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Originally posted by niddzz

   WAITING AS        USUAL>>>!!!!Day Dreaming Silly Party Dancing

 pls updaaate sooon... 

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waiting...Day Dreaming

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PART 50 

Maan was driving the car himself, he avoided the driver for privacy. He had even asked the security to not follow him or she may throw another tantrum over being heard or seen. He thought of the day as he drove through the afternoon traffic for her college.

How his coming back was an equal surprise as his departure was. Daadi had been surprised but in a very positive way. She thanked God umpteen times that he was back to soothe her eyes with his presence. Daadi updated him of geet's admission when he searched for her. She talked all praises of geet as she did really well in college even after the transfer and then her getting into top college.

He reached her college. Her phone had been switched off may be she was in class. so he confirmed from Sandeep that they were still in college. His eyes searched for the familiar face in the crowd of all look alike teens scurring in all directions. He had thought of picking her up right from college to talk so that they cud go somewhere and talk. Beyond the 4 walls of their room and daadi's prying eyes.

He found a familiar face emerging from the crowd, he tilted to get a clear view, she was Nuts. He immediately looked around as geet wud always be with her. When he didn't find her he thought of approaching Nuts to enquire about geet but she moved towards the parking and went away on her scooty. He left a sigh.

He saw Sandeep first for he was standing still, aloof of the gusting crowd and his body language firm. He soon found geet in his vicinity. He started moving towards her to catch up before she sat in the car. She was walking with a group and moved beyond her car to the other fancy red car parked near it. One of the girls sat on the bonnet of the car. Her dress stretched up to reveal much of her toned legs but she didn't care to straighten it. The boys passing by turned to give her second looks and comments. The girl seemed to be enjoying them. So typical of her to be the center of attraction. She must be enjoying it to the core. Actually it was an action done to provoke the crowd. How well he knew her now. Earlier he had considered this to be her carelessness but later it came out as her secret desire to be cherished by all and not one.

His fingers clenched to form a fist. He cud feel his body burning with anger. He had seen her in flesh first time after that fateful day. Yes her pictures had appeared in many fashion magazines which Maan had conveniently ignored. He groaned, his eyes were bloodshot when he saw her patting geet's shoulder. He felt a sharp sliver piercing thru his heart. WH*** he uttered to himself.

To add to his pain geet laughed loudly as if she was happiest at the moment. She was enjoying herself to utmost. He observed the group a boy who was having his eyes out oogling at Sameera's legs which she was encouraging (Romeo), a plump ahhh obese girl little shorter than geet with her back facing maan so he cudnt see her face (Suramaya), another girl whom maan cudnt relate to her earlier gang.

He winced. She has lost all her friends. and y not if she has company of such devils her simple friends are bound to run away.

He stood there looking at her. He was not at much distance but neither geet to whom he was directly opposite nor Sam saw him to her he was diagonal.

He cudnt see more of this he cudnt take more heart break. He wanted to go there and pull geet out of her clutches but what if she refuses. She had behaved at her own will earlier too. So will she walk with me unquestioned or create a drama infront of that s*** Sam.

He gritted his teeth and turned and walked away in agony. He had come to start afresh. A new sapling to be planted but someone had crushed the tender leaves even before they were planted. His old stitches had been ripped; it ached and bled throwing him again into the dark dungeon he had come out of.

He sweared he wont break this time as he drove his car rather rashly. This woman cannot crawl into my life unnoticed if she thinks she can I will ruin her. I wont spare her like last time. But I dnt know what geet has told her about us. She can manipulate her nave mind. Or she is acting in her influence. Do they know each other from long? It seemed so. Geet was very comfortable with her and their body language was like close friends'.. NO he shouted in the car as he screeched the car to an instant halt.

All sorts of thoughts flooded his mind as he sat on the car bonnet on some highway even he didn't register. What if geet has been planted by sam to bully me further??? To extract the money she didn't get that time??? Geet never threw tantrums, behaved like she had all the patience of the world for me. She has never complained about our personal problems to anyone, not to daadi or even her parents. She took care of daadi as if she is her own blood relation. Which girl of present day who has high career aspirations wud do this for a fake marriage. We dnt have any physical relation. is Sam plaaning to use this against me. geet refused my closeness coldly that day even when she was attracted. Plzzz has sam made her a puppet to her desires?

