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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Angryye toh dhokha hai nainsaafi hai poora ka poora scene kmh 1 ka hi hai it was like copy paste work hate u CVs from the bottom of my heart trust me I am ready to kill u at any moment u r making me mad
If they are ending a show it doesn't mean they don't even spend a penny more for it if required poora scene copy kar di so what is that u have done kmh 2 CVShockeds  my sis was saying this is equivalent to watching the repeat channel change kardo I didn't hv a single line to fight supporting kmh I hate it I felt helplessOuch
lagta hai ye Rajveer ka subordinateCensored ne Rajveer ki aadatein borrow kar li hai
LOLsharm karo aise dusron ki aadatein nahi lena chahiye
Rajveer thoda track pe aaya lagta hai vaise bhi kya farak padta hai when show is almost going to end this person is leaving his arroganceD'oh
Arohi was telling Arjun to escape somehow n to go away from that place keep it up Arohi true patniClappati ko har museebat se bachana chahti hai
Arjun I knew it that u will not escape u will come for ur Arohi n kya dialogue maara hai Zindagi sazaa n all mai toh flat ho gayiEmbarrassed
next week will be the most horrible one hamesha aisa kyun hota hai kmh me show khatam hone ke kuch hi episode pehle jail se Arjun baahar aatha hai is baar toh shayad aakhri second tak nahi aayega aise CVs jo hai aaj ka episode ekhne ke baad I am feeling really bad aise kaise copy kar liya chi shame on their partBroken Heart
I will miss u Karan,Kritz n Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
"Tumhaare Saath Saza Bhi Zindagi Hai, Aur Tumhare Bina Zindagi Bhi Zindagi Nahi Hogi" HeartDay Dreaming
This line from today's episode was just magical n had it's own intensityHeart n that one line from arjun stole the showHeartEmbarrassed...infact the last part of the episode was the saviour...other seeing what the mahan CVs did today...i would have super hated today's episode...Angry
CV shame on you!! with what right do you even call yourselves CVs?!! what you did today wid the fire scene was totally unprofessional, pathetic n ridiculous...CensoredCensored...every scene, everymoment of that fire scene in season one is still in my heart...that scene can neither be forgotton nor re-created...the intensity n passion in that scene still gives me goosebumps...n today you completed killed it by blending that fire scene in KMH2!! what were you thinking?!!..that we wouldn't remember?!! well let me tell you, us fans' brains are not the size of your pea sized brains...and what you did today makes me believe that you guys don't have brains at all!!Censored.. Not just this but you made the police wale stupid and unprofessional too!!Angry absolutely disgusting!! If you wanted to show a fire scene den you could have made that extra effort n made one!! for gods's sake this show is already ending next week which is already so painful for us and yet again you leave no stone in hurting us again...Cry Cry Cry Don't our sentiments mean anything to you?!! why do you always do this to us!!..socha tha ke yeh remaining epi's main we mite get to see what we want...n get the perfect end for KMH2 n arjuhi's love storyHeart...lekin after today's episode n the maha blunder wid the fire scene..i have lost all hopeOuch...i dnt feel like expecting or wishing for anything because i know we will b hurt once again...really CVs...where did your creativity go?? why do you torture us fans?!!! why did u copy n paste the fire scene from KMH1?!! n huh!! arohi having the same ganesh idol wid her!! have you guys gone mad!!! it's as if you hate KMH2 now!!Censored n how did arohi jump wen she had hurt her leg?!! WAKE UP CVs!! why are you ruining the show before it's end?!!Angry.Angry.Angry.Angry..This is not a joke!! KMH2 is NOT a joke!! shee!! i feel ashamed to call you CVs...because what you did today just proves that you guys r very uncreative n do not give a damn abt the show n it's fans!! This is not how you treat a show!! we could have had a different fire scene..wid AA2!! it would have been better..and would have had it's onw magic!! but what you did today wasn't right!!CensoredCensoredCensoredCensored...i feel like coming to Mumbai n giving each of you a tight blood is boling so badly!! for hurting us so much...for buterching such a great scene..CensoredCensored Isn't it enuf that KMH2 cums on such a channel that is treating the show like it doesn't exist n now you guys add salt to your wounds by blending the fire scene in KMH2!!! really such a mahan thing you did today...we should give you a round of a applause...Clap Clap Clap..once again you showed you "great n unique" creativity...Clap Clap Clap...Angry.Angry.Angry..n if you did blend the fire scene...den you should have atleast used the KMH2 title track - which i am sure you guys don't even know it exists in KMH2...CensoredCensoredCensored it wud have even been a tiny bit original...Angry..the KMH1 fire scene does not match in KMH2...not even a bit..!! very very disappointed n angry with what you guys have done today!! CensoredCensored
*The scene where arohi gets hurt while jumping over the fence n arjun's concerns seeing the blood on arohi ankles...n reassuring her no one can seperate him was so sweetEmbarrassedHeart
*Super hated unprofessional...if he didn't care abt his uniform..den why become a police officer in the first place?!!Silly..superhate the way you have potrayed the police wale this season...horrible!!Dead
*Rajveer having a go at him was gud...Clap.Clap.Clap n slapping him abt saying bad things abt arohi n her parvarish was gud too..Clap.Clap..but please for gods's sake CVs stop giving him so much footage n concentrate on the necessary things which need to b shown...Angry...we want DJ, Teeji, Rashi, Makrand, Raj n the missing Ullu's n singhu's back...want all the Raaz's, fueds to b reveavled n resolved PROPERLY..n arjuhi's married life i wnt expect anything because i just cannot see the show we love the most getting butchered like hurtsCry Cry Cry
*Arohi getting caught...Shocked..n shouting to arjun n telling him to run...but arjun doesn't...n comes in front of the police...n says that dialogue that stole the show..the scene..."Tumhaare Saath Saza Bhi Zindagi Hai, Aur Tumhare Bina Zindagi Bhi Zindagi Nahi Hogi"HeartDay much love, intensity in that dialogue itself..loved the way arjun said itEmbarrassed..sanu ek pal n FB's were gud too..rula diya...CryCryCry
*and again such injustice...arjuhi in seperate cells..unable 2 see each other...Cry Cry Cry...n arjun's last dialogue in his head...will their love story b incomplete..?? i have a similar questions to the CV's too...Cry

