Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

CI - Friday Please no more devini scenes

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged


Uploaded with

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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OK ... My bad luck ... today is the power cut day ... when ever maaneet scenes were coming power cut ...

& when kam****** devil k scene was coming power was tehre ...AngryAngryAngry I had 2 bear the bashan he gave 2 lucky about love ...

love main fail ,... tho bashan shuru hojatha hain abt true love ... he did the same gave bashan to maan ... 

today's episode was gud ... less devini scenes more maaneet scenes ... par no power to enjoy CryCryCry 


girls U want 2 know why geet wants devil to get married LOLLOLLOL coz he is not giving them space ... ROFL ROFL 

yes ... dekho since yestetday ... when ever maan & geet were talking he was popping in between & he knew that he can find them together ...
jab dekho tab muh utaa ke chala aa jatha hain maan & geet ke private meetings main kabab main haddi banne ...AngryAngryKa***** devil
so geet decides why not get him married so that he will not disturb us ...
coz ...
geet wants 2 spend some time with maan ... dekho that's why she did not allow him to go back to outhouse ...Blushing par why were they on sofa ... bed kaun utaa ke legaya ROFL ki sofa pe so gaye ROFL 
OMG ... Maaneet caught on phone ShockedShockedShockedchalo acha hain ... banda phootega ...
precap :-
geet hurt & in kitchen ... what will maan do ... will he do first aid in front of everyone ...
girls when geet said ... that she does not know all of maan's secrets ... the first thought tht came into my mind was sameera ... so thins means that cv's are preparing for sameera ka track & now pakka it is the next track ...

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
res..even tho me not there tom!!

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Jagnu mama tau bahut chalak nikli ...Maaneet ke hugwala pic khich lia...

Bahut din baad thoda maaneet scene dekhne ko mila...

Maan tau usulo ka pakka hai ...

Today I loved that CVS  Didn't make Maaneet cupid for DEvil...
Maan sirf want to reaveal his truth and sab kuch takdeer ke upar chor dia agar Devil ke taqdeer mai payer hai tau milega  jaroor khota devil Nt will be coming...

Devil Lucky ko ghyan de raha tha disgusting ...I loved the scene when Lucky caught Devil think preeto...

Pammy ko thoda payer chahiye ..poor Pammy...
Maan came Geet's room ...tosay goonight but Geet ne rukh lia...

Maaneet slept each other arms on same bed so close close phir vhi dono ke biz kuch nahi hua kuch nahi hua...Cry

Morning scene was so sweet...but ye Teji...haddi ban gaya ...

Maan was missing in the morning kiyu ki maan tau Geet ka room mai tha ...

Precap...Geet ko chot laga and Maan is worried...

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
hope v get MAANEET scenes...
Edited after epi-

Hi darling craziesHug


Finally after three days, v got our MAANEET scenes...they were all beautiful lovely and dreamy...


MAANEET ki maahi maahi...MAANEET har roz ek dusare ki zindagi ki nayi panne ko padthe hai...



Maan telling Geet that for him values come before relationships including his family ties so he gave right advice to Nandini...always for MAANEET, their principles values, truth, justice come before their family ties and that is one of the main reasons v all look upto our MAANEET as idols and that is the reason v all love, admire, respect and worship them so much...


Also, today Maan tells Geet that for his own selfishness he cannot ruin others' lives...this is wat differentiates our MAANEET frm majority like dev(il) who r so selfish and r so insensitive abt other's feelings and wishes...MAANEET r an epitome of not only truth, justice and strong principles but also epitome of selflessness and unconditional care and love not only towards each other but also towards others...
MAANEET  on either side of clothes hanged for drying  but eventually Maan pulls his Geet his Mishti in his arms and Maan's chup bilkul chup Geet...beautiful scene...How initially MAANEET were on either side of the partition of clothes but finally on one side of partition symbolise how evnthough MAANEET might have been on two different sides two different paths in life many times due to dreadful circumstances and cruel destiny when they had  hatred, bitter arguments, painful misunderstandings, rude behaviour, physical distance, usage of harsh words, and then eventual guilt, helplessness, but finally MAANEET have always come on the same side bcuz MAANEET r no more two different people but one one life one heart oen breath one soul so even their raastha and manzil will be always same...finally MAANEET have always been united to stay together forever...

Today  Maan tells Geet that now whatever happens in dev(il)'s life depends on dev(il)'s kismat...atleast so thankful happy and peaceful that MAANEET r not playing cupids to devini track...just hope Nandini gets married to the guy who had come to see agar Nandini ki zindagi mein jaayega toh woh Nandini ki kismati ko badkismati mein badal dega...poor Nandini such a thing shud not happen with her...she deserves someone better hope another innoncent's life is not ruined by dev(il) he has already ruined two innocent's lives completely shattered Geet's life and he has broken our Meera's heart Our Meera Our MAANEET's true evergreen loving and caring friend, family and well-wisher...and in dev(il)'s kismat if he really needs someone deserves someone then nayantara shud be back bcuz only nayantara is in his kismat...atleast nayantara knows how to teach dev(il) proper lessons for his evil deeds...