Is she so good and pure to be untouched by the witch's spell? Then I will have to save her. I will have to save Geet.

If not then even dipping her in Ganga water for overnight may also not be able to wash away her sins.


Maan sat there for long till the storm in his heart settled. The dusty wind stopped piercing his ailing heart. This time he didn't break. He was beyond any damage especially from Sam. He was unaffected by her appearance apart from the anger and a flashback of multiple stabs she had given his heart. The pain made him more determined to show her the actual place, the filth. This time he wont fall for her conniving ways.


It was her first day in college and Nuts and Geet were in que to fill up their fees. The girl behind them was a short height chubby one munching from a family size packet of chips. She wud tap her foot, swing on her heels and was absorbed in herself. The que was long and was taking time. The group behind them was making fun of her fatness. The girl initially ignored and potrayed that she was unaffected but constant remarks broke her faade. She was feeling very awkward and bent her head, stuffed her Dairy milk which she was devouring back to her bag. The passerby were also drawn to give her a second look due to the laughing chaos boys had created. Tears stung her eyes so she turned in another direction and stood stiffly still holding her fort in almost lost battle.

Geet swore she wud give this gang a bad time if they spoke one more word for the poor girl.

Yaar kis chakki ka atta khati hai? Itni achi body banai hai.

Geet retorted. Mein address de dungi. Aap humara bill payment karenge ya usi chakki ka atta khane mein interested hai?

The boys retreated back. One of them even said sorry.

The girl beemed a 4000 volt smile to Geet and Nuts. But she was still hesitant to talk as she was expecting another lecture on how to control her diet and lose weight. Geet instead surprised her by asking. Ek aur dairymilk hai mujhe bhook lagi hai.

She eagerly offered them with two and munched her half eaten.

Hi im Suramaya. Call me Sur.

Pushtie as Mahi Talwar 
Geet and Nuts. They introduced themselves and chatted as they completed the formalities there and moved for completing further admission procedures.

Geet was then introduced to a model like girl as her sister by sur. Meet her she is my sister Sameera.

Wow! U r beautiful didi. Model types. She saw how the two sisters were stark contrasts. One chubby careless but the top ranker in the admission list other smart, sexy bombshell in revealing clothes which she carried with utmost grace.

yeah I m a model. And call me Sam, Sur also calls me that. Thank u for taking care of my little sis. I had some work or I wud have taken care of her today. She said with a sweet smile.

She is old enuf and learn to take care of herself. She must not need u everywhere like a kinder garden kid.

Oh! My poor baby she gets confused and cant handle all situations. She pulled her cheeks and slapped her hand. Stop munching that silly snacks.

Nuts developed an instant hatred for Sameera as she was overprotective of Sur and not letting her open her wings.

Geet was still in awe of her well-toned body and her grace. She took her care as sibling love which she was missing. She had also been overprotective and extra caring for her younger sister Rajji.

Whenever Sam came to pick up Sur she wud talk to geet and show off how caring she is for her sister and how much Sur needed to be pampered.

This wud instantly set off Nuts who wud find an excuse to leave. geet found it rude to avoid someone so openly and leave with Nuts. So they had a silent understanding that in Sam's presence Nuts left and geet continued to hang out. Romeo and Yash were extra happy whenever sam came as they wud get free license to flirt with a gorgeous woman and she enjoyed the attention she got from Sur's friends that too in her presence. Sur's face wud drop down on seeing Sam getting all attention from her own friends thats what had irked Nuts.


Just a day before Maan had come back geet had gone to Yash's place for family lunch. Romeo and Nuts were also invited. Riya had some prior engagements so she cudnt make it. Sur was not there as Sam didn't permit her to go out with friends.

They were discussing their future plans with Malhotra seniors.

Nuts was still going on with her small trainings after college. Romeo had joined coaching classes for Bank P.O. exams he intended to give after completing his MBA.

Geet didnt join the classes with Nuts as she didn't want to go for night classes. These clesses were mostly for professionals so started from 7pm. Geet didn't intend to be back home by 10pm. That sounded a little out of way. She didn't want to overstretch her freedom just becoz daadi gave her liberty.

Karan ' yash u r the only one left. U have enuf time after classes.y dnt u join office.

This was being planned by Malhotra's for sometime to somehow draw the attention of their volatile son into business.

