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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Are the makers of Geet "ruining" d show purposely?

Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Ask your innerself if what is shown in a fiction does not affect you,it does not have an impact on the society and the one who watches a fiction and if it is series "Geet" which has an huge huge impact as many are invloved with the series emotionally and connected to it one will be left unaffected or one would not take a wrong example out of the message current writers and entire team "Geet" including actors are trying to pass on and spread thru media of so called "Fiction" as the most horryfying justification which the Indian Law or Laws around the world have failed to curb to avoid any kind of wrong message been spread in the society.
Geet was related to mainly becoz of its "theme" which was a social issue and which was later compromised to extend the show,without realising the bad impact of its message on the society and also on those who have been involved with series Geet and its theme since a year.
For Drashti Dhami in particular : ( As your die hard admirer and well wisher)
Think about it:
Why is Nanitara aka Karishma Randhawa at number 223 and Drashti Dhami at number 2 in the rankings when both are equally good actresses and both are equally talented...
Becoz One represents good and other represents evil...
If fans had the tendency to relate to some character on the basis of acting talent then NainT aka Miss Randhawa wud have been in top 10,but she is not becoz her character is no more related to hence despite brilliant acting she is not liked and her rankings prove it.
Soon will be a similar situation with Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet,where they will not only notice their brand value as "Hottest Couple" fading and loosing its shine but also they will experience the harsh and cruel fact of fictional world where they wud realise they were loved more as characters than actors.
Geet is now representing evil and so is Maan and hence in near future downfall of Maaneet with literally no good memories left behind to cherish and downfall of Geet with a bad bad bad emotional atyachaar and being fooled feeling will be felt and the work of starone and the makers of Geet in particualr will face and experience the side effects of cheating Geet near future.
Such was the confidence of makers last year:
Well may be that is why many along with makers claimed many would keep the name of their kids as "Geet".
Me certainly not,becoz "Geet" represents that section of society which has no self respect and is indeed "Begairat" and series Geet and characters "Maan and Geet" represent those characters of a series which left many feel insulted and abused and a series and characters which not only exploited the feelings of fans on the whole but also scratched and insulted the emotions of those who have actually faced,lived and are experiencing a harsh social issue on which the show was based.
What Dev did with Geet is a real life issue and not an incident which is fictional,there are thousands out there in Punjab who have faced,experienced and are still living the harsh fact where a "person comes,shows dreams,marries,spends a night and then leaves the girl preganant to suffer for entire life."
What Dev did with Geet is "an even bigger crime" than rape,becoz that was done with "Geet's consent" and that consent was out of " false assurance" and more importantly given after wedding where a girl is fooled and made believe that what all is happening is socially accepted and now they have the "license" to do it.
Only to realise it was a false plot to "fool" her and not just fool her she is also left "abused" and "insulted".
May be similar is the current situation of "Maaneet fans" who were certainly not physically assaulted, but were certainly fooled mentally and emotionally,where a vision was shown in terms of characters and a real life story,they were made beleive in it, an assurance and dream was shown which later turned out to be a "false assurance" leaving many behind feel abused,insulted and emotionally exploited,somewhat similar to how "Geet must have felt and many other real life women" who were shown a vision,who were given an assurance only to realise they were left behind emotionally exploited.
May be the term "Rape" needs to be redefined and also one needs to redefine what rape is and  types of rape?
I cant comment on how many would relate to this after watching "Geet" yesterday and today,thinking it is just a fiction.
"If it was just a fiction then why did they base the story on a real life issue?"
The new writers not only ignored the sensitivity of the "theme and plot" on which the entire show was based,they also and are still ignoring the sensitivity of " Maaneet and Maaneet fans" relationship,forget about even bothering about the real life issue and its impact on the society.
 Women like "Geet" and men like "Maan" as fictional characters,themselves promoting and motivating such acts and to show it as an example and spreading it through media of television and fiction is such a shame on all those associated with shows like "Geet Hui Sabse Parayii."
Maaneet fans do feel abused and left insulted for having loved and supoorted the characters Maan and Geet.
All thanks to new writers who done the impossible possible:
Once it was "Impossible" to even think we as Maaneet's would hate "Maaneet" but the new writers have made it "Possible"...
Aas many loyal followers quiting Geet near future does promises that neither "Geet" nor "Maaneet" will be remembered just becoz of the feeling fans now have developed.
"Feeling of being betrayed."

