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atop IF-Rockerz

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Wow, wow, Wow...This is just great..
What a work compiled by the writers of the forum, each with their individual style penning down the scenes ever so beautifully..Loving it..

Luv atop

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This has been a wonderful continuation of the story. A big hug for everyone.Hug

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mortified! Had she been so distracted by his presence that she had forgotten something so simple? Wrapped in a small green towel Gopi lent on the door wondering what to do. She knew that there was still time for her husband to get ready so the chances that he had left the room were slip.

Opening the door a crack, she peeked out and noticed Ahem sitting on the bed reading a file still bare chested and red faced she closed the door. She went back to leaning on the door, she knew she had to be downstairs soon to collect the milk but how was she to get her clothes.

She didn't know why she was so embarrassed it wasn't as though she hadn't seen her husband in a towel before but she'd quickly turn away and he'd shout at her to get out. Tears pooled in her eyes but she quickly wiped them away and smiled, things weren't like that anymore, he loved her now.

Gopi quickly knocked on the bathroom door, a stunned Ahem looked up wondering what she was doing. He walked over to the door and knocked back worried that she might be hurt.

"Gopi, Gopi, is everything okay?" he asked,

After a short moment of silence he heard her soft voice "Ji woh..I...I forgot clothes" Ahem's face lit up in a smile and he began to laugh. Of course Gopi would be embarrassed by something like this.

"Umm...okay, Gopi what do you want me to do?" he asked a plan formulating in his mind.

"Ji...aap, I mean could you leave the room, so I can get clothes and get dressed" Gopi asked hesitantly.

"Of course, just give me a minute" Ahem walked out of the room and stood outside. He counted to ten in his head then opened the door and strolled back in. Gopi had opened the closet door and couldn't see him but he could see her feet and he could see the towel falling and pooling around it.

Silently he crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and he began kissing her neck. He could feel Gopi freeze before a warm blush starting in her cheeks spread to her neck, she was completely naked and vulnerable. 

He glanced at the clock, he knew that she needed to collect milk at about 5.40 and it was about 5.15 now, Slowly he raised one of  his hands up and lowered the other. He heard Gopi moan and felt her head drop back onto his chest, soon after her legs began quivering and her breathing halted as she reached utopia.

Ahem smiled proudly as Gopi collapsed on him and he gently picked her up and laid her on the bed. Gopi still dazed turned her head towards him and smiled lazily. Ahem smiled then sat down on the bed next to her and began stroking her hair as she calmed her raging breaths.

Ahem leaned in and kissed Gopi lightly on the lips, her eyes fluttered close before they flew open and a blush covered her cheeks. Immediately she covered herself with her arms, ran to the closet to get her clothes and ran back to the bathroom.

Ahem lay back on the bed smiling, somethings never changed. 10 minutes later Gopi emerged from the bathroom. He watched as she put on her bangles and payals. She grabbed her mangalsutra to put on and Ahem stopped her putting it on her instead. Then he grabbed her sindoor and put it on her. Her eyes met his in the mirror and she smiled shyly before getting up and leaving the room.


Gopi was washing bed covers, she had been in a state of bliss all morning and was sure she'd never been happier in her life, Gopi smiled as she remembered how Ahem had taken her for her final therapy session before going to work. She didn't think she could love him more but apparently she could.

Gopi bent to remove the bed covers she'd washed when she heard a noise before her head was struck. Instinctively she moved her hand to dull the pain and the bucket of water she had been using to wash  the bed covers was pured over her.

Gopi stood trying to remove the sheets that had fallen over her face along with the water but was roughly pushed to the ground and kicked in the stomach. She started crying and screaming for help but was once again kicked, this time on the leg. Whilst wiggling on the ground Gopi was able to remove the covers but she couldn't see them still. Her hair was roughly pulled and she felt herself being whipped roughly.

She was screaming but no sound was coming out and she briefly wondered how could everything come crushing down so quickly. The whipping stopped and Gopi sat up, still crying only to come face to face with her Mami.

Urmila glared down at Gopi and spat on her before slapping her round the face again. Gopi began trembling and backed away but Urmila just followed her until she had Gopi against a wall.

"You stupid girl" she whispered deadly "You ruined everything, everything I had worked so hard to provide for my Rashi. You motherless child when will you learn no one loves you"

Gopi shook her head, more tears falling "That's not true"

"Shut up!" Urmila shouted before regaining composure "Who loves you tell me?"

"Ahemji" Gopi said looking her Mami in the eye. A look of shock crossed her face before she began cackling, Gopi had never been so scared in her life. Not when she was little and her Mami locked her out all night, or the time her Mami burnt her hand on the stove. No this was definitely worse.

