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I'm sure you will all agree that these posts are something which can be read again and again, They are true gems engraved in a bar of gold...
This is a celebration thread of all the fun and laughter and food for thought Tanthya has brought us in her marvellous posts... Here are an example of just some.. but every post has been exceptional.
I want us to re-visit those times and for the new members of the forum to see what we've seen and enjoyed.
I would like to thank Tanths for the links so that I could create this surprise thread for her and for all of us.
For the purpose of easy reading, I have pasted Tanths posts for you to read... BUT please do not press the like button there.. The link to each original post is provided below each post.. PLEASE PRESS LIKE IN THE ORIGINAL POSTS, as at the end of the day this is Tanths work. But you are welcome to comment.

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From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

Krishna is banging on the door and entreating Pratigya to open the

door..Hearing the commotion, Kesar steps out an inquires the

reason..Krishna gives a lame excuse and realizing the lameness of it,

he hurriedly sends off Kesar to her room..The shy and timid Kesar

returns to her room..Pratigya is all smiles listening to the clumsy

excuse..Kesar leaves ..Krishna again turns towards the monumental

task of getting Pratigya to open the door..but Pratigya refuses

to..defeated..Krishna moves away from the bed room..Intrigued by the

silence..Pratigya cautiously open the door and takes a peek, finding no

one there , she slowly glides to the hall , all the while her eyes seeking

the sight of her handsome husband ..but she does not find him..True to

his reputation ,The naughty Krishna has hidden himself in the Kitchen

and is now watching the anxiousness  of his beloved from a hiding

place..Pratigya spots the open Main door, thinks that Krishna has really

gone out ..dejected and dispirited ,she turns back and shuffles back to

her Bedroom..followed noiselessly by Krishna..Just when she is on the

verge of going  in , A hand snakes out and spins her.Pratigya whirls 

into the arms of Krishna...The radiance of billion sun lights up on the

visage of Pratigya,Pratigya opens her mouth to speak and is hushed by

Krishna...He inquires triumphantly "who will save you now ?{ as if she

wants to be saved] ..bends and lifts her and slings her across his

shoulder's and marches on like a victorious general who has finally

subjugated a warring tribe and won a hard fought victory ...

He carries her to the terrace and slides her gently to the

ground..Pratigya wants to know ..but before her mouth can form

words,Krishna  softly  closes her eyes with his hands ,He turns her

around  and takes his hands off her eyes...Pratigya  is spell bound...

she is at the gates of the enchanted land..there a million stars twinkling

and illuminating her path, a soft gossamer like clouds shimmers and

envelops her in its warmth, Fountain is gushing and sparkling and

quivering in joy  ...right in the middle bedecked with fragrant flowers

stands the bed , flowers ,  all the colorful flowers  have come to greet

her and welcome her to her realm  ..The KRIYA WORLD ..Behind her ,

delighting in her surprise and enjoying her happiness stands her King..

Krishna gently touches her hand and strokes it,and gently ,smoothly he

runs his hands up her shoulders , Instantly a tingling awareness flows

through Pratigya  like a molten fire,flaming and fanning the fire is her

wildly beating heart, and her gasping breath..Krishna sidles even closer

 and tenderly holding her chin turns her towards him..Pratigya looks up

at him  and sees the fires of desire  burning in its depths...Krishna

bends to kiss her ...but Pratigya overcome by shyness and inhibition

turns her face away, he insistently turns her towards him again..Pratigya

looks into his eyes  ,and  is intoxicated by the potency of his eyes ,he

bends to kiss her again, but Pratigya starts like a nervous colt and is

ready to bolt, and is held by her arms and slowly pulled back and is

enveloped,    in his arms,for a second or two,she lay silently in his

embrace,valiantly trying to quieten  her clamoring heart . Pratigya 

looks at him again and the sleeping woman which had been lying

dormant burst out into full bloom by the power of his looks and is now

ready to meet him..Krishna acknowledges the change , smiles  in

comprehension and lift hers and softly places her on the bed..He lies

alongside her ,places his lips on her throat and sensuously wanders

down to her feet..The besotted Krishna caresses her feet ,gives a

featherlight kiss on her lotus feet ,Pratigya ,with a sigh surrendered

herself to this surging passion,so powerful that it was beyond her to

control ,Ardent Krishna  giving  a smoking hot look at her  brushes his

lips against her back,pratigya quivered in desire,scorched by the

passion..she is overcome by this new and strange emotion ,exhilarated

and petrified by this powerful,Primal emotion, unable to control it, she

surrenders herself willingly and is swept on the tide of growing


Krishna rolls her towards her and she is irresistibly drawn to  hug 

him,Krishna clasps her closer to him and his nimble fingers unties the

knots of her dress,trails a feathery kiss on her throat ,his lips linger on

her own and is fired by an passion that completely engulfs them and

submerges and melting them into one soul ...KRIYA...

All my happiness goes out to you:
Pride and pleasure, joy, sweet tears, and love!
Reason, hope, and faith together move
In harmony to bless all that you do.
Let this beginning be the golden dawn
At which all dew-drenched nature sings its glory!
Nor should the darkness shrouding every story
Dim the blue-eyed beauty of this morn.
More of life will come than you can hold:
A flood no mortal witness can withstand.
Rest, then, within a quiet, gentle hand,
Knowing where love is as you grow old.
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                If two stand shoulder to shoulder against the gods,
                  Happy together, the gods themselves are helpless
                       Against them while they stand so.