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Right from the makers,creatives and actors to even fans who ignore ,support, and motivate such an act under the name that it is just a fiction and it cannot be taken seriously becoz it will not have an impact on the society should be ashamed of themsleves to even call themselves as humans.
Its been an extraordinary journey with series "Geet" and "Maaneet" making first time daily soap viewers like me, who for years have kept themsleves away from such shows with a belief that all "wrong messages" spread in the society are born from this source which has the license to spread " Unethical and Socially Unacceptable Messages" under the name of creativity and fiction to beleive it is a false perception and not all daily soaps are similar.
"Geet till the miscarriage sequence was different and that is why it was liked,loved,adored and more importantly respected and so were the characters "Maan" and "Geet".
"The moment new writers came in "Geet" started giving feel of a typical daily soap which is filled with probably all the "unethical messages" which were presented under the name of creativity and fiction."
Be it "A rape victim" allowing her rapist  to "touch her" or feeling "sorry" for her rapist when she realises he loves her younger sister to a point where she does not even remember the rapist is married and what he had done to her and willingly helping,co ordinating and supporting to offer the rapist her "younger" sister with license to abuse.
(Isnt it an abuse of a girl who is emotionally fooled to marry a guy who is married,is a rapist of her elder sister,one who married her elder sister and left her pregnant  alone and add to it such is the sorry state of series 'Geet" and the characters "Maan" and "Geet" that they themselves are helping this "Culprit".)
"All this with one justification under the name of creativity and fiction that "the culprit has shown  the so called "intent" to payback for his crime and now has the right to live a new life after having proved his so called intent which was indeed half hearted intent."
In times when the Government and other organisations related to "women welfare" and "Human Rights" are demanding "death penalty" to a rapist,series Geet is busy promoting with a message that "A rapist is a human being and if after raping,he shows intent to pay back even if in an half hearted manner,he deserves another chance too."
Women Organisations around the world and in the country should also consider if their cause and effort to demand the highest penalty for a crime as big as and similar to rape is getting any help from media,films and television sector which is highly followed and from where a strong message can be sent out to society.
Certainly Geet is not helping the cause and is rather promoting a "message" where it is strongly supporting a second chance to be given to a "rapist" and add to it a "married rapist" and not just that it is also supporting a message that a rape victim or a victim like Geet can become "immortal" by not only forgiving her rapist but also helping him get settled and be a good person by offering,helping,supporting and quiet possibly by emotionally blackmailing the girl from her own family so that "the rapist" who claims he wants to live again can get another chance.

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Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
To conclude with all I can say is From "High Regards" for Maaneet it is now  "No respect" for Maaneet.
Why just "Maaneet" it is also now From "High Regards" for Drashti Dhami in particular and Gurmeet to "No respect" for Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet.
Who are either not aware or are purposely ignoring what writers and director are asking them to do and are indirectly responsible for directly spreading and motivating a crime and a message which is "Unethical and Unacceptable" and if it is not then for the betterment of the society should be made "Unethical and Unacceptable" like "sex before marriage" is ever since humans civilised.
"Certainly the message which team Geet is spreading through its series is not a good sign for a civilised society which is trying its best to get civilised if not yet."
Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet are certainly not blind,deaf,dumb or puppets who cant feel,realise and understand what the writers and makers are asking them to do and what kind of message they are asking them to spread accross millions who idolise them as "God's most cherished gift's."
I was the one who called them as "God's most cherished Gift" and now I am the one who feels "they are the worst thing which has happened to Indian television along with series "Geet" becoz they managed to emotionally invlove millions with them and the show only to realise that they are not even bothered about how their acts in their respective roles would hurt their fans and their sentiments and add to it they dont even care about what kind of message they are sending out to millions who wait to watch them,listen to them and also follow them.
With one final word,article and a message:
Vikrant Khatri feels ashamed for having followed the series "Geet" having loved characters "Maan and Geet" and idolised actors "Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet" and also calling himself a "Maaneet fan" and for having promoted and motivated a team a series and actors...
Who would now and in future get away claiming " Its a fiction,chill man and we were asked to do it,we had no other options."
Well if that is the case then Vikrant Khatri replies there are many things which are asked to do and are not done,you have senses then but with socially unacceptable tracks you have excuses,answers and a reason as well.
Good bye and a Good news to all who hated me,its party time you loosers becoz now you are part of a series which will be called in future as
"Geet a lost oppurtunity which ended unfortunately with a socially unacceptable and unethical message leaving its fans insulted,abused and feel cheated and shown a very very unfortunate and fakingly spectacular vision in face of characters "Maan and Geet".