"You think he loves you? Gopi you may be illiterate but please think you have a brain" Urmila cooed at her "Don't you find it slightly odd that he spent a year of your marriage hating you only to suddenly fall in love? Gopi beta he doesn't love you, he's using you because he loves his mother, anyway if he loved you so much then why did he have a picture of his ex-girlfriend" Urmila said waving the picture in her face and dropping it to the ground, Gopi stared at it, seeing Ahem's smiling face, his arm wrapped round Anita "He's made you impure, your dirty now"

Gopi's eyes widened slightly and Urmila knew she'd found the thing that was guaranteed to destroy their marriage. "Yes Gopi, your saas wants Ahem to have the first heir of the Modi's and so he needs you for this, to get pregnant but he knows the only way he'll be able to do this is if he sweet talks you which it seems he's done well" Urmila knelt next to Gopi and cupped her face smilingly "Gopi you know I only want the best for you, I am the only mother you'll ever and that's why I'm telling you this, because I don't want to hurt you" she said lovingly before slapping Gopi on the cheek "One more thing stop hurting your Rashi ben and being so selfish, don't tell anyone I was here okay?" Urmila said standing up and running away.

Gopi sat dumbfounded, what had just happened? Ahem was just using her to get pregnant. She got up and stumbled up to their - his room but on the way bumped into...

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ANJ4 IF-Sizzlerz

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yes please continue...

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gopakshi Groupbie

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Gopi sat dumbfounded, what had just happened? Ahem was just using her to get pregnant. She got up and stumbled up to their - his room but on the way bumped into Kokila.

Kokila: Gopi sho thaiyo? Why are you drenched?
Gopi: Woh...maaji (starts sobbing)...woh
Kokila: Gopi, shhh...don't cry, tell me what happened?
Gopi: (sobs uncontrollably)
Kokila: Gopi, come let's sit here on the jhoola and tell me what happens (Kokila pats Gopi on the back, like a mom trying to calm their child when they are crying)
Gopi: maaji, Mami said that Ahem is only interested in me because you want a baby.
Kokila: Kya kaha Gopi!? Urmila ben nay yeh kaha?!
Gopi: (starts crying again)
Kokila: Gopi when did you see Urmila ben?
Gopi: maaji, just now (continues to cry)

[Kokila internal thought: oh Krishna baghwan this Urmila ben roams the halls of this house more than mani when she needs to do jharoo and poocha.  Next time I will just hand her the pail of water for poocha, wait a minute, Gopi is drenched, she was just washing clothes, did Urmila ben dump a bucket of water on my Gopi bahu?! I am going to have to deal with her.  I will talk to Mota bhabi. First thing is first]

Kokila: Gopi bahu, go to your room and get cleaned up and then stay there, I will come to you in a little bit.  I want you to lock the bedroom door and do not open it for anyone, until I come back.
Gopi: ji maaji

Gopi walks back to the bedroom and does as Kokila says.  The door is locked, Gopi has cleaned up and is sitting at the vanity just looking deep in thought.

Knock! Knock!...

[Gopi internal thought who could that be?]

Gopi gets up to open the door and then stops right in front of the door.

Knock! Knock!

Gopi's hands on the lock and she opens the door and it is...

[please continue]

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LoveMJ Senior Member

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Gopi's hands on the lock and she opens the door and it is Rashi. Rashi immediately entered the room and locked the door behind her.
She then held Gopi's upper arm really tightly and said, "how dare you open your mouth against my mother?! How dare you?! I just Kakiji talking to Maaji. You stupid! Now you better take back your words and make some story up or else..."
"Rashiben please, its hurting..." Gopi sobbed.
Rashi just squeezed her arm tighter before leaving it roughly. Gopi's arm was really painful now after all the beatings. Rashi stormed out of the room after giving another warning to Gopi. However when she unlocked the door and got out, she found herself looking at a recorder which was held by...

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Traxy101 Goldie

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Urmila. Urmila smiled devilishly at Gopi before grabbing her arm and dragging her to the supply closet with Rashi following after making sure there was no one in sight.

Urmila pressed rewind on the recorder and played it for Gopi. "You hear this, your begs for Rashi to stop, well if you don't take back what you said trust me when I tell you, you'll be begging for something much bigger than a bruised arm" Rashi looked around worried, she knew the men will be coming back home from office early and would be expecting Gopi to make them tea.

"Mummy" Rashi hissed at her mum "Careful, this is how you got caught last time, she was crying, you need to be nice watch" Rashi slowly walked towards Gopi who immediately flinched away.

"Gopi, you know that I'm your sister and I only have your best interests at heart. Mummy and I would never do anything that wold hurt you, it's everyone else who's trying to hurt you. Kakiji got you and Jijuji married and she forced you two to stay together and now she's making you impure and having her son use you for her own selfish reasons, my saas is hurting you by making you keep hope as is Papaji and Kakaji and Jijuji has hurt you so much I don't know where to begin. Gopi they love to see you in pain, to see you hurt and they're succeeding Gopi, see how they're turning you against Mummy who took you in and loved you as her own, you're being horrible and selfish" Gopi bent her head ashamed, Rashi was right, Mami had done so much for her in her life and she was throwing it back in her face. Gopi had a new resolve, she couldn't be weak, she couldn't let them see her pain.

"Mujhe maaf kardijiye Mami and Rashi ben, I have hurt you so much but never again, I promise" Gopi whispered. Urmila's eyebrows shot up and she shook her head side to whilst staring proudly at  her daughter Rashi.