                          ~Maxwell Anderson

Pratigya walks out,turning her back on her future,her happiness,her promise and her vows..she is walking away from light and is moving in an dark alley approaching the ever deepening dark...but her ardent lover comes out and stands like a beacon of light to guide her back...just as she is going to step out and be engulfed by the darkness , there rings out a sonorous voice "Pratigya,Stop!"...obeying  the command in the tone,Pratigya halts and stands between the light and dark ...but still stubbornly turned away from light..Krishna walks towards Pratigya, each and every tread powered by her love, confident in his love and with a sense of propriety ...his gait conveying a determination,a sense of purpose and an implacable self belief ...he moves to her side and stands looking  down at her , Pratigya still resolutely refuses to meet her destiny ...Krishna  gives a appraising look and slowly his hands stretches to the handle of the suitcase which is held by Pratigya, there is a tug of war between love and wins..Krishna looks at her unyielding, there is a resoluteness in his tenor "Never dare to cross the threshold of this house" Pratigya gives an incensed stare but unable to face his love looks away instantly.."Don't even think of taking a further step [towards unhappiness],come let's go back"..but Pratigya is one stubborn girl "No !!I will not come [Krishna gives a furious and questioning glare ] Why are you stopping me NOW ?Why and for whom shud I stay back ??who is my own here??...Right away Krishna places a finger on her lips,silencing her and establishing  a soul connect..Pratigya reads the assurance ,unspoken affection and calms down ,he further gives her verbal confirmation"I am there, so listen to me and come back"..He holds her hand, picks up the suitcase laden with their dreams,happiness and a future together and walks  holding her arms , steering her towards the light and ushering her into the world of love and happiness ...

Pratigya has entered the world of happiness, but still there are few wisps of darkness shrouding her heart,which need to be addressed by the torch bearer of love,her lover Krishna !!! ..This he proceeds to do..He  tenderly turns her towards him , Pratigya looks at him bewildered , but he does not take notice, he shepherds her towards the bed, guides her to sit on the bed and takes a seat near her.

"Trust enables you to put your deepest feelings and fears in the palm of your partner's hand, knowing they will be handled with care." 

There is a softness to him , his face is radiant with an inner glow, the glow that has been lit by the fire of her love, and he takes a tinder from this flame to illuminate and  dispel the opaque shadow enveloping her heart ; Krishna ,a mellowed Krishna softly and gradually opens his heart ,words come out, feelings that were hitherto kept  chained are released , they cascade out lyrically "Trust and Belief !! every one wants it, but tell me, How could I trust , we are husband and wife ,bound by a bond greater than the laws of man,  we shared the same house,  the same roof and we stayed in the same room, despite this, you always kept me at arms length, you used to distance me as if I was ur mortal enemy, Had u been in my position, what would you have done ??"" ..Pratigya bows down her head in acknowledgment of this bitter truth,unable to answer him, there is guilt,an acceptance of her culpability and remorse 'Krishna continues "Those nights which actually should have given me immeasurable joy was so dark that its shadow was stuck on my face even during the bright day, I used hide my agony and put on a mask when facing the society"..Pratigya is dumbstruck and for the first is realizing the amount of agony her husband went thru because of her .There is a painful awareness of her  unintentional cruelty,distress she was the bearer of his torment "what u did , even a person full of hatred in his every cell will not do "..Pratigya is pained to hear the misery she caused ..Krishna reflects for a minute and continues "Trust and belief do not grow in ponds,lakes and puddles, for trust and belief to grow, one has to open the doors to heart, just like the shell of an oyster which keeps its door open so that a beautiful pearl may be formed,likewise when u keep the door of the heart open,will Trust be implanted ,but you, you had just closed ur heart and on top of that u are accusing me of not trusting me , how could I trust u , now that you have stated openly, then I will willingly lay down my life for you,without knowing ur state of mind ,ur views could I have trusted you "[All the while , while Krishna is waxing poetical on trust and Belief..there is a gradual lightening of his expression,a slowly increasing glow of love emanates from him,his eyes begin to lose the haunted look and there is a return of good humor,love and confidence]..Krishna gives a wispy smile
"Just before you were to walk out, you said something,reiterate it that u have opened the doors of ur heart the windows too and let in the sunshine into every nook and cranny ,say the magical word again "

A chastened Pratigya replies softly,but with impregnable conviction "I love you very much," Krishna"...Krishna looks like a desperate gambler who has staked his life on the last throw of dice and come out triumphant against an overwhelming odds,He cant believe his ears, and asks her to say Again ,Pratigya gives a slight smile replies "I Love You "..He cant trust what he is hearing, he asks her to repeat again, Pratigya obliges ..again and again..Krishna just closes his eyes and lets  her words flow into his heart,soul and every particle of his body..her love permeates to the very core of his soul and dissipates the lingering dusk and cleanses the accumulated grime and allows the radiance of love to fire up his heart , his face is transformed and there is a purity and nobility in his countenance..Pratigya looks at him in wonder,adoration and growing felicity..

Krishna  is reveling in the power of this words ...He opens his eyes looks at her "your words are  being absorbed into my being just like the very air I breathe , Say it again !!"..Pratigya gives a happy laugh and responds.."You are not listening , Krishna..each and every breath I take is shouting out That I LOVE YOU !! "...Pure bliss on Krishna's face when he hears this !!  "just hearing this lovely words from you  spontaneously  brings forth complete trust and belief in you " ..Pratigya is stunned and overjoyed ..Krishna"Do u know this is the only word that I like in you English language" He wipes away her tears,"Tomorrow is the birth of Lord Krishna, the epitome and symbol of love,the day love began on earth...we too will begin our journey filled with boundless love"..Pratigya watches him bewitched , awash in his love and implicit trust, she bows her head overcome by shyness,while Krishna looks on  in adoration  ..unable to resist,Pratigya comes up for a quick peek at him and drowns in his eyes ,he gently holds her, and places a kiss on her forehead affirming to her that she is his honor,his prestige,and he will always be her protector and be her support in her hour of need..Pratigya trustingly submerges herself in his love and leans towards him in the complete knowledge that he will be there for eternity,never leaving her alone to face the cruel,uncaring and unfeeling world ,she understands now  he is the tree that will give her the shade , he is the strength from which she can draw her own , he is the rock that will block the hardship from hitting her, he is the buffer who will always save her from getting any grievous injuries..he has unfettered her but has bound her by the chains of love,trust and belief..A chain which she does not want to break ever...