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padamjot Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged

This Dev Nandini track is crap...Wat is happening wid Geet nd Maan...Geet had tears for him nd Maan is getting worried...farz!!!!... OMG!!! Wassup wid them...Hav the new writers not read the old story or the old deeds gone with Abhinav...this is seriously stupid track...Cant they b simple friends???... Nd Dev crying was d worst part...mai jeena chahta hu??? Is it the first tym he is gonna live???... Actually this is wat is Dev's character bt wat abt Maan nd Geet...WHY SUCH BRUTUAL CHARACTER ASSASSINATION????????AngryAngryAngryAngry
To show Dev falling in luv again nd again is super stupid...fine NT was evil, Geet was a weak wat abt Meera...Nd how can Geet hav tears for him...nd Maan, where r his principles... Fine even if v leave watever happened as past but wat is Nandini's fault...hw can Maan nd Geet act as cupid for the innocent girl nd dat 4th timer Dev...showing him falling for her is natural coz his character is of dat nature only but Maan nd Geet supporting nd feeling bad is unlike their character...
The CV's have ruined this show...There have been umpteen loop holes but we forgot all...But this is too much to handle...Hw can they show sumthing so stupid...i never wanted to leave this show midway bt i guess the stpryline will force me soon...CryCryCryCry

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niloufer_80 Newbie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
@ VK: i totally agree wid everything u hav to say...
i was absolutely in love wid d serial n specially d character Maan... and of course Geet too for being such a strong woman... but d moment dey showed a miscarriage just coz DD didn't want to sport a baby-bump, i stopped watching d series coz for me d driving force of d series dat made it diff from any typical series was totally lost...
a long time after d miscarriage was shown n after a lot of persuading from frens n Maaneet fans who i interact wid, i thought of giving dis series another chance...  but today's episode left me totally disgusted n disgruntled.. i thot dis series wud send out an important n different social message but its seems to be swinging in d opposite direction with Geet living in d same house as Dev n even feeling sorry for him... n Maan who once sent Dev to jail for what he did to Geet is actually trying to set him up wid his next victim Nandini!!!! :-/ unbelievable and absolutely disgusting to the core :-/ i cant see d series i once loved being literally thrown down a gutter... rather than hating d series dat i once loved, i hav decided to quit it completely once n for all... 
d damage can still be rectified by changing d plot... but i am sure d plot will not be changed... coz i've read a lot of posts from a lot of fans giving suggestions to d makers but they've always been unheard... in fact i hav seen suggestions made by Geet fans for Geet which hav been implied by makers of other serials but not by Geet... its heart breaking to see this.. :(
Dont think Geet will be on air for long... i certainly hope i am wrong coz i am a Maaneet fan too... but...
So-long, Goodbye n God bless Geet...
Hari73 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:44pm | IP Logged

Even I am feeling that I have been cheated, the show for which i lost my sleep, thinking about and thanking god for what an wonderful story I got to watch.  But now, I am so helpless, I am not able to accept this fact..  You know when some one dies at home, u r so helpless, cann't do anything, just feel like crying..  My feeling is that.  

In my mind, I am thinking I should send Mahila morcha, to stop this crap track.  How stupid I am, isn't it??
Ya, I am a gr8 stupid to love whole heartedly one and only this serial in my life.  Since I am working, n I never used to watch TV, it only happened last summer vacation, children had holidays, n I was bit free, n I was searching in channels and that mahi tune, stucked me.  I think that was Manhoos gadi, I fell in love with this serial.  Now I feel I have been cheated.  I feel shame that I am part of this serial & promoting this serial among my relatives who are living in India to raise TRP.

So helpless, god only shd help me...

Geetseason2 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
We can now only express dissatisfaction and anger so that makers rectify their mistakes.
nigahlad Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
sorry in advance
 but after reading your post one thing 4 sure u r not Maaneet true friend. how could u write or let me say choose those words for Maaneet. i have nothing against u but i'm guessing,  that from now on u will not Geet any more since u don,t like the story.
 sorry but u r hurting maaneet and thier friends. 

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