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Game cum OS(s)-Sweet and Spicy Imaginations (Page 2)

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i am so embarassed nowBlushingEmbarrassed

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Gopi said "ahemji don't you have to go to office?" 
Ahem said "do I have to? let me enjoy this moment, beep! beep! beep!"
Gopi: "Ahemji? what's wrong why are you saying beep!?" 

suddenly Gopi's eyes shot open and she realized that she was laying on the floor, on her bedding as usual and her alarm clock had gone off.  So she sat herself up and saw that her ahemji wasn't there. She was a little glad, considering what she had been dreaming about. However, a wave of sadness passed across her face.  "Oh kanaji, when will this test be over?"

"today!" replied a determined voice, which made Gopi turnaround to see who had spoken that word.  It was...

[please continue]  

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Kinjal, standing at the entrance of the door. Quickly Gopi stood up confused as Kinjal began walking towards her. 

'Kinjal ben, aap?' Gopi asked confusion on her face.

'Ji, bhabhi' Kinjal answered a determined look on her face.

'What brings you here? Is there anything I can do for you?' Gopi asked, glancing at her bedding on the floor, before quickly picking it up and folding it.

'Nahi bhabhi, today I will be doing something for you-'

'Kinjal ben, I don't need anything though' Gopi said interrupting Kinjal.

'Bhabhi, you know don't you, it's not your fault that bhai is such a ba d husband to you. You don't deserve any of the things that have happened to you whilst living in this house and I need to tell you what part I played in this.' Tears began rolling down Kinjal's face as she held Gopi's hand and led her to the bed to sit. 

'What are you saying Kinjal ben?' Gopi asked smiling sweetly. More tears fell at this, Kinjal's guilt multiplying ten fold.

'Bhabhi, I tried so hard to stop your and bhai's wedding mostly for my own selfish gain and when that failed Umang was angry but he convinced me to try and destroy your relationship and it worked, remember that necklace I gave you saying that bhai had ordered it for you? That was a lie and after ordering it I told Bhai that you had ordered it as you were competing against Rashi and he believed me. Bhabhi that's just, just one of the things-' Kinjal broke off her sobs stopping her from saying anymore.

Immediately Gopi wrapped her arms around her and Kinjal sobbed harder. 'Mujhe...mujhe maaf kardijiy Kinjal cried.

'It's alright Kinjal ben, really it is'

'I blamed you for everything and I'm not the only one Rashi blamed you, bhai blamed you but it turns out marry Dhawalji was the best thing that could have happened bhabhi and...and'

'I'll get you some water Kinjal ben' Gopi stood and turned towards the door and was shocked to see Maaji, Ahemji and Kakiji standing there staring at her with equal looks of incredulity plaguing their features. Gopi quickly pulled on her pallu.

'Maaji, Kakiji aap? Do you need something?'

However Kokila ignored Gopi and immediately addressed Kinjal who had also stood.

'Kinjal, do you know what you are saying?' Kokila asked, her voice devoid of emotions.

'Ji Maa, it's time I owned up to my mistakes and no matter what, Gopi is my bhabhi and I accept that and I want her to be more than bhabhi, I want her to be my sister, in fact what am I saying, Maa Gopi is my sister and she has done everything for me that a sister would do'

'Saaru, Ahem dikra' Kokila said turning 'Mani has made you some green tea, have it quickly before you get late to work'

'Ji Mum' he said and with a final glance at Gopi they left.

'Bhabhi' Kinjal said 'No one deserves to experience the life you have but especially not some one as kind as you are. I can't change your past but I can help change your future, will you let me?'

'Kinjal ben, I don't know what you are saying' Gopi whispered.

'If you say I'll help you fix your relationship with bhai'

'Lekin, Kinjal ben, I don't think there's anything that can be done'

'Then you don't know me, quickly get dressed there's some one I want you to speak with'


20 minutes later Gopi came down stairs only to see Kinjal talking to her Papa. At her arrival, they stopped whatever they were discussing and looked at her.

'Gopi, I know what they did to you' Papaji said standing up 'And I want you to know that I won't let them get away with it'

'Get away with what?' A voice asked. They all turned in surprise only to see...

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Jigar walking towards them. They thought he had left for work with Aham n Chirag.

Jigar looked towards them and repeated, "Get away with what?". For a moment everyone was quiet, unable to decide if Jigar needed to know the truth about Rashi and her mother. It was something that could have some serious life altering repercussions. 

 All of them were blank and just when Kinjal had decided to tell Jigar all about Rashi and her mother, Kokila replied, "It's nothing Jigar, we were discussing the clubs exorbitant ticket prices for the Mango Festival. I was planning get a couple of new varieties planted at the farmhouse."

Before Jigar could ask any more questions she asked him authoritatively, "Aren't you running late for work, Jigar?  Aham and your father left like almost an hour ago". Jigar who had almost decided to join in the family discussion was left with no choice but to take leave.