Geet lost in her Maan' thoughts about how everytime she sees a new page of her Maan's life, his heart and soul...MAANEET har roz ek dusare ki zindagi ki nayi panne ko padthe hai...this shows how MAANEET always want their lives to be like an open book in front of each other...MAANEET always believe in honesty, transparency, truth, they wud not hide anything frm each other and sometimes even if they r hiding truth for a while it is bcuz for that moment they r just trying to shield their beloved frm the pain,  guilt, helplessness, and anger, bitterness, hatred towards themselves which bitter truth wud give them (but not towards each other for instance Geet was hiding the truth frm Maan when he still had not recovered abt dev(il) donatin Maan blood bcuz at that moment she wanted to protect Maan frm the pain, guilt and Geet knews very well that Maan wud hate himself and be anry and have bitter feelings towards himself if he came to know that his Geet had to go plead her sinner her cheater her rap*st to save Maan btu eevntually Geet told Maan everything the truth when the time was right) but eventually MAANEET will tell the truth bcuz MAANEET know the value of trust, understanding, honesty, truth and transparency in a relationship...MAANEET know that these r valuable in ensuring that a ristha is strong atooth rishta...MAANEET always show us a new aspect of feelings, thoughts and relationships everyday...there is divinity, beauty, truth, purity, magic, uniqueness, speciality in everything about our MAANEET and that is y v all feel the way v feel for our MAANEET...

Once again today Maan sneaked into Geet's room thru window lol...still can't believe he is the same Maan singh khurana who during hum tum seq had told Geet he does not break doors bcuz darwaaze kholne ke liye hote hai todne ke liye nahi lol...aur ab dekhiye Maan breaking doors and also coming thru windows so many times!...jabse MAANEET  ek dusare ki zidnagi mein aaye hai woh badal gaya hai...MAANEET sach mein ek dusare ki rang mein rang gaya hai...

Geet is teasing Maan bcuz of her Maan's nautanki har din har raat!!!...Geet yeh sab aapki hi meharbaani hai Maan apni Drama Queen ke saath rehkar kudh bhi dramebaaz Drama King ban gaya hai!...

Also today Geet tells Maan aap kitni shayari karthe ho lol!!!...Maan shud have sang this song to his Misthi 'mein shayar toh nahi magar hai hasi toh mujko shayari aagayi...mein aashiq toh nahi magar ashiqi aagayi!'...Maan telling his Mishti mein toh sirf good night kehne aaya tha par tumhari muskurahat bonus mein mil gayi...hai so sweet so adorable...sach mein jab MAANEET ek dusare ki honto par hassi dekte hai toh MAANEET ki duniya muskurane lagthi hai...



Today Geet held Maan's hands and stopped him...Maan was thinking Geet wud ask him to go even tonight but Geet stopped her Maan hai marjawa...yeh kudi toh bahut smart hai fast hai sach mein Geet ki himmat bad gayi hai!...isliye toh hum Geet ko Maan ki Sherni kehthe hai!!!...Maan's smile full of happiness and shararat!...

As always even today, MAANEET's hug was lovely and beautiful...
Next morning, MAANEET sleeping in each others' arms was so adorable lovely beautiful, Geet trying to wake up Maan with her hair so cute...

Maan asking Geet not to disturb Geet ruthna so sweet and then finally Maan wakes up...acha hua jaldi utt gaya warna Geet uski class leti lol!...then again MAANEET ki maahi maahi 'aankhon mein dhoob gaye...jab MAANEET ek dusare ki aankhon mein dhoobte hai toh unhe na kudh ki na duniya ki khabar hoti MAANEET's case, this is so true 'dil ki baaton ko honte se nahi kehthe yeh fasana toh nigaho se baya hota hai'...

Today once again MAANEET's eyes the most  divine sacred dreamy  beautiful true and pure mode of communication were expressing all their feelings and thoughts...


MAANEET were lost in each others' eyes aur ussi time peTeji ne Balwant ko bhulaya...Teji wrong timing!

In precap Geet has hurt her hand with glass and lachi has come to call maasi and teji...i feel Geet has hurt her hand to save her Maan frm scoldings of maasi and teji bcuz Balwant was late...v all know Geet can never see her Maan being insulted or humiliated by others...Geet's self-respect, self-esteem and dignity is hurt if someone isults her Maan afterall MAANEET's self-respect, dignity, self-esteem all r one...

Lucky was so hilarious lol...Lucky aur dev(il)?...bechara lucky yaar!!!...can't believe dev(il) gave lucky advice abt love...

Mama shocked to see ghar ki kudi Geet with driver Balwant Singh lol!...Mamaji calls MAANEET Romeo Juliet...Our MAANEET r truly a couple made in heaven...the best couple ever and forever...Mamaji aaj smart jassos ban gaya hai sabot ke liye MAANEET ka hug ka photo le liya hai wah mamaji toh kamal ke hai!...

Also frm new FB pics and promo, Nandini will see MAANEET's marriage soon Maan's identity will be revealed...can't wait for this to happen...

Once again felt so bad for our Pammi...hopefully soon her love, care, patience will bring happiness, love and respect in her life Teji really needs to understand her feelings and wishes...



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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 8:15pm | IP Logged

hello crazies will not crib anymore...

i liked the episode...msk's character consistency is maintained...maaneet scenes as usual were beautiful..
devil is surely a teacher in love...who had just four girls...
not much...
kya bhasan diya lucky scene ko...
i guess the cvs are building the scene for msk's truth to come out..
so very soon we are going to delhi...
i want nt back with a bang and stop devil's raaseela...
morning scene is very cute...

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
FB pictures...

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 6:53am | IP Logged
FB pictures...



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