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Opposites Attract - Maaneet FF Thread #4 (Page 67)

febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
honey .. can u please update soon?.. 2:15 am here CryCryCryCryCry

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:22am | IP Logged
 PART 51
Geet was busy arranging the files in the conference room. Checking last minute details of the presentation on the projector. This was an important meeting for the Malhotra's. yash and geet had together prepared for this project, did all the paper work and today yash was going to give his first presentation. Geet was rechecking everything minutely to leave no flaw. Yash was yet to come. She had come early from college and yash had missed college altogether.



It was 3months that geet had been working in malhotra's office. Karan had placed them in various departments to learn work from ground level for 2 months. This was their first project which they did from scratch. It was a bottling plant which karan was starting. Today was the presentation for the investors.

The investors were to come by 11. They had associated with the Khurana's for construction. Geet was all set and waiting for Adi and a senior manager from khurana's who will present their design for construction of the plant. This was a business strategy used by MSK many a times. Khurana's wud do all the construction and instead of charging for that they wud share the profit percentage. There wud be less risk and no managing hassles and along with that good income.

Geet and yash interacted with Adi and a junior architect and a senior manager ' Mr Das. She felt safe that Maan was not coming for the meeting. His staff interacted and wud be here to attend the meeting and present the design. The contract was to be sent to him for his signatures.


K office


Msk called Mr Das for a briefing on malhotra project along with Adi. No one had expected this sudden meeting as MSK had other meetings scheduled. Mr das entered his cabin hesitantly as he was not well prepared for it. Adi followed in with required files.

Maan  enquired him with queries on the progress and today's meeting. The project was under Mr das but being handled by his juniors and he had not done the briefing himself and calling his junior for this meeting meant pack up for Mr das. He tried to make up for most questions thrown by MSK but he was no fool to not understand his unpreparedness. MSK never approved such callous behaviour and Mr das got a good scolding on how could he be so casual. MSK decided to attend the meeting himself and finalize the project.



Geet gave a beaming smile as everything was done perfectly up to her standards. She looked at her watch it was 10.45 and yash had not yet reached. Finally the door flung open. She commented without even turning towards the door.

Finally sahab ko fursat mil gai. Apke darshan ko ankhe taras gayi thi. Kabse hum palako ko bicha k baithe the. She continued her taunt and turned to look at the new entrant. 

Her jaw dropped after seeing Maan. She gulped in. her face looked as if she got an electric shock.

Adi squeezed in from Maan's side and gave her a vague smile.

Geet this is our boss Maan Singh Khurana. Adi glared at her when she gave no response. Geet hurriedly nodded and moved back and gestured the seats. Her voice choked in her throat. She didn't dare open her mouth or a croak would be all she wud let out.

As they were greeted and seated by another staff geet composed herself.


I will be back in a minute. There is some work in the projector. She turned towards the computer and pretended to be busy as she tries to sooth her fraying senses.

The architect was real nervous as she had to present in front of MSK. She enquired geet for the ladies room and escaped his piercing eyes. Maan had already stood to talk to geet but she turned her back to him and walked to the other corner of the room and engaged herself in the projector as the other girl left to inform JM about MSK's arrival. Maan was getting impatient with geet's ignorant behaviour.

Adi got a phone call and excused himself from the room. Geet turned to follow Adi and escape Maan. Maan stood between her and the door.

Tumhara saara kaam ho gaya to meri baat sunogi?

Hhmm. He glared at her. Haan mein sun rahi hu.

Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?

Kaam. And she again tried to move.




Kya matlab? He held her hand.

Job. Aur mera haat choriye na koi dekh lega.

Realisation dawned over him that she had joined Karan, Karan Malhotra. So this was her friend's business she had joined.

His thoughts were broken by geet's voice. She was still twisting her hand to escape his grip.

Mera haat choriye na, koi dekh lega.

To kya hua? Tum meri wife ho, aur mein kisise darta nahi.

Par yahan koi nahi janta ki mein apki wife hu. Ye mera office hai.

To jaan jaenge.

Aapke office mein bhi to koi nahi janta.

Mujhe koi fark nahi parta agar vo jaante hai ya nahi. im not answerable to them.

Par mujhe parta hai. Mein aise nahi bata sakti. Achanak se.

He looked at her trying to gather her intentions.

Geet touched his shoulder with her other hand and said pleadingly. Plzzz aise nahi kijiye. Hum baad mein baat karte hain. Yahan kuch mat boliye. I have worked really hard for this job. dnt want to lose it.

