sleep, Go on ,stretch urself luxuriously and get a good sleep ..U have done a good deed, This is what is known as wifely duties [Pratigya is still in her dreamland] and U have steadfastly fulfilled ur wifely duties [Pratigya listens silently]..This is the tenet of being a Good wife, Insult ur Husband in front if everyone and walkaway without respecting his wishes [Pratigya rolls on to her back]..Undeterred Krishna sits on the bed and says "Dont bother with respect inside the room..but at least outside listen to me and try not to bring me a peg down, Am I asking for the moon ??*Not at all , Baba* Anyways ..wife's are those souls who support and stand by their husband under any condition's irrespective of the fact whether Hubby is right or wrong...Atleast try to understand this simple fact..that I am ur Husband..WIll u open ur mouth [Pratigya merely folds her hand and zips her lips, leaving a frustrated Krishna staring in impotent anger]..I am explaining so patiently and u r giving me attitude,U are behaving as if this does not make any difference to u...I was a Lion once , now have become a Dog, Just bark, Bark without getting any response * At this rate Baba, U will run out off all the names of the Animal Kingdom *.., Suddenly gets up pulls the Pillow and the quilt all the while muttering " By god !!  Do u think I am mad, Be stubborn in ur stand and do whatever u want..There is no reason to reason it out with u ...So saying Krishna stomps out of the room ..,,Pratigya slowly rises from her recumbent position and slowly processing the information overload ..eventually she appears to have made a decision

Our siblings push buttons that cast us in roles we felt sure we had let go of long ago - the baby, the peacekeeper, the caretaker, the avoider... It doesn't seem to matter how much time has elapsed or how far we've traveled.  ~Jane Mersky Leder

Krishna comes to the Dog house which happens to be the Terrace for Thakur Men still simmering and sizzling finely , Begins Unzipping his shoes muttering "Do this, DO that, This is not right, All right and wrong..Let them all rot in hell,,I am going to sleep here peacefully" * Poor Baba doesn't know that even bigger Mosquito is going to come and suck his peaceful sleep*[Krishna removes the watch and places it under the pillow, In loiters a Drunk  Shakthi progressively getting drunker on the heady infatuation of Aarushiya , aided by a bottle of liquor]..Krishna lies on his side and is trying to sleep ..Shakhti slowly turns and sees Krishna [The bottle is still attached to his lips and the liquid is making steady inroads}* Shakthi reminded me  of a one year child with his milk bottle steadily sucking on it , while looking at everything*,Having Spotted Krishna, Shakthi comes near him and prods him on the shoulder , getting no response he tries again, Krishna assumes Masterni has come for a round of lecture and pleads for his life .
." Pratigya, I am telling u..Go back to the room and allow me to sleep peacefully"[Shakthi raises his brow quizzically]Dont eat my brain, I am not interested in talking to u"..But Shakthi wants little Brotherly talk and will not be shut he slaps Krishna in the Butt..An Aggrieved Krishna a gets up, intent on telling of Pratigya only to be met by the gaze of Love sick Shakthi, Krishna Puzzledly enquires"What are u doing here ?" For Answer Shakthi makes a great show of searching Krishna's hand, neck..An irritated Krishna "What , What has happened to You?What do u want ??"..Shakthi sits comfortably on the cot and says in amusement "Wanted to see whether u were wearing a Talisman, I is such a beautiful night and u are spending it all alone on the terrace "..without replying and confirming that Shakhti was busy in the arms of his love, The country liquor .Krishna lies down and gets ready to sleep..But Shakthi has other ideas ..He wants chit chat and he will have his chit chat..Shakhti starts the ball rolling .."Do u know what happened?"..No response from make sure Krishna listens to his sob story..Shakthi awakens a awake Krishna ..Krisha gives him a annoyed look which bounces of Shakhti..and Krishna proceeds to sleep again..but Shakthi is like a leech..he wants his pound and will have it..He rouses Krishna again..A thoroughly exasperated Krishna leaps on his cot , "What happened, tell me what happened ?"..Shakthi very seriously and very Sober in his drunken state states quite emphatically "Wrrrong...Everything wrong is happening ...with me " Krishna cant accept this , Shakhti continues.."Baba there is some bad air here which is acting as obstacle, Y'day I got drunk bec I was very happy ..and today this talisman " A bugged  Krishna grumbles" He has started praising himself  again ", Shakhti continues his emotional athyachar ,"My little bro..I am sharing my hearts desires"..A least interested Krishna queries"Have u finished ur  secrets , Now leave and allow me to sleep peacefully, who called u here?"..Krishna checks the time , but shakthi doesn't get the hint and ploughs ahead with his tragedy " I always cherished this desire to marry Aarushi and now it has happened"..Krishna gives up  in defeat , "But things are not progressing smoothly"..*Dejavu for Krishna , I suppose .. *It took him six months to consummate and his elder bro wants it in one night , Shakthi apparently does not know Sax sibling* Shakthi wants  some Gyan from the experienced Krishna on the art of courtship and wooing educated girls * Drink Snake Poison , Shakthi * But Krishna has had enough,He cuts him off with"Have u finished ur chitchat, who called u here?/..I came to sleep peacefully and u are here..why aren't u down..dont u want me to sleep..tell me what is ur intention ?".Shakthi gives a burp as the answer and says "OK I am leaving"..before leaving Shakthi asks with all the love in his heart "Shall I sing a lullaby for u ?"..Krishna Pips up"Have u ever sung a lullaby..asks me Shall I sing Lullaby ?'Krishna lies down  to get his much needed "Peaceful Sleep" ..But Poor Baba will not have that luck today..Another Hurricane has already crossed the threshold and is standing in the form of Pratigya..