Urmila frowned though, what to do with Gopi now, she walked over to her and slapped her "That was for being rude to me this morning but I forgive you" Urmila said, Outside they could hear approaching voices and begun panicking but the voices passed and they calmed down. Taking advantage of the situation Urmila grabbed Gopi''s head and whispered "Everything I do is because I love you" before smashing her head against the wall. 

Rashi turned shocked at the sound only to see Gopi laying unconscious on the ground and blood forming around her head. She gasped and knelt beside her to see if she was alive, feeling relieved when she was.

"Mummy what is this?" Rashi demanded, she was getting worried now.

"Don't worry Rashi beta, I'll handle everything but first spill that water on the ground" hesitant Rashi did as she was told "Now leave, I'll handle everything in here" Rashi turned to walk out, getting scared. What was happening, what was her mum doing? The plan was for Gopi and Ahem's marriage to break and for her to be thrown out of Modi bhavan, how would this help.

Rashi turned only to see her mother crouching over Gopi, for a moment Rashi wanted to tell her to stop what they were doing however instead she kept her mouth shut and hurried out.

Urmila on the other hand had grabbed some bleach and was currently trying to get it down Gopi's throat, careful not to get her fingerprints on it she used her pallu to hold it. 

"This will teach you Gopi" she said menacingly. "Now who will save you and everyone will think you'd had enough of your tired little existence and killed yourself"

Once she was sure Gopi had swallowed sufficient amounts of bleach, she placed it open in Gopi's hand to make it seem like a suicide however unbeknownst to her,  the voice recorder was still recording as she walked out.


Ahem arrived home from the office smiling, he couldn't wait to see Gopi. To speak to her, hold her and touch her. He could just imagine the scene, he'd walk in and go to their room then she'd bring him tea, smile then leave but he'd grabbed her wrist to hold her back and then she'd try and get out but he'd smile at her and hug before kissing her, then she'd blush and he'd let her go. Yes he could picture it perfectly.

However when he walked into the house all was not well, the first thing he noticed was Kakiji rushing around worried. He walked right up to her but she almost walked right past him being so distracted.

"Kakiji, what's wrong?" he asked concerned, from the corner of his eye he could he his Kaka and Jigar walking up behind him.

"Woh-" she began but was interrupted by Kokila. 

"Ahem dikra" Ahem had never seen his mother look so worried before.

"Mum, what's wrong? What happened?" he asked hundred's of scenarios running through his head.

"Ahem, Gopi's missing, we can't find her anywhere. I'd asked her to stay in her room but she-" Kokila stopped tears pooling in her eyes. Ahem's stomach had dropped, Gopi was missing but how, he'd just seen her that morning smiling happily at him so how could everything just go wrong so quickly.

"Have...are you sure she's not in the house, I mean maybe she can't hear you" he stammered backing away.

"Ahem dikra" Kokila started "Don't wor-"

"I found Gopi bhabhi" Mani shouted out. Before Ahem's brain had time to catch up his feet were already moving in the direction of Mani's voice.

His feet came to a halt outside the supply closet and he walked in hesitantly, the room was dark but his eyes adjusted quickly and the moment he spotted Gopi lying on the floor his heart stopped beating.

He fell to her side holding her and shouting for help, he was only slightly aware of the rest of the family coming in, the sobs of his mum and Kaki, the gasps from everyone else, his attention on Gopi, he immediately became aware of the blood on the ground and coming out of her head as well as the strange smell on her.

He lent forward and sniffed and shock coursed through him as he smelt bleach, he looked on the ground and saw the bleach bottle still open and tears filled his eyes.

Why would Gopi do that to him? To them? He loved her and he thought she loved him too so why this, why now when everything was going so well, when everything was so right, when they were so happy.

He picked her up and carried her out the room. to his car, he could hear the rest of the family members discussing but didn't care what they were saying.

As everyone else left the supply closet, one person stayed behind after noticing something on the floor, they picked it up. It was 

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angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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Hetal. Hetal stared at recorder and was wondering how it got there. She tucked it in her saree and walked out.

Aham drove Gopi to the medical center. The doctors were examining Gopi. He could not believe Gopi would do something like this to him, to them. He was so looking forward to seeing her. He knew deep down Gopi would never do anything like this, she just couldn't. Aham couldn't think beyond that. He was totally spaced out.

Hetal and Kokila took the same car to the hospital. It was then that she spoke to Kokila and told her about the recorder she found. They played and listened to what was on the tape; though shocked they knew it was about time.

When they walked into the hospital, they saw Rashi and Urmila creating a ruckus. Urmila kept blaming the Modi's esp. Aham for Gopi's condition and the drastic step she took. Rashi was playing it down but was supporting her mother. Hetal couldn't take it anymore. She walked up to Rashi and slapped her hard: the whole room resonated. Everyone went quiet. Urmila was left gaping.

Even before anyone could ask she played the recorder, Aham was taken aback hearing Gopi, crying, begging and apologizing. When they finished listening to the tape Urmila tried to make up a story and Rashi was supporting her. Before Rashi could finish her version of the story, in which no one was interested, she found herself slapped again. She looked up to see...


Take it away...

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