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Opposites Attract - Maaneet FF Thread #4 (Page 23)

Be.edgy Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 6:51am | IP Logged
Waiting .. Embarrassed

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged
oh wow so you are writing ... yippee so we l get 1 update today... thanku thanku thanku Smile

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sanjeevani09 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Maan saw geet fumbling with a heap of dresses.

Geet ye kya kar rahi ho?

Mere kapre hain, le k ja rahi hu.

Geet y r u doing all this? Abhi tum bimaar ho. U must rest. Doc ne tumko rest karne kaha hai. He moved to hold the clothes which were slipping from her hand.

Dnt u touch me and pacify me. mein aj kuch nahi sunungi. U know y im doing this.

Maan retreated hearing her words. He was stunned by her behaviour. He thought geet is angry bcoz he crossed the limits by touching her. but it was so natural she never hesitated when he hugged her or never showed anger then and blouse incidence was the need of the hour how can she question his credibility on that.

He was losing his patience now. How difficult it was for him to give this relationship a chance and she questioned him on his first move itself.

Mujhe aaj apse jawab chahiye.

He stood there dumb struck. Looking at her, still deciphering her words.

Aapko jab man karta hai aap ne mujhe dusre room mein bhej diya, jab man kiya to paas a gae. Aap decide karlo aap kya chahte ho?

Geet mujhe samajh nahi aa raha tum kya chahti ho?


U have it.  mein to try bhi kar raha hu.

Mujhe ye sab nahi chahiye. She said turned and stormed out of the room and went to the adjoining room.

GEET' tumko kya chahiye? saaf bolo. When he reached her room he found her room to be locked for the first time.


He lifted his hand to knock but retreated and moved back to his room. Geet knew he stood there for few minutes waiting for her. Words choked in her throat. She was feeling sick and weak. The emotional turmoil was paining her. She didn't want to show him her tears, her weakness for him. Had he moved closer to her once more she wud never be able to resist him. She knew her body may betray her mind but anything that wud satisfy her wud be his acceptance of geet as his wife.

She cudnt understand y he cudnt understand her plight.

he paced but it did not help sooth his anxiety. Did he read her eyes wrong? She accepted and responded well to his closeness. She was affected by him and she submitted. He understood that as her permission or acceptance. Now how can she blame him for crossing limits? If she doesn't want closeness in their relation what does she want? Y is she not being her self and telling him her needs. Is she really interested in Karan. It cannot be, her eyes were pure when she looked at him not a hint of love when she looked at Karan. She was free with karan but did I mis understand their closeness as casual' I took it casual, she is free with people that's it.


He cudnt find answers to his question. He ripped off his clothes and threw away his shirt on the floor. His anxiety and geet's outright rejection was killing him. He repeated time and again in his mind SHE REJECTED ME BUT WHY? WHY?





He started with his push-ups right there. Going to the gym at this hour of night wud draw suspicion which he never wanted. Daadi was happy and he didn't want to take away that happiness. He thought of giving geet her time and let her rules prevail. She will have to come to talk and tell what she wants. He had tried today but no one closed doors on his face. She did, so she comes to talk now.

50 push-ups also cudnt drain him. He did another round of 50 until his muscles drained and body ached enuf to let him dose off. The body demands overlapped his mental conflict and he slept still in his boxers. He didn't even care to wear his tracks.


For the first time geet found him sleeping in past 11 months when she came to his room. He lay there on the big bed diagonally, the sheets crumpled all over as if he had rolled over the bed all night. Half-clad body lying on his stomach was a delectable sight. Geet looked at his clothes thrown across the room. It was unusual of him to be messy. She just walked away not wanting to fall for her desire to caress his tensed face.


She went to college to collect her admit card and exchange some notes with Nuts. 


It was late evening when she heard from daadi about Maan's tour. He had left for a long trip to different branches including 3- 4 cities. He had suddenly cropped up with these visits as daadi told her that it was a surprise for her too.

# geet ' he left without talking to me. He didn't tell me he wud be leaving. Now a days he always told when he was leaving and when he wud be back and his contact details in case his mobile is unreachable.#


Maan left on purpose. He had created this trip to avoid confrontation. His anger was at prime. He was not being able to handle the rejection geet had given him. Distance was the safest option as he needed it to be back in his usual form.




It was 1 month that maan had been gone. geet wud often hear from daadi where he has next headed. Daadi assumed geet knew so she wud always offer her concern on his all India trip. Daadi was concerned on the way he was moving from one office to other firing staff, controlling all the issues there before moving to next. Daadi wondered why he was on this check all the points by his own self. he cud have straightened the business right from here. It was definitely a boost for the business but it was taking a toll on him as it was continuous movement from one hotel to other and day and night work.


On the other hand geet was deep under her books for her exams. She also forgot day and night for her preparations. Her exams made her forget about the whole incidence as work did for maan. Her exams were going on and she was busy in them. Daadi also didn't disturb her and stayed in Delhi only to give her company.