In marriage there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism.  Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again... We are not ridiculous to ourselves.  We are ageless.  That is the luxury of the wedding ring.  ~Enid Bagnold, Autobiography, 1969

It takes two men to make one brother.

Pratigya Softly "Krishna" [Krishna's eyes open immediately , A fleeting look of surprise] The irrepressible Shakhti nudges Krishna telling "Bro, She is calling u"..Krishna slowly turns towards the source of sound with a haughty look , Pratigya gives a speaking glance , which Krishna shrugs off very coolly and goes back to sleep ..Pratigya  does not give up continues "Come down [Shakthi is drinking up this scene avidly and with rapt attention, ]Pratigya wards off the buzzing mosquitoes "Look so many mosquitoes are here *Is  she hinting at Shakthi*Please come down and sleep"  but Krishna will not be  mollified so easily..He refuses to come..Pratigya gets her lock jaw look, gives a sidelong glance at Shakthi and continues to remonstrate with Krishna ,softly pleading him to come down and sleep..But  a thoroughly peeved Krishna folds his hands *in true politician style* tells her to stop the drama and sleep, and also allow him to sleep peacefully..{Giving a look at Shakthi] orders him off too...Shakthi comes alive and decides to play cupid , Jabs  Krishna on the shoulder and  says" She has come in the midnight and is standing waiting for u, why cant u go ?"..Pratigya too decides two can play the game "Alright, I will not leave without u , will stand waiting for u "..Shakthi is watching this with great interest..Krishna turns again looks at her "Alright..ur wish ..wait  and continue ur vigil , I aint coming ...I am going to sleep" Shakthi takes a peep at Krishna , gives his diagnosis ...looking at Pratigya he pronounces " He has gone off to sleep"..Krishna waits for a few seconds turns to look ,,and sees Pratigya still standing there voicelessly mouthing "Please"..Krishna just turns his back on her ..Shakthi shall not allow his little brother to be cheated out of his fun " he prods him urgently saying " why are u spoiling ur night ..Such precious Night shoud not be ....{Gives a stealthy glance at Pratigya, is unable to continue } and lapses into mutterings and mumblings ..A thoroughly irked Krishna realizing that his peaceful sleep will never happen as long as his brother and his wife are there  doing a concert decides to go back to the safety of his bedroom..

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CV'S MY MAAN KI AWAAZ... (Carisma's fav)

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Dear [???] CV's, POP's,Channel Honchos,

I have always been taught to start communication by addressing and complimenting on the positive points and gradually veer towards Negative points ...doing so I have been told will put the receptor  in an accommodating frame of mind and he  may even heed our suggestion and requests ...But  You , My dear CV's have successfully disabused me of this notion, without trying to search out for the positives , which I am hardbound to find..Let me pour out my angst against the steady degeneration of this show.

We have been watching the downward spiral of this unique show with increasing alarm and as is our wont, we have even given our opinion and views [unsolicited by u , I admit it ] for the betterment of this show .since we felt that this was our show, and the CV's would listen to our likes and dislikes ...and also pick out the views and ideas to make this unique Show an unparalleled one in the Annals of TV History ,but All our innocent assumption  have been ground to dust and we awaken from our dream a bitter and depressed  viewer...

