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Rang Badalti Odhani
Rang Badalti Odhani

19/05 WU Happy Birthday Khanak+Boo!! And me...lol

NinjaInPyjamas IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
I always get birthday updates..Dancing

Scene starts with Khanak-Boo bonding in kitchen
*rubs her eyes*
*Boo!?! In kitchen?? Was there supposed to be a role reversal for the K-bahus too?*


Boo is all smiley smiley  
Khanak asks her why is she sooo happy
Boo tells her its her birthday!

*20th ko mera bhi hai* Cool

Khanak says "Happy Janamdin Bhabhi!"

*Dudeee!! I hate this 50-50 wala match!!*
*Jots down in to-do list : Need to ask May di for a Paathshala thread*Geek

Boo thanks her but warns her not to tell anyone as she wants to know how many people remember it 

*Uh-oh. I smell trouble!*Shocked
Khanak tells her had she known beforehand, she could've done something special for her birthday. Boo tells her she is cute..lol..and then wonders what is she doing in the kitchen when the  breakfast in ready?

*jogging kar rahi hai namooni! Kitchen mein toh khaana hee banayegi na~!*

Khanak says she is preparing for the lunch! *atta girl*Star

Boo is surprised, asks her why she doesn't ever stay out of the kitchen?
Khanak replies since everyone seemed busy she thought she would prepare the food

*harilal bhi busy* 
*giggles at the possibilities*ROFL

*Oh and she says "Looptoop" Dudeee~!! We need that Paathshala thread like right now.*Geek

Boo tells her to remember that today is the most important day of the year cuz its her birthday

*She is like me, lol*

And there is bonding between the Jethani -Devrani!Embarrassed

Boo asks her when is Khanak's birthday?
Khanak tells her Bhado ke doosre paksh mein*Hindi calendar*
Boo is obviously confused.

She says she neither knows "bhaado" nor "Daksh" 

*Umm'I don't think she is over Ducks*Stern Smile
*And whats with Boo assuming every random word she doesnt know is a name? Pallu n all*D'oh

She asks her to say in HindiROFLROFL
Khanak tells her she doesn't know! Boo tells her it means she just wasn't born!! She convinces Khanak that not having a birthday is equivalent to not having an existence!!

*Art of living classes, anyone?* 

Shanak in bedroom 
Shaan is nihaarofying himself in the mirror, sees Khanak at door and asks her "Was she thinking how hot he is?"ROFL

*Abhi she is mentally hot dude, panga mat le!!*

Not getting a response, his warning level goes up 
He asks her again..lol..she tells him to shutup.

Warning levels bajaofy a ghanti,ROFLROFLROFL he realises there is a problem, though he isn't it.Embarrassed
Sits down with her on bed, asks her whats the problem? 

*Aww*Day Dreaming

They look so cute sitting like kiddos!
*pulls cheeks*

His grilling session starts..ROFLROFLshe asks
Aapko aada ke janamdin yaad hai?
25th Jan
1st November
Akshay Bha?
17th July
Aur mera?! 

Shaan is stumped!! ROFL

He tries remembering'lol'she prompts "Bha.."
He says "Bha.. 30"
She says "bhaado!!"
He says "Bhaado 22" "22 Bhaado!!"

*Dude I sooo remembered Forever 21!!!*

She again says "Kab"
And Shaan is all like "kya kab aata hai?"

Khanak is super-dooper irritated!!ROFL

She asks him Bhaado kab aata hai?ROFL
He says Bhaado aata hai'uske pehle'jiske baad'ke dono ke beech mein'tumhare janamdin ke din pe aata hai bhaado!!!ROFL

Khanak is super-flustered now!!

Shaan gives up and asks her to say it once and "I swear to God!!"Embarrassed  humesha yaad rakhoonga!!
She tells him "Bhaado ke doosre Paksh mein"
He tells her lekin who kab aata hai?!?!
She tells him she doesn't know~!!!

Shaan looks at her ridiculously "Tumhe tumhara birthday nahi pata?!"
She gives her Non-Existence funda

*sounds like Non-Cooperation*

Tells him she doesn't exist!
Shaan touches her to confirm!! ROFL
He is actually scared'ROFLROFL

She throws him out of the room!! Shaan keeps on asking "meri galti kya hai"ROFL

Dudeee!! I love this guy!!Embarrassed

Shaan walks to SunAvi...
They ask him about Khanak 

*they seem desperate to call her*ROFL

He tells them its unlikely she will come downstairs.
Sunil asks him what has he done now!? 
Shaan is irritated its not always his faultROFLROFLROFLits her parents' fault and Bhaado ke mahine ke doosre mahine ka faultROFL
Sunil asks what is Bhaado ka doosre paksh?!ROFL
Shaan says since you also don't know therefore you are also at faultROFL

He explains that she thinks her birthday falls in Bhaado ka doosra Paksh and hence doesn't really know her birthdate!
Meanwhile Khanak is playing with teddies..ROFL*don't look at me!*
And sharing her sadness with them.