There was a click on the door knob. Maan turned to look at the door, Geet took a step away from him. He released her hand accepting her plea as the door opened.

Karan forwarded his hand for a handshake. Sorry Mr khurana. U were kept waiting. Hope u were comfortable.

He looked at geet, who was fidgeting with her hair.

U met geet.

Maan nodded. It's alright.

Until the meeting begins y dnt u sit in dad's room. Plzz come.

Geet breathed out as both left.



Yash was riding his bike thru some residential colony when a little girl ran after her ball on the road. In order to save the girl yash gave a sharp turn to his bike and the bike skid over the road. He hit an electric pole on the pavement and acquired minor injuries.

The locals helped him to reach the nearest hospital. It was nothing serious and was left on first aid. But now he wud be very late for the meeting.



Geet entered JM's cabin.

aap do minute bahar aoge. She gestured him to come out of the cabin.

Maan looked at her, but soon realised the signal was not for him but karan and he followed her. he was astonished by her comfort level with Karan. She had just asked him to follow her.

Karan came back tensed. Geet didn't tell them of yash being late in front of Maan as it wud spoil his mood further and the deal was important for them. If they showed casualness MSK wud back out as he didn't like this type of behavior.

MSK and JM were busy discussing the stocks.

Kya hua? U r tensed. JM inquired.

Wo. Yash had a minor accident. Relax dad he is fine got his first aid done. But he will get late. He called geet. Presentation to usko hi dena tha. Pata nahi ye larka bike chalana kab chorega. I called him but all he says' bhai im fine.

Geet came in with a file and seated herself next to Karan.

Karan u have already seen the presentation details. But I will brief u about the slides and details for the presentation. I have mailed u all the required documents too. Just check it once. We have very little time. The investors wud be arriving any moment.

Maan looked at her keenly as she set all the things for Karan. She was well organised and clarified the points well.

Geet can u get me the pen drive too. Plzz.

As soon as geet left.

Dad y dnt we let her present. She has worked as hard on it as yash. They have both done it together. She knows every detail of it.

Karan she is novice. Still learning and under training. Student hai vo. She has worked just as a trainee till now.

So is yash. And she has performed better than yash. U cant deny her that.

Yash has seen this since so long. He has grown up this way. She is new to this environ of presentations and all. She is not prepared for the presentation. U r pushing her on the stage. What if she fumbles?

What if I or yash fumble?

U r giving her a favour.

No im giving her a platform. And she deserves it.

JM was thinking he looked towards MSK who showed less interest by his expression but was all ears to it.

What do u say Mr Khurana. A new girl shud be given a chance in such situation.

If she is capable and knows the project then yes. he said curtly.

Fine. Karan u have it. I hope she does it well.



Geet was shocked. Im not prepared for it.

I bet u know every detail of the project and u can do it. U have to do it. Go fast we have little time.

Geet smiled weakly at JM. Looked at maan with nervousness and left.



Geet was fidgeting with her pen outside the conference hall. She was damn nervous. Babaji first presentation koi aise deta hai kya? 5 min mein ready ho jao. Kuch garbar ho gayi to. She turned on her heels to find maan standing in the corridor and looking at her. He had come out to attend a call when he heard geet's blabbering to her Babaji.

Dar lag raha hai? He said with his hands crossed over his chest.

She was about to say yes but said NAHI.  # sabse jyada dar to aapse lag raha hai. First presentation vo be aapke saamne. # She looked up angrily to her babaji.

Prepared nahi ho? Project details nahi janti?

Janti hu.

To problem kya hai? Darti kyu ho?

Darti nahi nervous hu.

What is the difference between fear and nervousness? No one is going to eat u there. If u know ur project go and just tell them.

He smirked turned and left. He also wished to see how capable she is.

Y did he have to come for this meeting. He is a perfectionist in office as I have heard from Adi. What if I fail his standards? Babaji bacha lena aaj. Daro mat bol k chala gaya. Kharoos.



Geet stood in the centre of the room. All eyes set on her. She looked at karan for support. He blinked at her to assure her and gestured her to begin.

Maan's eyes were set on her. She wore perfect office wear, pink formal shirt with brown trousers, hair pinned in a braid. Kohled eyes and natural gloss. Watch in her hand and only small studs in the name of jewelry. She looked smart, very professional.

She spoke with confidence. Initially she was a bit hesitant but as she got engrossed in the topic she was at ease and went in great flow. Maan observed every movement of hers, her body language, her words'.. he looked at her for next half n hour continuously.