U say There was a last minute "CREATIVE CHANGE"  ...and the Track was changed into  Uniting Shakthi and Aarushi ...And I say It is total BS ...we are not wet behind the ears , CV's that we will swallow the bait  that u have laid out to us ...This track  was on course right from the Diwali episode and was not due to last min  CREATIVE CHANGE but to an unforeseen CREATIVE DIFFERENCE between a ABC and XYZ stop hiding   ur creative difference under the dressing of AUDIENCE FEEDBACK.Had you been so sensitive to AUDIENCE FEEDBACK , My dear CV's ..Then U would have realized that :

1. we wanted Krishna to earn,

2. We wanted Pratigya to defend Krishna against her father,

3. we wanted The Father-Son moments,

4.we wanted to know the reason for Ghanti Dadi's silence,

5. we wanted Aman to be unmasked and the sax's learn a important lesson from it,

6.  we wanted Sax to understand the character of Krishna and realize what a gem he is,

7. we wanted Adarsh to get out of his Tum-Tum,

8. we wanted Progression in Komarsh relationship,

9. we wanted Komal to grow as a person and not do a yoyo..

        None of this wish has been granted ...but what u do CV's is thrust  an uninteresting Aarushi into our midst ..

what were u hoping for by putting Aarushi in the center stage..I would have understood had she been under the spotlight for a month, learns her lesson and retired sadder,wiser and above all quieter...But i t is with chagrin we are noticing that Aarushi is growing at the cost of other character's ..The supposed leads are reduced to walk on parts ..They come stand wring their hands, while Arushi shouts her dialogues, and forces us to change the channel ...In which Ivory tower do u live Cv's ..That U have been unable to sense that viewer's have no empathy,sympathy or liking for this character u think ur continued and forced feeding of Aarushi may force us to reconsider her and her attributes and we may eventually take a liking for her ...For ur information CV's a bitter pill is a bitter pill ..No amount of sweetener will make a bitter pill attractive ...and a pill can be taken only in small dosage ...As of now we are awash with this pill and are ready to puke ..

If u clarify and say ..that this is for Kesar's redemption, Then I am  dumbstruck, cos how will she be empowered..if she fights with will be two woman fighting for a man, if she is silent ..then where is the emancipation?? ..Had u shown her opposing her Husband when he visits the kote's , or lodging an FIR when talks of second marriage was going on. or beginning to speak out against her in laws cruelty,her husband's abuse ..I would have said ..Girl..u are on ur way to light .But this is stupid beyond belief...At a single stroke, U have made a laughing stock of an sacred institution called marriage and an ass of Law, which terms Second marriage illegal.Going further u have decimated the core character of Pratigya , who was always stubborn and never gave up until it was her way or high way.Yesterday was  a blot in the MKAP viewing, for u  showed that law can be broken, that when Law is being broken, mann ki awaz shuts down and stands by helpless.
Wow !! hats off to u CV's for teaching us that.

If u think , showing two sisters fight each other will be interesting ..Then u got another think coming..the SIS WAR is as old as TV inception and we have had our fill of the Sis fight in every form and have no stomach for it ...moreover this is a hackneyed plot which has been done to death ...Dont tell me ur creatives have run out of ideas..if so ..kindly inform ur CV's to go thru the threads posted in IF and u will find tons of ideas ranging from bizarre to genius..Utilize them and Bring this laughable and pathetic track to closure..I am sure U can do it,As I have seen the swiftness with which u cut off that Doctor when we took a wholesale dislike of his character ...

Technical dept seems to be on AWOL ...I am saying this going by the shoddy and sloppy direction, and the blooper a day that seems to be popping up due to irresponsible editing  ...There is no straight line movement of is going through fits and starts ..

Alls is not well in ur sets ..CV's and it comes shining thru from ur star cast's Body language ...There is a weariness, a gloom ..and even the effervescent  Thakur's are going thru their motion's ..Morale seem to be at an all time low and this is getting translated in the acting ...
 ur feeble attempts  to show  everything hunky dory by way of getting Monika, Ankit and the reticent Arhan to talk to us only reinforces this feeling..It is also obvious that the Actors themselves are not sure of the feasibility of this track ...hence their over enthusiastic request to watch for  the upcoming Masala ...My sincere request to u is ..U have got a bunch of talented Actors, capable of setting the screen on fire..Use them instead of certain actors whose very presence induces a yawn ...if u are obstinate about focusing on this track , disregarding the views of the audience..Then be prepared for Migration from ur serial ..for at the end of the day , I am investing my time and energy to watch a good serial with  average acting to above average acting, which  at the moment ur serial is unable to deliver..Rather than watching ur serial out  of any loyalty, I would prefer to change the channel or switch off  ...In other words..We are not willing to put up with [email protected]

Hoping that u will listen to our Mann ki Awaz and alter the course and bring in the Kriya and Komarsh to the forefront and also pick up the many open ended plots and follow them till the end instead of focusing on irrelevant and pathetic story line.


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