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rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Really din expect this frm CVs..we were thinking to hv one original scene for kmh2 but sigh:( :@ anyways old scene made me happy though.
Im seeing sum chnge in rajveer..lets pray he helps arjuhi getting out of jail.
Dnt knw what CVs gonna show in 6 epis:|

sorry gals initially i dint think much about the karnama cvs did..really this was a big disappointment..both the scenarios were totally did nt fit the that was a reunion scene n here there was no need at first place..they said it is a surprise for the fans but spoiled everything:@

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
I'm fuming!!!Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry fire brigade is gona help!!Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry .Angry
was this a surprise? it was a bad JOKE!!!
We are already sad that the show is ending soo soon & you hurt us further like this?!! that part of KMH1 was a very important scene for Arjuhi...u just tampered it for KMH2 gave the famous editing bloopers; is KMH2 a joke?!! Do we have no feelings who watch the show?!! Are we jokers here?!! I'm totally disappointed!!

 Welcome back PBClap Clap Clap Just like Arohi, i'm gona congratulate you for using your own work from season1 in season2...Great blunderClap Clap Clap
i get it u ppl are doin this so that we done ask for more!! played soo bad with our emotions, i cant see it being butchered like this, the show we loved soo dearly!!
The continuity of that scene from KMH1 was anyways broken for KMH2 for a different reason for it to be there... Arohi's sandals, The Lord Ganesha idol & guess what? The blooper that was in season1 that Arohi despite having hurt her knee she jumps off the two storeyed building this time with another wound at her ankle.. n wow!! the dialogue played for Punji-Sharma "Main apni zinda ko saat lekar jaaunga..meri zindagi tum ho Arohi" isnt this line a synonymous to
"Tumhaare Saath Saza Bhi Zindagi Hai, Aur Tumhare Bina Zindagi Bhi Zindagi Nahi Hogi" the line in itself is soo intense..such a beauty...