Karan looked at geet asking her to persuade him for this. Everyone agreed and started giving positive response.

Y - I have my classes. How will I manage?

Our classes end by afternoon so u can go to the office after that. Atleast for few hours in the starting.

Yash and geet  countered for some time with their reasons. Geet told they can study together and MBA syllabus cud be managed well. And this extra experience will be helpful in the resume even if he plans to do a different business after passing MBA.

Yash threw the last trumph card. U r also free. U too want to work after MBA so y dnt u join with me. I wont be alone and we can study together whenever we have time. He grinned as he has got what he wanted. Geet will refuse and he wud have ample time to talk to meera on phone after her classes.

Its not my family business. Its yours and u must.

Y not beta. U r not separate from the family. Y dnt u too join office that wud help bring this brat to office. Ruku gave a hearty smile while she spoke. Geet working with Karan meant more time together, thus chances of geet falling for geet increased many folds. She had full faith in her son's charming behaviour. She knew Karan liked geet a lot and she always misunderstood their liking as budding love.

JM too approved. Karan also persuaded geet. Nuts gave an approving nod. Geet was caught unaware.

I dnt want favours. I want to do things on my own on my own capability.

K ' u r capable enuf. U had good marks in Grads, u competed for MbA to such institute.


For ur satisfaction I will get u undergo interview for appointement. R u interested nuts?

N - No I have already engaged myself for 6 month program. cant do it.

Geet ' I will have to talk at home.

K ' plzzz do it. U r the one who can make this idiot come to office else he wud run away.



Geet had talked to daadi about the proposal. Daadi told her not to ask maan  on her own as she wud do it on her own. Geet was more than happy. Actually releaved she wont have to seek permission from him.

Daadi had taken the opportunity as she cud ask maan to take up geet in Khurana office. This wud make them spend more time together. Maan devoted most of his time at office so his wife being there wud relieve daadi of the tension she carried for his silent grandson.


That day had been just another day for geet. She chatted with Sam before leaving college. Yash was not with them as he had left early to talk to meera on phone. When she reached home daadi excitedly told her of Maan's arrival and he was looking for her. daadi assured her she will talk to Maan today about her job as he seemed composed today.


Dinner table.

Daadi mujhe paratha nahi khana. Mein aaj sirf salad khaungi.

Kyu? Weak ho jaogi geet. U have busy schedule u shudnot compromise on ur food.

Nahi daadi kahan busy. Im becoming fat. I have to loose much weight.

Maan glared at her new behaviour. She wud munch in everything oily and spicy according to what suited her taste buds. He had come home late was already tired and was irked seeing geet show new behaviour.

Witch is influencing her. he spoke in his mind. He wanted to smash the plate and leave the place but then he thought of venting it out other way.

Who told u that u have gained weight?

My friends.

Natasha ya meera?


So ur new found friends.. he taunted. If they are so conscious about ur looks y do u need to be with them. Ur old friends never worried about ur looks but about ur inner self.

Geet and daadi stared at his sudden lecture. They cudnt understand what he was talking. Their faces were blank.

Geet's blank face and no reply did the last bit. He got up and started leaving the table.

Beta finish ur dinner.

Im done daadi.

But u took only two bites.

Didn't she teach u hw to calculate ur calorie intake? I have taken in sufficient calories. He threw the napkin on his plate and walked angrily to his study.


After dinner daadi found maan in his study he seemed composed and calm so she continued with her plan.

Maan geet has lots of time after college. So..

So what daadi?

Y doesn't she join business? Our office. It wud be great if she learns work under u from the start as it is she wants to work after MBA.

Y does she need to work? she has everything.

Maan aapne use permission di thi na us din sabke samne.

Ok daadi but what is the hurry now? He was getting suspicious. Sameera had triggered all keep-ur-eyes-open button in him.

She has an offer to join her friends father's business. But it wud be better if she joins us. Afterall its her business too.

Geet had come with coffee for all as she wanted to be there when daadi asks him about the job to explain where she is going to work. he was extra careful with her security so she will tell him it is the Malhotra's. when she opened the door a little fidgeting with the tray her foot froze listening to maan's words.

It is not her business. Its mine. No one gets to ruin it. We had decided long ago that no outsider gets power in the Khaurana Empire.