Madhavi suggests Shaan she should call her motherEmbarrassed as any mom can never forget her kiddo's birthday! She even sets an example with yours is on 17th jult and Akshay's is on 11th May!!

Shaan corrects her it's the other way round.ROFL

*Oh he looks ultra-cute when he says Ma, BTW.*Day Dreaming

Khanak comes, Shaan senses her *Whoa!*and gets all worked up..warns everyoneROFLROFLROFL

Everybody gets enthusiastic..ROFLROFLShaan offers her his seat..madhavi offers her the food "Dhokla khao beta!"ROFLROFLROFL
Khanak corrects her its KhandviROFL
Madz says she knows better cuz she has prepared it and she is just serving itROFL
Sunil adds "for the first time"ROFLv earning a quick glareROFL

Khanak is all sad 
*Aww baby!!*Hug
She is all philosophical "Jo nahi hai So nahi hai.."ROFLROFLROFL
Sunil tells her that exactly~!! Why to be sad about sthing which is not there in the first place?ROFL

He offers her the "khandvi"ROFL
She tells him "Dhokla"ROFL
He says "bhai-behen hee hai"ROFLROFL

Shaan decides to call her mom!Embarrassed 

*I love this!*
Khanak is kinda happy~!!Big smile
He calls her bai calls her Ma! Approve
*Awwiieee again!!*

He comes back saying he knows now that Khanak's birthday falls on the day "Sukhiya ke camel ko baby hua tha!!"ROFL

*Umm...I really wont like sharing my birthday with a camel kid.*Geek

He understands what he says and then decides to call againROFL

He calls again...ROFL
Sukhiya ke camel ka kid hua kab tha?ROFLROFLROFL
Poore gaaon mein baarish ho rahi thi?ROFLROFLROFL
Poore gaaon mein bijli chali gayi thi?ROFLROFLROFL
Accha! Bhaado mahine ke doosre paksh mein!! ROFL

Khanak is all sad "janamdin hee toh hai, kisi din bhi mana lenge"

*She looks sooo cute!*
*hug le dearie*

Shaan walks out saying he wont come back till he gets hold of her birthdate.ShockedD'oh

Boo asks Akki whats he doin? *FRIENDS ,anyone?*
He says he is reading the newspaper, reasons everyday is special with herROFL

*bachke kahan jaayega bacchu!?*

She asks Sunil he doesn't remember eitherLOL
Goes back to Akki asking him about when do you gift someone? ROFL
He says when you value someone and value se yaad aaya don't buy any gold jewellery cuz  gold prices have gone upROFL

She asks Madz who leaves her disappointed as well Boo is super sadOuch

*tu bhi hug le*

Meanwhile Shaan is in an office *I think Rahul's cuz its dark*ROFLROFLROFL
And is figuring out Khanak's birthdate..hehe he has noted down stuff ROFL

He finally arrives at a conclusion Geek
"Jis din Sukhiya ke bacche ne camel diya tha, us din Kamlaben ke devar ki shaadi thi, 
Usi din Kamla seedhiyon se giri thi aur uske ek din pehle Damodar Chacha ne TV khareeda tha~!!"


He even declares himself a genius! ROFLROFL

*I was so hoping for a Parle G ad *ROFL

Boo is sitting eating icecream! *Typical!!*
She even offers Khanak icecream ROFLROFL

Khanak asks her whats her reason for being sad? She knows her birthday!?ROFLROFLROFL

*Is that a criterion for being happy or sad?*Geek

Boo tells her pata bhi hai toh kya fayda?! Nobody remembers~!!She tells Khanak she should be happy she doesn't know her birthday cuz if she doesn't know her birthday itself ..bura lagne ki koi problem hee nahi!


Khanak retorts she doesn't even know what bura lagna means'she knows how to speak English 
*For the last time, Paathshaala anyone?*
She knows how to operate the looptop! 
Boo corrects..Approve

She takes over the icecream bowl they mourn about themselves and take turns to eat the icecream~!ROFL

*Chocolate syrup?*ROFLROFL

DancingAwesome Shanak SceneDancing

*Crescent Moon*

A heavily decorated room in all blue and golden with lots of candles...Shaan is lighting candles..