One of the most poetical Kriya moments so far...Arhan was in charge and he was ably aided by Pooja ....[the way Arhaan managed to bring out the naivety and at the same time sensitivity and maturity of Krishna was commendable], the way Krishna's face gradually loses its misery and there is a step by step gradation of happiness as  he begins to realize that Pratigya does love him, the way Arhaan has shown the calmness stealing over him, the softening of his tone, the passion that vibrates in his voice...trying to enforce a control on his unbridled joy and try to make his hurt wife understand his difficulty in believing her statement and pouring out his pent up anguish in simple and lucid style and yet there was an inherent poetry in it was like going to a big ,open ,vast land and listening to the rustle of Grass swaying in the know the grass is plentiful but the rustling music does not overpower u but was Krishna's comments on was an issue which could have translated into slanging match ,but the way Krishna said it was a serenade calculated to soothe even the most afflicted soul...
[Kudos to Arhan for delivering it so beautifully...Clap]..

Krishna was everything at once, dominant,submissive,eloquent...his determination and his self belief  ,the way he simply tells her to come back without any swagger nor arrogance was superb, the way Pratigya went with him  compliantly without a murmur of protest after a briefest resistance showed the depth of her love and the intensity of longing to be with him..Hearing the raw despair and hopelessness in his voice [when he starts on Trust]she was pained,astonished that she caused him so much anguish, hurt that he thought she did it deliberately..she listened raptly and absorbed it all ..Till date the educated Pratigya taught him about,etiquette,sanskaar but today the uneducated Krishna taught her about emotion's, feelings ,relation's and The Educated lass realized that this life's lesson was much more important than Shallow sanskaars ...

I have used Arhan/Krishna interchangeably..bec I could not decipher where Krishna began and Arhan ended ..
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Wooing thee, I found thee of more value
Than stamps in gold or sums in sealed bags;
And 'tis the very riches of thyself
That now I aim at.
 - William Shakespeare

Krishna has packed off his mother with some verbal sweetener's...Krishna and Pratigya are alone in the room with a peacefully sleeping Kesar...Pratigya is dabbing Kesar's forehead..but our Baba is in an amorous mood,he draws very close to his beebi and sits by her, gives a keen look towards Kesar assures himself that she IS out for the night and ups his romantic ante ,Pratigya is not averse to his attention is quite contentedly sitting ,giving him love-shmove looks [cant seem to have enough of him , isn't it PratigyaBig smile]...Krishna  slowly begins to pull her sari's Pallu [Bey, haath paas hai, gaal paas hai..eee sab chodkar ..tu  Sari ko kyon keenchtha hai ]..Pratigya sees this in the nick of time and tells him to lay off ,but Krishna is undaunted replies "Kesar  is sleeping like a log !, we will not be disturbed"..Pratigya smiles in  amusement ..encouraged by this Krishna makes further inroads and sits even closer..Pratigya moves back bashfully,Krishna does not give up..he moves even closer,Pratigya demurely moves back,she is breathless,excited and coy..a potent combination for Krishna..he gently lifts her hand...Pratigya is startled and Kesar chooses just that moment to make a movement [Kesar...Angry.] *try that again Kesar, I will personally send u into coma* Pratigya  snatches her hand away, Krishna is startled enough to let go of her hand... Krishna is in a romantic mood,with a gentle smile ,he begins a slow caress up her hands,Pratigya is on tenterhooks,part of her is enjoying this exclusive male attention  ,part of her is scared and mortified of some one coming and seeing..she is like a cat on  hot tin roof ,Pratigya slides his hands off and begins to rub Kesar's forehead

 *Bhootnath tumhari Paas baitha hai, bahut mood mein hai...mauka ka fayada lelo, eee ka, florence nightingale ki tarah sothe hue mareez ki dekh paal kar rahe ho, thoda tho romantic bano yaar!!*
Krishna wants a cuddle ,moves to sit right next to her [again]..and with deliberate casualness leans forward and fondles her hair,closing his eyes in ecstasy...There is an answering spark in Pratigya, she is clearly breathless, every nerves tingling, wants to be swept away in this madness ..but reason is fighting a battle in her mind..reason asserts..and to divert her amorous Husband's attention and to cool him down..she turns and calls "Didi"...Krishna jumps back like a  coiled spring,  Pratigya is vastly amused, she gives a  agreeable smile intending to placate him for her natkhat, but Krishnwa is not amused and stalks off indignantly to the couch..for a sec, Pratigya is worried that she may have gone far, but   as soon as she sees him opting for the couch in the room and not leaving her alone  ...Pratigya gets cheerful...hoping to tease him out of his indignation , she looks around and spots a plate of nuts..she picks it up and casts a nut in Bhootnath's direction , hits him above the eye ..Pati Parameshwar is piqued and gives a fulminating glance which bounces of our sherni [Thick Hide] , getting no response, itching to vex him further ..she decides to continue her target practice ,she throws a second nut *is nut,nut ke  khel mein , hum nuts ho rahen hai*..Baba has had enough, walks towards Pratigya for a bite [of channa] * whatever did you think, Stop those Naughty ThoughtsWinkLOL he comes near her , Pratigya gives a pleased smile *Aakhir uski roota hua  chaand uski pass laut aagaya*..bends down to grab... *A-aa!!  No, Naughty ThoughtWink* a handful of channa , but Pratigya takes it to other side,he stretches to the right,she takes it away to left, Pratigya pauses to give a look to see Krishna's reaction , A secretly Amused Krishna frowns and suddenly calls out "Bhauji, Pratigya is startled and turns her gaze away from her Krishna [Very difficult for her, but she manages to do it ]..At once Krishna snatches the plate of channa and gives her a triumphant look, * Round 1 to Krishna* Pratigya goes off into a huff for being fooled so easily , turns away sulkily...Krishna gives a mischievous smile and says "Channa is for eating and not for shooting practice"..Pratigya with a saccharine sweet expression retorts "why ??was it because  u were not fed ...properly ??" [Haila !! such double entendre from Prof ki beti EmbarrassedBig smile]and with an impish smile "Monkey's are fed like that "..Thoroughly enjoying the sparring,Krishna seizes her hand and holds it in a vice..Pratigya [happy to be near him and not fighting strenuously to free her hand] looks at him provocatively...Krishna relishing this verbal duel "You appear to know too much about Monkey's" ..Pratigya's tart rejoinder "Of course !! I am married to one " Krishna , eyes full of hidden meaning, conveying a silent message "You have not seen me in ... ACTION till date"Embarrassed ]..which is perfectly caught by Pratigya  ...hands  down the plate to Pratigya ,,,continuing to hold her hands for a few more seconds than necessary ...retires to the couch ..Pratigya for a moment looks lost, as if she cant bear even that much distance , her face reflects all the love she has for him, as if sensing her gaze, Krishna  turns and looks at her,his face softening ...lies down on the couch and turns again to look at her...There is a long eye-lock full of love, yearning and longing ...