After Jigar left, Mota Bhabhi asked Kokila as to why she did not tell Jigar the truth about Rashi and her mother. Kokila looked at a shocked Mota Bhabhi, who loved her and treated her as a younger sister, held her hand in her palms and said. "Mota Bhabhi, Jigar is my son and like any mother I shall try everything possible to avoid him getting hurt. Let us handle this issue and try to put things right first and God forbid, if things get worse we shall involve the others."

Mota Bhabhi was touched, she always knew Kokila beneath her tough exterior had a heart of gold and would never do anything wrong. With tears staining her cheeks, she hugged Kokila and thanked her.  Having Kokila by her side reassured her esp. since she could not discuss this with either Chirag or Jigar.

After the emotional family moment, Parag got their attention to Gopi and the problem at hand. Kinjal told them everything about everything that had happened including Rashi's and her mother's role. She explained to them as to how Rashi'z mother would rush to the other room to answer her phone and told them how she had overheard them a couple of times, talking about trying to force money out of the Modi's and their plan to bring about Gopi's downfall.  

When she was done, each member of the group was surprised at their material nature. Gopi refused to believe her Rashi Ben was part of it, more so when she was always helping her with ideas to win over Aham and when Kinjal mentioned it was all part of their master plan, she was devastated.  She would have trusted Rashi with her life, she was heartbroken. 

Kinjal spoke up; she was like a woman who was possessed, a woman on a mission, she said "Gopi Bhabhi there is no point crying, you need hold yourself together.  Unlike before, this time around you have all of us by your side. I promise to set things right for you."

Upon Kinjal's suggestion they all decided to act ignorant and let Rashi and her mother play their little games, while keeping their eyes and ears open. She had special instructions for Gopi, who nodded mechanically still trying to come to terms with the situation. They all knew deep down, for their plan to work, they needed one persons support the most. But who would bell the cat?

While they were running thru their plan, none of them had realized someone had walked in upon them, listened to their entire conversation and finally said...

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this is my first time writing anything like this but thought id give it a go...

'Kinjalji im am with you too,Gopi may not be my blood sister but she is more of a sister than rashi has been,and she will get her husband's love and respect. 'foi has taken advantage of me and i was too stupid to realise but no more now, i wont stay in that house for a second longer.'

'no dhavalji,for our plan to work,we have to put up with foi,i promise just a few days more,once everything as it should be,then even i wont let you stay there'
'Yes dhaval kumar,what kinjal is saying is right,everything needs to stay how it is right now otherwise if the mother-daughter duo get a wiff that we know everything about them,then our whole effort will go to waste not to mention my gopi vau and ahem dikra will suffer'.

Gopi was sitting on the steps of the mandir,sobbing,she couldnt understand, the people who she thought were her own were ruining her life,hurting her physically and mentally,why? kanhaji why did you take my mum and dad away? where's my mum when i need her so much?' 'She's here' a voice spoke softley from behined gopi,she turned her head and saw koki standing there,tears in her eyes  Gopi looked at her for a moment as koki came towards her and sat by her side...
koki spoke sofetly gopi never heard her talk like this before,koki began talking ' Gopi...

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"Gopi bahu, it hurts so much to see you cry like this. You know don't you, I only want your happiness, but this is something you needed to find out" Kokila said wiping Gopi's tears.

"I know maaji but it hurts so much, I just, I just wish things could be different and right now I'm just so angry and I don't know, I just...she's my older sister and- "

"It's okay to feel like this Gopi, it's understandable. Now don't cry anymore, I need you to be strong okay? Can you do that for me?" Kokila asked.

"Ji Maaji" Gopi replied smiling a watery smile at her.

"Now come on, I'll get you some juice"

"Nahi Maaji, I'm fine"

"If you say so Gopi bahu" Kokila said looking at her doubtfully.


Ahem stared at the screen of his laptop but was still unable to concentrate on the work he was supposed to be doing. He couldn't get what Kinjal had said this morning out of his mind.

Kinjal had been the one to order the necklace. Not Gopi.

It was Kinjal's fault. Not Gopi's. 

Yet it was Gopi who had borne the brunt of the punishment.

He clenched his eyes closed at that. Till this day it still disgusted him that he could raise his hand to a woman, to his wife, therefore he didn't think about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

He looked through the files on the table unable to find the one he needed and thought to himself that he must have left it at home. He sighed and glanced at the clock. Getting up he made his way to his Kaka's office.

"Something's definitely going on at home" Ahem paused outside his Kaka's office, hearing Jigar.

"Like what?" he heard his Kaka ask bemused.

"I don't know but no one would tell me anything and Kaki made up something about prices to cover it up" he said.

"Okay, but why couldn't she have been talking about prices, it would be perfectly understandable if she was"

"Yes but, you didn't see them, everyone looked so tense, Mum, Kaki even Kaka looked worried. Bhabhi had tears running down her face-"

"Why is that so out of the ordinary? When isn't she crying?" Ahem said interrupting whatever Jigar was about to say.