Maan she is not an outsider. She is family. Daadi fought back.

She was also family. U had come to me that time also to let her join business. U get fooled by these gold diggers. Daadi u r too nave and innocent to be goofed up by their emotional drama. I m not. I m not a money vending machine. No woman can come use her charms and spend my hard earned money. It is not about the money, it is about the intention they hold.


Fat tears rolled down geet's cheeks. Her sobs got choked in her throat. She turned kept the tray on the near by table and ran out.

Maan u cannot compare two individuals this way.

Daadi NT was also ur darling bahu. She came to u with a new business plan, u persuaded me and we got her in office. She pend the working cycle, drew enormous unnecessary loans on the favour of Khuranas and ultimately everything was lost. Lost becoz she had spend all the money on luxuries instead of business. I just didn't pay back the loans but was embarrased too  in front of loaners for late repayment as I was unaware of the loans. She ruined our name and reputation. Then she again came to u showed some fake tears and u melted.

But maan geet never told she wanted to work with K's. I thought of it. She asked me if she cud join office.

U dnt knw then daadi. NT was stupid but Geet has a mastermind behind her. Sameera Kapoor. She is her friend now a days. I dnt from where. They have no connection as geet has lived all her life in HP and Sameera wudnt have heard of HP. And moreover Sameera in no way is doing her MBA so geet can explain to u or lie to u where she met her. I m not interested.

Maan geet is too nave.

Then the too nave is being manipulated and I dnt intend to be manipulated by her.

How do u know?

I have seen her with sameera with my own eyes.

His grave expression told the old woman he was unshakable right now. She left the room and immediately saw the coffee tray. She enquired from nakul who told her geet went with it.

Daadi was worried how much geet had heard. Poor girl she is being punished for other's doings.

She found geet sitting in the garden. The words gold digger and money vending machine echoed in her mind.

U know maan is rude at times.

Hhmm. She sat straight. Daadi brought her head in her lap and softly combed her hair with her wrinkled fingers.

Geet I can clear many doubts and this misunderstanding but I dnt want to come in between u both.

Tears welled up geet's eyes.

I know u wont tell me but maan's words have hurt u. beta maan is not so bad at heart. His anger is due to reasons. Im not telling this becoz he is my grandson but becoz I have seen him suffer and rise from ashes. I know the accusations he inflicted on u were all wrong but u will have to prove it to him. I know u well and u will never let this old daadi down. Beta im giving u more responsibility than maan becoz when it comes to emotions he is the weaker one.

Wo aisa kyu sochte hain?

Ye tumko usse janana hoga. He suffered that's y he thinks this way.i know its not right. If he will tell u it wud be better for ur relation. Give him some time he will realise ur importance. U r a gem I know that but u will have to carve out ur counterpart on ur own. I will be behind u whenever u need me.

Aap samajh rahi ho na geet? Mediators se relation jyada din nahi chalti. Ek dusre ko khud smajhne ki koshish kijiye.

Ji daadi.

 Aur maan k taraf se maafi mangti hu. Vo aaj had se jyada bol gae. Pata nahi vo kab khush honge apne jindagi mein. Tears welled up her eyes.

Daadi aap aise kyu bol rahi hai. Sab thik ho jaega.

They sat there for some more time, geet still lying in her lap both consoling each other's heart in silence.

Haan abhi kliye u join that office. Start working. Aap koshish karengi na geet.

Ji daadi.


 finally posting my 50th part. yipee... thank u to all the readers.

plzzz do comment.  
Maan - i have typed ur resignation. u submit it today.
Geet - no i wont.
Maan - yes u will and u will work with me.
Geet - no i will not work with u.

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im going for a break of 15 days. so wont be updating. i may come online to check the comments but wont get much time to update.

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Oh No !!!!!!!!!!! again more misunderstandings. N 2 add more u r taking 15 days off. I will miss ur update Cry.

Thnx 4 d long part. Bt u left us cliff-hanging. Anyways d update was awesome asusual. 

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no dear.. please don't go...

will miss you SmileSmileSmileSmile

Donno y all the FF writers are going for a vacation

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hey,,,,dear wat yaar,,,,,u didnt clear their misunderstandings,,,,bt created more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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o nooo,,,n u leave us on cliff hanger,,,,,gv us 1 update befor u go back,plzzz

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