Pratigya wakes up the next day to the sound of chants, comes out of the room to see the house decked as if for a carnival ..she walks on in  puzzlement ...and finds the living room transformed into a havankund ..she  is perplexed , Amma Finds her there and castigates for being late for pooja  and Pratigya is also informed that today is Krishna's birthday...Pratigya is pleasantly surprised and gapes at him for a second...Krishna is oblivious to her look and is busy doing the pooja..Amma upbraids her for not knowing her own hubby's Birthday..Pratigya is deeply hurt ..The pooja continues...but Pratigya  stands apart and away from the pooja [A sign of things to come !!] .. Krishna turns and looks at Pratigya ..Pratigya seems to be chiding him silently..Krishna smiles and there is a glint in his eyes ..which infuriates Pratigya further, she glares at him and walks off from the pooja area..Krishna gets anxious and makes do as if he will follow her ,but is stopped by SS ...[looks like round 2 to Pratigya]

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Love involves a peculiar unfathomable combination of understanding and misunderstanding.

The day begins with the evil troika going towards the balcony to carry out their evil designs..they begin their momentous job by invoking all the gods and saints in heaven ...the steel  poles are electrically charged with their hatred ,animosity,hostility ...After successfully completing the ground work, they impatiently call the intended sacrifice for the gods...Amma orders Pratigya to dry the wet clothes up in the balcony..Ever Dutiful Pratigya picks up the bucket and leaves to dry the clothes.. she begins by drying the clothes on the uncharged wire and fills it up..there are few more clothes ..she looks at the live wire swaying tantalizingly and moves towards it ..she  picks up a wet cloth and is on the verge of putting it in the live wire, When...her hand is suddenly jerked and she is pulled away, she is startled to find a furious husband standing in front of and giving her a dressing down for working with a wounded hand..Pratigya is looking like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar !!...while the lovey-dovey talks and looks are exchanged , the maid has stepped in for Pratigya and has approached the altar for sacrifice  and  is shocked to the core of her shallow soul, the Gods refuse to accept her as their sacrifice and is saved through  the medium of KRIYA...

Krishna begins to get suspicious, his Mongoose instinct are roused and he begins his investigation but he is diverted from his conscientious try by Pratigya ...Krishna is stunned to realize that the love of is life was in the queue to be reaped by the grim reaper ,his love flares up and he tells Pratigya "How can I let this [incident ] go?? what if something had happened to u and then ...??" Krishna stops abruptly realizing that he has exposed his true feelings * A brief eye lock * ..controls his unruly tongue "U r telling me to leave it ..had it not been for piyasiya, U urself would have been stuck there "..Another eye lock with Krishna looking on grimly and Pratigya trying to calm him..Krishna walks off ...Pratigya runs behind him

Krishna is still fuming in the room with his back  to the door ... Pratigya comes in and he senses her presence..she walks in and is feeling quite skittish,she decides to tease him out of his angry mood..she approaches him  and stands behind him, Krishna gets fidgety but adamantly refuses to turn and acknowledge her presence , Pratigya gives a wide smile [she is enjoying this ] and goes to stand in front of him,he looks at her diffidently and Pratigya with elaborate casualness queries "What if anything had happened to me ??"..Krishna is nonplussed and gives an uninterrupted view of his expressive back to her, Pratigya cant hide her delighted smile at his reaction, not to be outdone, she goes and stands in front of him again and provokingly asks "What would have happened if anything had happened to me ?"..Krishna had enough ,holds out the sacred talisman to wards off her words *I meant his palm , Sillies * and like a henpecked husband *which the poor chap is fast becoming* replies in exasperation "I don't want to squabble with you , I am already feeling hot headed, dont push me ,Just leave from here "

...Pratigya is made of sterner stuff , she quips "Why, why shudn't I badger you ? Alright I shan't badger you if u answer my questions?" Krishna gives a petrified stare *Paanchivi fail hai Q & A se darega hi ..* he tries to fob her off "Cant u sit quietly leaving all ur Q&A for another day or have u made a solemn pledge that u will harass me for the rest of my life "..Pratigya contains her amusement and assumes a reasonable tone  while asking an unreasonable question "I will follow all ur wishes *Really*, but just give me an answer to this question [Krishna looks at her questioningly]..If anything had happened to me , u would have remembered me na , Had I died , u would have atleast cried for a few days ,no ?" She places her hand on his arm and insistently inquires"What if I had died TODAY?"..Instantly he shirks off her hand of his arms and glares at her [Pratigya is momentarily shocked and scared ]...her Q's cuts him to the quick and he can parry her thrusts in the only one way he knows ...By bringing in Angad " Why ??,..are u still missing that Angad, now that u want to die and join him" ...listening to him, she calms down and realizes that her Hubby loves her deeply and intensely and promises to herself that she will erases all traces of bitterness and hurt from his heart ...

Next day

Pratigya comes in and wants to know from Krishna as what action of her's will make him trust again, why does he protect her but not trust her , hearing this ,krishna becomes furious ..he opens his mouth to say something wrathful but is stopped short by the hovering presence of Kesar ..Krishna soundlessly stalks out..