"Nahi bhai, I mean-"

"Jigar, I think that  it's best if you left personal matters at home and while you're in this office you focus on business"

"Ahem's right Jigar, anyway what brings you here?"  Kaka asked giving him his full attention.

"I've left a file I need at home and am going to pick it up. Is there anything you need me to get whilst I'm there?"

"Nahi Ahem"

"Ahem bhai actually I need to go home as well, to drop something off so I'll come with you" Jigar said.

"Ji" Ahem replied "Meet me at my car"

5 minutes later Ahem and Jigar reached the car. Ahem glared at Jigar as he walked towards him carrying a bouquet of flowers.

"What are you doing with those?" Ahem questioned rudely. Knowing full well what he was doing with them.

"Bhai, I just...I haven't got anything for Rashi in a while so I'm just giving her these to..." he trailed off awkwardly.

"Just get in the car Jigar" Ahem said and they were off.


They got home soon enough to find everyone seated in the living room, well almost everyone. Gopi wasn't there but that was usual but Rashi was suspiciously missing and after inquiring they found out that Rashi's mother Urmila who had arrived was also suspiciously missing.

Jigar and Ahem walked up the stairs before going their separate ways to their rooms. Jigar after arriving at his room was disappointed to see that Rashi wasn't there. Smiling though he placed them on the dresser before turning to leave however something caught his eye. It was covered with something but he could easily distinguish the picture of a girl with a mans arm around her. He reached to try and see the picture more but his arm was grabbed by Rashi.

"Jigarji, aap?" Rashi questioned panic in her features. He smiled lovingly at her before giving her the flowers. 

"Ji Rashi, I just wanted to gift you something. Do you like them?"

"Ji Jigarji" Rashi glanced towards the door.

"Is something wrong?" Jigar asked.

"Nahi, woh mein, I'm just happy to see you" Rashi lied, Jigar smiled, wrapping his arms around her waist glad to have a wife like her.


Rounding the corner to his room he could hear the sounds of someone crying. Irritated he assumed it was Gopi but then he heard someone's voice, a voice that greatly resembled Rashi's mum's voice. He listened for a second but couldn't make out much except for something about 'manhoos'

He pushed open the door to his room and was shocked to see

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awsome luv it
u guys r awsome writers
plzz cont soon
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Urmila had severely twisted Gopi's arm behind her back and with her other hand she was pulling Gopi's hair.  Gopi's arm was twisted to an unnatural angle and her head was pulled so hard that Urmila must have some of the hair off by the roots.  Gopi had tears streaming down her face and was sobbing uncontrollably.   She kept repeating "Maami, I didn't do anything thing!  Maami, I didn't do anything!"

"You think you're better than my daughter?  You're trying to show her up by making yourself look good?"

"Naahi Maami, I love Rashiben, I didn't do anything"

"You are good for nothing.  You have brought nothing but shame and unhappiness to my home and my daughter.  Now you're trying to do the same here.  You are good for nothing.  I should have put you in an orphanage like I wanted instead of bringing you into my home.  You will destroy this house as you destroyed your parents and tried  to mine."

With that she toughed harder on the hair and arm.  Aham was frozen for a few seconds but the last statement brought him out his stupor  and he yelled with barely controlled fury, "let her go this instant."
Urmi was shocked to see Aham standing behind her and abruptly released Gopi from her hold.  Gopi fell to the bedroom floor and curled up in a ball and continued to cry profusely.

Aham had never felt so angry in his life, "How dare you touch my wife?   HOW DAAARE YOU!"

Urmi, like a typical bully she was, lost all her courage against someone bigger than her, stammered,  "nnnothing!  I didddn't do aaannnything..."

"Get out of this room!  Get out of this house!  I will deal with your later!"

With that he ran to Gopi who was still crying like her heart was breaking.    He gently tried to turn Gopi out of her fetal position.  He pulled her into his lap and carefully enclosed her into his arms.  Gopi collapsed against Aham's chest and continued to cry.  Aham carefully caressed her arm but Gopi cried out in pain.  Aham noticed that it looked dislocated from her shoulder. 

Aham yelled, "MOOOM!

To Gopi he whispered, "shhh!  Everything will be alright.  I have you now.  That woman will never hurt you again.  Never! shhh!

As he said his reassuring words he tenderly dried her tears, "don't cry!  I have you!"

Gopi felt completely devastated.  The person she loved most in the world was witness to her utter humiliation.  He had seen something she never wanted him to see.  She wanted to be strong and perfect for him but he had heard maami tell her that she was broken, unlucky and manhoos.  How was he ever going love her when he had heard the truth about her.   She didn't hear what Aham was saying and continued to cry in total and utter  shame.  The pain in her arm was nothing compared to her heart.  She knew she could never fix this because Ahamji had heard her darkest secret that her parents were dead because of her.  How was he going to continue to allow her to live with him.

Aham was starting to get really worried.  Gopi was inconsolable.  "MOOOM!  Call the doctor." 


over to the next writer...

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