The moment of the day was definitely that dialogue said by ArjunHeart had truth & purity...the line itself was magical...
other than that the only thing that i liked is Rajveer being misunderstood by Arohi.. he deserved that.. but how i wish you hadnt made this blunder in the 1st half of the episode to ruin my mood completely!! argh!!

why be so unfair with KMH2?!!Cry The show is ending so the channel or the PH aint giving enough money?!! That's pathetic!!
& wow!! wat a song chosen again for Arjuhi.."sanu ik pal chain na ave" khailash kher slow version?!! Have you lost all the KMH songs already?!! Might be lying somewhere right?!!
The flashbacks shown were again the same thing shown yesterday including the cliff scene that was a total mismatch!!

The only lucky person today was Rajveer who got new scenes throughout!!Angry Angry Angry the more we hate to see him the more footage is given to him!!Angry Angry Sleepy

Not expecting anything now from the remaining episodes..its totally waste requesting for anythin!! The end is here!! All that i will do is hold my heart tight & watch the remaining episodes with tears in my eyes!!

song of the day from me!! it describes our state!!Broken Heart .
Broken Heart .Broken Heart .Broken Heart. Broken Heart.

sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho
aakhir Toot Jaata Hai

kaafi Bas Armaan Nahin
kuch Milna Aasaan Nahin
duniya Ki Majboori Hai
phir Taqdeer Zaroori Hai
yeh Jo Dushman Hai Aise
donon Raazi Ho Kaise
ek Ko Manao To Duja Rooth Jaata Hai
sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho
aakhir Toot Jaata Hai

Baithe The Kinare Pe
maujon Ke Ishare Pe
ham Khelein Toofanon Se
is Dil Ke Armaanon Se
hamko Yeh Maloom Na Tha
koi Saath Nahin Deta
maajhi Chod Jaata Hai
saahil Choot Jaata Hai
sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho
aakhir Toot Jaata Hai
sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho

duniya Ek Tamasha Hai
aasha Aur Nirasha Hai
thode Phool Hai Kaante Hai
jo Taqdeer Ne Baante Hain
apna Apna Hissa Hai
apna Apna Kissa Hai
koi Lut Jaata Hai
koi Loot Jaata Hai
sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho
aakhir Toot Jaata Hai
lab Tak Aate Aate Haathon Se
sagar Choot Jaata Hai
sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged

Before Epi started:  ...

Beginning of the Epi: 
During the Episode:
Fire Scene:  ......
NOW This wot i feel like doing to CV's:  
BUT cant' get to the Dv's so i'm doig this: ......
And i'm

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arjuhi4eva IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 February 2011
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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged


all of u have bashed the dvs very well nd nothing more is left for me to say.. So heres a short update from me...

Strt of the epi i was soo exicted that we are gonna get to see the fire scene once again... I was like..Dancing bt dvs ne to saara mood he spoil ke diya!!Angry

agar fire scene copy kr ke paste hi krna tha to why the hell did they show it in the first place!! We cud have easily watched it on youtube!! Hume s2 mein dikhane ki kya zarurat thi??Angry
chalo agreeing wid imtiaz's pt..karanika cudnt shoot these scenes in so much they cud have easily avoided the bloopers atleast!! Itne saare bloopers dikhane ki kya zarurat thi?? Even the editing of the scene was not upto the mark!!

There were many bloopers...for did table cloth turn into a coat..why was arohi shouting 'koi hai' wen she already knew that arjun was there?? How did arohi jump from a two-storey building despite of the fact that she had two injuries on her leg!!?? Whr did arohi's duppatta vanish?? Well these are some of the bloopers to that cud have been avoided...!! Bt no..they were shown thinking that we are brainless ppl who wud easily accept wht they show!!Angry

also that rathod ka baccha irritated me soo much!! He is a Censored..sry cant find any better word than this!!Tongue he was soo irritating...!! I cudnt even enjoy the fact that he insulted rajveer on his face!!Dead arrghh...i soo hate this rathod ka baccha even more than rajveer!! I soo hate his acting!! He cant even act!! God noes kiss pagal ne usse police office banaya hai!! Uss pagal ki wardi sabse pehle utar deni chahiye!!ROFL i enjoyed the moment wen rajveer slapped him hard..!! I was like 'one more..plz one more!!'

so cuming to the best part of epi:
the lines of arjun..
Tumhare saath saza bhi zindagi hai aur tumhare bina zindagi bhi zindagi nhi hogi.Heart haayee..theses lines are soo intense nd passionate!! These lines jst made my day!!Heart loved these lines to the core!!