Pratigya confides her dilemma to Kesar, who very logically says,"Krishna would have known the true status on ur SR itself ,then why is he doubting u?"...Pratigya  darts a guilty glance at her and is saved from replying by the fortuitous call of Amma ...Kesar's words resound in Pratigya's brain and she realizes the truth of her statement ...She gets ready for the Suhag Raat and drapes herself in pink sari,adorns herself with jewels and adds to  her ethereal beauty by applying the sindoor on her Maang ...she is waiting in eager anticipation for her husband to arrive...Krishna is found sitting perplexed and furious on his bike , even the cool showers do not sooth him !!

Krishna comes in all wet N hot  and is confronted by  resplendent beauty of smiling Pratigya , for a moment  he is transfixed ,overwhelmed by her beauty ,he looks on dazedly ..then he awakens to the fact that he is staring ,looks away but cant help himself gives a stealthy glance once again ..walks into the room, away from her and begins to remove his shirt in utter state of confusion..Pratigya gets a towel , closes the doors of their bedroom and moves towards him..while he is on the point of removing his shirt, Pratigya comes and grasps the shirt from behind, Krishna is confounded by the uncharacteristic behavior of Pratigya..She slowly removes the shirt off him and tenderly begins to towel him,Krishna is mystified and closes his eyes in sheer ecstasy ..she comes and begins to rub his chest, cheeks and forehead..Krishna looks at her quietly ,there is doubt , wonder,desire, a growing awareness of her ,a need and Pratigya looks all set to give everything to him without holding back  The towel drops to the floor but the intensity does not drop... she takes a quick peek into the depth of his eyes and emotions,unknown and never felt emotions  seem to surge inside her and course through her body electrifying her very being , rooting her to the very spot , she is lost in his eyes and slowly rests her head on his shoulders,Krishna closes his eyes in pure bliss , brings his hands to enclose her in his love ,,but bitter memories intervene ,Bliss is replaced by rage..he holds her and takes a grip on himself and thrusts her away from him..Pratigya is jolted from her tender feelings, she looks on in alarm , Krishna "Do you think I am a naive fool ?? Finally u are showing ur true colors, u are using ur body to hide ur sin, what ere u thinking, that I would melt by ur mere touch, I know this is the ultimate weapon of Woman to control and subjugate a man , better than this pratigya was the previous girl who never allowed me to touch her " ..Pratigya has regained a semblance of normality and she tries to make him understand that he is thinking wrong about her..but Krishna merely holds her by the shoulder and softly pushes her back and says "Just get far from me, far off ""..Pratigya takes a  step back  ..Krishna will not be stopped today , if yesterday we saw the dam developing cracks , today the dam has finally burst and all his doubts,his uncertainities,angst is rushing out ..words are gushing out unrestrainedly intending to maim her,crucify her , heal him,soothe him,help him relieve his pain..Krishna is ripping himself and Pratigya apart ,he seems uncontrollable ,

Krishna "I am Understanding what I am seeing ,when words did not have any effect, you are offering ur body ,I am hungry for ur love and not for ur body, if I wanted I could have had anyone from the bazar ..why are you putting up such an act ?"..Pratigya pleads for understanding "No !! are mistaken in ur thinking, Actually...""

Krishna does not let her finish and cut in
"What is the matter??tell me..what new drama are you going to enact now , tell me ??after such a betrayal, why are u covering up ?? why don't you tell me ? WHY DID YOU DO  THIS ??WHY DID U DO  ALL THIS ??ANSWER ME !!""

 * Finally the question that had been plaguing him, haunting him , never letting him be contented ,satisfied or happy...the question that was tearing him apart,scorching his heart has been asked...His anguish and his raw wound has finally been exposed*.. what can cure this wound ??


* Yeah !! This was the only elixir that could restore this broken man, this was the drug that could set him right ,This was the nostrum that will cure him n  mend him *
{Pratigya has finally given him the one thing that he needed,craved above all  in this world ...Her heart and her love }..Krishna is stunned,stupefied,dazzled ..but Pratigya is not done yet ..{Today seems to be the day, when all the misunderstandings,misconceptions will be cleared } she continues "But you are not fit for my love ,all ur love was not for me...but u wanted to prove to urself how much u loved me,whatever u did so far was only for ur happiness ,so that u will feel great about urself ..or it would never have come t such a pass that a guy who is passionately in love doesn't not trust his love [her] ..Ppl like u are only concerned about her physical chastity and we have to prove that yes we are chaste and u men think that this is ur greatest victory and biggest gift..why cant u think that a woman is a human too ?? and she wants a love  based on trust not a love based on suspicion and doubt "...Pratigya pauses on her tirade..looks in hurt and asks poignantly "what would u have done had Angad kidnapped me after marriage??""  Krishna is lost in a trance...and listens quietly..Pratigya 'Marital relationship is based on trust and  not on suspicion...and this little chapter has assumed gigantic proportions"..she walks away from him gets a suitcase and begins stuffing her things in them ..Krishna watches her with a question on his face ..Pratigya finishes her packing says "before our relation becomes untenable , it would be better I leave u [and give u the space that u seem to need]" ..she picks up her case and walks out...Krishna snaps out of his daze, and seem to be thinking ...

Today the final barricade that was preventing them both from becoming one has been finally cleared ...Krishna has got his answer and Pratigya has finally let her own disappointment come to the fore and shown Krishna how let down she felt when he did not trust her ...At last the Path appears to be clear for a true union ..The Final Frontier has been conquered !!

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights
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Congrats to Pooja, SS, Amma and Above all Arhan for their brilliant acting !!!

Hats of to the director for his sensible direction !!

The scene opens with Amma  getting hysterical and Pratigya narrating the sequence ...