They both forgot it was their anniversary until daadi wished them. Maan gulped in and used work as the excuse for not being there at home. Geet excused herself from any celebration making her on going exams a priority.

All the family members from HP called geet to wish. She faked a lie of business emergency for Maan's absence.

Both kept checking their phones whole day in anticipation of a call from the other.


Geet got herself in one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi. She never applied in out station colleges as her own family wud not approve of it. Daadi was ready with whatever she wanted as she was very happy with her bahu. She never wanted any hindrance in her studies. As she had promised geet she wud allow her to do as she wished at the time of marriage.

Romeo and Nuts also got admission in the same college. Yash made it to another college but his dad got him shifted to this one using his acquaintance for yash wanted to be with his friends and refused to go to college if not transferred.

Meera changed her line and went for interior designing course to Mumbai leaving yash for a long distance relationship. Riya was going to be engaged and was busy being trained to be married.


The gap time phase gave enuf time to both to think and rethink over that night.

Geet's introspection.

 (this happened in bits and pieces. Not in a continuation)


I didn't talk to him that day. I was in such a mess of emotions that I didn't tell him what was bugging me. may be he wud have told me y he didn't announce our marriage even after so many days. Fine we were not like usual couple but that was behind the doors not to others. He did all that a husband needs to do infront of his family. He was there always after the Karvachauth. Even in Atul's case I told him after so many days but he solved it. Never questioned me on the issue.

I shud have talked to him that day. He wud have Cleared my doubts. He never runs away from my questions but y did he leave the next day. He cud have waited for me. he cud have come to me. aaya to tha geet. Tune hi to door lock kar liya tha.

Pata nahi kahan ghum raha hai. Mere kaaran hi shayad ghar nahi aa raha hai. Par aenge nahi to baat kaise hogi?

Uss din unhone mujhe chua to ajeeb sa laga. Saara gussa, dard gayab ho gaya tha. Shukr hai meine control kiya. But y did he behave that way. Does he really care for me? Care for me like a husband just not for the sake of society. It set thousands emotions in me when his lips touched me. Did it have the same effect on him?

He wasn't rude that day. The faint memories I have he fed me that day. and dev is all the time telling NT and daadi while teasing me that he had been tensed and unusually caring when I fainted. He carried me to the car. What is all this? At one point he is not disclosing his marriage on the other hand he picks me up in public, takes care of me irrespective of people looking at him.

He denies his marriage to me. he said he did just for daadi's sake and then he takes good care of me always. He rushed back from Mumbai, kisses me.

This man is so intriguing. He becomes more complicated as I think more about him.

Babaji only u can solve this mystery. Unko kya chahiye? Filhaal mein apni parhai puri karu. I have to achieve a position for myself pata nahi next time he is here what new thing he will crop up with.


Maan's introspection.

MSK never runs away from a situation. Y did I leave the very next day. I shud have confronted her in the morning. It wud have cleared all my doubts. If she is not interested in a relation with me, it wud be better that she voices it. What if she wanted to tell me something else? She is in some new problem may be.

Karan and her seem to be a farfetched thought. If she had slightest inkling for him she cudnt have responded to my touch the way she did. She was giving all positive responses, she cant fake it. Then what is her problem?

She reacts to me that shows no other person is in her life.

 I will make her talk. No one can run away from MSK. She will have to face me and tell me what is playing in her mind. If it is again some childish thought of her then I can correct it. She cannot just walk out on me without giving reasons. She will have to talk. Tell me.

Geet now u will have to tell me what u want.

I will make her talk. She cant close her doors. She gives me an explanation. I wud never have touched her if she showed a slightest resistance. Y didn't she tell him that very moment than reacting afterwards. And if she is angry over clinic's incidence she is being childish. I m not a pervert to open her clothing, when she is unconscious. She knows me atleast that much and if she doesn't she doesn't deserve the feelings I have for her.



 thanks to roopali for the lovely VM she made for me.

thanks to everyone who eagerly wait for the next part. sorry havent been replying to ur comments. actually i utilise all the time i can sit on my laptop in writing.tommorow would be 50 updates. i will try to make it interesting for u all. thanks for ur encouragement due to which i cud write so much.




Geet meets Sameera Wink



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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome one yaar
loved it !!!
do continue soon 

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Gr8 update
loved it
cont soon

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CrystalSaya Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
ooo...long judaieee...kya ho gaya yeh...jaldi milado in dono ko...plzzz...waiting for d intrstng update

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged
a beautiful part
thanx for such a wondefulpart
really it is amazing
the way tere intro is juat faboulous
and we wann the way she meets sameera
da by day eeing there parting my heart is full of pain really...hope soon they ll be ok

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged
oh no yeh kya ho gaya...
all that closeness that was built has gone in drain...
for one time cant these two keep their issues aside and talk...
i am really getting angry on geet for the way she reacted...
gadhi thinking abt it after a month that she shud hv talked...
oh no ab sameera kahan se aa gayi...
pehle se inn dono mein itna kuch chal raha hain aur upar se yeh kahan se aa tapki...
when will they get closer again yaar

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