One thing more i liked abt the epi was that teh ulluwalias are once again changing their colors.. Thereby proving the fact that they are GIRGITWALIAS!!ROFL also i liked the fact that finally some realisation has stuck into bozo's stupid mind.. Hope it'll help.. Though i am not keeping my hopes high!!LOL

cuming to the end... I hated the fact that arjuhi were put in seperate cells!!Dead why dvs!!?? Aapko kya problem hai?? Cant u let them stay happy for once!!?? Let them be together for ages to come!!HeartStar

so all in all a okaish epi..!! I was expecting a recreation of the magic that they had done in s1.. Bt dvs let me down!!Angry karan and kritika rocckked the epu once again!! They were the stars of the epi!!HugStarClap to them!!


and now me done.. Sry likhte-likhte thodas bada ho gya!!Tongue

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:38am | IP Logged
What to say ...last time jis fire scene ne aag laga di thi this time usi scene ne aag bujha di Thumbs Down

poorani dish ko dobara garam karne se wo nayi nahi ho jati .Angry both d scenes , situations , story , emotions evrythn were different . so how can they fit d last season scene this time. kash ye log samajh sakte ki us scene ka kya meaning hai .

anyways so finally hide n seek game is over n both r in jail now but in different cells . Cry that's it . episode over n wasted 1 more time .Ouch

ist part - recap of kmh 1 .Ouch
2nd part - police walon ki faltoo bak bak .AngryAngry
3rd part - recap of kmh 2 Confused. but still better than d rest . song was good . n liked d way arjun dint run away but supported arohi .Clap

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channi_star Goldie

Joined: 18 December 2010
Posts: 1342

Posted: 19 May 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
wat the hell was this dv's????? Angry  u lot hv disaapointed us!!!!
karan n kritz    Hug
dv's itz all abt u lot 2de!!! u guyz rly stole the shw...u stealers...u stole the charm of our kmh!!! Angry
agar fire scene dena hi tha den u wud hv told us to watch the kmh1 epi..itna time toh waste nahi hota!!
only 6 epis r left...n this time is vry precious for us!! dnt u guyz knw time is money...Angry
n wow app log toh bloopers ke maharaja ho...if u guyz din wanna waste or use ur brains n energy to create a new scene, atleast u wud hv edited sum bits 2 make it suitable for mr & mrs singhania!! Angry
u guyz think v r sum kinda fools whu r gonna enjoy wat is being served by u...NO v r nt!!! u hv proved urselves... dv's   ClapClapClap   
so 2dez ML is dedicated to u guyz...
Shocked rathore din knw whu arohi was????  LOL
'sanu ek pal chain nah aave sajna tere bina'  along wid the flashbacks...  made me cry!!! Cry
wud like 2 say  'sanu ek pal chain na avve kmh tere bina'  gonna miss it!!!!  Cry
the only thing dat was gud in 2dez epi was rajvir realizin his mistakes,  arjuhi misunderstandin rajvir (gud nw hez gonna undrstand them )
n the best was the dialogue by arjun  ' "Tumhaare Saath Saza Bhi Zindagi Hai, Aur Tumhare Bina Zindagi Bhi Zindagi Nahi Hogi"'
kudos 2 the dialogue writers!!!
karan n kritz were too gud asusual...karan's expression wen lukin at rajvir wen arohi was huggin him was perfect...he felt sooo helpless!! Cry
only 6 more 2 go!!!!
wake up dv's!!!!  Angry
"Tumhaare Saath Saza Bhi Zindagi Hai, Aur Tumhare Bina Zindagi Bhi Zindagi Nahi Hogi"

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