On hearing everything Amma holds Pratigya responsible for Baba's haal , Pratigya is shocked to hear this accusation ..and SS too chips in and promises tears of blood if anything were to happen to krishna { SS stole it here, the way he starts with  barely controlled helpless fury,his gradual rising of his voice and his immediate recollection of his surroundings and reducing the volume of his voice ..All so natural } ..This words does not have any effect on Pratigya, she already is so bereft of her confidence  and is steeped in grief ..she tries to assure them "Nothing will happen to Krishna "[Is she trying to assure herself ] ..she is near breaking point ...but Amma is not mollified ..and is taking it on Pratigya ..just then Pratigya spies Sax's ..and runs calling "Papa, Papa" ...

KOmal rushes to her family..Amma grabs Komal's hands and says " Look Komal,  you were supporting ur Babhi, but ur Bhabhi has pushed him to the edge and he is fighting for his life , she has destroyed everything "...Immediately Papa Springs to defense , he asks " How can you say this ? what is Pratigya's fault ??what has she done " ...and  Amma's rapier thrust " ur daughter will not rest until she destroys everything ...she is taking her REVENGE ,SHE IS TAKING HER REVENGE  OF HIS LOVE " [Now we know from where Komal got her unique ability to dive straight at the truth] ..the truth of Amma's statement is accepted by Sax'x in the form of quickly lowered eye from Nainaji, a few seconds of discomfiture by others and Pratigya turns away her face as if she has been slapped [Truth is bitter ]...

Amma further accuses Pratigya as being responsible for Krishna's condition , The Sax's are shocked [cant face one truth after other hitting them like tsunami ] Shakthi is completely in pain [ we see his tadap and his utter helplessness in seeing his younger bro fighting for his life...The Big bro  cannot do anything and that frustrations and grief is shown in the brief clenching of his lips ...Awesome Jaswant]

Pratigya seeks solace in her father's arms...SS is standing like a banyan tree whose  roots have been cut off ..Shakthi is silent but bowed by sadness...Nainaji moves in and consoles Pratigya ..on hearing this Amma breaks down even further and starts her lamenting ..Shakthi is unable to bear this and stalks off to TC and vents his pain and sorrow in the form of anger and promises retribution if anything were to happen to Baba[You know Jaswant is really handsome underneath that stubble !!EmbarrassedSmile.] ..

Treatment continues ..

Pratigya is watching thru the porthole..Shakthi has come back and SS is leaning on him[ The strong man of Allahabad has lost his strength and Shakthi silently bears his weight until SS regains his composure ].Amma Starts praying to God ..The sax goes one up..They go in front of KrishnaStatue [How Ironic ] , begin their bhajan with all sincerity they can muster..G.Dadi Joins them ,Kesar is prevented from joining by Amma..Bhajan Concludes...Amma Utters one word .."Nautanki" ....[So true]The Ward door open and an angel in white comes out and instructs the ward boy to shift the patient  to the Icu cos his condition is deteriorating rapidly..Pratigya is Appalled and she runs and confronts the nurse..and Nurse reiterates what she said previously ...everybody look on aghast !!

Amma has lost her reason and in grief does not spare Pratigya she accuses Pratigya"All this is happening bec of U, u have brougyt Baba to this condition,,,now will be satisfied if he stops breathing,, are the killer of your Husband ..Pratigya looks on unable to bear this but unable to contradict Amma too [ The way Amma utters the word Hathyayen..with so much venom, grief , pain and goosepimples ]..Pratigya just moves to the ward and peeps thru the porthole..the ECG is going steady..A few FB Of Krishna in his deewanpan state by Pratigya..

The Doctor is resuscitating Krishna ..And suddenly Krishna stops Breathing. The Doc gives shock and Krishna's body jumps up like a spring {Arhan U re Priceless ClapClap]But the ECG shows FLATLINE !!  KRISHNA IS DEAD !!ShockedCry..The doctor removes the electrodes, oxygen mask and moves in to cover his face when Pratigya hurries into the room and walks slowly and gazes very softly with all the love in the world at him...

She holds his hand , [unable to comprehend or unwilling to accept  ]..All the others troop in and look on shocked ..she asks Doc.."What happened??" ...The Doc looks at her quietly.. SS is bowed in sorrow, shakthi's hand supports him from Back ..Pratigya refuses to accept the truth..she holds Krishna's face and goes on in a gentle pleading tone, She Say"U cannot leave me alone, Get up Krishna ,Get up Krishna[ in such a cajoling voice that would melt ur heart by its despair]..immediately  she strikes a cheerful voice..she says "see who has come , bauji, amma , Komal ,All of them have come to fetch you and the voice slowly breaks down  and continues saying...U love me , don't you ,then get up and talk to me..u have to live for ur love...don't punish me so..I cant live without you "...SS has broken down completely..Pratigya has begun to cry despondently ...but then a sort of frenzy overtakes her  and in a frenzied voice mingled with rage and utter desolation...she begins to scream out asking him to get up, I will not let u go...after a while the frenzy dies down and she collapses on Krishna's chest ...Krishna swallows ..and ECG comes Alive...Krishna Begins to breath ..The Doc  sends everyone out and continues the treatment..

Pratigya is outside guarding the ward like a warrior who will not allow death to cross the threshold and hover anywhere near her Husband...G.Dadi comes near Pratigya and salutes her and says you have brought back Krishna  from death..Shakthi looks as if he is unable to believe his eyes, the sax's are happy ...G.Dadi Blesses Pratigya ...Amma is  wondering why this is all happening..why is Krishna punished  for our sins ...Pratigya comes near Amma and consoles Amma ...and says nothing will happen to Krishna..Please stop crying..and then She moves to  bauji and consoles him and tries to comfort him ...the action by SS at this point is commendable, the grief kept in abeyance and hidden can only be glimpsed when he throws his hand in despair ...and Finally Pratigya moves to her Papa and seeks his reassurance that Nothing will happen to Krishna na ...And Papa will assure her ...