*Phew! For a moment, I thought Jab se tere naina Part II!! He has clothes on.*ROFL

Khanak comes in..
He takes her hand gets her towards the table 

*hands..nah'palms on waist*Big smileEmbarrassed

They get to the table, he envelopes her from behind
*arre favourite pose!*

She asks him what is all this..
Shaan confesses that he couldn't find out her birthday..and 

*Shaan clear your throat sweetie!*

So what if he doesn't know her birthday,
He knows her fav colour is red.
He knows she loves rains
He knows  she doesn't know how to cross roads

 *hein? Dhulwadi doesn't have roads or what?*ROFLROFL
He knows that for some unknown reason she gets sad on a full moon night

*tabhi moon dikhaya tha...chandamama door ke..sorry! got carried awayROFL*

So what if he doesn't know her birthday,

He knows that whenever Madz ruffles his hair, Khanak is reminded of her own Ma.Hug
He knows that she doesn't know how to prepare the halwa, still she does, only for him.Day Dreaming
He knows that the moment she walks 3 steps ahead of him, she turns back to check on him.Embarrassed
He knows she has a mole on her neck'*caresses that mole* 'small one..which she tries to hide

*Umm'arent beauty spots supposed to be flaunted? I have one on my upper lip* Big smile

He knows that sometimes in the middle of the night she gets up and stares at his face.

*Dude, that's scary. And creepy.*

He knows that she gets jealous whenever another girl comes close to him.

So what if he doesn't know her birthday, 
He knows that the lines on Khanak's hand have his name etched on them.

They are holding hands n all'BTW.

She talks of her pehchaan..while he wonders what would he have done had he not got her.Day Dreaming

He cups her face and tells her 
"Tum ho toh sabkuch hai, warna kuch bhi nahi"

*Umm'.this sounds filmy'but then apne Shanak hai'filmy hona toh khoon mein hai*ROFL

Aaand a very passionate, nice hug Blushing
Khanak is all crying crying *tissue? Oh she has karan's shirt,lol*ROFL

She says she is such a burthal that she sulks even when he loves her sooo much and does so much for her'*Aww!*

KT smiles widely with eyes closedDay Dreaming ... Khanak talks about Khusboo and Shaan suddenly comes out of his loveydovey state and pulls Khanak along to hide behind a curtain

*vatty stops herself from thinking too much*ROFLROFLROFL

Khanak is confused ... Shaan explains tat all this arrangement was made by Akki for Booo ...ROFL

 Khanak is glad yet irritated realising that all the decoration was not done by Shaan ...ROFL
Calls him Shaitaan
ROFL Shaan corrects its "Shaan"

Akkki Brings along Booo ... Opens up the PATTI and She is Surprised and Super Happy ... Shanak loudly sing Happy BirthdayParty

*joins in*


SunAvi join in ... They cut the cakeDancing

Boo feeds the cake first to Khanak Embarrassed... Akki s flustered 

*cute expression there by akki ... Ppat hogaya uska*

Shaan feeds cake to Khanak

 *Watch KT's hands ... Trying to rub off cake from YM's cheek.*ROFL
*doesnt leave a chance, this guy* D'oh

... The entire Khandelwal Family Share a GROUP HUG...cudddled to each other .. PartyDay Dreaming

Shanak look adorable cuddledDay Dreaming

Sorry for mistakes people!! Big smile
And tell me if there areROFLROFLROFL

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-SYS- IF-Dazzler

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Dudeee I just came to tell you that

(No, no matter if it sounded that way, but a cliched I love you ain't coming up)

Happyyy 18th Birthdayyy!
Have a blast woman!!!

*fake snow*

And in case Veena thinks I am spamming the update
Great update!
Great episode!

Okay back to Trauma Management -_-

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krock IF-Sizzlerz

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he eh kya aupdate hain

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Vattyyy dudette... you rock.. totally...
Love your greens... totally fabulous...
Excellent update...

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-Manita- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Vatty...you are awesome or what ????

Lmaooo...A very happy birthday and it's simply a day later than Boo

wowow...Lucky you !! *Nudges Vatty*

Okay...the update as usual...like always is super awesome...( I have coined a new term...lol)

and I died laughing with your expert additions !!!
Lmaooo Warning levels for Shaan !!! heheheheheROFLROFLhROFL

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
dead n totally gone to haeven after d epi
 wat can i say an t them bas marjawa n god bless:)
 karan yashu were superb as shanak:)

vattu tera update bas dil khush kar deta hai:)

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vaish_123 Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged


I died laughing !ROFL

Cute update like you!

Jaldi poora karo SHANAK wala update!

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
All I see are your...ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job baby!!!

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