Any queries?

She felt a block being lifted from her chest as she completed her presentation. But another hurdle was still waiting' queries.

Geet looked at maan. She wanted to know his comment. He gave her an assuring look. And she knew by his eyes that he approves it. Her confidence got a new boost. She smiled. Very few got an approving nod from him but he had genuinely liked her presentation. The way she knew all the details had impressed him.

Geet answered all the queries to the satisfaction of the investors. They had cracked the deal.




The clauses were being discussed as the tentative contract had been drafted and sent to them in advance. Geet had a point with a certain clause as the benefit was not being given to them as was being given to some other deals by the same investor. Geet had done her ground work well so she knew but cudnot make this point without approval of her seniors as they had already conceded for it. But she didn't want to miss this point as it wud be beneficial for both her company and khurana's in the long run.

She pinged Adi for maan's mail id. He looked at her questioningly but sent her immediately.

She send an attached copy of the previous contracts along with her point to Karan and cc to MSK and Adi.

Maan glared when he saw geet mailed him in the middle of a meeting. He opened the mail and was interested in the facts. He was happy by her homework.

She soon got an approval from both maan and karan and she raised the clause. After some discussion the investor conceded for the clause. They were surprised that a new girl has marked such detailing.

Mr chopra (investor) Ok so now we will have to arrange another meeting to sign the changed contract.

If u wud care for a cup of coffee, we can arrange for the new deal in 15 minutes.

Are u sure?


Everyone agreed. Geet left the room along with Adi. She had already mailed the new clause to the staff who were making changes and drafting the new contract. Adi checked the proof and it was printed.

JM discussed his new venture of event management company with Mr chopra as he was giving this as a launch for his younger son Yash and how geet and yash together were preparing for it. That's when Maan came to know real source of intro of geet to the malhotra's. He got his links clarified as geet was studying with yash and were good friends working together.

Maan looked at his watch and geet had sent the copies just by completion of 15 min.

I must say JM this girl is really efficient. She will really do well but where is she?

Geet was called. She had made a point not to return to the meeting room to avoid Maan's piercing eyes.

So we will be meeting now as u r handling this project.

I'm sorry sir I'm not the one handling this. It is Karan and Yash. I'm just assisting them.

But u did very well today so y dnt u deal with this project.

She glanced at JM and she knew her answer. Sir it will be great pleasure for u to work with Yash. It is unfortunate that he is not here or u wud have loved his presentation.

Mr chopra ' fine. But u will be there at the party tomorrow?

Party? She looked at Karan from the corner of her eye. He knew she never attended office parties.

Aah geet party mein kya karegi?

Ohh I was looking forward to it. U must come miss geet. This party is for this project and u r an integral part. U must come.

Karan looked at geet and said. Yeah she will come.

Ok. She said meekly. Maan cud sense her discomfort. He did not like the fact that she was being taken for granted by some and being forced to attend a party she didn't want to.

The meeting was over and they dispersed. MSK set a time with JM for a meeting next day for some discussion over the construction details.


over to u all. i hope it is satisfying after the long break.
plzzz do comment.

He pushed her to the wall of the lift. Abhi nahi matlab?

Mein aise office se gayab nahi ho sakti hu.

He still didn't budge and was leaning over her. She feared any moment the lift wud stop at next level and someone wud see them and that too in this position.

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febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

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thanks much dear for updating it today itself..

loved the update.. one more please...( I know I am asking too much TongueTongue)

comments in the below post

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Krishnaluv94 IF-Rockerz

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Welcome Back! So glad I caught the update before I headed off to sleep. Loved it! Waiting for some office romance. lol

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vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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wovvv sanju,
nice part. loved it.

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febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 March 2010
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:37am | IP Logged
great update dear..

I loved the presentation part and Geet being perfectionist.. I really wanted Maan to change his opinion of her..

btw, did he completely forget about Sameera's incident?.. and what about the old precap dear.. btw,, I liked the new precap more WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

Please continue sooon...

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
after a long time hmmm thanks for the update Smile

when will the opposites attract Wink

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by febinyusuff

great update dear..

I loved the presentation part and Geet being perfectionist.. I really wanted Maan to change his opinion of her..

btw, did he completely forget about Sameera's incident?.. and what about the old precap dear.. btw,, I liked the new precap more WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

Please continue sooon...

no he hasnt forgotten sameera's incident. just saw geet in new perspective. old precap remains.

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