The last segment belonged to Pooja..the way her voice changes from disbelief to pain to guilt, to desolation to wretchedness,to frenzy  ...simply superb ...ClapClapClap

we live to see another what thunderstorm is reserved for Tomorrow ??
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.Reader's are warned

This is a looong post, I discovered that once I started writing about Kriya, I couldn't stop..I had to go on and On has been by a supreme will and increasing pain in the hand [while typing] that I have been able to stop.Embarrassed

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong.
                                                                          - William Thackeray

The Doctor has sent every one out and is actively employed in saving Krishna...Outside all are tensed up ...a while later, the door opens and Spiritual Guru comes  and says "today True love has won *and I am like DUH !* ..Maidam has fought and plucked her husband from the jaws of death ..*Was the doctor engaged in Mop up operation then* {Hey Pratigya, remember when the hospital presents you with a hefty bill, remind them that YOU saved ur husband and by all rights they shud pay u for enhancing their reputation,and their statistics Wink} and the Spiritual Guru further says that you may see him but no talks that may cause him distress,tension * can this get any more cornier*

The Thakurs rush inside lead by G.Dadi * for her Girth,she cuts a fair pace* not to be outdone the Sax's tumble behind them...All  surround the superstar , but super star lies uncaring ,G.Dadi  wards off the evil eye of her potha,but potha is looking for his soul-mate  ..and understanding Krishna's desire, G.Dadi calls Pratigya in...and G.Dadi Makes him understand that it was Pratigya who saved him and who gave him life.. * Can this Assertion go unchallenged , that too when such an gauntlet is thrown right in front of Amma ,Angry Definitely Not  !! Amma Picks up the Gauntlet Shocked * Amma says very softly *and softly did the spider kill the fly, Now from where did that line pop upConfused *..

Yes Amma !! Krishna has understood that Pratigya has saved his life * The sax are beaming , Adarsh looks wonder-struck ,Guruji is smiling *{ Don't smile so much Sanskari's..,The sting is yet to be delivered }..and tell him too that it is bec of her that he is lying in the hospital. * Zaaap ! The smile is wiped off in a sec...*{Don't say , I hadn't warned you}..

The Nurse takes over and says "we will take care of  Patient, one of you can stay and rest can go home "..Amma immediately pips in to say that she is going to stay back * and fill his heart and brain with poison* Pratigya says "No, Amma ,I will stay here and take care of him",

but SS vetoes this and orders her to return home..Pratigya darts an imploring glance at Krishna and dejectedly turns to do SS bidding , but even in that weakened condition, Krishna does not let her down, heeding her plea..he just holds her back by gently grasping her hand * Amma looks as if she has drunk an ounce of vinegar,SS looks on impassively, Kesar of course is happy* Pratigya is over the moon  and her face looks radiant as if the sun has burst thru the Dark clouds .

..A quick glance is exchanged between Thakur and his queen..Nurse says since Patient has selected his doll, she can stay back and play Nurse,Nurse while the rest can go to Timbuktu ..

The checkmated Thakur's walk out ..And SS takes a Pratigya [No,Not our Heroine,but a vow ]...that he will not lose Krishna to anything  or anyone .,not even to Pratigya  { Pratigya has found another cause to fight over ..This will keep her occupied for a while }

Next day ...

Krishna awakens from sleep .. and is momentarily confused seeing the strange room , He gazes around  and his gaze falls on the soundly sleeping Pratigya , he rests his gaze on her *Is there a momentary softening of his eyes *

 {Like Kabab mein Haddi }Nurse chooses this precise moment to enter, replace the drip and tells them to be ready , Doc will be on his rounds ..hearing the nurse's voice, Pratigya wakes up.. and is all wifely solicitude ,she inquires whether he had any sleep,is he comfortable ,How is he feeling? he replies " feeling better " * all this while he doesn't look at her ,his eyes wander here and there but never at Pratigya Shocked..Poor girl, you have a long and steep road to walk Ouch,he is restless ,It is as if he wants to avoid any proximity*

and after giving her a briefest glance he continues "you look tired, You too shud have rested, I shud not have stopped you ".*Poor Krishna Torn between uncontrollable Love and sense of Betrayal*.

but Pratigya immediately rebuts and says looking at him straight in the face "How can you say that? I am ur WIFE !!  * Glory be !! wasn't  it a few months back when Krishna was going "I am ur HUBBY"...How quickly  luck changes !! * It is my duty to stay by ur side ...Tell me If I had fallen Sick, wuld you have left me "?

Hearing this Krishna looks at her face and gazes for a few mins and says "there is a difference , there is a difference between the two situation,,betwen u and Me ..

and gently stops and looks  down..Pratigya face wilts on hearing this and there is a fleeting pain reflected in her eyes ...she stares at him in dumb pain..Krishna still does not look at her  *Reminds me of the early days of marriage when Pratigya used to turn her face away from Krishna *..The Doc comes and checks him and says they may go today if they wish but is preferable if they stay over for a day more...Pratigya looks happy and relieved *One whole day alone with Krishna * But Krishna has had enough  ..He decides to go home...Pratigya looks crestfallen ...

Breakfast tray arrives ...Pratigya is checking the medicines and also simultaneously nagging him for refusing to stay ..Krishna is more interested in the soup and decides to sample it,he pushes himself and tries to hold the spoon * Applause everybody, he succeeds*Now he tries to take it to his lips * Alas ! The spoon clatters into the bowl* ..hearing the tinkling sound , Pratigya turns to see what her pati parameshwar was doing and notices that PP was trying to drink the soup..She offers to help..picks up the bowl and tries to feed him..Krishna turns his face away...Pratigya is hurt by his rejection..but she suppresses it and once again offers the spoon full of soup..but mouth remains adamantly closed ...Hurt beyond words,

she is moved to say  "Try trusting me a little bit Krishna  *on hearing this Krishna looks up at her face *  I cant even think of hurting  you and neither can I see u suffering " She again offers the Spoon, and Krishna opens his mouth and swallows it ...

she continues her ministration , suddenly the soup is caught wrong way and Krishna coughs and spills some soup on his chin ..Pratigya immediately wipes his chin..Krishna looks at her face and is lost looking at her face , Pratigya who was wiping his chin chances to look up and catch his glance and she too drowns in his gaze ...There is a strong undercurrent of feelings here ...His Gaze holds pain, yearning,question, bafflement and boundless love while hers hold pain, resolution, wonder and the first glimmering of incipient love ...

there is a knock on the door and Big Bear stumbles in and inquires whether he really can go home {Shakthi cameo is very well done, his normally fierce voice assumes a eager happiness and love for his younger bro shines thru while he is making this inquiry }..Krishna Assents ...and Shakthi Leaves to settle the bill .

Krishna takes off from where he  had left off and continues to gaze at her ,He seems to be getting mesmerized and Pratigya is looking at him in shyness and there is a soft smile playing slightly  on her lips...

Kriya return Home and immediately  SS implicates Pratigya for Krishna 's conditions ..Pratigya looks on shattered...

The Battle lines have been drawn ...Pratigya has entered the chakravyuha, will she break this chakravyuha and emerge triumphant or will she succumb like Abhimanyu  ...IS this the beginning of the end for Kriya ??

What is Krishna thinking ?? he is fully aware that his wife married him out of compulsion and that painful knowledge has sapped his will, he seems to be broken and withdrawn  and yet we seem to get odd flashes of that Old Krishna ...How  is he going to take up from here ?He has not rejected Pratigya ,neither has he completely accepted her ..How will he resolve it ??

Will Her Love break through his Hurt , will it dispel the darkness, despair crowding in his heart ?? Will she ever regain his complete trust ??or will she be made to undergo constant test 

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where shud I start ?? I am jumping , grinning and am ecstatic...where shud I start ?? where shud I startLOL the King of Alice shud I start at the beginning continue thru the middle and stop  at the end .Big smile ..That seems to be logical ..But I am not feeling logical...Yahooo !! ...Taking  a deep breath ...doing meditation...

3..2...1...Start ACTION...

For Arhan , Pooja, Ghantidadi, Amma, Jaswant, Kesar, Komal and Adarsh ...

Dawn has BROKEN ...Pratigya gets ready and comes to kitchen ...where Amma is ready for her ..she is busy stirring the wok and her mind and has chosen a few juiciest and  choicest  taunts ready ...the moment Pratigya enters..she starts by saying  why has she come to the kitchen [ to brush and have a bath ,, Maybe Pratigya decided that her bathroom vastu wasn't good ] ..Pratigya being a prof daughter loves to answer she answers ..To prepare Breakfast [ I give her 100 marks..she has answered correctly ..]..immediately  distraction tactics begin ..Amma says if she prepares the food ..nobody will eat ..and continuing in the same vein ..she drives away Pratigya

Pratigya runs to inner sanctum, and encounters a lost  and bereaved looking Baba ...Immediately wiping off her tears ...assuming  a forced cheerful expression  [ Brilliant acting By Pooja ] ..she lovingly tells him to freshen up and come for breakfast  ..when he does not respond , does not even look at her ..she goes near by him and sits quite close to him  ..drops her bantering tone ..and tells him..that she knows that she has given him immense pain ..and that u r unable to bear it ...but whatever happened is not her fault ...that she was scared and hence hid the truth .. she seeks forgiveness from him and begins to cry silently ...Now till now Krishna who was sitting like a stone with his eyes averted from her ..very slowly turns his eyes , only his eyes towards her,,it is still downcast..he is not looking at her...then slowly he looks somewhere near her shoulders and finally a brief glance at her face...and what does he see ?? rivulets of water flowing  from her eyes Shocked ...impulsively and without even pausing for a sec's thought ..he WIPES off her tears ....[I will never tire of saying this ...ARHAN..U are BRILLIANT Star Then as if he recollecting himself he folds his hands slowly [ In that one gesture, he without a shadow of doubt  shows Pratigya that he still loves her and he can never see tears in her eyes and he will always stand by her  ]

Here in Sax House, It is thrust upon Komal to give Layman's view and she delivers it with gusto...and  surprisingly the sax becomes ferocious..cant bear the biting you ??

Krishna has showered and walks out ...and Piyasiya calls him for breakfast ...he tells them he is not hungry ...and to make him feel full and satisfied ...Amma and Shakthi serve him some delicacies ...and are looking very smug.. Hurt Krishna  starts moving away ..but Dadi call him back ..hold him by the hand and takes him to her room and makes him sit on the bed ..  he sits directly in front of the portrait of Ram [Interesting , berry Interesting ]..and Ghanti dadi sits next to him and says Speak, whatever is there say it out..I am there ...but Krishna remains silent [ He has joined Ghanti Dadi's Ashram ] ..she further continues and says Dont be bothered by their vile accusation, don't be worried by their malicious and poisonous words ...and Pointing at Pratigya tattoo says ..she is just like Sita ..she is as pure as gold,she has a golden heart and there is no darkness in her heart her...there is a lump in Krishna's throat ..he falls down at Dadi's feet  as if he accepting the truth of Dadi's words ..
{once more a standing ovation to Arhan and Ghanti Dadi Clap]..By far one of the most moving scenes of the episode ..

The next counselling session starts ...

Pratigya comes in search of  Kesar ...and walks hesitatingly towards Kesar's room and calls her but does not step in [ Poor girl is already feeling alienated] ..Kesar calls her in ...Pratigya begins to bare all her innermost despair to Kesar ..she says she cant see Krishna like this, he is descending into deeper depression, he is hurting very badly  and she herself is unable to forgive herself  [work that out urself] cos she knows that she is responsible for his condition ..she is willing to take any punishment from him but cant bear to see him like this ..and kesar like a wizened old woman starts  dispensing her wisdom ...she says he is upset , but one cant keep a loving soul apart for a long time ...he stayed by u when it mattered, this shows his love..and u too love him ...hence u too are devastated seeing his condition ...she says TRUST IN GOD ..and everything will be ALRIGHT !!
[How did the Glass of water end up in Pratigya's hand..did it levitate towards  her LOL]

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